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Winner Takes All Chapter 229-230

Chapter 229

The plum substitutes the peach.

No, it was Zhou Dai Chen who was stiff.

Chen Dong’s heart was raging with anger and killing intent.

Old Lady Chen did not just want to kill him, she wanted to completely plot against the Chen family!

After replacing him with the Zhou family member and deceiving his father, with the help of both Old Lady Chen and his father, how difficult would it be for the Zhou family member to defeat all the successors and become the Chen family’s head?

The moment the one from the Zhou family became the head of the family.

The Chen family would inevitably fall into the hands of Old Lady Chen.

The one from the Zhou family was merely a puppet in the hands of the Old Lady Chen.

Moreover, Old Lady Chen should have given enough promises to the Zhou family to have the Zhou family take the place of the one who died!

Once that person became the head of the Chen family, even if he was a puppet, he would definitely get more than what the small Zhou family could get with their entire clan!

“In ancient times, there was Wu Zhou, now do you, Old Lady Chen, want to follow the example of Wu Zhou as well?”

Chen Dong clenched his teeth and squeezed out a sentence from his teeth, “I will not let you have your wish, even if you exile me to the ends of the earth, as long as I am alive, I will crawl back even if I have to!”

The words were resounding, and his killing intent was steaming.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s desire for survival was unprecedented.

Because he knew that once he really let Old Lady Chen’s scheme succeed.

What would become of the Chen family, he would not consider.

But his father, mother, Gu Qingying, Long Lao …… and a series of people who were close to him would end up in an absolutely miserable state.

For the sake of these dear ones, he must live!

There is no reason to die!

Once he died, it would be a complete death without proof!

However, the only thing Chen Dong could not understand.

Why didn’t Old Madam Chen just kill him?

Wouldn’t a dead man with no evidence be more beneficial to her plot?

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong smiled bitterly.

Whether in terms of experience or scheming, he was after all no match for Old Madam Chen.

The old man had become a wise man, not just saying that.

What he could not understand, perhaps Mrs Chen had already planned it all out.

And now was not the time for him to continue thinking about it.

He should think, how to live, how to …… go back!

The cold wind blowing in from outside became more and more bitter.

It pierced into the pores and penetrated deep into the bone marrow.

Chen Dong’s already huddled body could not help but curl up even tighter.

This was the only way to maintain a little bit of body temperature.

The sound of the sea breeze and waves, too, became louder and louder.



The sun is shining brightly.

It’s hot, but as a tourist destination, the blazing heat is no match for the enthusiasm of the tourists.

The top team of professional photographers made the wedding photos progress, efficiently and perfectly.

Each day, we arrived at the location as planned and took photos on location.

The wedding date was very tight, so when it came to shooting in some places with a lot of foot traffic.

Chen Dong also had a simple and brutal solution planned long ago – to pack the venue!

The wedding shoot was in full swing.

After a few days together, Gu Qingying gradually dispelled her doubts.

Chen Dong, the same old Chen Dong!

The only difference, perhaps, is that on every wedding photo, the gauze wrapped around Chen Dong’s head is extremely well hidden.

This is also the beauty of it, right?

Perhaps in retrospect, when reminiscing, one could also laugh at Chen Dong?

This is what Gu Qingying thought.

On the fifth day, the entire wedding photo shooting process finally ended.

In fact, it was only three days before and after the actual wedding dress shooting.

But three days of being in full swing was exhausting for everyone.

As a thank you, after the shooting was over.

Chen Dong did not return immediately with Gu Qingying and the others.

Instead, he chartered an open-air restaurant outside the hotel and graciously invited the members of the filming team.

After three hectic days, everyone was tense and now they could finally take advantage of the dinner to relax.

Gu Qingying didn’t have any objection to this, as thanks were due.

The dinner party.

She and Chen Dong wandered from table to table, raising their gla*ses to express their gratitude.

Chen Dong drank the wine, she drank the drink.

Chen Dong’s spirits were high, and as a gla*s of wine went down, his cheeks soon flushed and he had a drunken look.

And so did the filming team.

The only ones who were sober were Gu Qingying, and Kunlun and Lone Wolf, who were in charge of security.

When the banquet broke up.

Gu Qingying asked Kunlun and Lone Wolf to help the drunken Chen Dong back to his room.

She also went back to her room alone.

Recalling these few days of wedding shooting, there were thrills, joys and memories.

Then thinking about the upcoming wedding date on the 15th of next month, Gu Qingying was a little too excited to sleep.

Knock, knock!

There was a knock at the door.

Gu Qingying frowned slightly, it was already after eleven o’clock at night.

The presidential suite she was staying in was on a separate floor.

It was well hidden, and ordinary guests did not have permission to go upstairs.

It was also unlikely that the hotel would have room service at this hour.

So who was the person outside the door?

“Xiaoying …… I’m Chen Dong ……”

Chen Dong’s drunken, slightly stuttering voice rang out from outside the door.

Gu Qingying secretly let out a sigh of relief.

Just about to speak and get up at the same time yet.

“Xiao Ying, open the door, tonight …… I want to sleep with you ……”

The stuttering voice with drunkenness, without the slightest concealment of purpose, is dry and direct.

But it was the Gu Qingying who got up that made her delicate body tremble and panic flashed in her eyes.

The words that had reached her mouth were swallowed back.

“Didn’t he promise me that he would save his fondest memories for the wedding night?”

Gu Qingying frowned, her gaze deep and powerful.

When Chen Dong had first shown his thoughts, she had said so explicitly.

And after that, Chen Dong had his chance.

It was that time when Li Lan asked her to go back to the room with Chen Dong.

But that time, Chen Dong was heartbroken that she had not rested well after accompanying her in the hospital for so long.

He held her honestly and let her sleep obediently for a long time, not showing any thoughts from the beginning to the end.

But now ……

Knock, knock, knock!

A violent knock on the door, like the beating of a drum.

It seemed a little rough.

It frightened Gu Qing Ying’s delicate body shuddered and her heart was greatly alarmed.

“Xiaoying, open the door, we are about to get married, do you still care about this?”

Chen Dong’s voice made Gu Qingying’s mind float.

The doubts that had been dispelled had surfaced abruptly at this moment.

And like a weed, it spread wildly.

In the face of the violent and rough knock on the door, and Chen Dong’s drunken shout.

Gu Qingying bit her lip and did not speak.

Instead, she took out her mobile phone and sent a WeChat to Kunlun.

“Brother Kunlun, Chen Dong is drunk, can you come and take him back to his room?”


Seeing Kunlun’s reply, Gu Qingying breathed a sigh of relief.

But listening to Chen Dong’s movement outside, the doubts in her mind grew thicker and stronger.

It didn’t take long to wait.

Outside, Kunlun’s voice came to mind.

“Young master, you’ve had too much to drink, let me help you back to your room.”

“You, who are you to control me? I don’t want your help, you are just my household slave, bugger off!”

“Young master, don’t make a fuss in the middle of the night, you should scare Little Shadow later.”


A slap sounded, causing Gu Qingying’s face to change drastically.

Following closely behind, Chen Dong outside the door cursed.

“Little Shadow? Is this something you can call a household slave?”


Chapter 230

A sudden rage.

It made the air seem to stand still.

Gu Qingying covered her mouth with her jade hand and almost screamed out.

Was this …… really Chen Dong?

Ever since she had returned to Chen Dong’s side and met Kun Lun.

Although it was true that Chen Dong and Kun Lun were master and servant, the two had never been more brotherly than master and servant.

Moreover, Chen Dong still treated Kun Lun as his brother!

In his words and mannerisms, he never showed the superiority of an heir in front of his household slave.

What’s more, Kunlun was not yet a slave of the Chen family.

In the family, everyone had always been treated as equals!

Even Chen Dong still treated Elder Long, a true Chen family slave, like a respectful elder.

But now, Chen Dong …… palmed the late Kunlun?

“Young master, you have drunk too much.”

Kunlun’s voice rang out from outside the door.

“No, I’m not drunk, you, you go away!”

Chen Dong’s words were a little shaky and confused: “You, you lackey, open the door for me, I want to sleep with Xiao Ying tonight!”

Gu Qingying froze, her face full of disbelief.

“Young master, Madam taught you to respect Miss Gu, have you forgotten?”

Kunlun’s voice suddenly rose, “If Young Master really wants to use the wine to go crazy tonight, I will immediately contact Madam and Elder Long!”

The threat was thick.

It made the outside of the house quiet for a moment.


A few seconds later, Chen Dong let out a laugh, “Help me back to the house!”

The tone of his voice, without the slightest bit of politeness, was exactly like a master barking orders at his servant.

Not to mention any equal treatment.

The sound of footsteps rang out and soon the outer corridor side quietened down.

Gu Qingying remained frozen in place, her jade hand covering her mouth.

What had just happened had left her at a loss for words.

There was even an illusion of being in a trance like a dream.

Chen Dong …… had really changed?

Her head was blank, except for the thought that had been dispelled, and then haunted out again, growing more and more wildly.

Half a day.

Knock knock.

A knock sounded on the door.

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled, and she still did not speak.

Immediately after, Kun Lun’s low voice rang out from outside the house.

“Little Shadow, go to bed early, Young Master is already asleep, he should be drunk, it should be fine, don’t take it to heart.”

Although it was comforting, the two “shoulds” in succession made Gu Qingying hear the same doubts.

“Okay, okay, Brother Kunlun.”

Gu Qingying responded softly, “Brother Kunlun, don’t be angry.”

“My own young master, what am I angry about? My life is all the family master’s.”

Kunlun gave a laugh before leaving.

It was quiet all around.

Gu Qingying, however, was hesitant and terrified.

She tiptoed behind the door and unlocked it.

After thinking about it, she felt that it was not enough.

She dragged a chair to the back of the door and returned to bed, but she could no longer sleep.

Thoughts raced, and the light made her eyes misty with confusion.


Chen Dong curled up in the wooden box.

Looking at the light coming through the cracks in the box, his expression was wooden and dull.

In such an enclosed space, he was even a little blurry, unable to remember exactly how much time had pa*sed.

The gaping holes around him, and the small walnut-sized hole cut into the top of his head, kept pouring cold wind in.

It was so cold that he was stiff.

Oh, he remembered that the walnut-sized hole above his head had been cut out by someone from outside not long ago.

The purpose was to bring in some food and drink to hang on to him when he was dying of thirst or hunger.

This also caused the cold wind that poured into the wooden box to become increasingly bitter, making it feel like an ice cellar.

But he didn’t care.

He wanted to live.

Freezing would not kill him immediately.

But without food or water, no one can resist for a few days.

“Live, even if you are like a wild dog!”

This was the only belief in the mind of Chen Dong, whose consciousness was almost blurred.

Even he did not care at all about the ice cream that was frozen between his legs at this moment.


In front of living, it was worthless!

Only by living without shame could he save the day.

Dead, even if the death is decent, he is not willing to give up his dearest ones.

“Little shadow, mother …… me, I will come back, definitely, come back ……”

Chen Dong slowly opened his purple lips and murmured, more like the ravings of a dream.

Firm, and determined!

Whoo ……

The thick sound of the ship’s siren suddenly rang out.

Like a great thunderclap, it was deafening.

Several times in a row, shaking Chen Dong, who was almost unconscious, to some consciousness.

His eyelids trembled lightly, driving the frost from his eyelashes and spilling some of it off.

Through the slit, he saw outside but still a vast sea and a blank sky.

Was this …… the time to dock?

At last, had it arrived?

Soon, the sound of footsteps sounded outside.

Dense and hurried.

“Come on, come on, hurry up, one and all, don’t N*ggle and dawdle, like P***ies.”

The familiar voice rang out.

This time, this voice, more than once, had scolded Chen Dong outside the box.

Followed closely by.

“You, you, and you and you, you four, carry this box down to the bottom, all of you hurry up, there is still time to hurry, this ghost route, if you run slow, it will be difficult to run out of here again!”

A stern scolding voice.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Dong felt that the wooden box he was in was lifted up.

There was an up and down bump.

A glint of light emerged in Chen Dong’s cloudy eyes.

It was because he saw a piece of land through the cracks of the wooden box.

A land that …… was covered in ice.

With that, the sky spun and the earth fell fast.


The wooden crate hit the ground heavily.

The wooden crate boards shattered with a crash.

The gravity of the fall nearly caused Chen Dong to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Luckily, the ice below was not too strong, and as the wooden crate smashed down, the ice shattered, cushioning some of the force.

Hoo ……

The biting cold wind instantly engulfed Chen Dong.

The limbs that had been curled up for a long time were attacked by the cold wind, and Chen Dong gave a violent push.

At once, the limbs stretched straight.

Immediately afterwards, an indescribable soreness and paralysis swept through the limbs.


Chen Dong screamed, his almost blurred consciousness, but at this moment, it became much clearer.

Whoo ……

The thick sound of a ship’s whistle.

Gritting his teeth, Chen Dong effortlessly turned his head, and saw the huge ship, looming like a mountain, slowly starting up and driving towards the distant ocean.

And he, as if he was rubbish, was abandoned on this frozen land.

But out of the corner of his eye, he was glancing at a bag of rations and a jug of water sitting next to the shattered wooden crate.

Is this …… the last alms for a dead dog?

Or …… am I going to survive on this bag of rations and water alone.

Live to see what might come next?

Chen Dong is not stupid.

Since the Qin family and Old Lady Chen had sent him to this place with great fanfare, there was no way they were going to let him die.

It was simply too easy to let him die.

After he was knocked unconscious then, a hundred ways to die would have been enough.

After that, there must be something waiting for him!

Effortlessly moving his body, he used his last strength to reach out and wrangle the rations and water to his mouth.

Then, as if he was the last meal of the condemned man, Chen Dong took the rations and water.

He swallowed the rations and water into his stomach.