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Winner Takes All Chapter 227-228

Chapter 227


It was as if a bolt from the blue.

It caused Chen Dong’s body to stiffen violently.

A monstrous rage surged up, a harsh killing intent that stirred like a tidal wave.

Chen Dong’s jaws were splitting, and at this moment, it was as if he was a fierce beast, struggling desperately.


Must escape!

He didn’t know how the man outside had done what he said about taking over, but “taking over his life” was unimaginable to him.

Fear, like a boundless weed, spread wildly.

Knock knock ……

Chen Dong pounded the box desperately, and his feet kicked and stomped hard.

Taking over his life meant that there would be another person who would completely and utterly replace him, living in the path of his life, taking over everything around him, including his mother and Gu Qingying!

It meant that he would completely disappear!

Thinking of his mother and Gu Qingying, Chen Dong was like a mad, bloodthirsty beast.

He would never allow such a Li’s replacement!


No matter how much he struggled, or even bumped his head to the point of bloodshed.

The box had already been pressed down and tied firmly, and he could not move a single bit.

“No, it won’t, I will never allow this to happen!”

Chen Dong murmured, his gauze-wrapped forehead once again oozing blood, sticky and tinged with gore.

He pounded desperately on the wooden box, “I want to go back, Xiaoying is still waiting for me to take wedding photos and get married, my mother is still waiting for me to come home, it’s impossible, even if I die, I still want to go back.”

knock knock knock ……

The muffled sound of the wooden box echoed.

Fear, resignation, anger, resentment all kinds of emotions, but with the wooden box does not move, in Chen Dong’s heart more and more magnified, crazy growth.

What was worse, the wound on top of his head was bleeding again because of the violent impact just now.

A burst of intense dizziness swept over him.

In the end, Chen Dong could not hold on.

He pa*sed out again ……


The next morning.

When the light of day dawned.

Gu Qingying’s room door was knocked on.

It was Chen Dong.

“Little Ying, get ready, it’s time to take wedding photos today.” Chen Dong said with a smile.

“And stay here for the wedding shoot?”

Gu Qingying was a little stunned.

It was only last night that something so big had happened, Chen Dong had come back from the dead, and the Qin family was still watching in the dark.

She was all ready to return, but she did not expect Chen Dong to be such a decision.

“It won’t be a problem, now that the Qin family’s plot has been uncovered and I have escaped back, with the Chen family office’s people secretly guarding, the Qin family will not dare to make any more rash moves.”

Chen Dong saw through Gu Qingying’s thoughts and said gently and comfortingly, “The purpose of our visit to Haiya is to take wedding photos, wouldn’t it be a pity if we let these cats and dogs interrupt our return trip?”

Gu Qingying’s willow brows knitted for a moment as she asked, “What do Kunlun and Lone Wolf mean?”

It wasn’t that she thought there was anything wrong with what Chen Dong had said.

If it wasn’t a matter of safety, she wouldn’t be willing to make the return trip.

But when it came to personal safety, it was safest to ask Kunlun and Lone Wolf for their opinions on such matters.

The two of them were the professionals in such matters.

“Not yet.” Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders.

Ten minutes later.

When Kunlun and Lone Wolf rushed to Gu Qingying’s room, they learned of Chen Dong’s intentions.

Both of them reacted the same way as Gu Qingying, as it were.

“Young master, at this time, Haiya is not peaceful, even though the Chen family office has been secretly guarding it, I think it is safest to return immediately.”

Kunlun frowned and warned.

The Qin family had come prepared, and the fact that Chen Dong had managed to escape from death last night was a fluke in his mind.

Even with the Chen family office guarding them secretly, it was not a sure thing.

The Qin family had already put a gun directly to Chen Dong’s head.

It had also torn its face off from the Chen family.

The Chen family was unable to suppress the Qin family for a while, and it was simply a luxury to think that the Qin family would stop.

“Mr. Chen, I think Brother Kunlun has a point.”

Lone Wolf frowned and said, “Last night nine deaths, now although we know it was the Qin family, we can make the Chen family office secretly guard against it, but it is easy to hide from the open spear and hard to guard against the dark arrows, the Qin family planned all this, there is no way they will just stop.”

“Chen Dong, why don’t we return?”

Gu Qingying took Kunlun and Lone Wolf’s advice into consideration and persuaded, “The big deal is to take wedding photos in a different place, the wedding date is tight but we can still find time.”

Chen Dong suddenly felt a little amused.

His eyes steeped in severity.

“Once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of a well rope? If that’s true, I grew up in the dark and still have the guts to yearn for the light when I grow up?”

With a single sentence, the three of them froze in Gu Qingying’s tracks.

Chen Dong added, “My wedding date with Xiaoying is around the corner, I don’t want to pay attention to the Qin family’s affairs for the time being, and when the wedding date is over, I will definitely settle accounts with the Qin family after the autumn.”

“If the Qin family still dares to make trouble after last night’s miss, then I don’t mind immediately asking my father to stage another scene from the Li family in Kyoto to the Qin family in Xishu!”

“But ……”

Kunlun’s face was sullen, Chen Dong’s obstinacy made him a little apprehensive.

Chen Dong however waved his hand, “No need to say it, since I promised Little Shadow, I will do it, inform the camera team to start filming.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

The three of them, Gu Qing Ying, froze in place.

Facing each other in disbelief.

Lone Wolf hesitated, “It’s too risky.”

Kunlun smiled bitterly, “The young master’s nature and the decisions he makes are hard to change, you and I will be close to guard, and the Chen family office will be careful to watch out in secret, so it should go smoothly.”

Gu Qingying was the only one, her willow brows slightly knitted in thought.

In a soft murmur, she said, “I always feel that after last night, there is something strange about Chen Dong.”

“What’s weird?” Kunlun and Lone Wolf asked at the same time.

“Can’t say.”

Gu Qingying shook her head, bewildered, “It’s the fact that I can’t say it that makes it feel even weirder, it’s that feeling, the feeling of a woman.”

Kunlun and Lone Wolf looked at each other and smiled helplessly.

Both of them were blood-soaked people, and they could tell by their senses the sensation of killing, the threat of death, but they could tell it keenly.

But this was sharpened by countless life and death experiences.

A woman’s sixth sense?

Does it really exist?

Half an hour later.

The wedding photos finally started to be taken.

Chen Dong wanted to organise a wedding for Gu Qingying that would be worthy of a lifetime of memories, so he strived for the top in every matter and did not skimp in the slightest.

After the top team picked out the shooting spots.

Chen Dong directly wrapped up a large area near the spot.

This was also done so that no one would disturb the wedding photo shoot.

The top photography team, from make-up, lighting, angles, etc., all showed top level professionalism.

The wedding photos went smoothly, without a hitch or lag.

It was a relief to be on the beach in the sunshine, and not to be distracted by the heat overhead.

A whole day of shooting.

The crowd was already exhausted.

As the sun gradually sank into the sea.

The day’s filming was finally over.

The crowd dragged their tired bodies back to the hotel.

By now the sea breeze had become cooler.

After walking out of the wrapped attraction area, the beach gradually became more and more crowded.

The lights were dim and the sea breeze was soothing.

Gu Qingying was walking along.

Behind her, Chen Dong’s gentle laughter suddenly rang out.

“Little Ying, the environment is so beautiful, why don’t we take another set of night scenes?”

“Night scenes?”

Gu Qingying’s pretty face was tired and puzzled as she said, “The planned night scene shoot, it’s not here, the team hasn’t even prepared it yet.”

“It’s okay, with this kind of setting, don’t you think it would be beautiful for the two of us to do a dance and have the team capture a few shots to put in the wedding photos?”

Chen Dong’s eyes shone brightly as he smiled at the lights surrounding the beach.


Chapter 228


Gu Qingying’s expression froze.

In a flash, surprise flickered in her eyes, and then they deepened to the extreme.

This scene.

Chen Dong did not notice.

He had already started to greet the camera team and began to set up the cameras.

Gu Qingying stood frozen in place like a wooden chicken.

At this moment, that feeling was getting stronger and stronger.

“Are you ready?”

Beside her ears, Chen Dong’s gentle voice rang out.

Gu Qingying came back to her senses, her red lips mouthing, and finally nodded her head.

The music rang out.

The lights were charming and misty.

As they focused on Gu Qingying and Chen Dong, the two instantly attracted all the attention of the people around them.

As the two danced, the camera crew began to capture the scene.

The camera team, too, began to capture the scene.

The lighting, the angle, and even the details of the capture were all extremely perfect.

“Is this a wedding dress shoot?”

“It’s so beautiful, the wedding photos from dancing together in such an environment must be very beautiful, right?”

“I really envy that girl, if only my boyfriend could take my wedding photos like this in the future.”


There was a wave of awe and envy from the onlookers.

There was no shortage of tourists with glow sticks and glow balloons in their hands, who converged at this point and spontaneously waved them up.

For this strange couple, they sent their blessings.

This scene was also perfectly captured by the photographer.

The backdrop of the sea against the night.

The fluorescent light was photographed as a river of stars.


The colours are all over the place.

And Gu Qingying and Chen Dong, who were in the river of stars, were like a divine couple, dancing on the side.

Whether it was Gu Qingying’s looks and figure, or Chen Dong’s height and appearance, they were enough for people to look up to.

The song was over.

The music gradually subsided.

The crowd of onlookers, however, were frustrated and not yet satisfied.

Gu Qingying and Chen Dong separated.

Chen Dong frowned and looked down at Gu Qingying: “Xiao Ying, are you not feeling well? Why do I feel that you are absent-minded?”

“Well, it should be a bit of heatstroke, dizziness and weakness.”

Gu Qingying nodded, her voice as low as a mosquito’s whisper.

“Then let’s go back to the hotel first, you rest in your room, I’ll have someone bring the food to your room later.”


After returning to the room.

Chen Dong then took Kunlun, Lone Wolf and the camera team to have dinner.

Gu Qingying was lying in the dark room, with only a lamp above the bed, emitting a dim yellow and dull light.

It shone on Gu Qingying’s stunning face, but revealed a pensive and puzzled look on Gu Qingying’s face.

At this moment, the ghost Gu Qingying’s willow brows were furrowed, her face full of contemplation.

Her eyes were sometimes puzzled, sometimes puzzled, and sometimes a little bewildered.

Her hands were tangled together, twisting and turning, wringing her skirt.

The waiter brought the meal, which was at the foot of the bed.

Yet she has no appetite at all.

In the darkness.

She murmured softly, “You clearly said you couldn’t dance and were too embarra*sed to dance in front of so many people, but why just now?”

It wasn’t that she wasn’t feeling well.

Rather, the dance with Chen Dong on the beach just now had left her mind full of doubts and puzzled.

That was why when Chen Dong saw that she was different, she went along with it and said she was not feeling well.

After she returned to her room and thought about it, however, Gu Qingying felt that something was increasingly wrong.

But the Chen Dong in front of her was still Chen Dong’s face, the same height, and even the same heart.

If one were to guess just because of a few minor flaws ……

Gu Qingying shook her head hard: “Maybe it’s really because the nine deaths last night made him change his heart some, thinking of giving me the best wedding photo to remember, so he had the guts to dance with me in front of so many people, right?”

Saying that, she slapped her head in exasperation, “Aiyaa, Gu Qingying, how can you doubt your own husband? This is a real husband!”



It was still endless darkness.

Chen Dong opened his eyes, but he had the feeling that it was the same with or without his eyes.

The cramped, oppressive space made it impossible for him to even move his arms and legs.

The sore, swollen and numb feeling was extremely uppermost.

The head still hurt, but the bleeding should have stopped.

Fortunately, the wound was not badly bruised just now, otherwise he would have bled to death, right?

Hoo ……

A piercingly cool wind blew in through the gap in the wooden box.

The freezing caused Chen Dong’s body to shiver and his sweat to stand on end.

“Why is it so cold?”

Chen Dong’s brow furrowed and his heart lifted all of a sudden.

Outside, it was very quiet.

Yet the sound of the whirring sea breeze, and the crashing waves of water could be heard.

As the ship moved forward through the seawater, over the waves, the undulating bumps, one after another, were also extremely obvious.

Where the hell is this …… going?

The Qin family captured me instead of killing me and exiled me just to replace me with a peach?

After the initial terrified riot, waking up again, Chen Dong finally calmed down.

Kunlun had said it.

The more life-and-death crises, the more calm and composed one must be.

Only in extreme calmness and composure can one survey the silver lining.

Chen Dong curled up in the wooden box and calmly analysed.

In fact, apart from his brain, there was really not much he could do at this point.

Wherever the ship would eventually sail to, he would be left behind.

Taking this powerless time to run through his thoughts was the only thing he could do.

“Li is trying to take over everything from me, this matter involves the Chen family, the Qin family should not dare.”

Chen Dong’s frown grew deeper and deeper.

The Qin family dared to kill him, that was because he was not in the right name in the Chen family, even if he was a stray wild child because of the heirship granted by his father.

Even with his father’s shelling of the Li family in front of him, it was really hard to tell who was stronger and who was weaker between the Qin family and the Li family, and it was not impossible for the Qin family to have the audacity to stand up to his father’s wrath.

The Qin family would dare to bear the wrath of the wild seeds.

But the Li family is involved in the next head of the Chen family.

This was the crime of extermination for an outsider intent on plotting everything for the Chen family!

Not to mention father, even everyone in the Chen family would never allow it!


Something came to Chen Dong’s mind abruptly.

“Old Madam Chen?!”

He couldn’t help but exclaim out of his mouth.

The information that his father had fed back earlier was that Old Madam Chen had recently visited Xishu, warning him to be careful.

If the Qin family and Old Madam Chen joined forces, the Qin family had Old Madam Chen as a backer behind them.

Then, he would have the guts to take the place of Li!

But what about the candidate for Li’s replacement?

Chen Dong’s thoughts were spinning fast.

After calming down and calming down, it made him focus more and more in this dark environment.

Just a few seconds.

Chen Dong’s body trembled violently.

The mind was like a cluster of fireworks fiercely blossoming in the darkness.

“Could it be …… the one Qin Ye was talking about?”

Chen Dong’s voice was low and faintly trembling as he spat out a chill, “But the Zhou family has already been exterminated, the one from the Zhou family ……”

Halfway through his words, he abruptly stopped.

A vicious chill swept through his body like wild gra*s.

In an instant, it made him fall into an ice cave.

Even the cold wind blowing in from the outside world, at this moment, Chen Dong felt warmer than the chill in his heart.

“Thinking wrongly, the Qin family’s yang plot did not start from the moment the news was broadcast.”

“Rather, the conspiracy began from the moment the a*sa*sination of the Heavenly Pavilion at Jade Spring Villa failed, the conspiracy of the Chen family’s old lady!”

“The mastermind behind my a*sa*sination was Old Lady Chen, so after she went to Xishu to join forces with the Qin family, she used the Qin family as a cover and used a Yang plot in a big way.”

At this moment, it was as if the floodgates had been opened and all the doubts in his mind from before were clear.

The chilling feeling in his body grew stronger and stronger.

It was so strong that it made Chen Dong’s voice tremble terribly even in fear.

“It’s true that the Zhou family was exterminated, and it’s only right that they were exterminated as scapegoats! But the benefits that were exchanged, I’m afraid, are also the reason why the Zhou family willingly became the scapegoat, right?”

“With one clan, one person is sought!”