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Winner Takes All Chapter 221-222

Chapter 221

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing left in a hurry.

It took Gu Qingying all a bit by surprise.

However, Lord Meng was clear that the couple were busy going back to plan the subsequent direction of Qingying International.

After some explanation.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying came to their senses.

The night breeze was slightly cool.

Mother and Elder Long had already returned to the car.

Chen Dong held Gu Qingying and did not rush home.

Instead, he was full of cloth in the bamboo forest, waking up from the wine.

“Little Ying, thank you, and thank your parents too.” Chen Dong suddenly said.

“We’re all family, what are you thanking for?” Gu Qingying scolded, “You big fool.”

Chen Dong chuckled and said with a deep gaze.

“I understand, Uncle and Auntie don’t want us to live too stressfully.”

Taking happiness as a bride price was just a figure of speech.

Since Gu Qingying had married him, it was right for him to give Gu Qingying happiness.

And not wanting a bride price was Gu Guohua and his wife, cutting to the chase for him and Gu Qingying.

It is true that he is now the heir to the Chen family and has a lot of money under his control.

But with Gu Qingying’s family background, how much was appropriate to give?

The Chen family is a meritocracy and the winner is king.

The only way for a group of heirs to stand out and become the true next head of the family was to constantly prove their worth.

And he, himself, is the alternative among the Chen family heirs.

Had it not been for his father’s forcefulness, he would not even have qualified as an heir.

And because of this, he wanted to truly walk through the doors of the Chen family and surround his mother with the glory that originally belonged to her.

Only if he was better than the other Chen family heirs, and better by more than a hair’s breadth!

A perfect answer sheet would be enough for him to truly beat the other heirs.

A bride price at this point would undoubtedly delay many of his plans briefly.

The couple, Gu Guohua, obviously saw this point.

That’s why they did it!

Exhaling a heavy breath of wine, Chen Dong dotingly patted Gu Qingying’s head.

“You’re the one who’s a little fool, come on, let’s go home.”

Chen Dong pulled Gu Qingying and went back to the car.

Elder Long first sent Gu Qingying back home before returning to the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

This night, Chen Dong slept very deeply and heavily.

In his dream, it was the image of his and Gu Qingying’s wedding scene.

This also led to the fact that when Chen Dong woke up from his sleep, it was almost twelve o’clock noon.

Chen Dong, who was used to waking up early and being busy, looked at the sun outside the window and was a little lost in thought.

“I haven’t slept this long for, how long has it been?”

Stretching out, he washed up a bit.

Chen Dong went downstairs and his mother, Long Lao and Fan Lu were all sitting in the living room watching TV.

“Mom, it’s so late, why didn’t you wake me up?”

“It’s rare for you to sleep so soundly, but we have to let you sleep a little longer, right?”

Li Lan said with a gentle smile and a heartfelt smile.

But Long Lao in front of the TV was pa*sing a look towards Chen Dong, signalling him to go over.

Chen Dong frowned and went over to take a look.

The television was a news channel, and the news that was playing at that moment made him frown.

It was because the news was about the murder of Qin Zheng of the Qin family in Xishu.

By now the news had reached its end, and in just a few seconds, it ended the news.

Li Lan turned back and asked Chen Dong, “Are you hungry?”

Fan Lu immediately got up, “I’m going to prepare lunch.”

Chen Dong shook his head, “I’m not hungry, Elder Long should accompany me for a walk.”

The two of them walked out of the villa together.

They wandered around in the garden, but neither made a sound.

Half a day later.

Elder Long said, “Young master is trying to ask about this news?”

Chen Dong nodded his head, puzzled, “I really can’t understand why the Qin family would press this matter and only explode it now, and in such a big and explosive way.”

Previously, Chen Dong had been puzzled.

Qin Zheng was the second generation of the direct line of the Qin family in Xishu.

Why would the wind and waves be calm when such a big thing happened?

Even after sending Qin Ye to the hospital that night, he had prepared himself for the Qin family’s monstrous anger.

On the contrary, what should have been a thunderous explosion of anger had been delayed until now.

And instead of the Qin family taking direct action, it was first made public by way of the news.

The Qin family would not know what was going on?

Would the outside giants not be able to find out the truth?

What is the purpose of doing this?

Elder Long frowned and shook his head, “This matter also seems strange to old slave, if the feud of the magnates is a monstrous feud, most of them fight in secret to break their heads and kill their clans, such tactics of the Qin family, old slave can’t understand.”

Chen Dong smiled helplessly.

When things went wrong, there must be a demon.

Obviously, the Qin family’s demon this time was so baffling that one could not understand it.

He took a deep breath.

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, “Forget it, let’s not worry about it, soldiers will come to stop us.”

“Nowadays, I am afraid that this is all that can be done.” Elder Long let out a sigh and said, “Old slave will report back to His Lordship and ask for His Lordship’s opinion.”

Chen Dong did not obstruct.

Whether it was him or Elder Long, he was ultimately not as skilled as his father in regards to the feuding and fighting between the gentry.

He and Elder Long could not understand this bizarre move of the Qin family, but perhaps his father could.


In the latter two days, everything was calm and quiet.

The news of Qin Zheng’s murder seemed to be a small stone thrown into a calm lake, causing a ripple before the lake returned to calm.

This made Chen Dong more and more puzzled.

Obviously, such a calm was not what the Qin family wanted.

The richest family, the second generation of the first line, had been killed, and to make such a big event public would undoubtedly be a slap in the face.

The calm before us was more like the eve of a storm.

When he returned home in the evening.

Long Lao then hurriedly took Chen Dong up to the roof terrace.

“On my father’s side, there’s news?”

Long Lao looked grave: “The master can’t see through it for the time being, but he reminded the young master to be careful with everything recently, because ……”

After a pause, Elder Long said scornfully, “Because Master found out that the old lady had recently visited Xishu once, not far from the time the news broke out.”

“Old Madam Chen?!”

Chen Dong’s heart thudded, “Could it be that she has joined hands with the Qin family?”

If that was the case, then there would really be a big problem!

Even though Old Lady Chen was cross, she was ultimately a member of the Chen family.

And in the Chen family, the father was the head of the family.

Even if her father was constrained by Old Madam Chen, once he became ruthless, there was nothing Old Madam Chen could do.

For example, last time, when my father was determined to force Mrs. Chen, she finally bowed down and gave in.

The biggest reason for this is that her father has more resources in the Chen family than Mrs Chen, and his words are more effective.

Therefore, it was not that easy for Old Mrs. Chen to use the Chen family’s power against him.

If Old Lady Chen and the Qin family joined forces.

Old Madam Chen against him, then she could bypa*s the Chen family altogether and borrow the Qin family’s hand!

“Young master understands?”

Seeing Chen Dong’s ugly face, Elder Long asked.

Chen Dong nodded, “If they really did join forces, father would be scrupulous at every turn, right?”


Elder Long nodded, “That is why Master has repeatedly instructed you to be careful, before the fox’s tail is revealed.”

Chen Dong rubbed his face helplessly.

Somewhat helplessly, he said, “I’m just afraid that when the fox’s tail is revealed, it won’t be a fox’s tail, but a vicious beast that eats people!”


Chapter 222

The suspicion that Old Lady Chen had joined forces with the Qin family.

It gives Chen Dong a sense of urgency that sticks in his throat, like a manacle on his back.

Having bypa*sed the Chen family and his father, Old Lady Chen was able to play a more comfortable hand with the help of the Qin family.

And the Qin family was the richest in Western Shu.

Because of Qin Ye, it had apparently become a deadly feud as well.

If the two parties join forces, once they strike, I’m afraid it will be an overturning of the sea.

After a few days of being on edge, Chen Dong simply let go.

Why dwell on something that could not be saved anyway?

He soon put his energy into his work.

Of course, more than anything, it was the wedding preparations with Gu Qingying.

Less than a month was indeed too tight a time frame for a wedding that sought perfection.

But since the wedding date had already been set, it was impossible to change it.

Luckily, Elder Long and his mother were there to pick the hotel location and take care of the wedding chores.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying only needed to choose their wedding dresses and take wedding photos.

This was very easy.

In order to leave a perfect wedding photo for Gu Qingying.

Chen Dong thought of Chu Reed, the top photography team in the film industry is never lacking.

After Chu Reed knew about it, he was quick to introduce Chen Dong to a top production team in the whole territory.

The place to shoot the wedding, because the time is too urgent, plus the post-production is longer, so finally chose in Haiya.

The night was slightly cool.

“Young master, when we go to Haiya tomorrow for the wedding photo shoot, old slave suggested that Kunlun and Lone Wolf should come along.” Elder Long said.

After this period of recuperation, although Kunlun and Lone Wolf had not completely recovered, they had recovered to a certain extent.

As for Chen Dong, his injuries had, on the contrary, healed.

Elder Long’s proposal.

It was also because he was worried about Old Lady Chen and the Qin family.

Chen Dong nodded his head and said solemnly, “Still no news from father’s side?”


Elder Long frowned and nodded, “The family head said that the old lady has recently taken up residence in the Buddhist Hall, eating fasting and chanting, not asking about family matters.”

Chen Dong suddenly felt a little amused.

Her hands were stained with blood and she was eating and chanting?

Don’t you think about the feelings of the Buddha?

“Let’s hope that nothing happens before Xiao Ying and I get married.”

Chen Dong stretched his back and said with a smile.

Long Lao smiled and said, “Young master, don’t worry about your trip tomorrow, old slave will take care of the wedding arrangements at home.”

“Remember to tell the beast for me to hurry up and recover so that he can attend my wedding and book him a best man position.” Chen Dong said with a smile.


Early the next morning.

The private plane flew straight from the airport on the outskirts of the city to Haiya.

On the plane, there were only four people, Chen Dong, Gu Qingying and Kunlun and Lone Wolf.

The photography team, would fly directly from Kyoto to Haiya.

Looking out of the window at the sea of clouds, Chen Dong’s brows were locked.

I don’t know why, but from the moment the plane took off, he had a feeling of uneasiness.

It always felt as if something would happen on this trip to Haiya.

“You have something on your mind?” Gu Qingying asked with a frown.

Chen Dong shook his head.

Gu Qingying scolded, “If you don’t like to say it, then don’t say it.”

With that, she picked up a cup of hot water and handed it to Chen Dong: “Drink some water, don’t think too much.”

Chen Dong took the cup of water and his lips had just touched the cup.

A click!

With a soft sound, the water cup in his hand shattered into several pieces and fell to the ground.

The water also wet his whole body.

This scene caused Chen Dong’s heart to jerk and his eyebrows to lock.

Even, he completely forgot to wipe the water stains from his body, or Gu Qingying was wiping it beside him.

“Is everything alright?”

When Gu Qingying finished wiping Chen Dong’s clothes, she looked up and saw Chen Dong frothing with an ugly face.

“Do you think that this water cup cracking could be a sign of something?”

Chen Dong’s gaze was deep and his tone was low.

“It foretells that the water poured just now was too hot and scalded the cup, and you just happened to pick it up and it just happened to shatter.”

Gu Qingying rolled her eyes and couldn’t help but say, “Big dummy, why do I feel like you’re always nervous these days? What are you afraid of?”

Chen Dong laughed to himself.

I might have really been a bit cupid these days.

“Be happy, we’re going to take wedding photos this time.” Gu Qingying swept Chen Dong into her arms and said comfortingly, “If you’re not happy, you’ll come out looking ugly in the photos.”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded and lost his smile.

Ten o’clock in the morning.

The plane landed at Haiya International Airport.

With Elder Long in charge of helping to dispatch the Chen family office, everything had been arranged long ago.

After Chen Dong and his group of four walked out of the airport, they directly boarded the Chen family’s car and checked into the Sea Dragon Bay Hotel.

Inside the presidential suite, there was a perfect view of the blue sea and the beach.

It was full of tropical atmosphere.

As a tourist destination, there is never a shortage of tourists in Hialeah.

No matter what time of year or season, the beach was always bikini-inspired.

A sweeping glance at the scenery.

Chen Dong was satisfied and after placing his luggage, he planned to go for a walk on the beach with Gu Qingying.

The camera team would not arrive until later, and when they arrived, there were still a lot of things to arrange.

So it was definitely not possible to shoot today.

All these years, he had never really relaxed himself in any sense.

Now it was a rare opportunity to take this opportunity to relax, look at the scenery and get comfortable with life.

Gu Qingying’s room was right next door to Chen Dong’s, the same presidential suite.

Knock, knock!

Chen Dong knocked on the door.

After waiting for a while, it did not open.

Chen Dong frowned, he had just entered the room together with Gu Qingying.

How come this girl hadn’t tidied up yet?

He knocked on the door again and waited for a few seconds, but there was still no movement of the door opening.

Chen Dong took out his mobile phone and gave Gu Qingying a call.

Just after one ring, the phone was answered.

“Little fool, I’ve been knocking on the door for a long time.”

“Ah? I’m not in my room!”

Gu Qingying gave a surprised cry and then said something odd, “Wait, you, how come you’re at my door? Aren’t you here?”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning as his pupils suddenly tightened.

“Aiyaaah, wrong person, wrong person, little fool you wait, I’ll be right back.”

Gu Qingying’s voice rang out from the phone and hung up immediately afterwards.

Chen Dong froze in place.

His own husband, could he still be mistaken?

Five minutes later.

Gu Qingying walked out of the lift with her mouth beaming and her hands entwined, just like a child who had made a mistake.

Chen Dong looked at Gu Qingying with an indifferent face.

Gu Qingying spat out her tongue and shook Chen Dong’s arm, “Don’t be angry, I really recognized the wrong person.”

“How can you be wrong about your own husband?”

Chen Dong pretended to be angry.

“I’m really mistaken.”

Gu Qingying explained, “Just now I finished packing my bags and went out, I happened to see a person whose back resembled you entering the lift, I thought you were not waiting for me, so I chased after him, and after missing a lift, I chased after him downstairs one after another.”

“I even shouted twice and just now wondered why you were walking faster and faster.”

“So what?” Chen Dong raised an eyebrow.

“That man had a beard and wasn’t as good looking as my husband.”

Gu Qingying buried her head into Chen Dong’s arms, as if she was a pampered kitten: “Don’t be angry, let’s treat you to a big meal.”

Chen Dong really couldn’t pretend anymore and let out a snort of laughter.

He rubbed Gu Qingying’s head dotingly, “You win, let’s go, let’s eat a big meal.”