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Super School Student Chapter 453-454

Chapter 453

It was because, right under their noses, Ye Lu had already pa*sed the ‘Standing Training’ of the ‘Third Turn of the Golden Elixir’ in ten minutes or so, it was unbelievably fast.

“No way, from ‘Foundation Establishment 9th Level’ to ‘Golden Dan 3rd Turn’ so quickly, who the hell is this person?”

“I contacted, the other party doesn’t answer!”

“It’s probably the first time I’ve played this game, so, I’m not familiar with the function of sending messages yet.”

“Maybe so, but how come that girl ‘Athena’ didn’t even write his basic information?”

“Could it be an old flame of hers?”

“Old flame my a*s, it looks like it could be her illegitimate son.”

“Gross B*****d, isn’t Athena still a virgin?”

“Did you check?”


“That’s the end of it.”


While they were talking, Ye Lu was still brushing up on the maps so fast, the reason he brushed up so fast without even looking at anything else was because these maps were too little help to his cultivation.

He wanted to brush through these useless maps as fast as possible so that he could improve as soon as possible, knowing that his time here was limited.

Thus, Ye Lu ignored all the messy factors and started to concentrate on painting the map, but as the map continued to get stronger, his pressure also started to increase.

He was already stuck at the bottleneck of “Ninth Level Foundation Establishment”, and this slight pressure allowed Ye Lu to break through quickly.

This was the legendary “pseudo-dan”. Finally, the quantitative change triggered a qualitative change, and Ye Lu felt that his level had improved by leaps and bounds.

“I guess this time I should be able to refine a pill for promotion to the ‘Golden Dan Avenue’, and the ‘attribute’ magic treasure should also be able to be customized, I’m going to be rich.”

Ye Luo laughed out loud, he had previously thought of going to the “Underworld App” to brush up on his points, and directly explode the “Underworld App”, however, he had not had that much time before, in addition there was nothing that could brush up on his points, after all, the demand for “Spatial magic weapons” was too large, the “Hundred Flower Sect” did not have enough people to use them, it was impossible to sell them in large quantities.

“This time, the ‘Blazing God Blade’ should be able to play a bigger role.”

Ye Lu looked at his hands and said with a smile.

Strictly speaking, only when one reached the ‘Ninth Turn of the Golden Dan’ realm could one use a ‘magic treasure’ and not to its maximum effect, but Ye Lu could use it earlier because the level of aura he possessed was too high, but it was difficult for Ye Lu to use 100 percent of the power of the ‘magic treasure’ before.

This time, he had officially become a “Ninth Turn of the Golden Elixir” expert, so of course, this limitation no longer existed.

After the breakthrough, Ye Lu reopened his frantic map brushing mode and brushed up to the “War God Training” of “Golden Dan 8th Turn” in one go.

Now the eleven people who had come together were completely mad, because this was so out of line with common sense.

“Who the hell is he?”

“Yeah, how could she have gone from ‘Foundation Establishment Nine’ to ‘Golden Dan Eight’ straight away, is this still human? It can’t be a computer.”

“Hackers, plug-ins, this is too evil anyway.”

“Go on, keep contacting him, see who he really is?”

“I’m afraid this is going to set a new record, I wonder if we’ll get any special rewards.”

“I’m sure we’ll get it, I guess we’ll get something good this time.”


Ye Luo did not know that in a corner in front of him, a small icon just kept flashing non-stop from the beginning, and the other eleven people were already curious and did not really want to cultivate here anymore.

Because this kind of thing is completely unthinkable.

It was impossible to hide one’s cultivation in front of the War God, nor was it possible to use ‘magic treasures’, that is, this person had raised his combat power by a large level without relying on any ‘magic treasures’, how powerful a ‘spell’ or ‘bloodline’ would it take to do that?

They were well aware of the limitations of the “War Temple”, which stripped away almost all of one’s external strengths, leaving only one’s own body and the use of the laws of heaven and earth to be used.

However, no matter how unbelievable everyone thought it was, Ye Lu had already walked into the “Golden Dan Nine Revolutions” war training ground amidst their amazement, and after pa*sing this level, he would be able to truly fight those “Golden Dan Avenue” powerhouses.

Seeing that all the people around him were all Jindan Ninth Turn experts, Ye Luo also felt a little pressure, now if he wanted to defeat these people, or to quickly walk across the map, he had to have overwhelming combat power, but now everything he could use, including “spiritual fire” was restricted, the only thing Ye Luo could have overwhelming was “magic”.

So, he quickly raised his hands and began to operate the laws of heaven and earth.

“For example, this time Ye Lu’s mission was to follow his own team to take down the “Condor Castle”.

For example, this time Ye Lu’s mission is to follow his team to take down the “Condor Castle”. As he is a junior soldier, he will not become a general no matter how he behaves, and no one will listen to him.

To put it mildly, this was more like a survival training.

The methods Ye Luo had used before were all single-rider breakthroughs, this time the people around him were strong, so I guess it would be difficult to breakthrough single-rider, however, Ye Luo had no intention of changing his plan, he raised his hands and there was thunder power lighting up from his hands.





Sparks of all kinds began to burst in the air, as if they were some kind of fireworks set off at a festival, and then Ye Luo rushed towards the castle amidst the lightning.

Now Ye Luo had the bloodline of “Eve”, so he was not good at other things, but he was quite good at self-healing.

Moreover, the “Eve bloodline” also had a special divine ability to repair all kinds of wounds at once, which gave Ye Luo’s confidence a boost.

“Come on! Five Thunder Blast!”

Ye Luo instantly unleashed a powerful thunder spell, the “Thunder Attribute” was the main attack, and it was also a wide range attack, which was most suitable for group battles, but of course, the consumption was also extremely high, especially for this “Heavenly Grade” “spell”.

Therefore, immediately after Ye Lu delivered this terrifying strike, he used another “spell” that was also of “Heavenly” rank.

That was a “gold” spell called “Sharp Blade”.

There was nothing special about this “spell”, it only had one function, and that was to increase the sharpness of the weapon, as “Gold” was also an attribute of the main attack.

Then, Ye Luo launched a “Heavenly Grade” body technique, “Thousand Illusions Body”.

Ye Luo had already seen that these opponents, mainly because of their huge numbers, were not too strong in combat, just at an ordinary level, and most of them did not have any subtle “spells”, while some occasionally had strong spells and some had powerful “magic treasures”.

These “magic treasures” could also be taken down and used, however, they were only limited to the current scenario and could not be used at the next level.

In this way, it took Ye Luo almost an hour to pa*s the “War Training” of the “Nine Revolutions of the Golden Elixir”.

“It’s really getting slower and slower back there!”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, but the eleven super experts who had come here together were once again stunned by Ye Luo.

One should know that most people who came here came when they were stuck at a bottleneck and just about to break through, and even then, there were quite a few who couldn’t complete their breakthrough within twenty-four hours, but Ye Luo had broken through ten levels in just over an hour.

“This one is definitely not human, a few of you stay here and keep watch, I’ll leave to go to the ‘Athena Temple’ and take a look, I’d like to see what’s happening there.”

One expert couldn’t help but say to the other ten.

Everyone unanimously supported him, and at this moment, Ye Lu finally walked into the “war training” scene of the “Nine-Bodied Golden Dan”, this time not to attack the city but as the “vanguard” of a team, to charge into battle.


Chapter 454

The expert who left was an expert from the “War God Ares Temple” and was stuck at the threshold of entering the “YuanYing Realm”.

“This is definitely a bizarre event.”

However, when he went to report to the Ares of this term, he found out that Ares was not in the secret realm today, but had gone to some secret realm.

He had no choice but to contact the person in charge of Athena.

“Hello! I am ‘Tormas’, I have just entered the ‘War God Temple’, I am from the ‘God of War Ares Temple’, I have something important to report to ‘Athena’. Lord Athena’.”

Soon, Tormas was brought before ‘Athena’.

“Lord Athena, I would like to ask you, who is the man who has just entered the ‘Temple of War’?”

“Athena looked at Tormas with some confusion and said.

“I don’t know who she is, she’s a gypsy woman, I just met her, so I don’t know who she is or what her name is, what’s the problem?”

As a result, Tormas looked at “Athena” and said.

“How can I put it, that person is so surprising, just now, he has already gone straight from ‘Foundation Establishment Nine’ to ‘Golden Dan Nine’ and has now started to open the ‘Golden Dan Realm ‘ The first trick of the ‘top trick’ is now.”

As the saying goes, “The Dan becomes the Great Dao, and the Dao gives birth to nine orifices”, the “nine orifices” actually represent a person’s understanding of the “Great Dao”, and each point of understanding will open a “orifice”, which is actually more of a kind of enlightenment, hence the word “enlightenment”.

Athena was surprised to hear Tormas’ words, and muttered to herself as she touched the Medusa Shield in her hand.

“No wonder I can’t see her cultivation level? She can hide her cultivation level in front of me, but no one can hide their cultivation level in front of the ‘War God Temple’, so her true cultivation level is ‘Foundation Establishment 9th level’. has a particularly powerful ‘spell’ or a very powerful bloodline.”

However, the next problem was that this person was a “gypsy”, and Athena had never heard of a “gypsy” having any powerful bloodline, nor had she heard of any gods among the “gypsies”.

“Tell me exactly what happened?”

“Athena looked at the man and asked.

The man then described what he had seen in there, and Athena was deep in thought. The Temple of War had indeed produced rewards, and once someone had succeeded in a challenge across three small levels and received a magic ring with the power of a curse.

However, this was only done once, as no one has ever succeeded in crossing three minor levels since.

So, no one knows if it was a coincidence.

So, he thought about it and said.

“Well, then I know, Tormas, go back to your training first, and I will deliberate on what should be done in this matter.”

While Tormas was communicating with Athena, the people inside the War Temple finally contacted Ye Lu, because when Ye Lu started to enter the “Top Trunk Realm” of the “Nine-Trunk Golden Dan”, the battle was a little slower because, after all, he had just broken through and still needed to adapt to this “Pseudo Dan” realm.

“Ooh! There are actually so many private messages!”

Ye Lu was a little surprised as he looked at the various messages sent by the other eleven people.

Then, he originally wanted to say something to everyone, but, as a result, he found that almost everyone was asking him how he had managed to complete so many levels in a row.

To be honest, it was really hard to explain this matter, so he didn’t explain this matter either, in Ye Lu’s opinion, it wasn’t like he was familiar with these guys, so what was the point of explaining.

So, he chose to ignore most of the people’s messages.

Following that, he then saw that on the other side, there was something like an email that was flashing non-stop, after opening it Ye Lu found that it was a series of emails, each one was the same thing that he had gotten, starting from crossing the third small realm to now.

Previously, before Ye Luo broke through, he had fought from “Foundation Establishment 9th Level” to “Golden Dan 6th Turn”, so he got a total of three pieces. After that, due to the breakthrough in cultivation, he did not get the reward at “Golden Dan 7th Turn”, and then, starting from “Golden Dan 8th Turn”, he got two more pieces, and now he had got five pieces of equipment.

These five pieces of equipment became more and more powerful as they went on, and when he reached the fifth piece, Ye Lu got a defensive “magic treasure” for women to wear, named “Athena’s Holy Cloth”, which had almost reached the top “Lower Saint Grade” level, which, to be honest, made Ye Lu somewhat flattered.

If he succeeded, he felt that he might be able to obtain an even stronger treasure.

The eleven people who were following Ye Lu were a bit depressed, because they found that their messages had become read, but Ye Lu had not said a word to them.

It was as if Ye Luo had already ignored them.

This made these few guys quite depressed, and one of them thought about it and sent over the message again, saying.

“That temporary kid, I have some simple experience in raiding this place, do you want to listen to it, it will definitely make your raid twice as successful.”

Hearing the words of this guy from the “Temple of Zeus”, Ye Lu thought about it and replied.

“Sure, tell me what the strategy is, and I’ll return the favor.”

As a result, the other party sent a smiley face, and then said.

“I don’t need you to reciprocate, your cultivation level is too low, you can’t reciprocate anything, just satisfy my curiosity and tell me a bit about how you managed to cross so many levels.”

Ye Lu had known that the other party would ask such a question, so he also sent a smiley face and said.

“I don’t have anything to explain to you about this matter because I’m not really sure why, but I think that I should be able to help you because, in some ways, we Gypsies are very special.”

Having said that, Ye Lu continued to ask this man what shortcuts he could take to get through.

As a result, this guy from the “Temple of Zeus” said.

“This is actually very simple, because, this system is not a real war, but a simulated war, the purpose is to refine the participants, so he did not design the mission to be really difficult at the beginning, the approximate difficulty is just to complete a small realm crossing.”

“So, those really powerful things instead will not clash with you head on, sometimes, you can use this to go the other way, give up the weakest formation to directly charge the strongest formation, this will instead disrupt the other side’s formation, maybe it will have a strange effect.”

Ye Lu thought about it and felt that what you guy said had some truth to it, so he started to try it out with the method this guy said.

In fact, with Ye Lu’s current level, it was not very difficult to pa*s the “Top Trick Realm”, because there was one advantage in this simulation system, and that was that the “spells” were very smooth to use, the reason was that the space here was not simulating a place like Earth where the Yuan Power was thin, but a place where the Yuan Power in the air was very dense.

Sure enough, under the guidance of this person, it took Ye Lu less than two hours for him to overcome the “Top Trick Realm” level, of course, using various weird methods that several other people had taught him, and at the same time, Ye Lu also learned that the system also provided mutual viewing, similar to a screen peeping operation.

“Haha, over the top, let’s see what goodies have come this time.”

Ye Luo closed all the various peep screens on the pretext of repairing, and then opened that email.

“Wow Sh*t! I really got an unbelievable thing this time! Rich, rich!”

Seeing what appeared this time, Ye Luo laughed out loud.