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Super School Student Chapter 449-450

Chapter 449

Seeing this scene, Brannoy was also taken aback, and definitely something that only a prophet could do, so he said outside.

“I have something important to do, Sironi you first in go back, I will contact you again.”

Following that, Sinoli outside left.

At this time, Ye Luo said indifferently.

“Mr. Brannoy, three days ago at noon, you killed a frost giant at Boneem Mountain, and a year ago in October, you went out to sea alone and met a ‘Sea King Demon Beast’ a ‘Thousand Star Shark’ in the sea and obtained a sword with the name ‘Zhantian’ in its stomach, three years ago, you killed a ‘Golden Dan Ninth Truth’ practitioner named Inurva, five years ago you stole a certain treasure, and seven years ago ……”

Ye Luo told the things that happened to Brannoy that only he could know like a family treasure.

As Ye Luo told these news line by line, Brannoy’s face turned wonderful, because he felt that he was like a transparent person in front of Ye Luo, without any secrets to speak of.

Following that, Ye Luo said.

“Your call is coming, it’s from Nuo Mu.”

Not three seconds had pa*sed since he finished speaking, and sure enough, Norwood’s phone call came.

Brannoy frowned and answered the phone, and only after answering the call did he then look Ye Luo in the eyes and ask.

“I have to admit, you’re really good, but what I don’t understand is, why do you want to help us?”

Ye Luo stroked his white beard and smiled and said.

“We gypsy clan don’t have any absolute beliefs, so, I believe more in strength and power, the reason why I want to help you is of course for the benefits, I came here to talk to you about this matter, if the talk is good, we will cooperate, of course, if you are not willing to bleed, we went on to drink, although the wine in the bar is not strong at all, but that wine taste is still very charming.”

With those words Ye Lu licked his lips.

“The Gypsy tribe was indeed an unrestrained race, and Brannoy had never heard of them having anything to do with the Greek gods, and although there were many of them, and many of them were experts, and they were spread all over the world, they were basically fighting on their own.

So, he looked into Ye Lu’s eyes and asked.

“What do you want?”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“I think you should have guessed without me saying it, I’m so old, what I want is of course the ‘Fountain of Life’ of your Nordic clan, the spring of ‘Hvagmir’s Spring’. ”

“The Fountain of Hvagmir is a spring from the original continent of Kinrenga in Norse mythology, and is a very important resource for their people.

In fact, Brannoy had already guessed Ye Lu’s idea, the spring of Hvagh Myr did have the effect of rejuvenating one’s body, and there were no side effects, but the problem was that the production of the spring was so small that even the “Norse gods” had to squeeze their way in to get a little bit.

It was an important resource for them.

So Brannoy nodded and said.

“I can agree to this condition, but only after it’s done, otherwise, I can’t trust you, what if you talk nonsense?”

Ye Luo nodded back and smiled and said.

“Lord Brannoy, you didn’t mean what you said oh! But, don’t worry, I won’t care about this matter, because with this word from you, don’t worry, everything is under my control, and you will surely hand over the spring of ‘Hvagmir’s Spring’ to me very willingly.”

In fact, Ye Lu didn’t have any control over anything, he was just talking nonsense.

It was true that he could make short-term predictions using the “Purple Wei Dou Shu”, but he couldn’t do it for a longer period of time, moreover, this thing was too spiritually draining and he didn’t want to spend all his spirit energy on it.

Therefore, what he said was just to make Brannoy believe in himself, anyway, his real purpose was not the so-called “Fountain of Helvargemil”, it was just something he had read from Brannoy’s information.

In addition, Ye Luo found something remarkable in Brannoy’s information, that is, their purpose was also to obtain the “Key to the Immortal Palace”.

After seeing this message, Ye Lu realized that this “Key to the Immortal Palace” incident seemed to have an even greater scope of influence than he had imagined, it was no longer a matter of one country or organization, it was a matter that encompa*sed all cultivators, including the ‘secular world’, the ‘sect world’, the major ‘divine races’, the legendary ‘Immortal World’ and even the terrifying ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’.

And it all started in the city where he was born.

“What does this have to do with my grandmother and my family history?”

In fact, as things continued to develop, Ye Lu’s interest had been completely piqued, and he was very keen to find out what the truth was within these layers of fog.

“I should take the time to go back to Liao City when I have time.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly.

At the same time, he found out that this terrifying “old genius monster” Brannoy was not the real head of this operation, there was someone else who was really in charge behind the scenes, but at the moment, this guy did not want to show himself yet.

At this time, Brannoy looked into Ye Lu’s eyes and asked once again.

“That, by the way, what is your name?”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“You can just call me Elder Sheik Sincere Yai.”

This name was the backwards pronunciation of Ye Lu’s screen name “Yi Ye Zhi Qiu”.

Brannoy nodded and said.

“Elder Sheik Zhiye, I think, with your ability, you must know the purpose of our trip, right?”

Ye Lu nodded and said.

“Yes, however, I am not really interested in the ‘Key to the Immortal Mansion’, and my cultivation level is not capable of participating in a battle of that level, although becoming a god is attractive, it would not be worth it to trade my life for it, I just need the ‘Hwag’ that can give me the Vitality I just need the ‘Fountain of Myr’ that can give me vitality.”

Hearing Ye Lu mention the “Key to the Immortal Palace” and “becoming a god”, this Brannoy became even more convinced that Ye Lu was a true “Great Seer”.

So, he looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“So, Master Sheikh Yai, do you have any advice on this matter?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course I do, let me tell you, in fact your actions have been known to the other side, not all of them, but they are indeed known, prophesied to be precise.”

Seeing Brannoy’s uncomprehending expression, Ye Lu continued.

“Among the twelve gods of Greece, Apollo, the sun god, as you know, has awakened his prophetic power, so he has already made a prediction about this event.”

“This was something that Brannoy, who was a descendant of the Norse gods, knew very well, and it was also the biggest variable of their trip, but he didn’t expect the feared thing to happen.

After listening to Ye Lu, Blanoy frowned at Ye Lu and asked.

“Then do you have any suggestions?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“It’s very simple, increase the troops, use the Giant Clan, you and the Elf Clan and the Gnome Clan alone can’t handle this matter, don’t worry, the ‘Greek Gods’ have another important matter to do right now, so not all of their main forces are here, don’t forget my benefits after the matter is completed Just do it.”

After Ye Lu finished speaking, Brannoy fell into deep thought, also in deep thought was his superior, Norwood who had just called, just now Brannoy didn’t really hang up the phone, so of course, he heard all this.

“Good, then I’ll give Master ‘Sheikh Sincere Yai’ a break in the room we’ve arranged, and we’ll give your suggestion serious consideration.”

It was obvious that he was prepared to put Ye Lu under house arrest.

However, Ye Luo was not worried about this, and, just now, he had already made plans to turn the whole of Europe upside down.


Chapter 450

Soon, Ye Lu arrived at the designated room, while the Swimlin followed him closely, as if he was his shadow.

This woman is the one who just knocked on the door, “Si Noli”, the cultivation level of this Si Noli is higher, has already crossed the “Golden Dan Avenue” and is a water attribute girl, looks as if she can really pinch out water.

Ye Luo did not care about this, because through the guy at the door who was in charge of scouting, he could tell that the hotel was not completely wrapped up by them, probably because he was worried about revealing some kind of flaw, so the hotel was very crowded, and Ye Luo could see the details of each person who stayed in the hotel, so he had already made a plan to leave.

“That Swimlin ah, I just said to buy you a drink, do you want to drink some?”

As soon as she heard about drinking, Swimlin came to life, but that Snoopy showed a disdainful expression, because with her cultivation level there was no more wine that could make her feel slightly drunk, or even intoxicated, she was actually a great lover of wine, but it had been a long time since such fun had been had.

Ye Lu smiled and took out a large wine jug from the “Sumeru Ring”, then put it in front of the two people, after that he took out three large wine cups, the moment the jug was taken out, the two people could already smell the wine.

There is a poem called “Grapes and wine in a gla*s of light at night, wanting to drink from a lute”, and what Ye Lu took out was a real wine from the ancient country of Loulan.

This was also a tribute from the Ren family. Of course, although this wine had a good aroma, it was difficult to make people drunk, but this was not difficult for Ye Lu.

“The mirage, which Ye Lu had seen once, had fallen in love with it, because although it could not move, it could release a constant stream of mirage and venom, and this cumulative effect allowed many weak mirages to deal with powerful enemies, but of course this also required a cumulative process.

So, later on, Ye Lu summoned other powerful “mirages” and put them in his “spirit beast bracelet”, and to Ye Lu’s surprise, the “mirages” in the bracelet could actually accumulate venom slowly.

“One of the best things about the venom of the Mirage is that it is a hallucinogenic venom, not a death inducing venom, and in this way, it is indeed similar to wine.

Ye Lu quickly poured the wine mixed with the “mirage” venom into the three gla*ses.

The original refusal of Snorri was also attracted by the aroma of the Loulan wine and she couldn’t help but try it, while the Sveumling was almost drooling.

“Come on, taste it.”

Ye Lu said with a smile as he stroked his beard.

“This is a good treasure I got in the ancient country of Loulan when I was fulfilling in the East many years ago, I’m afraid it has a thousand years of cellar, I haven’t even bothered to drink it before, this time if it wasn’t for the ‘Fountain of Helvargemil’, I wouldn’t be so generous, today I’ll make an exception and let you all drink it. ”

After saying that, Ye Lu first took a cup and drank it.

The two men did not suspect that Ye Lu would do any tricks, this hotel room was covered by several people’s divine sense, in their opinion, it was impossible for Ye Lu to do anything different.

Of course, the “divine sense” did not cover a large area, as they were afraid that other experts would find out.

If the news of the appearance of a super old monster at the YuanYing stage in the vicinity of Mount Olympus were to spread, it would undoubtedly cause an uproar and the plan would be ruined.

However, what they didn’t know was that due to the “deincarnation” and spiritual power, those “first-year old monsters” couldn’t detect Ye Lu at all, but of course, if there was anything wrong with Swemlin and Sinoli, they knew about it.


This wine was delicious!

After taking a sip, Sveumling couldn’t stop talking about it. The taste of Loulan wine was absolutely excellent, and with the addition of the “mirage” venom, this guy was floating in his mouth after one gla*s of wine.

Sianoli also drank a gla*s gracefully, and she also praised the wine.

In this way, the three of them began to chat about the world while drinking a gla*s of wine left and right, Swimlin soon got drunk and Snorri also got a little dizzy.

Following that, Ye Lu stood up with a smile and said.

“Little Miss Sinoli, wait a moment, I’ll go to the front desk to get something delicious and I’ll be right back.”

After saying that, Ye Luo walked out, but he did not go straight to the front desk, but went into the toilet halfway, after entering, he took out the “magic puppet”, after that, he turned the “magic puppet” into his own appearance, then, he let the “magic puppet” out, while he waited quietly for a while.

As luck would have it, a man soon came in, and Ye Lu quickly stripped him of his clothes and put him into the Blazing God Blade, then transformed himself into his form.

After that, Ye Luo walked out of the toilet with a swagger.

The “Blazing God Blade” had a separate space to hold people, but of course, only if the other party had a lower cultivation level or could agree to it, and currently there was no ability to force the other party into the “Blazing God Blade” space.

This time, of course, there was nothing wrong with stealing the space, and after that, Ye Lu walked out with a big swing.

After walking to a corner, Ye Lu began to take off all his clothes and changed into a gypsy girl’s outfit, then began to tinker with it, transforming himself into a gypsy girl, after which he smiled and walked back to the street.

“Next up is to go to the ‘Greek Gods’ side of the pit.”

This time, of course, he couldn’t use the same trick as before. He found a stronghold of the Greek Gods here through the “Underworld App”.

Ye Lu walked into this stronghold and said with a smile.

“Excuse me, do you need divination here? My divination is very accurate!”

When they heard that someone had come to one of their strongholds for divination, the people inside were all taken aback, followed by a guy who looked at Ye Lu and said with a big smile.

“Where did you come from, you’re laughing my a*s off, are you here to be funny? Just like you, it’s okay to sleep with us, but you actually want to divine for us, go play aside.”

“Hey, it’s okay if you don’t want to sleep with us, I think you have a nice body too.”

“Yeah, we’ve been bored here for a long time too.”


For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I’m here because of a big thing, if you guys don’t listen to me, you’re going to be out of luck, this might also concern your whole ‘Greek Gods’ clan.”

Hearing that Ye Luo was talking as if it was true, one of the guys then looked at Ye Luo and said.

“That ‘gypsy woman’, I know your clan is good at divination, but even better at deception, you’re not fooling us, are you?”

Ye Luo then shook his head and said.

“Of course not, the ‘Gypsy clan’s’ ‘Great Prophecy Technique’ that I used to observe the sky at night yesterday resulted in these two pictures, take a look.”

As he said that, Ye Lu took out the picture of “Mount Olympus” and another picture of a temple, out of the four pictures, and said.

“This is the photo of the ‘Great Prophecy’, which summons me to this place to make a second prophecy, and this time I am afraid that the prophecy will affect the situation of the whole Europe.”

Following that, he pushed both pictures in front of the guys.

“This is what seems to be the sanctuary of ‘Athena’.”

“Yeah, no outsiders have ever been there before, and this doesn’t seem to be a photo taken from a normal angle.”

“Could it be that what this woman said is true?”


Yemeni then smiled and said.

“You can inform your goddess Athena, ah, isn’t he the daughter of the goddess of wisdom, he should be very wise too.”

The actual fact is that these people can’t believe Ye Lu’s words, so there’s no choice but to show his divination skills in front of these guys again, and sure enough, just like the Nordic gods, these guys were also amazed and immediately contacted the one who has the bloodline of “Goddess Athena”.

The reply came back.

“The Goddess clan is inviting you.”

Hearing this news, Ye Lu laughed without modesty.