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Winner Takes All Chapter 217-218

Chapter 217

Qin Zheng’s expression changed dramatically.

The long sword in his hand gave a lurch.


The sound of breaking wind pierced his ears.

A stone swept into the air.


It struck the long knife in Qin Zheng’s hand with unerring accuracy.

The long knife came out of his hand and spun out, embedded in a tree trunk with a clang, its body trembling.

The sudden scene brought the woods to a screeching halt.

Even the flock of crows over the night had fallen abruptly silent.

Qin Zheng stared at his empty right hand with rounded eyes, a vicious chill rising from his heart.

A ray of essence flashed in Qin Ye’s eyes as he slowly raised his head.

Looking into the darkness, there, two figures were slowly approaching.

“Sorry for coming a little late.”

Chen Dong’s cold voice rang out.

Gradually, he walked out of the darkness.

With his hands in his pockets, his expression was indifferent.

Following Kunlun’s devilish training day after day had made his physique exceed that of normal people long ago, whether it was the strength or the precision that determined the power of the stone thrown by a son just now.

Qin Ye smiled faintly, “Just right!”

“Chen Dong, this is a family matter for our Qin family!”

Qin Zheng finally came back to his senses, gritting his teeth and growling sternly.

The commotion soon startled several Qin family members who were digging a pit not far away over.

“Qin Ye is no longer a member of the Qin family, he is my brother, so it is my business.”

Chen Dong shook his head indifferently, his body exuding a bitter killing intent.

Looking at the Qin family members who came running.

Chen Dong smiled and looked at Elder Long, “There are five in total, you help me share one?”

“Old slave, I only know radio gymnastics.” Elder Long laughed awkwardly.

“I’m still injured, four is the limit, you can do it!”

The words had not yet fallen.

Chen Dong was already rushing towards Qin Ye and Qin Zheng like an arrow off the string.

“Kill me!”

Qin Zheng looked fierce, his anger rising to the surface.

Just one slash away, he was done.

Chen Dong’s appearance had made everything fall through.

Even if he was the heir to the Chen family, he could hardly calm his killing intent.

In the middle of nowhere, what was there that he didn’t dare to kill as long as the head and tail were done cleanly?


Chen Dong rushed in front of Qin Zheng and kicked him directly in the air.

“Take it easy.”

Behind him, Qin Ye’s teasing laughter rang out.

“Shut up!”

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern, his killing intent steaming.

In an instant, he pounced straight at Qin Zheng’s five men.

“Young master, the old slave is here!”

Long Lao, dressed in a Tang suit, paced tremblingly as he rushed towards Qin Ye.

“Here you go!”


With an explosive shout from Chen Dong, a member of the Qin family was kicked directly in front of Elder Long.

Elder Long’s footsteps gave an abrupt lurch and his expression froze.

He was face to face with the hideous looking Qin family member.

“Old thing!”

Suddenly, the Qin family members raised their fists.

“Kid, don’t you know how to respect the old and love the young?”

Elder Long’s expression was solemn and overbearing.

The Qin family members’ fists gave a lurch, as if they didn’t expect the old man in front of them to emerge with such otherworldly words in a life and death struggle.

It was this beat.

Hostility exploded in Elder Long’s eyes as he fiercely leaned his body back and kicked out with his right foot.

“Dragon Subduing Eighteen Stances, Poison Dragon Drill!”


The right foot kicked the crotch, and the Qin family member instantly had his features twisted and bowed in pain.

This scene made Qin Ye look dumbfounded.

It even caused Chen Dong, who was keeping an eye on Elder Long, to give his body a lurch.

What the hell …… can this do?

It was with this lurch that Qin Zheng swung his fist and blasted Chen Dong directly in the chest.

Chen Dong staggered backwards as his eyebrows knitted in pain.

A punch involved the wound on his back, and the wound directly split open, leaving his back wet with blood.

Chen Dong instantly looked ruthless.

His injuries prevented him from fighting for long, and he had to fight quickly.

In an instant, Chen Dong lunged at a member of the Qin family, his hands like snakes, climbing up the Qin family member’s arm and twisting it violently.


The arm broke and screamed miserably.

On the other side, Long Lao trembled and looked in horror at the Qin family member who had already stood up.

With a naive smile on his face, he said, “Young man, you must respect the old and love the young, you must respect the old and love the young, I didn’t mean to do that just now, why don’t I play a set of radio gymnastics for you?”

After saying that, under the dumbfounded gazes of Qin Ye and the Qin family.

Elder Long steepled his body and actually did gymnastics for real!

“Elder Long …… is disgraced.”

Qin Ye could not bear to look at it.

But just then, Elder Long’s body bowed with a fierce expression.

“Dragon Subduing Eighteen Stances, Dragon Raising Head!”


A fist followed the momentum and blasted the Qin family member’s jaw.

The Qin family member let out a miserable cry and staggered back.

This punch also caused this Qin family member’s eyes to turn red.

It was as if a fierce beast.

“Old thing, give me death!”

The two teases caused the Qin family member to feel a strong sense of humiliation.

A soldier could be killed, not humiliated!

He did not want to give this awful old man in front of him the slightest chance again, and his fist blade whistled, aiming at Elder Long’s chest and pounding straight into the yellow dragon.

Fist fears the young and the strong.

Without the slightest fancy punch, he was able to forcefully crush with the strength of a lesser man.

“Hoo ……”

Elder Long exhaled a heavy breath with a cold expression.

He saw the Qin family swinging their fists straight into each other.

“Little, Xin!”

Qin Ye’s reminder sounded behind him.

But Elder Long was murmuring softly, “The Eighteen Forms of Dragon Subduing doesn’t seem to work, thank goodness for Taiji.”

In an instant, the fist blade swept closer.

The Qin family looked fierce, killing intent rising in his eyes.

He had no doubt that one punch would cripple the old man in front of him.

“How is that possible?”

Suddenly, the Qin family member let out a shocked cry.

Under his shocked gaze, Elder Long’s figure swayed violently from side to side.

By the time he came back to his senses, Long Lao’s hands were already on top of his fist blades.

“Four two to a thousand jin!”

Elder Long rubbed his hands together and his body spun with it.

The old and decrepit body, however, seemed to have the strength of a thousand pounds at this moment, surprisingly carrying the Qin family members to stagger on their feet and spin uncontrollably in the same direction.


In the next second, the Qin family member directly hit his head on a side tree trunk.

With his head broken and bleeding, he directly fainted to death.

It wasn’t just Qin Ye who was stunned.

Even Chen Dong, who was having a one-on-three in the distance, was also shocked in his heart.

This bad old man …… was bad as hell!

Long Lao stood calmly with his hands in the air and disdainfully swept a glance at the fainted Qin family member, “I told you to respect the old and love the young, but you just didn’t listen, you finished child.”

The tearing of the wound made Chen Dong certain of a quick battle.

The strokes were ruthless.

Also just as Elder Long finished, he punched and kicked in the same breath, putting over two members of the Qin family.

“You F**king die!”

Chen Dong did not wait for him to stabilise himself.

Diagonally, a cold light suddenly flashed.

The threat of death came out of nowhere.

Chen Dong’s body crossed, his pupils shrinking as he saw Qin Zheng’s hand holding the long knife that he had just knocked away, slashing down on his head.

It was a close call.

Chen Dong leapt up and flipped his body across the air, narrowly avoiding the long knife.

After landing on the ground, he got up swiftly.

With his hands like dragons, he brazenly grabbed the long knife in Qin Zheng’s hand and flipped it violently with an explosive cry.


With a crack of bone, the long knife violently pierced into Qin Zheng’s abdomen.


Qin Zheng let out a miserable cry and covered the long knife and the wound, falling limp to the ground as blood flowed.

Chen Dong staggered backwards, his face sunken with a painful look.

The high intensity of the struggle had caused his wounds immense pain, and his back had long since been wet with blood.

He didn’t wait for a moment to rest yet.

Instead, Qin Ye’s weak voice rang out.

“Help me, bury ……”


Chapter 218


Chen Dong’s voice was cold.

He glanced back at Qin Ye.

At this moment, Qin Ye’s body was bathed in blood, and all over his body, a slash deep to the bone was visible to the naked eye.

This was clearly an attempt to lynch Qin Ye to death!

A blood for a blood, a life for a life!

“Qin Ye, spare me, please spare me, I am your third uncle.”

Qin Zheng cried out and begged for mercy.

Third uncle?!

Chen Dong was startled, and then the killing intent in his eyes intensified.

“Third uncle?”

Qin Ye sneered weakly, “I, said that I would destroy, the Qin family!”

Qin Zheng’s face was ashen, and at this moment, facing Qin Ye’s eyes, he didn’t even have the guts to beg for mercy.

His body was limp and his despair was at its peak.

“You guys, do you still want me to do it?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and looked at the remaining four Qin family members, “Or rather, want to join in?”

The four Qin family members were all wounded.

At this moment, when they were reprimanded by Chen Dong, they instantly got chills all over their bodies and even forgot about the pain.

The four of them looked at each other, hesitating.

Killing Qin Zheng was a capital crime!

“Kill him and you will live! If you don’t kill, you die together!”

Elder Long’s voice was soft, but it was like a big thunderclap.

The four Qin family members suddenly had ruthless faces as they rose up at the same time and pounced on Qin Zheng.

This scene made Chen Dong laugh coldly in his heart.

Killing each other, how on earth did this Qin family manage to become the richest man in Western Shu?

It was no wonder that Qin Ye had done the deed of killing his father.

The hidden circumstances must have completely torn Qin Ye’s scales of rebellion.

Chen Dong slowly turned his head and looked towards the lighted, long-digged pit not far away.

Next to the pit, a camera was also erected.

He said coldly, “Record it and bring it back to the Qin family!”

The four men did not respond, but were as hideous as wild beasts, carrying Qin Zheng towards the pit.

At this moment, Qin Zheng’s face was pale and he had long since lost the strength to struggle, his face was ashen and he looked desperately at the pit that was getting closer and closer.

He did not expect that everything he had calculated would now be his burial place.

An extremely unpleasant smell of urine appeared.

Qin Zheng’s trousers were wet, and tears of fear were streaming from his eyes.

Ten minutes later.

The Rolls Royce sped off towards the Lijin Hospital.

In the car.

Qin Ye, who had already pa*sed out, had his head resting on Chen Dong’s thigh.

Even though he was fainting, his eyebrows were still knitted together in sulking anger.

“Just how big of a grudge does this have to be?”

Chen Dong was lost in thought and murmured, “Elder Long, do you know about the incident back then?”

Elder Long smiled meaningfully, “Young master, this is Qin Ye’s privacy, and also the privacy of the Qin family in Xishu, old slaves have no right to talk too much, perhaps in the future Qin Ye will be willing to tell young master.”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, “You have checked out people’s privacy, and now you are talking to me about privacy? If you don’t want to talk about it, then don’t, what’s the point of pretending?”

Long Lao: “……”

Chen Dong changed his position, involving his back wound, and could not help but frown.

Inside the car, the smell of blood was thick.

Qin Ye was covered in wounds and bathed in blood.

Yet he still held on strongly.

The pain of the nineteen lingering stabs was something that even Chen Dong did not dare to imagine.

He was truly amazed by Qin Ye’s resilience.

However ……

“Elder Long, this time, do you know about it?” Chen Dong asked.

It was obviously asking about tonight’s incident.

Elder Long shook his head, puzzled, “It happened suddenly, there was no time to investigate in detail, but it shouldn’t be something like Qin Ye requesting to have himself expelled from the clan tree, no clan would do something so careful, unless it was some black-handed clan, but it’s also very unlikely.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, “Then we can only wait until Qin Ye wakes up to find out, but ……”

He clenched his fist and gently beat Qin Ye’s chest.

“Be sure to hang in there, brother!”


Three days later.

Qin Ye was finally pushed out of the icu and transferred to the general VIP ward.

This caused Chen Dong’s hanging heart to finally let go.

Ruthlessly, he tore the dozen of critical care notices issued by the hospital over the past three days to pieces.

Turning around and walking into the ward, Qin Ye had already woken up.

He was still weak, and his face was still devoid of any blood.

At this moment, Qin Ye’s body was wrapped in gauze, just like a mummy.

“Finally, you’ve pulled through.”

Chen Dong and Qin Ye’s eyes locked as they smiled like they were relieved.

“Thanks, thanks ……”

Qin Ye’s voice was extremely weak, so much so that it was hard to hear through the respirator.

Chen Dong shook his head and dropped down to the bedside.

Glancing at Elder Long, he asked, “Did you find out?”

“No, the Qin family hides it very well.”

Elder Long shook his head, “Moreover, the matter of Qin Zheng, for three days, the Qin family has been calm.”

After sending Qin Ye to the resuscitation room that night, Chen Dong had asked Elder Long to call upon the Chen family’s forces to investigate the reason for killing Qin Ye.

In three days, nothing had been found after all.

However, the fact that the Qin family had been calm about Qin Zheng was something he had not expected.

Shaking his head, Chen Dong looked down at Qin Ye: “Still, I can only ask you, ah, why exactly did they kill you?”

Qin Ye’s gaze froze.

After a few seconds of pause.

He suddenly smiled.

Even though he was terribly weak, his expression was still cynical, with an indifferent look.

“It’s nothing.”

He shrugged, but it involved a wound that made his features twist in pain, and paused again before saying, “Just, too, plowed my dad’s grave and raised, my dad’s, ashes.”


The indifferent tone of voice was a bolt from the blue.

It left Chen Dong and Long Lao dumbstruck.

It was not enough to kill your father?

He also wanted to dig his grave and raise the ashes?

What a ruthless man!

“Don’t be surprised …… cough cough …….”

Qin Ye laughed indifferently and coughed violently a few more times due to his injuries before saying, “I am, already, not, a member of the Qin family, so why …… can’t I do it?”

With one sentence, it left Chen Dong and Long Lao speechless.

But Chen Dong, still clearly caught the complicated look in Qin Ye’s eyes.

It was a look that he could not describe at all, yet he could use “hate” to describe it.

Perhaps, only hate to the extreme could be found?

“Get some rest.”

With a sigh, Chen Dong got up and left.

Elder Long also followed him out of the ward.

Chen Dong leaned against the corridor, the look in Qin Ye’s eyes just now constantly floating in his mind, feeling his chest oppressed and blocked to the point where it was about to explode.

He thought that his past was dark enough.

Without thinking that perhaps compared to Qin Ye’s past, he was already in the light.

“This child, carries too much on his back.” Elder Long sighed, “The Qin family, too, is indeed clothed with a beast.”

Chen Dong glanced at Elder Long in surprise.

But he smiled faintly, “Take good care of him, I will leave first.”

“Don’t worry young master.” Long Lao said respectfully.

Without looking back, Chen Dong gave a thumbs up, “Elder Long, I forgot to compliment you before, your old man is really hiding deep yo, that Taiji hand of yours, I’m afraid it’s not even fearful against Kunlun, right?”

Long Lao was stunned and smiled, “No, no, no, it’s all just something I figured out during the technical exchange with Qin Ye, it’s not up to par.”

“Che ……”

Chen Dong laughed disdainfully.


The Qin family in Xishu, however, had welcomed the arrival of a big shot ……