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Super School Student Chapter 419-420

Chapter 419

It was true that Ren Yi and Ren Yao were not taken seriously by the family, but the two of them were not the kind of people who liked to talk nonsense or clam up, so of course, they couldn’t listen to them at all.

Ren Yao, in particular, was of a temper that caught fire when you lit it, so he shouted out to the crowd.

“What are you Teemo’s talking about, we brothers are also people with backbone, we do know a powerful pill refiner called Ye Lu, what? Do you guys have any suspicions?”

“We didn’t say that the Ye Luo we know is the Ye Luo you guys are talking about, what’s wrong with us knowing a Ye Luo too? What’s wrong with that? I’ll let Ye Luo prove the matter here.”

As he said that, Ren Yao began to call Ye Luo on the phone.

Ye Luo had never changed his number, so immediately, he dialed Ye Luo’s number.

“Ren Yao, how did you remember me, I looked for you before and you even stopped calling.”

Seeing that it was Ren Yao calling, Ye Luo felt a little strange too, after he arrived in the capital, he did look for Ren Yi and Ren Yao, however, it was as if the two of them had evaporated and could not be contacted, so then, Ye Luo gave up on his plan to look for the two brothers again.

I didn’t expect that after such a long time Ren Yao would call again.

Ren Yao, on the other hand, said in a somewhat uninteresting manner.

“Sorry, Ye Lu, because the twelve surnames of our ‘Yellow Emperor Clan’ are going to hold a clan meeting to select people to compete with the ‘Chi You Clan’, so, the two of us brothers have been in seclusion to make preparations, and we didn’t talk to you in advance I’m sorry! By the way, are you still refining pills now?”

Hearing Ren Yao’s words, Ye Luo then said with a smile.

“Refining, do you have any pills to refine?”

As soon as she heard that Ye Lu was still refining pills, Ren Yao said with a smile.

“Then Ye Lu, can you come to my house, I haven’t seen you for a long time, let’s also catch up, my treat, how about it?”

When he heard Ren Yao talk about the “Yellow Emperor Clan” and the “Chi You Clan”, Ye Lu’s heart was moved, because Gu Shiqi had been taken away by the special envoy of the “Chi You Clan”, and there was no news of her yet.

Ye Lu also posted a reward on the “Underworld App”, but no one provided any clues. For these reclusive clans, if they don’t come forward, it’s really hard to find any traces of them.

What’s more, the Chi You Clan is different from the Shennong Clan and the Yellow Emperor Clan, they are truly secluded and apart from a few necessary contacts with the outside world, they almost never communicate with the outside world, relying on self-sufficiency for their economy and livelihood.

It was for this reason that Ye Lu felt that he must not miss this opportunity.

So, he agreed to Ren Yao’s request without much hesitation, but he asked Ren Yao to wait for him for a few more days, as he had some business to attend to.

Ren Yao was not in a hurry, anyway, he was not really competing for a name at the a*sembly or anything, he was just doing it for the sake of fighting for breath, so that these grandsons would understand that they also knew a Ye Lu, and that this one had just as proficient in alchemy.

So, Ye Luo next began to acquire Hetian jade in large quantities at a rapid pace.

At the same time, Ye Luo did not stay idle and began to make various “spatial magic tools”. Fortunately, with Ye Luo’s idle cultivation, cutting these Hetian jades was just like cutting a radish.

In order to take into account both the size of the material and the difficulty of drawing, Ye Lu chose to make larger pendants and other accessories, because the rings and earrings were too small, and to achieve the corresponding effect would require many pairs of patterns to be drawn.

So, what Ye Lu made were basically pendants in the shape of various flowers. Ye Lu did not know what flowers were in the “Hundred Flowers Clan”, so he made all the flowers he knew, including jasmine, peony, lotus, seven-coloured pansies and so on.

Of course, he also made one for Liu Mei, as she had no restrictions on flowers, so Ye Lu made a small elephant of Nuwa, which should be just the right match for Liu Mei.

However, through the use of Hetian jade, he also discovered that the limitations of this material made it difficult to make spatial magic weapons with a space of more than three metres, so he guessed that he would have to find another material to make a larger spatial magic weapon.

After a few days of shopping, Ye Lu left Hotan and returned to the capital.

As for the “Wine Swallow Boy” and the “Ghost Bat”, Ye Lu didn’t bring them with him, so he could let them grow up quickly, otherwise they would not be able to keep up with his level of improvement soon.

In fact, as his summoning level became stronger, Ye Lu was already thinking about rebuilding his base card.

After arriving in the capital, since Long Fei Xue, Ye Yan and Liu Mei were all in seclusion, Ye Lu went to see Qin Shiyu who was busy filming a movie.

However, she said that they still had to shoot the film for some time, and she said that she hadn’t lost any time in her training.

In fact, Ye Lu had already quietly looked at her cultivation level, and to Ye Lu’s surprise, Qin Siyu’s cultivation level could be described as a thousand leaps and bounds, and her cultivation level had already reached the level of “Level 9 Master”.

“I don’t know where Granny Yun has gone, otherwise I could ask her, she must have known something back then after risking so much to take Qin Siyu away.”

Ye Lu muttered darkly before taking out a dragon shaped ring and handing it to Qin Siyu.

“Siyu, this is a magic weapon for storing things, I purposely added part of the artifact pattern, so you need to acknowledge it to use it, you acknowledge it and then use it, there is a space of more than three meters square inside, it is convenient to carry whatever you want to put in it whenever you want.”

When she saw this exquisite jade ring, Qin Siyu’s eyes immediately glowed, she looked at it carefully and found that the dragon shape of the ring was the same as the “candle dragon” she had transformed into before.

“It’s so beautiful, Ye Lu, you can still carve!”

Qin Shiyu said with love.

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I learned it now, just as long as you like it… By the way, the ‘Candle Dragon’ has a ‘bloodline divine ability’ called ‘Candle of Life’, will you know this divine ability Will you do it?”

When she heard Ye Lu say “Candle of Life”, Qin Siyu was a bit surprised, she stared at Ye Lu with wide eyes and said.

“Ye Lu, how do you know about the ‘Candle of Life’, it’s something from my ‘inherited memories’.”

When Qin Siyu said that, Ye Lu nodded secretly, indeed, Qin Siyu was different, she did not simply possess the bloodline, this also confirmed Ye Lu’s previous guess, Qin Siyu should be a “Candle Dragon” itself, her situation made Ye Lu feel more like a reincarnation.

If Qin Siyu was really a divine beast, I’m afraid she would be able to walk around in this world.

Of course, although the current Qin Siyu has a human form, she does not have the cultivation level of a transformed divine beast.

To, Qin Siyu’s question, Ye Lu had to answer truthfully.

“Because I saw someone with the ‘Candle Dragon Bloodline’ and she used this ability, it’s really strong!”

Qin Siyu nodded and said.

“Yeah, when I go one step further and cross into the ‘Ninth Turn of Golden Dan’, I will be able to awaken this divine ability, then I will light a candle for you and beat you up.”

As he said that, Qin Siyu smiled to herself first, and Ye Lu looked forward to her growth more and more, he reckoned that it wouldn’t be long before Qin Siyu should be able to grow into a powerful helper for himself.

After that, Ye Lu gave a “Xuan Wu” pendant to Qin Shiyu’s partner Lin Danni, and he also gave them some defensive “magic weapons”, originally he wanted to give them some “magic treasures”, but unfortunately he didn’t have time to study how to make “magic treasures”.

After that, Ye Luo contacted Ren Yao without stopping.


Chapter 420

Ren Yao also did not expect Ye Lu to come so quickly, so he and Ren Yi immediately took Ye Lu to one of the top hotels in the capital and invited Ye Lu to have a big meal.

To be honest, Ye Lu hadn’t had a big meal for a long time, so he also ordered a big table of delicious food and started to eat it up.

“What’s up, say!”

Ye Luo said with a bold face.

When he finally got the news of the “Chi You Clan”, Ye Lu was so happy that his appetite increased.

Seeing that Ye Lu was in a good mood, Ren Yao looked at him and asked.

“Ye Lu, what is your cultivation level now?”

Ye Luo, on the other hand, did not raise his head as he ate.

“That depends on what cultivation level you need.”

This answer made Ren Yao not know what to say, he stared at Ye Luo for half a day, then scratched his head and said.

“When you say that, I don’t know what I should say, anyway, the purpose is to go and pretend to be a p*ssy, so just pretend how you can, and don’t show your face.”

Ren Yao said very straightforward, which made Ye Lu smile, he thought about it and said.

“Just now you guys said I also basically understand the hunger, I will go and help you guys play a p*ssy later, at least so you can get your face back, don’t worry.”

“Also, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you guys, and I don’t have any other gifts, let’s give each of you an elixir and then a storage gadget.”

After saying that, Ye Lu gave each of them a “Foundation Establishment Pill”, and then each of them gave a Hetian jade pendant, of course, the pendants given to them were not in the shape of any flowers or plants, after knowing that they were coming here, Ye Lu specially made two pendants for them, one for a dragon and one for a tiger.

After listening to Ye Lu’s introduction, both of them were surprised.

Ye Lu’s offer was too generous, as it could create a “master” pill and a spatial artifact with a two-metre side, especially a spatial artifact of this size, which was simply too rare.

The spatial magic weapon is a rare thing, and many great powers may not have a spatial magic weapon of this size, and this kind of thing is really hard currency, no matter what kind of cultivator, unless they already have a spatial magic weapon, what kind of person doesn’t covet it!

“This …… is a bit too expensive a gift!”

The first thing you need to do is to take it.

“No need to care, it’s all a small matter, take it all, just try to cooperate with me in pretending later.”

After saying that, Ye Luo then ate furiously again.

As a result, Ren Yao still felt unsure in his heart, he looked at Ye Luo and said once again.

“That, Ye Lu, I have to tell you in advance, these people from our family, right, might be a bit snobbish, so if they say something excessive in a while, you must not mind.”

For his part, Ye Lu shook his head indifferently and said.

“Don’t worry, I’m not that small, it’s just pretending, if I can’t pretend I can just run away, it’s not a big deal, they can still bite me!”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Ren Yao smiled and said.

“That’s not true.”

So, after everyone ate a sumptuous meal, Ye Luo followed the two brothers to the Ren family.

To be honest, those people in the Ren family who had sarcastically criticised Ren Yao and Ren Yi before hadn’t expected the two brothers to really bring that person also called Ye Lu over.

“You two brothers really won’t die until you reach the Yellow River! You’ve found such a brat and you want to muddle through? This is the alchemy expert you said, how come I didn’t see it.”

The guy named Ren Chong did not see Ye Lu at all, and he could be sure that this “Ye Lu” was definitely not the Ye Lu he had seen in Kunlun’s “Shushi Mountain” before, which meant that this Ye Lu was mostly a vain person who fished for fame.

However, Ye Lu looked at him and said.

“Who are you in the Ren family? If you are not the one who can say what you want, you’d better find someone who can speak with weight to meet me, because I want to become your family’s offering.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, not to mention Ren Chong, even Ren Yi and Ren Yao’s mouths opened wide in surprise.

“This …… p*ssy is a bit too big!”

Both of them felt that Ye Lu’s words were a bit too exaggerated. Who was the last donor? That was the super expert alchemist “Dan Yunzi”, which was a big name, even in many sects, he would be worshipped.

Even if the Ren family couldn’t find such a strong new worshipper, they would still find someone of similar calibre, and in their opinion, how strong could Ye Lu be?

Both of them felt that Ye Lu was overplaying his hand.

So, Ren Yao poked Ye Lu and said in a very small voice.

“Ye Lu, this doesn’t seem to be the same as our initial plan, don’t we pretend to be a p*ssy and then withdraw?

Ye Luo then laughed and also said in a very small voice.

“It’s no big deal, this is just a little pretend, bluff them first, after that you just wait for me to handle it, I’m very good at bluffing, don’t worry.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Ren Yao could only smile bitterly, to be honest, he felt that Ye Luo seemed to have completely lost control, at least things were not something he could see clearly anymore.

Seeing Ye Lu and the two of them muttering, and then looking at Ren Yao’s expression, Ren Chong then had a clear picture in his mind.

He looked at Ye Luo and said with a cold smile.

“Well, our Ren family is a very cultivated family, so we won’t pursue your sin of fooling around, so hurry up and get out before I’m in a good mood and don’t get mad and clean you up, otherwise you’ll inevitably suffer from your skin.”

Seeing that this guy seemed to want to make a move, Ren Yao was really a bit unnerved, because they had asked Ye Lu to help, if Ye Lu was beaten, they felt very sorry for Ye Lu, pretending or not is a small matter, the most important thing is not to let Ye Lu suffer ah!

So, Ren Yao hurriedly said.

“Uncle Chong, there is no need for you to be so excited, let’s just go.”

With those words, Ren Yao wanted to lead Ye Luo away, but then, Ye Luo shook his head and smiled and said.

“I am a person who dislikes people flaunting and pretending in front of me, there is no need to go, I would like to see exactly how he will make my skin suffer.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Ren Yao’s face changed, he knew very well that this uncle called Ren Chong had a very bad temper, and he would strike when he said he would.

So, since he had said that he would hit Ye Luo, he would definitely do so.

So, he whispered anxiously towards Ye Luo and said.

“Ye Luo, don’t make a scene, Uncle Chong will really hit someone.”

Ye Luo then laughed and said.

“It’s alright, bluff a bit, it’s not possible to bluff.”

Seeing that Ren Chong had already walked over, Ren Yao sighed helplessly and said to himself.

“It’s already this year, what’s the point of bluffing, this time I’m really going to get beaten up.”

As expected, Ren Chong came over and struck at Ye Luo.

Ren Chong was a “Level 8 Grandmaster”, which was already quite powerful in the world, so he didn’t take Ye Lu, a little guy, into his eyes at all.

However, after he had struck, he realised that it was actually himself who was unbeatable, as Ye Lu did not use any “spells” or “martial arts”, but directly sent him flying with one punch.

After a few days of consolidation, Ye Lu’s sixth spirit liquid in his body had already been perfected, so it was easy to dislike someone who was also at the “Zong Shi” level.

Seeing that Ren Chong had been sent flying out like a kite by Ye Lu’s light blow, Ren Zun and Ren Yao’s mouths were wide open, this was completely beyond the imagination of the two brothers.

“Wow …… wow …… wow sh*t! How did you do that?”

“Yeah, this dude is too awesome.”

Hearing the words of the two brothers, Ye Lu laughed and said.

“Didn’t you guys ask me to come and pretend, I want to pretend we’ll pretend a big one, a full set, bluff them only, so go and find someone who is good at what you say.”

Ye Luo’s latter sentence was addressed to Ren Chong who was hanging in the distance.

“How nefarious!”

Ren Chong looked at Ye Lu in the distance with some disbelief, at this time, another man came over, he looked at Ren Chong who was hanging on the wall and asked with a frown.

“Ren Chong, what’s wrong with you? Did you change the year’s painting?”

Following that, he saw Ye Luo and the two brothers Ren Yi and Ren Yao.