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Winner Takes All Chapter 207-208

Chapter 207

Inside the private jet, there was dead silence.

The roar of the warplanes was as deafening as the sound of a hypnotic Sanskrit.

“Grandpa ……”

Zhang Yulan’s pretty face was devoid of a trace of blood as she clutched onto Elder Zhang’s arm.

Elder Zhang’s expression was torn, his gaze flickering.

As the head of the Zhang family, even though the Zhang family’s status in Kyoto was not considered prominent and top, he had never experienced such treatment.

Looking out of the window at the ammunition landing gear of the warplane.

It was as if it was the maw of an abyssal beast, leaving no doubt that it was large enough to swallow the aircraft.

After taking a deep breath, Elder Zhang clenched his fists tightly and lowered his head and said in a deep voice: “Return to flight and land!”

The two warplanes “escorted” the private jet to land before it roared into the sky and disappeared into the sea of clouds.

It was only a few minutes before and after.

But Master Zhang’s back was completely drenched with sweat.

He smiled to himself, “I never thought that in my lifetime, I would still be able to enjoy the treatment of a warplane escort.”

Zhang Yulan said in panic, “Grandpa, we, what will happen to us?”

“We didn’t do the deed, find out what happened, and we can naturally pull out.”

Elder Zhang looked pensive, “Yu Lan don’t need to worry, you pushed that hand, at most, it will just make our Zhang family and Chen Dong have no chance and pay some price, what really kills us this time is the a*sa*sination!”

At those words.

Zhang Yulan’s heart was greatly relieved.

But when she thought of her performance last night, she felt a pang of guilt: “I’m sorry grandpa, it’s my fault.”

After the incident with the Li family in Kyoto.

The Zhang family was the first of all the Kyoto gentry to make the decision to come to Chen Dong.

On the contrary, a good hand of cards had been played to the ground.

And this, Zhang Yulan took the greatest credit.

Master Zhang’s heart was bitter, but he still shook his head to indicate that it was alright.

The aircraft hatch opened.

“Let’s go.”

Elder Zhang got up.

When the two grandchildren walked off the plane.

Elder Long had already been alone, standing in the clearing and waiting.

“Welcome, welcome the two of you back to the city.”

Elder Long stepped forward, arching his hand and smiling, full of banter.

Elder Zhang laughed bitterly, “Elder Long, if you want to keep us, a greeting will suffice, why do you need to send out a war machine?”

The smile on Elder Long’s face disappeared, “If it wasn’t for the warplane treatment, I’m afraid the plane would have already gone straight to Kyoto, right?”

Elder Zhang’s expression choked.

“Before things come to light, I hope that Elder Zhang can take your good granddaughter and stay at the Jade Spring Villa in good order.”

Elder Long’s voice lowered, “Otherwise, the war machine escorting the line just now is a rite of pa*sage, and the soldiers in the back, old man will not dare to guarantee it.”

The tone of his voice was so cold that it sent chills down people’s backs.

“No matter what, I am also the head of the Zhang family, why is this so?” Elder Zhang’s face was gloomy.

However, Elder Long laughed disdainfully, “The Zhang family of Kyoto, a family that thrives on theatrical children, has a lot of face?”

“You ……” Elder Zhang’s face turned red.

In ancient times, opera singers were the lower ninth grade.

Elder Long’s words were just like despising the titled Zhang family to the lower ninth grade.

“Go back to the mountain villa!”

Elder Long shouted in a deep voice.

Elder Zhang’s face turned deathly pale before he finally bowed his head helplessly, “Thank you, Elder Long, for taking the trouble.”

He watched the Zhang family’s grandchildren leave the airport.

Elder Long’s expression gradually sank, “Do you all think that because the young master is a stray heir, he is inferior to the heirs in the family? If there is no one to repay the young master for this slash, then we will cleanse it with blood!”

Killing intent surged.

From Elder Long’s point of view, Chen Dong’s a*sa*sination this time around was a close call, but it was also a rare opportunity to make his name right!

It was the right time to use this time to show the world that Chen Dong was the heir to the Chen Family, and that his position was not inferior to anyone else’s.

The Li family’s fiasco made Chen Dong appear in the sight of the giants of the major giants in Kyoto.

There are those who are scornful and those who want to pull in …… In short, the giants are each harbouring their own suspicions among themselves.

The reason is that the giants know that the real heir to the Chen family has always been high up in the world and it is difficult to get close to him.

A “wild” Chen family heir is obviously easier to “get” than the real Chen family heir in the eyes of those giants with ulterior motives.

This is why the two Zhang and Chu families arrived one after another, and this is why this a*sa*sination took place.

Not only did Elder Long think that this was the case, but even Chen Daolin had ordered it himself last night.

It was a good opportunity to tell those giants that even the “wild” Chen family heir was not something they could just approach and desecrate!

The a*sa*sination could not be investigated clearly.

Then let’s use blood to wash it away!

Let those people know that Chen Dong, as the heir apparent, had to pay for countless lives with just one slash!

Let those people be emboldened and fearful, not daring to act recklessly against Chen Dong again!

Jade Spring Villa.

Zhou Yanqiu was so anxious that he was sweating profusely and breathing heavily.

Looking at a report that was presented to him, he gritted his teeth in anger.

“Rubbish, a bunch of rubbish!”


Zhou Yanqiu cursed and threw the information straight out.

“One night, one whole night and still can’t find out anything, how did I raise this bunch of trash like you guys in my day-to-day life?”

Cursing, with Zhou Yanqiu’s literacy and character, rarely appeared on a normal day.

Obviously, he was really anxious and on fire.

Because Zhou Yanqiu knew very well that Long Lao’s phrase “I’d rather kill a mistake than let it go” also included him!

The a*sa*sination mastermind had obviously planned well, and the dozen or so a*sa*sins were all dead soldiers, and once the dozen or so a*sa*sins died, all clues were cut off.

Knock, knock!

There was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?”

Zhou Yanqiu growled impatiently.

“Mr. Zhou, it’s Chu Reed.”

Zhou Yanqiu’s expression eased a little and said, “Miss Chu, come in.”

Chu Reed pushed the door in.

“Any eyebrows?”

Zhou Yanqiu pointed to the information report on the floor, “Once the dozen dead soldiers died, the clues were cut off, and what my intelligence network has investigated are only insignificant skins, so there is no way to find out the mastermind.”

Chu Reed frowned and sighed, “Don’t worry, I have already informed my family and activated the Chu family intelligence network to investigate together.”

“I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult.”

Zhou Yanqiu sighed helplessly, “The other side didn’t give us the chance to investigate clearly at all, do you believe it or not, those dozen dead soldiers, regardless of the success or failure of the final a*sa*sination, will swallow the poison hidden in their teeth and commit suicide?”

Chu reed nodded in silence and suddenly smiled: “Mr. Zhou is right, but what about the forces that can gather a dozen deadly soldiers, that can pay for a dozen lives and still dare to bear the price they might pay for provoking the Chen family? At least our Chu family would not dare.”

Zhou Yanqiu froze for a moment, and then woke up as if from a dream.

“Thanks to Miss Chu’s reminder, now that we have the direction, it will be much easier to investigate.”

Chu Reed nodded, “Now that we are all in the same boat, the Zhang family should have activated their intelligence network as well.”

Zhou Yanqiu looked uplifted.


In the afternoon.

Chen Dong finally woke up.

Looking at Gu Qingying beside him, Chen Dong was in a bit of a trance: “You know about it?”

“How could I not know about such a big matter?”

Gu Qingying was full of worry and angrily pinched Chen Dong’s arm, “You big fool, why did you get yourself into such a mess? Don’t you know that your mother isn’t the only one worried about you now?”

I’m F**king confused too!

Chen Dong was helpless for a while, who knew that he would encounter an a*sa*sination when he went to a banquet?

Only, looking at the worried Gu Qingying, Chen Dong suddenly recalled a scene from last night before he fell into a coma.

In a flash, he was in a trance.

Last night and Chu Reed …… could ……

Chen Dong suddenly had the trepidation of being a thief.


Chapter 208

It was a good thing that Gu Qingying did not notice his strange look.

Chen Dong felt a pang of guilt and self-condemnation.

But the memory of last night in his head was also a bit fuzzy.

It was not certain whether something had happened with Chu Reed or not.

It seemed that he would have to ask Chu Reed sometime, but how …… should he ask about such things?

Take a deep breath and press down the messy thoughts.

Chen Dong eyes gradually cold down.

The Zhang family!

Last night, his strange appearance was clearly drugged.

If it was the killers who had drugged him, would they have given him that kind of drug that made his body so hot?

Obviously, only the Zhang family had done it.

“The Zhang Family’s tactics are too despicable, if it wasn’t for a fluke last night, I was afraid that I would have died on the spot at that time, right?”

This was what was going through Chen Dong’s mind.

At that time, his medicine had kicked in and his limbs were weak, if it wasn’t for the Lone Wolf of Kunlun desperately guarding him and Chu Reed stepping forward at a crucial moment, he would have definitely died.

If the Zhang family had not administered the medicine, with his battle prowess, would he have been hit by this slash?

“What are you thinking about?”

Gu Qingying sensed the coldness emanating from Chen Dong’s body and was a little scared.

Chen Dong shook his head and asked, “Where is Elder Long?”

“He’s gone to investigate what happened last night.”

Gu Qingying paused and added, “You recuperate at ease, we didn’t tell Auntie, Kunlun and Lone Wolf are also fine, they are in the next ward, they will investigate the matter of the a*sa*sination, Elder Long.”

Knowing that Kunlun and Lone Wolf were fine, Chen Dong secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

At this moment, the door of the ward opened.

Elder Long walked in and was visibly relieved to see the awakened Chen Dong.

“Elder Long, how is the investigation going?” Chen Dong asked.

Elder Long shook his head helplessly, “It is very difficult to investigate, not only is it Zhou Yanqiu and the others who have a big head, even the family head has enabled the Chen family’s intelligence network, but he is also in two minds.”

With such a big incident happening, he certainly could not just force Zhou Yanqiu and the others to give an account.

In fact, when something happened to Chen Dong, as soon as he received the news, Elder Long reported back to Chen Daolin.

The Chen family’s intelligence network had blasted into action last night.

“Even the Chen Family couldn’t find out?”

Chen Dong smacked his lips in shock.

The Chen family held all the world’s wealth and had a supreme position, and the power of the intelligence network was even more unimaginable to ordinary people.

“The dozen or so a*sa*sins were all dead soldiers, when Kunlun and Lone Wolf killed a large portion of them, the remaining captured ones also swallowed the poison hidden in their teeth and committed suicide, the trail was cut cleanly.”

Elder Long frowned and said in a deep voice, “Not only that, no one knows the origin of those dozen killers, as if they were a dozen people who didn’t exist at all and suddenly appeared out of nowhere.”

“There’s no news from the underground world?” Chen Dong’s eyebrows furrowed into a Sichuan frown.

Elder Long nodded, “Nothing.”

In the ward, there was silence.

A few seconds later.

Chen Dong suddenly smiled.

“Those who can make the first and the last so clean are afraid that their energy is not small.”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and looked at Elder Long: “Elder Long, do you think it is the Li family, or the …… Chen family?”

When the word “Chen family” was uttered, a brilliant aura erupted in even Elder Long’s eyes.

“Young master means …… black under the lamp?”

Long Lao woke up with a start, no matter if it was the Chen family’s intelligence network or the intelligence networks of Zhou Yanqiu and Zhang Chu, this point had never been considered.

Chen Dong nodded: “If we talk about hiding the first and the last, many forces can do it, but without hatred or grudges, they will not target me, and more crucially, they must also have that guts!”

Elder Long frowned in contemplation.

If one had hatred and grudges and the guts to do so, indeed the Li and Chen Clans were the most suspicious!

“Old slave will report back to the family master.”

Elder Long turned around and walked out of the hospital room.

Chen Dong sat on the hospital bed, his gaze deep.

On the side, Gu Qingying’s eyes flickered and her red lips mumbled, “Chen Dong, is it really possible?”

Obviously, she was referring to the possibility of the Chen family’s a*sa*sination.

Chen Dong smiled meaningfully, “The outcome might be different from what we expected.”

Gu Qingying was somewhat puzzled and did not pursue the matter.

The latter two days were spent.

Under Zhou Yanqiu’s all-out pursuit, the whole city seemed to be stirred up.

Subsequently, Zhou Zun Long also received orders from Elder Long to launch his intelligence network into action.

The seemingly calm city was secretly in turmoil.

Even, because of the joint investigation of the Zhang and Chu families.

Even Kyoto, too, had become unsettled.

Kyoto had only experienced the huge change of the bombing of the Li family in the first place, and it was in turmoil.

The joint investigation by the two Zhang and Chu families has pushed the storm in the imperial capital to an even higher level.

The giants of the powerful families were shocked when they learned of it.

The a*sa*sination of the Chen family heir was a direct declaration of war against the Chen family!

Soon, not a few giants locked their suspicions on the Li family.

In terms of grudges, it was clear that the Li family and Chen Dong were the biggest.

After all, Chen Dong was directly trampling the Li family’s towering face of the richest man into the mud.

The Li family’s ancient castle manor.

Master Li sat forlornly by the window, looking at the workers in the garden who were busy restoring it.

Behind him, Li Deshan looked solemn: “Father, many people in the outside world are now talking about us being the mastermind behind Chen Dong’s a*sa*sination.”

“Investigate! Investigate to the death for the old man!”

Master Li spoke angrily, “The Li family cannot accept this kind of dirty water, and since I still have Chen Dong at the helm of the Li family, I would not dare to pick up the Chen family’s fronts.”

Chen Dong and Chen Daolin had indeed torn the face of the Li family as the richest overnight.

But Old Master Li was not stupid.

He hadn’t thought of a*sa*sinating Chen Dong.

It would be tantamount to splitting up with Chen Dong and Chen Daoling, one way or the other.

“The two Zhang Chu families have almost turned Kyoto upside down, and they have all come up empty.” Li Deshan said helplessly.

“Even if our family also finds nothing, we must still investigate, it’s a matter of attitude!”

Elder Li’s gaze was like a torch, at this time when dirty water was pouring in, if he didn’t show his attitude, wouldn’t he be acquiescing to the outside world?

“Understood.” Li Deshan hurriedly left.

On the third day.

Chen Dong, who was recuperating from his injuries and peacefully enjoying Gu Qingying’s attentive service, was suddenly interrupted by Zhou Yanqiu who barged in.

“Don’t you know how to knock?”

Chen Dong looked cold and somewhat irritated.

“I’m sorry Mr Chen.”

The corners of Zhou Yanqiu’s eyes jumped wildly and she hurriedly apologised.

“What is it?” Chen Dong asked.

“It’s found out!”

Zhou Yanqiu said, causing Chen Dong to sit up.

Immediately after, Zhou Yanqiu directly handed a piece of information to Chen Dong.

At the same time, he said, “This is not just what I found out, including the Zhou Zunlong and Zhang Chu families, and even the Li family, the richest man in Kyoto, all the intelligence results are just the same.”

The same thing?

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened for a moment.

Immediately afterwards, he picked up the information and read it.

At this very moment.

Elder Long walked into the ward and saw the situation in the ward.

Elder Long smiled helplessly and said, “Young master, there is no need to look, it is a scapegoat.”


Chen Dong was stunned.

Zhou Yanqiu’s face changed drastically as he looked at Elder Long incredulously.

Elder Long rubbed his chin and said in frustration, “To be able to make a family a scapegoat, how powerful should the mastermind behind this be?”