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Super School Student Chapter 389-390

Chapter 389

And Miao Renlong has lowered his head and buried his face low, some regret and Ye Lu know, this goods where is the troublemaker ah, simply a pest ah.

“Don’t ever involve me in this, I don’t know this goods, full of God and Buddha bless, God and Buddha bless ……”

Miao Renlong began to pray silently.

However, seeing that the two people who had just spoken had both become without any clothes, most of the people around them did not dare to talk nonsense anymore.

However, there were many fish and dragons here, and there were many experts, so it was impossible to be intimidated just because Ye Lu had shown this hand and cleaned up two “Jin Dan Second Turn” guys.

It was because in the secular world, every pill refiner was extremely valuable, especially the senior pill refiners, and the pill refiners worshipped by various families, who did not treat them as treasures.

Therefore, apart from clans such as the Pill Alliance and the Dan Tower, the pill refiners of other clans are all protected by a group of experts from the clan.

These protectors were all good fighters of the clan and were also experts in fighting.

Sure enough, a man who was not used to seeing Ye Lu took a step forward and said.

“You’re arrogant for bullying two rookies, let’s see me clean you up.”

This guy was different from the two just now, this guy had already crossed into the “Void Dan Realm”, with a cultivation level of “Golden Dan Fourth Turn”, which was a small realm higher than the two just now, there was already a qualitative difference.

Such people, as long as they are not too low-profile hidden families, are all people with a reputation in the jianghu, and this guy is no exception.

“It’s the Ren Family’s ‘Ren Tianxing’, right, this kid is going to be unlucky now.”

“That’s right, ‘Across the four seas, let me be heavenly’, the Ren Family’s supreme expert is really still in style!”

“That’s for sure, the Ren family is a truly great family in the capital.”


Seeing this scene, the crowd was all talking about it.

Hearing everyone say something about the “Ren family”, Ye Lu suddenly remembered the two people he had met on Tianma Mountain, Ren Yi and Ren Yao, Ye Lu still had a very good impression of these two brothers, two very affectionate and righteous people.

And, but they also said that they were from a big family in the capital, only, the two didn’t contact Ye Lu afterwards, and Ye Lu didn’t bother to contact them.

So, Ye Luo looked at this guy and said.

“I also have some connections with your Ren family, so it’s best for you not to wade into this mess, there’s no good result from competing for power.”

When he heard Ye Lu say something about “being competitive”, Miao Renlong couldn’t help but spit out in his heart.

“What the hell is ‘no good result’, aren’t you just being competitive?”

However, Ye Luo was not stressed at all at the moment.

The reason he was so arrogant was because on the way Lin Ruyue had taught Ye Luo the “disguise technique”, his appearance was completely different from before, and no one would recognize him as Ye Luo.

Of course, he also understood that he could not really hurt anyone, once he lost his qualification for the tournament it would be more than worth it.

As a strong man, of course, Ren Tianxing would not back down just because Ye Lu said two words, since he stood out, then he had to show the strength of their Ren family to do so, because, he also came with a mission, that is, they still have to find a new consecrated pill refiner to do so.

So, he looked at Ye Lu and said coldly.

“No need to get close, don’t worry, this is where civilized people are, I won’t really do anything to you, you remember the saying ‘do unto others as they do unto you’, I’ll let you hang on the tree too, just like those people just now.”

With these words, this guy struck out, just like Ye Lu just now, also a kind of “martial art” of grappling, but, seeing Ren Tianxing’s action, Ye Lu was happy.

He had originally thought that it would take some effort to fight Ren Tianxing.

He thought that Ye Lu’s various identities had almost revealed his cards, such as the “Heavenly Vine” and the “Blood Puppet” Caraxis, etc. It would still be very difficult to deal with an expert of the “Void Dan Realm” without using any of his cards.

But now, this Ren Tianxing was actually playing close combat with himself, which was like giving him a pillow to sleep on!

So, Ye Luo quickly shot out his hand, and when his opponent held his own pulse door, he also held his opponent’s pulse door with his opposite hand, and then, both of them began to channel dark energy into each other’s body.

Ye Lu used black spiritual energy, while Ren Tian Xing used “innate astral energy” of the “Ninth Turn of the Golden Elixir” realm, and the two were completely different, especially in this kind of close combat.

Immediately, Ren Tianxing’s face changed and his heart was filled with surprise.

Then, amidst everyone’s shouts of surprise, the great master in everyone’s mind, “Ren Tianxing”, was also hung by a stick on a big tree.

“Sh*t! Holy sh*t!”

“Holy sh*t, how could he be so strong.”

“Convincing with a capital letter.”

“This is the character hovering between Bull A and Bull C!”


Everyone present was stunned by this scene because Ren Tianxing’s fame was immense, while Ye Lu had not even heard of it, let alone seen it.

“The clan, unfathomable!”

“Yes, the ‘Pill Alliance’ is too scary, can’t afford to mess with it, can’t afford to mess with it!”

“Cherish your life, stay away from the ‘Pill Alliance’, the ‘Pontifications’ really do live up to their name.”

“Now I finally know the depths of the ‘clan’.”

“All in all, it’s better not to mess with him!”


This blow from Ye Luo had dissuaded the vast majority of people from the thought of messing with him again.

When they heard the words of these people, the people of the “Pill Alliance” felt quite surprised, because they also did not expect such a result. Now it seems that things seem to have had a propaganda effect on the “Pill Alliance”, making everyone understand the strength of the Pill Alliance, and it seems to be more effective than any other choice.

On the Pill Alliance side, everyone was also discussing their response.

“Forget it, let him go, it’s useless for those minions to attend the conference, and these kids are used to being arrogant, so it’s good to have someone to clean up after them, to show them that they need to behave in a practical manner.”

Finally, the leader of the Pill Alliance said to the crowd.

“Go on, don’t let the female disciples lose face, and let those boys run a little.”

Hearing the leader’s words, someone walked towards Ye Luo, while at the same time, the Ge family was doing the same thing, everyone was planning whether to take action against Ye Luo or not.

“Let’s forget it.”

One of them said in the end.

“Looking at the current situation if we really fight, it will definitely cause chaos, anyway, it only involves the ‘Pill Alliance’, so it’s good to avoid other people getting involved.”

“As for the back score, we have plenty of time to settle it with him, isn’t the ‘test’ starting tomorrow, we’ll slowly condition him then ……”

With those words, the guy gave an impish smile.

The other guy also showed a heartfelt smile.

However, when this man walked to the place where Ye Lu and the others were, he found that the matter had already been settled in advance, the people of the “Pill Alliance” had already given in and all the female disciples had been released, while the male disciples were all taking off their clothes, it looked like a “naked” run was inevitable.

As expected, a large group of naked men began to run around the venue.

Miao Renlong stared at Ye Lu with an incredulous look on his face and asked.

“What’s all this about? How did it go soft?”

Ye Luo took a sip of wine and said with a smile.

“What else can we do, really let a dignified figure from the ‘Pill Alliance’ come and fight a big battle, then the ‘Pill Alliance’ will just lose more face.”

Zhu Qi Huang then said with a sigh.

“Little Master ah, the people of the ‘Ge Family’ will definitely target you next, you will definitely be unlucky this time.”

Ye Lu, on the other hand, said indifferently.

“Fear not, I have encountered a lot of bad luck recently, and this is not the worst.”

Seeing so many men running around the venue with no image at all, all the pill refiners felt a bit weepy and laughable, in countless years, there had never been a “pill refiner conference” like this.

“Hey, it looks like there’s going to be a lot of fun at the Pill Refiner’s Conference this time.”

Someone looked at this scene and laughed.


Chapter 390

Indeed, Ye Lu’s little building and this scene just now had pushed the whole event to the top and made everyone look forward to this “Pill Maker’s Conference”.

So, Ye Lu and the others spent a pleasant night on the small building and went to the “Pill Makers’ Conference” the next day, refreshed and fresh, and of course, Lin Ruyue did not want to miss such a once-in-a-decade event, so Ye Lu and Lin Ruyue went to the venue together.

Ye Luo used his original name this time, because all the people in the Pill Alliance were registered, he could change his appearance but not his name.

There was a registration person at the entrance of the venue, so Ye Lu and Lin Ruyue registered and went in. The test was divided into batches because there were really too many people coming to take part.

The test was very simple to say the least, the only purpose was to test if everyone was qualified to participate in this “conference”.

After all, you can’t just sign up and take part.

Of course, this test varies from one year to the next, as it depends on the number and level of participants.

Soon everyone and the audience was in place, and the stands prepared by the Ge Family were large enough for everyone to look excitedly at the “pill-making platform” in the venue.

Of course, these were prepared by the organisers, so if you didn’t want to use them, you could use the ones you had brought with you, as no one knew in advance what kind of pills each person would be making, so there was no fear of cheating.

However, although it was a designated potion test, there was an unwritten rule for all the previous “pill refiners” that the pills to be made during the test were the most common ones, and that the recipe, steps to be taken and sufficient time to make them were to be provided.

In other words, it was a qualification test and there was no need to be serious.

Everyone understood this, so everyone was relaxed, however, when everyone heard the host’s words, there was a large group of people whose expressions changed first, as the host said.

“In this a*sembly, as there are so many people coming and all of them are of an extremely high standard, this ‘test’ is different from the previous ones, this time, the pills to be made are ‘second-rank’ pills, and of course, the lowest ‘Mortal’ pills, and they are not required to be perfect, as long as they can have a certain medicinal effect.”

When they heard this instruction, everyone was taken aback, because the rules of previous editions were known to everyone, and the qualification test only needed to be able to refine any kind of pills that could be used.

In other words, it was only necessary to make a “first-order pill” for use in the “Houtian Realm”.

After Ye Lu, who was already standing next to the designated “pill refining platform”, saw the announcement, many people simply withdrew.

After that, some more people came in.

It seemed that there were quite a few people who were unable to meet the qualifications.

After a group of people had been replaced, the host said once again.

“Alright, next everyone has one hour to refine the pills prepared for you, since this is a test, only one batch of herbs has been prepared, so please use them carefully.”

After hearing him out, Ye Lu opened the drawer underneath the “pill refining table”, and there were indeed materials and a potion recipe inside.

To be honest, compared to other “pill refiners”, Ye Lu had made very few kinds of pills, because he had not received systematic training and only made pills that he needed.

Therefore, after seeing the name of this elixir, he felt that it was completely unfamiliar.

At this moment, in the organiser’s area of the grandstand, several people from the Ge family were watching the scene, and one of them said with a smile.

“The recipe I gave is for the ‘Five Elements Pill’, now I’ll see how he can make it.”

Hearing his words, another man then laughed and picked up a thumb and said.

“High, really high, although everyone knows about this elixir, it is indeed a ‘second-order elixir’, and the grade is really not high either, so it can be justified.”

The efficacy of the “Five Elements Pill” was actually very simple and practical, it was to supplement the deficiencies of the five elements of the “Innate Martial Artist”, however, it was extremely difficult to refine, because one had to be very familiar with the five elements of heaven and earth, “gold, wood, water, fire and earth”, and the five elements had to be balanced.

Therefore, although the effect is extremely practical, basically no one will refine this thing, because the preparation of the five elements materials itself is expensive, and the failure rate is devastating, the loss is not worth the gain.

And that questioner said with a smile once again at this point.

“The high point is not just this, I have also done a little bit of fiddling on the dan recipe I gave him.”

As he spoke, Ye Luo could also see the problem with the dan recipe.

The problem was not in the configuration, the amount of each herb was actually correct and the refining process was fine, but there was a problem in the details.

For example, when melting the dan, it was written “Harmonize the power of enlightenment and fuse it into a dan”, without knowing any of the details, which was not wrong, but it was the same as saying nothing.

Of course, Ye Lu didn’t say anything about it. Anyway, the recipe for this “Five Elements Pill” was lying in the “Medical Ability” of “Gla*ses”, and it wasn’t the version provided by the “Ge Family”, but the version of the “Second Grade Heavenly Product”.

“Pills are the same as magic weapons, and there are grades for each grade of pills, with “Mortal” being the lowest and “Saint” being the highest.

For example, a “Heavenly Grade” recipe could only produce a “Heavenly Grade” pill at the highest, but of course, if your level was too poor, you might only produce a “Mortal Grade” pill, because there was only a ceiling, not a lower limit.

The reason why Ye Luo chose the “Heavenly Grade” elixir was because of the limited amount of materials given.

After finding the recipe, Ye Lu looked at the pots provided to everyone, but there was no tampering on them, probably because he did not think it was necessary.

So, Ye Luo did not use the “Burning Heaven Furnace” and threw the materials directly into the furnace to prepare for processing.

Around him, everyone had already taken out various materials and started releasing various flames.

Because there was no flame provided at the “Pill Maker’s Conference”, you could use “beast fire” or any flame you brought with you, including starting a bonfire, and no one cared.

Ye Luo looked around and saw that someone had actually lit a pile of firewood.

Of course, Ye Luo didn’t need to do this, he now had the “three primary colours” of flame, so he could create any colour of flame he wanted, and didn’t have to worry about the flame being discovered at all.

So he thought about it and unleashed a pink flame.

However, the moment Ye Lu’s flame came out it caused a commotion as all the flames present seemed to have the wind blowing them towards Ye Lu’s flame, as if they were making a pilgrimage.

“Evil flames! That fellow actually knows how to use evil fire!”

“It can’t be an evil cultivator, can it.”

“I don’t think so, an official member of the ‘Pill Alliance’, how could he be an evil cultivator.”

“But that ‘Ten Thousand Flames Pilgrimage’ is really cool!”


The Miaojiang “Evil Fire Elder” is famous, and many people have seen the “Wudang Mountain” Golden Peak battle, so they are very familiar with this kind of flame.

The appearance of the “Origin Fire” was not expected to cause such a commotion, but, as it was, he had no choice but to mutter to himself.

“Mao’s evil fire, but I just thought of it, so I made it this colour.”

However, his action of releasing the flames did take many people a little by surprise.

After all, being able to control “beast fire” or “spirit fire” was the sign of a powerful “pill refiner”, and only such a person could truly refine high-quality pills.

“This guy really looks like he knows how to make pills.”

“It feels like it.”

“Not necessarily, being able to play with fire is not the same as being able to make pills!”


Seeing this scene, everyone started to talk about it.

And Ye Luo began to handle and separate the various herbs very skillfully, something that was simply a breeze in front of flexibility and aura.

Seeing Ye Lu’s methods, the people of the “Ge family” were also somewhat surprised.

Zhu Qihuang, Miao Renlong and Miao Fengling were still seeing Ye Lu refine pills for the first time, so the three of them were also stunned by Ye Lu’s fast refining technique.

Just as everyone was busy refining, Ye Luo had already finished condensing the pills quickly, and then raised his hand to indicate.

“I have finished refining.”