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Super School Student Chapter 365-366

Chapter 365

Yun Feiyang then took a deep breath and looked towards Ye Lu and said.

“Sorry, I have to take back what I said to you before, I shouldn’t have taken you lightly, you really are a very special guy, looks like it’s worth my full effort.”

Ye Luo then looked at Yun Fei Yang and said with a smile.

“That line seems familiar oh! However, the guy who just said that line is already dead.”

As he said that, Ye Luo quickly rushed towards Yun Fei Yang, and he cast a body technique called “Shifting Shadows Step”.

This was a “middle grade” spell, and it was also the strongest spell Ye Lu could cultivate at the moment, because although he had a very high grade of aura, his cultivation level was still too low, so he could not cultivate high grade spells at the moment, but fortunately, it was also difficult for people at the “Golden Dan Nine Revolutions” realm to cultivate particularly high grade spells because they were not on the “Golden Dan Path”.

Seeing that Ye Lu wanted to fight in close quarters, Yun Fei Yang thought for a moment before he cautiously waved the broken sword in his hand.

Following that, he saw two blades of light fly out from Ye Lu’s hand.

However, what made him feel strange was that they were not white “innate astral energy”, but two blades of light as black as ink, which looked strange and unusual.

“Sh*t! What the hell is this again?”

Yun Feiyang muttered secretly, he found that Ye Lu had really brought him too many surprises.

Almost everyone, even the cultivators who had truly embarked on the “Golden Dan Avenue” were still using the Yuan Power and Law Power of Heaven and Earth, although they were getting purer and purer, their essence had not changed, so they were still white.

However, its essence was still the Yuan Power of Heaven and Earth.

However, Yun Feiyang sensed a completely unfamiliar power from Ye Feiyang’s black light blade, which was of an extremely high grade and carried an aura that made one’s heart palpitate.


After seeing this scene, Yun Fei Yang dismissed the idea of fighting Ye Lu in close quarters, and instead of using flames this time, he used his external “innate astral energy”, which formed a shiny qi sword, and the flying sword quickly blasted against the black light blade.

However, to Yun Fei Yang’s surprise, the black light blade was fine, but the sword was smashed into pieces, but the second sword followed suit.

After smashing through the three Qi swords, the black light blade also disappeared.

“It’s a pity, the difference in quantity is a bit big.”

The “aura” Ye Lu used was indeed powerful, but it was because his cultivation level was too low, so the aura attack he sent out was rather limited, which also caused his attack to look a bit weak.

“It looks like the strongest attack at the moment is still flame.”

Seeing this scene Ye Luo was a little saddened, however, this was related to the fact that he could just use the outgoing spiritual energy, with time he could definitely find a powerful spell that suited his play, knowing that there were simply as many spells as there were stars in the gla*ses, it was almost too impossible for Ye Luo to try to look at them one by one.

However, Ye Lu also saw a problem, that is, he found that Yun Fei Yang’s use of “qi sword” was not high, at least not at all the style of a “virtual dan” realm expert, but of course, despite this, just by competing with the outgoing qi and qi sword, Ye Lu understood that he was definitely not a match at the moment.

So, Ye Lu looked at Yun Fei Yang and said.

“I just saw that you like lotus flowers, so why don’t we compete in a lotus flower competition?”

With those words, Ye Lu stretched out his right hand, and a purple lotus appeared in Ye Lu’s hand.

Seeing Ye Luo’s lotus flower, Yun Fei Yang also raised his hand and an equally green lotus flower appeared in front of him.


The two men struck almost simultaneously.

Ye Luo’s hands waved rapidly, and seven purple lotus flowers soared towards Yun Fei Yang, while Yun Fei Yang’s hands kept flying, and a cyan lotus flower several times more than Ye Luo’s appeared.




The purple and blue fire lotuses met in the air and exploded like fireworks, turning the vicinity of the “Southern Imperial Palace” into a sea of fire.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ye Lu wrapped his hands around the “Heavenly Vine” and rushed forward.

With the protection of the “Heavenly Vine”, Ye Lu was still confident in his defence, but of course, it was mainly because he found out that his opponent’s strength was flames, and it was flames that he was most unafraid of.

“Come again!”

After rushing closer, Ye Lu pushed his palms together and a huge lotus appeared and blasted towards Yun Fei Yang, who did not show any weakness and met him with the same green lotus.


A huge explosion sounded, but at that moment, Ye Lu made his move.

The “Heavenly Vine” suddenly stretched out and circled like a flying sword towards Yun Feiyang.

“A trivial skill!”

When he saw Ye Feiyang’s sneak attack, Yun Feiyang sneered, but immediately afterwards, nine terrifying heads came tearing towards him, and at the same time, these heads spewed out poisonous water and flames.

Just now, the Nine Infants had already finished off the Bat-Winged Scourge, and it was only when Ye Lu saw this that he seized the opportunity to attack.


Although the Nine Infants were a level below him, the demonic beast’s attacks were quite terrifying in some aspects, so he did not dare to take it lightly.


He had no choice but to quickly raise his hand, and an egg-shaped green barrier appeared around his body, as if he was encased in an egg shell.

This all-encompa*sing defence was extremely exhausting, but, the advantage was that it was unbreakable.


“Boom boom!”


“The water, fire and bite of the Nine Infants all attacked the blue flame-emitting defense shield, and the heads of the Nine Infants that came into contact with the defense shield immediately let out a “hiss!” It was obvious that the flames from hell could hurt the Nine Infants.

However, while the Nine Infants’ attack was blocked, he could not block the attack of the “Heavenly Vine” because the tip of the “Heavenly Vine” was the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow”.


The arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” pierced through the defensive flames without any pressure and then stabbed at Yun Feiyang’s heart.

However, Yun Feiyang was a battle-hardened expert, and although he was frightened, he was not confused. He quickly turned sideways and dodged the vital point, while grabbing the “Heavenly Vine” after his body was pierced, he tried to snatch the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow”.

However, it backfired as the “Heavenly Vine” left Ye’s body and quickly wrapped around Yun Feiyang.


After being entangled by the “Tongtian Vine”, Yun Feiyang felt the toughness of the vine, which could actually stretch at will but clung to his body like dog skin plaster.

However, just at this time, Yun Feiyang said helplessly.

“It’s time to strike!”

With Yun Feiyang’s words, on the side of the island, a person wrapped in black quickly bit through his middle finger and began to summon.

At the same time, Ye Lu saw a huge figure appear from the bushes on one side.

It was an extremely ugly and malevolent ghost.

“Name: Rakshasa Ghost, Rank: Fourth Order, Fourth Grade, Source: Abyssal Secret Realm, Description: a malevolent ghost that specializes in eating and harming people, extremely ugly for males and extremely beautiful for females, with a ferocious nature and violent temperament ……”

This Rakshasa had a black body, red hair and green eyes, was more than ten feet tall and carried a bizarrely shaped scimitar in his hand.

However, it didn’t end there.

On the other side of the island, another equally tall stern ghost appeared, this one also extremely ugly and hideous looking, carrying a steel fork in his hand, with blue is hair like flames, nostrils pointing skyward, and huge horns on his head.

Ye Lu looked at it and saw that it was a “fourth-ranked, fourth-grade” evil ghost, the “Night Fork”.

“It looks like someone from the ‘Ghost Gate’ has come to help.”

Among the four major forces in Miaojiang, the Ghost Sect was known for its ability to drive ghosts, summoning and using all kinds of ghosts was their best attack method.

At the same time, the figure of a woman slowly rose up.

This woman was dressed in the unique costume of Miaojiang and looked extremely charming. After she flew up she looked at Yun Feiyang who was bound and said with a smile.

“Yun Feiyang, haven’t you always been arrogant, I didn’t expect you to be in such a mess today.”

Yun Feiyang did not say anything as his face turned blue.

On the other side, another one beast appeared, the human wearing the clothes of Miaojiang was nothing special, but the beast was extremely bizarre, this demonic beast had a tiger like body, but had the head of nine people, it looked bizarre beyond compare.

“Now ‘Mr. Luo’ is completely finished!”

A guy who was watching the battle from the edge of the island muttered darkly.


Chapter 366

Ye Lu frowned and looked at the demonic beast with nine heads like the Nine Infants.

“Name: Enlightened Beast, Rank: Fourth Order, Fourth Grade, Source: Hatching from the eggs of beasts in the Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts, Description: Originally a guardian beast of the ‘Void of Kunlun’, entered the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’ after the ‘Battle of Extinction’, brave and fierce in character, serious expression ……”

Ye Luo looked at it, the nine long faces of the “Enlightened Beast” indeed all had serious expressions, just like someone owed it money.

Moreover, through this introduction, Ye Lu can be sure of one thing, that is, the “Battle of Extinction” is indeed real, and the legendary “Kunlun” should also exist.

By reading this introduction, Ye Luo felt that this Kai Ming beast was very difficult to deal with.

However, the cultivation level of the Miao frontier man standing on the head of the “Enlightened Beast” was not very high, only at the “Third Turn Golden Dan” realm, so this was his “original spirit beast”.

“That person is the ‘Heavenly Compulsion Lady’, one of the three holy maidens of the ‘Compulsion Clan’, and is said to have a ‘Heavenly Compulsion Body’.”

“Yes, I had the privilege of meeting her once, what an extraordinary natural talent!”

“The genius sorcerer who harnessed the ‘Enlightened Beast’, ‘Master Yatsumi’, I think.”

“Yes, and the ‘Blood Rakshasa’ and ‘Black Nightshade’ of the ‘Ghost Sect’ are also here, it looks like everyone really values this Mr. Luo. ”

“That’s for sure, this guy destroyed the ‘Black Witch Cult’ with his own power!”


“Dali” is located in the land of Miaojiang, so people here still have some understanding of the power of Miaojiang, especially since most of those who came to see the fun were cultivators.

In fact, there was a misunderstanding about the destruction of the Black Witch Cult.

After all, the Wudang was a titan of the martial arts world, and the Black Witch Cult was spread all over Miaojiang, so the headquarters was empty, giving Ye Luo an opportunity to take advantage of it.

As for the Night House Luo, he was almost killed by two masters, so Ye Luo took advantage of the situation and entered.

However, no matter what the truth is, the uninformed ma*ses prefer the legend that “Mr. Luo” alone destroyed the “Black Witch Cult”.

And all over the island, people were broadcasting the situation live.

“See, that big guy is the legendary ‘Enlightened Beast’, isn’t it cool, give it a double click and follow if you like it.”

“Guys, I could be risking my life anchoring, gift swipe up.”

“Old iron guys, one more wave of gifts and I’ll go closer for you all to see more clearly, you want to see the big white legs of that compulsive saint girl too.”


In an instant, this “Nanzhao Style Island” had become the focus.

Seeing these four people appear, Ye Lu’s brows also furrowed.

Although these four guys might not be as powerful as “Yun Fei Yang”, they were of the same level, but they were four “Void Dan Realm”.

I don’t know why the sect leader didn’t come, Ye Luo guessed it was because he thought Night Lou Luo had died, which made them worry about themselves.

After all, this operation was for the sake of “becoming immortal”, not for playing with their lives.

“Mr. Luo, now you understand, you are just an ant in front of us, put down your weapon, you are still of great use to us, we will not kill you easily.”

Seeing the four people appear, Yun Feiyang then looked at Ye Luo and said.

In fact, the purpose of Yun Fei Yang’s visit was to capture Ye Luo back alive, after all, all of Ye Luo’s perversities were well worth studying for a while.

In Yun Fei Yang’s opinion, Ye Luo was already in a desperate situation and had no way to fight back.

For his part, Ye Luo looked at Yun Feiyang and said with a smile.

“I am a person who always has a beginning and an end to things, moreover, I hate it when people act like a P***y in front of me, those who used to act like a P***y in front of me before are basically dead, and so are you.”

As he said that, Ye Lu let the “Heavenly Vine” attack.


The arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” quickly pierced his head.

This scene was completely unexpected by Yun Feiyang and the other four men, these four guys did not expect Ye Lu to strike so hard and cleanly without any delay.

“Does he not want to live anymore?”

He was blocked on all sides by the four great experts, so perhaps these powers had other back-ups, but this “Mr. Luo” had simply killed him.

“That’s so cool!”

“Yeah, it’s cool to play it cool with your life!”

“Full marks for this P***y!”


Just as everyone was talking, Ye Luo noticed something else, after Yun Fei Yang died, a green flame detached from his body and hung in the air like a ghost flame.


Seeing this scene, Ye Lu was taken aback.

Originally, he had wondered why this Yun Feiyang was not very strong in using “innate astral energy”, but he was unusually terrifying in using flames.

The “spirit” is a non-living thing that is bred in the heaven and earth. The “ghostly flame” that Ye Lu planted in his body before he planted it in his body was also a “spirit”, but it was a “spirit” that had not yet developed “spiritual awareness”, so it was a “seed” state.

The “spirit” of this “Green Lotus Flame” is not like this, it is a complete “spirit body” with its own consciousness.

As for “taking over the body”, it is a Taoist theory, which simply means “returning the body to the soul”, by taking possession of someone else’s body to complete the process of reincarnation.

Of course, for a “spirit”, it is not “returning a body to a soul”, but “taking over a magpie’s nest”.

I am afraid that Yun Feiyang’s combat power and cultivation had also increased dramatically because he had been taken over by this “spirit”, which was born with a “spirit body” and was therefore much more powerful than an innate body like a “ghost”, not to mention that this “spirit” was also the “spirit” of the “Green Lotus Flame”.

However, there is a big problem with these spirits, which is that they are difficult to grow up on their own, and it is also difficult for them to exert their power in their “spirit” state, so they must find a suitable body, otherwise they will turn from strength to weakness over time.

Of course, if they find a body with a good fit, they can take on a new form of life after they have fused completely over time.

After seeing the “spirit” of the “Green Lotus Flame”, Ye Lu swallowed three “Explosive Elemental Pills” as quickly as he could, because a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity had finally arrived.

He wanted to seize this “spirit”.

Moreover, of all the people present, he was the only one capable of capturing this “spirit”, thinking that only the fused flame could restrain the “Green Lotus Karma Flame”.

“What is this thing?”

The four guys surrounding Ye Lu did not know the “spirit”, as it was too rare.

However, the fact that Ye Lu had killed Yun Fei Yang was something they had all seen.

“Go on, kill him!”

The “Heavenly Compulsion Saint Maiden” of the Compulsion Clan raised her hand and an incomparably huge “Golden Silkworm” appeared from beneath her feet, followed by the “Night Fork”, “Rakshasa”, “Enlightened Beast” and “Golden Silkworm”, the four terrifying creatures rushed towards Ye Lu, and everything was razed to the ground wherever they pa*sed.

Ye Luo ignored these guys and concentrated on dealing with the “Green Lotus Fire Spirit”.

“Flame Prison!”

When the “Green Lotus Fire Spirit” was about to escape, Ye Lu launched his “spell” quickly.

A cage of flame immediately enveloped the “Green Lotus Fire Spirit”, a separate “spirit” is like the fragile soul of a human being, which is actually a very weak thing.

At the same time, Ye Lu also rushed into the “Flame Prison”.

The two “evil spirits” and the two demonic beasts were both quite strong, and in an instant they reached Ye Lu’s immediate vicinity, followed by a terrifying attack that instantly reduced the “Flame Prison” to nothingness.

But after the purple “Flame Prison” shattered, the crowd saw a terrifying scene, a green-coloured flame giant several feet tall suddenly appeared on Ye Lu’s body.

After this terrifying “Flame Giant” appeared, it reached out and grabbed the “Night Fork”, which let out a terrifying scream and was then torn into pieces by the “Flame Giant”.

Seeing a “fourth-ranked, fourth-grade” evil spirit being torn to pieces so easily, everyone present was astonished and their mouths were wide open.