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Super School Student Chapter 357-358

Chapter 357

When he heard the man’s report, he frowned because he knew very well that the main force of the Black Witch Sect was involved in this operation, so the headquarters was relatively empty, with only one elder, Elder Nangong, sitting in the town.

However, what he could not figure out was how the other side could act so quickly.

“The Black Witch Cult was in the hinterland of Miaojiang, so if there was any large-scale operation, the entire Miaojiang forces could not have been unaware of it, which was why he and the other evil practitioners dared to attack Wudang without fear.

This time the operation was a joint one, so the whole Miaojiang was one at the moment, so he thought about it and asked.

“Who are the other side? How many people are there in total and what is the situation?”

As a result, the “Black Witch Cult” guy said.

“There’s only one person on the other side, and there’s also a terrifying bird, which is currently attacking the entrance to the secret realm, and the fortress outside the secret realm has been completely destroyed by that bird.

Hearing this fellow’s words, Night Louro then muttered in his heart in depression.

“It’s this B*****d again, who the hell is this guy?”

However, following that, he then thought about it and said.

“You guys hold on, I’ll go back as soon as possible, I’ll let the people from the ‘Compulsion Clan’ go and help you.”

The four major forces in Miaojiang, the Black Witch Cult, the Compulsion Clan, the Evil God Cult and the Ghost Sect, had never gotten along, and they had always killed each other.

At this moment, Ye Luo and Gale were hanging above the Black Witch Cult’s Black Wind Fortress, which had been reduced to rubble and turned into a sea of fire.

Now, there was still one more barrier before Ye Lu could enter the headquarters of the Black Witch Sect, and that was the “Nangong Elder”.

This “Third Turn Saint” was not that easy to deal with.

Ye Lu’s biggest advantage was that “Gale” could fly, while this “Elder Nangong” was powerful but could not fly, so “Elder Nangong” took the position of guarding the entrance and exit of the secret realm to the death, as if “no one could open the gate without a fight”.

“It looks like there’s no way out, if we want to have a quick battle, we have to summon it.”

Ye Li stood on the back of Gale and thought to himself.

“Summoning ‘Cain’ and letting him use the ‘Torture Axe’ should be the strongest, but this feels dangerous, last time ‘Cain’ said that if He said last time that if he dared to summon it again he would do it to himself.”

With the strength of ‘Cain’, Ye Lu was also worried about what he had up his sleeve.

“Among the other demonic beasts, ‘Nine Infants’ is super strong, but there is no more blood from it, and so are ‘Gale’ and ‘Chiseltooth”s, when Of the six great demonic beasts shot by ‘Hou Yi’, ‘Hou Yi’ was extremely rare and its bloodline could not be found, and the rest were ‘Feng Yi’ and ‘Xiu Snake ‘.”

After thinking about this, Ye Lu looked at the blood in the Sumeru Ring again. The ‘Pillager’ was a boar-type demon beast and the ‘Xiu Snake’ was a snake-type demon beast.

Because Ye Lu did not want to use up too much of his blood this time, otherwise it might be more reliable to use the bloodline of “Great Wind” and then summon a stronger “Great Wind”.

After all, according to the Great Wind, their Great Wind clan was grateful to Hou Yi for some unknown reason.

With his mind made up, Ye Lu instructed “Big Wind” to lead himself towards “Elder Nangong” again.

“You’re looking for death!”

Seeing that Ye Lu dared to rush forward, “Elder Nangong” quickly waved the skeleton palm in his hand, and the huge black scythe slashed at Ye Lu and “Big Wind”.

However, this time, the one man and the beast quickly separated.

Following that, Ye Lu and “Big Wind” attacked one after the other, one left and one right.


Despite being wrapped in the “Heavenly Vine”, Ye Lu was still sent flying by the black scythe blow.

After being sent flying, Ye Lu rolled on the ground and ran to the far side, then held back the blood in his mouth and began to draw the formation with the beast’s blood quickly.

At the same time, the “Wine Swallow Boy” and the “evil spirits” also appeared at the same time, and tens of thousands of “evil spirits” filled the entire dilapidated mountain fortress.

Seeing this situation, Elder Nangong, who originally wanted to rush over to stop Ye Lu from drawing the formation, changed his mind.

Now there were basically no Saint-level experts left in the secret realm of the Black Witch Cult. If they let Gale and these ghosts in, everyone inside would definitely be finished and the foundation of the Black Witch Cult would be ruined.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, muttered in frustration as he drew the formation.

“Why is he so short of this breakthrough?”

Now that the nine strands of spiritual qi in his body were already complete and incomparably solid, he felt that he could “transform his spiritual qi into liquid” and cross over to a new realm at any time, but he had just gone through two battles and killed the “Evil Fire Elder”, but he couldn’t break through.

“It’s a bottleneck, isn’t it? It’s really difficult.”

This made Ye Luo think of those cultivators who had been stuck in bottlenecks for years and were unable to break through, and he also experienced the anxious and helpless feelings that people felt when they were stuck in bottlenecks.


Following that, he spat a mouthful of blood on top of the formation, and countless red lights rushed up to the sky.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu smiled in satisfaction.

Other than that, the nine strands of spiritual energy at a great completion had really helped his “summoning technique” too much. Previously, if he wanted to perform such a summoning, he could only do so by using the “Four Spirit Summoning” or by using a large amount of his own blood.


In the red light of the blood formation, after a loud beast roar, a huge black snake like a small mountain appeared, this huge snake was all black with a green head, and the scales on its body looked as thick and strong as stone.

“Name: Cultivated Snake, Rank: 4th Order 3rd Grade, Origin: Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts, Description: descendant of the ancient Cultivated Snake bloodline, good at devouring and biting, has its own special space inside its body, anything devoured will never see the light of day again, thick skin and flesh, ferocious temperament ……”

After this huge “descendant of the Cultivated Snake” appeared, it turned its head to look at Ye Lu at first.

However, unlike the previous “Big Wind”, this one doesn’t seem to be able to speak human words, so obviously, its qualifications are better than the previous “Big Wind”.

Ye Luo held the “Sunset Arrow” and was ready to flee at any time, as he did not have their pure bloodline to use the “Spirit Serving Technique” on such “Fourth Order Third Grade” demonic beasts, and how they would act after summoning them would only depend on their mood.

Fortunately, the moment it saw the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow”, the “Cultivated Snake” also showed an extremely frightened expression and retreated a few metres backwards.

“Big Snake, it’s actually you, help, kill him with me.”

At this time, “Big Wind”, who was not far away, shouted at “Cultivating Snake”. To Ye Lu’s surprise, “Cultivating Snake” took a look at “Big Wind” and then opened its mouth wide and bit at “Elder Nangong”.

When he saw the “Cultivating Snake” appear, “Elder Nangong” already regretted it, honestly, he did not expect Ye Lu to summon such a terrifying thing at all.


At the same time, a terrifying devouring power also appeared. Boulders, house fragments, the Black Witch Cult’s congregation, everything was sucked away, even the earth on the ground was gone and a huge deep pit appeared.

“There is a popular saying that “A heart is not enough for a snake to swallow an elephant”, which is actually about the “Ba Snake Swallowing an Elephant”.

However, after all, Elder Nangong was an evil cultivator of the Third Turn of the Golden Elixir, so he held the skeleton cane and was covered in black Qi without being swallowed by the “Cultivating Snake”.

However, looking at his expression, he was also struggling to hold on.

“Hey, he is still holding on, let me help you then.”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu laughed heatedly and badly.


Chapter 358

He wanted to stop Ye Lu, but he did not dare to use too much “Heavenly Astral Qi”, so he drew a short knife and tried to cut the “Heavenly Vine”.

However, the “Heavenly Vine” was not something that could be cut by just any knife, and he was surprised to find that it was very difficult for his own knife to leave a wound on Ye Lu’s “Heavenly Vine”.

“Sister Wind, come and help me pull the river!”

The “Heavenly Vine” obediently wrapped itself around the legs of the “Great Wind”, and then the “Great Wind” took to its wings and flew high.

“The two demonic beasts combined their strength, and Elder Nangong, who was already holding on for dear life, could not hold on any longer. “Brush!” He was swallowed by the “Cultivating Snake” in a flash.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu quickly said.

“Cultivating Snake, Big Wind, Wine Swallow, Ghost Bat, you all go into the ‘Secret Realm’, leave no one behind.”

Ye Luo did not know how big the secret realm of the “Black Witch Cult” was, but since it was one of the four major powers of Miaojiang, there were still quite a lot of people and experts, so he decided that all his forces would go together and give them a fatal blow.


Perhaps it was because it tasted good, or perhaps it was because it was rare to eat people in the Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts, so it seemed extremely excited and was the first to rush into the Secret Realm of the Black Witch Cult.

At the same time, the leader of a Ghost Bat flew over and started to compare with Ye Lu.

“Help is coming? That was fast!”

Ye Lu had released the Ghost Bats before attacking the Black Witch Cult. These Ghost Bats were small, fast and silent, so they were most suitable for scouting.

Therefore, at this moment, Ye Lu’s “ghost bats” were already spying in all directions.

Moreover, Ye Lu had expected that help would definitely come, but it was just a matter of when and how many would come.

“Come on, even if the King of Heaven comes today, I won’t be able to stop me from slaughtering the ‘Black Witch Cult’.”

Ye Luo said as he quickly began to draw up the formation with the beast blood, this time Ye Luo was going to summon a different kind of demonic beast, and Ye Luo changed the way he summoned it, instead of summoning a strong demonic beast, he was going to summon a group of the same kind of demonic beast.

“Come out, Mirage!”

Amidst the red light, a large group of monstrous beasts that looked somewhat like large shells appeared, these guys had huge colourful shells, while inside they looked like mollusks, and at a glance, they were not the type of brutal strength demonic beasts.

“Name: mirage, rank: fourth order first grade, source: secret realm of ten thousand beasts, profile: a semi-fixed type of demonic beast that survives on illusions, can use all kinds of illusions and can even kill other demonic beasts directly by illusions, and then relies on the corrosive digestive fluid in its body to seemingly devour all kinds of things, even hard metal materials for making ‘magic weapons’ can be slowly digested ……”

This type of demonic beast is poor at attacking up as it moves slowly, but the attacks are extremely specific and combined with the unbelievably hard shell makes them very difficult to attack from the outside world when they are closed up.

Simply put, these things are very much like the shellfish on Earth.

However, these things are really quite powerful and famous for their illusions, and the “mirage” in the famous idiom “mirage” refers to these things.

After summoning them, Ye Lv began to use the “Spirit Serving Technique” to control them, and then Ye Lv had the “Ghost Bats” carry them around the ruined fortress, so that he could use these “mirages” to form a defensive circle of illusions and buy time for the “Cultivating Snakes”.

Unfortunately, he did not have a lot of blood from the mirages, so Ye Lu summoned a new beast again.

The reason why there were more demon beasts in the “demon fox” category was that they were more capable of surviving than the “mirage” category, and although their illusions were not as powerful as the “mirage” category, they were smart and flexible, and they were not only good at “illusion” attacks, they were also good at various “spells” and physical attacks.

“Come on! My demon foxes.”

Ye Luo, of course, continued with his usual route, summoning a larger number of demonic beasts that he could control.

When the nine strands of aura had been completed, Ye Lu could use the “Spirit Serving Technique” to control “Fourth Order One”, that is, “First Turn Saint” level demonic beasts, so Ye Lu summoned “Fourth Order One” and “Third Order Nine” this time.

Soon, the demon foxes were summoned.

Looking at several beautiful women with big fluffy tails appearing in front of him, even Ye Lu, a cheeky man, felt a bit uncomfortable.

“You all go and cooperate with the ‘mirage’ to confuse the people who come over.”

Ye Luo said to these “demon foxes”, strictly speaking it should be these “fox spirits”, because the “transformed” demon foxes were “fox spirits” in the eyes of ordinary people, and many legends about “fox spirits” in the world also came from them.

“Yes, master.”

“At your service, master.”

“My concubine, I will go and confuse them.”


“These invisible mirages can confuse the mind. As one goes deeper and deeper, the more mirages one inhales, the worse the situation becomes, but this attack is indiscriminate, or some experts may not be able to control it.

Soon, a “Ghost Bat” leader flew out from the secret realm of the “Black Witch Cult” and began to gesture towards Ye Lu.

What Ye Lu saw was that everything was going well inside, although there was a little resistance, but it was all taken care of by the big snake, however, the cultivating snake was not satisfied with the “ghost bat” eating people, it seemed that it wanted to eat all the people.

Seeing the unhappy look of the leader of the “ghost bats”, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It’s alright, don’t be so normal with it, there will be many more opportunities to eat people in the future.”

After rea*suring him, the “ghost bat” left.

That “Cultivation Snake” knew that it was not too good-tempered at first glance, but Ye Lu did not want to get into any conflict with it, that thing was a real “fourth-order third-grade” demonic beast, and it was not the kind of demonic beast that could simply transform, but a demonic beast with strong talent and bloodline.

After all, the “Black Witch Cult” had done a good job in attacking the “Wudang”, the main force was their people, while the other forces only provided a little support.

“Elder Miao, do you think what the ‘Black Witch Cult’ leader said is too exaggerated, that one person and a demonic beast could possibly destroy the headquarters of their Black Witch Cult? Besides, there is still an expert like ‘Elder Nangong’ sitting in the town.”

The woman known as ‘Elder Miao’ shook her head and said.

“I also find it unbelievable, but the Night House Master is not a person who likes to alarm people, since he said so, most of it is true. Even that ‘Ling Hu Qian Silence’ of the Southern Border doesn’t have this ability, right?”

“The “Ling Hu Qian Silence” has been a powerful figure in the southern border for many years, but he has never dared to make a move against any of the major forces in the Miaojiang region.

So far, no one or force had dared to make trouble in the hinterland of Miaojiang, so everyone felt that this matter was very incredible.

However, something even more incredible was yet to come, as a disciple with a lower cultivation level among the crowd suddenly looked straight ahead and giggled.

“Hey, hey, big beauty, here I come!”

He was drooling as he quickly took his clothes off.