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Super School Student Chapter 345-346

Chapter 345

This “Black Wizard” “Saint” was not strong, probably because in the eyes of the Saint, these “Sovereign” level people were all just floating clouds.

The guy who attacked Ye Lu was a “Level 2 Grandmaster”, so Ye Lu didn’t use any moves, he simply punched the guy and sent him flying, then charged straight towards the entrance of the valley.

Seeing a “Sovereign” level practitioner being beaten to death like this, the guards were finally moved.

However, Ye Luo was happy in his heart because the other side only had one super expert guarding the entrance of the valley, which was too good for Ye Luo.

Just now, he had already informed “Big Wind”, asking her to come over and help him, so that he could get rid of this “Saint” first, since he was only a “First Turn Saint”.

When he saw how fierce Ye Lu was, the “First Turn Saint” also opened his eyes, and Ye Lu found that this guy’s eyes were actually blood-red, which reminded him of those vampires.

Ye Luo had no desire to waste time with these miscellaneous fish, he didn’t dodge, he still charged straight ahead, and only when the two guys rushed close to make their moves did he dart out.

Two flames, one red and one basket, struck these two guys’ chests abruptly respectively, followed by the two men’s chests being pierced through.



At the same time as the two corpses fell, Ye Luo once again rushed in a distance of about ten meters, his speed was simply as fast as lightning.

“Grand Master? Or is it a Saint?”

Seeing the flames released by Ye Luo, the crowd was once again surprised.

The fact that he could use flames of different colours meant that the other party should have subdued the “beast fire”, and those who could do so were either heavenly Grand Masters or “Saint-level” super experts.

In short, it seemed that this guy was not a fool, but really had two skills.

Seeing this scene, the “Saint” waved his hand, indicating to the others not to act rashly, and he quickly stood up and looked at Ye Lu and said coldly.

“Young man, how dare you be so arrogant if you know a little bit of fur techniques, I’ll show you the power of the ‘Golden Dan Realm’ tonight.”

Ye Lu then said disdainfully as he charged.

“Mao’s ‘Golden Dan Realm’ is just the ‘False Dan’ realm, think I’m afraid of you!”

According to the description of the cultivators in the gla*ses, Ye Lu probably understood what the “Foundation Establishment Realm” and “Golden Dan Realm” were all about, and because he understood them, he realized that cultivation was really a journey against the heavens, and it was in line with the saying, “The road is long, I will go up and down to find out.

The so-called “Later Heavenly Realm” and “Innate Heavenly Realm” are in fact unimpressive realms, and generally belong to the category of “Qi Training”, while at the “Foundation Establishment Realm”, the Innate True Qi is condensed into a liquid and gathered in the Dantian.

The next realm is the so-called “Nine Revolutions of the Golden Elixir”, but in reality, the “Nine Revolutions of the Golden Elixir” do not actually result in the formation of a “Golden Elixir” in the dantian, as the Nine Revolutions are a process of forming a “Golden Elixir”.

This process is divided into three stages: the first three revolutions are the “Pseudo-Dan Stage”, the middle three revolutions are the “Void Dan Stage”, and the last three revolutions are the “Solid Dan Stage”.

It is said that no one in the “secular world” has ever been able to form a “golden elixir”, and those who can form a “real elixir” are rare because the “nine revolutions of the golden elixir” are too difficult.

Therefore, this “black sorcerer”‘s claim that he was a “Golden Dan Realm” was just bullsh*t.

He waved the black walking stick in his hand towards Ye Luo, and a black smoke like thing rushed towards Ye Luo, and then it turned into nine horrible skeletons that tore at all parts of Ye Luo’s body.

Seeing these nine skeletons, Ye Lu sighed with emotion. The cultivation method of these “black wizards” was indeed very evil, because Ye Lu could see that these nine skeletons were really made from nine human heads, and almost all of them possessed the power of a weak “First Turn Saint”.

“No wonder everyone says that ‘evil cultivators’ are not to be messed with.”

The black-clothed, red-eyed “black sorcerer” in front of him was only a “First Turn Saint”, but he could actually deliver such a terrifying strike, if it was an ordinary “First Turn Saint”, he would really be no match.

However, Ye Lu did not panic, instead he looked at his opponent and smiled, while a purple flame shield appeared in front of Ye Lu.

“The Red Lotus Flame and the Ghostly Flame were both flames from hell, which had a powerful restraining effect on ghosts, so if it was any other attack, Ye Lu would have had a huge headache, but this one didn’t feel any pressure.

As expected, the skeleton emitted a wailing sound as it approached the flames, and the black ghost Qi emitted a “hiss!” just as it touched the purple flames. It was obvious that it was no match for this fused purple flame.


The “black sorcerer” was also shocked by this scene.

He had been practicing “Black Sorcery” for many years, but he had never seen anything like this before.

However, when he was surprised, “Big Wind” had already quietly made her move.

She was wind-attributed and most adept at sneak attacks, and as the Black Sorcerer was in shock, plus she was already a small realm higher than the Black Sorcerer, the sneak attack was an instant hit.

The terrifying “wind blade” clipped the “black wizard” directly on his neck.

However, to the surprise of both Ye Lu and Gale, the strike failed to cut off the Black Sorcerer’s head, and the Black Sorcerer was sent flying like a wooden stake.

“What’s going on?”

He quickly looked at the wizard’s profile and found out that it was not a “Black Wizard” at all, but a “Blood Puppet”, a unique puppet art of the “Black Witch Clan”, of course, although this “Blood Puppet” could not be killed by slashing, but when it was hurt, its master also had to take some damage, that’s why its master called it back.

“Looks like the information provided by Jiang Yan’s father was wrong!”

Ye Lu muttered darkly, but now that it was already like this, there was only one way to kill them in.

“Da Feng, kill them all and enter the secret realm.”

Once he entered the secret realm, it was an isolated world. As long as there were no backup troops, Ye Lu felt that he and Big Wind should have a chance to take down the other side.

In the secret realm of Shennong Valley, two black-robed “black wizards” were sitting in the “Hall of Shennong” at the centre of the secret realm.

“Could it be that someone from the Beast Alliance has come to intervene in this matter?”

The “Black Sorcerer” at the head of the group, whose face was covered with scars, looked at the entrance to the secret realm and muttered with a frown.

Just now, “Gale” had revealed his original form to launch his attack, because for the “Pseudo-Dan” stage demons, the transformation of form would still have some effect on the attack.

In fact, when they reach the “Ninth Golden Dan” stage, the advantage of demonic beasts over humans becomes smaller.

This is because, after successfully building their foundation, humans can use “magic treasures” and “spells”, while “demonic beasts” have few means of attack and defence other than their “natural skills” and “bloodline aptitude”.

Before the “Ninth Turn of the Golden Elixir”, because it was difficult to release “astral energy”, demon beasts were much more terrifying than humans due to their strong bodies.

The reason why this “black sorcerer” thought that Ye Lu was from the Beast Alliance was because there were too few people from the Beast Alliance who could control the “Saint Level” demons.

“But, fortunately, the other party is only one person.”

With this in mind, he looked up to the other Black Wizard and said.

“An outsider is coming in, gather everyone and prepare to kill.”

At this moment, Ye Lu and “Big Wind” also rushed into the “secret realm”.


Chapter 346

After rushing in, “Gale” killed the guards at the entrance first with a swift move.

After that, Ye Lu summoned the “Wine Swallow Boy” and his new team.

These new “evil ghosts” were all caught by Ye Lu with the help of Lin Sihai in the “Ghost Graveyard”. Because of the presence of the “Wine Swallow Boy”, Ye Lu caught all the ghosts of a very high level, and the entire team was controlled by the “Wine Swallow Boy”.

The other weaker ghosts were put back into the “ghost mound” to be raised by Ye Lu.

To be honest, this “Ghost Mound” secret realm left behind by the ancestors of the Lin family was a very convenient and practical place.

“Wine Swallow Boy, guard the entrance, Da Feng, let’s go in and kill.”

The situation of the whole “Shen Nong Valley” was still a bit unclear, so Ye Lu did not let the “Wine Swallow Boy” participate in the attack, because in case someone escaped, there would be trouble.

However, Ye Lu had just made the arrangements when a large group of people came from the front.

The leader was a black-robed sorcerer with a face full of scars, a man so hideous that even a demonic beast like Gale felt a little uncomfortable.

The Blood Golem, who had just been attacked by Gale, was standing next to the black-robed sorcerer, and beside them was another black-robed sorcerer, who was relatively shorter, holding a necklace made of bones.

At this moment, the black-robed sorcerer’s heart was far more shocked than Ye Lu’s, because the appearance of the “drunken boy” and the ghosts was too unexpected for the two sorcerers.

Although the Black Witch Cult was not a “ghost cultivator”, he knew very well that it was almost impossible to control such ghosts.

“Who the hell are they?”

This “black wizard” found that he could no longer understand Ye Lu.

However, Ye Luo did not want this “black sorcerer” to understand himself, so he smiled at “Big Wind” and said.

“You right, I left, one for each.”

“Big Wind” said with a smile as he flapped his wings.


Then, it brought up a gust of wind and rushed towards the “black wizard” in the lead.

Ye Luo also rushed towards the other Black Wizard at the same time.

The battle began in an instant.

The “gale” attack was so powerful that the wind blew all the people and things around it out of the way, while the “black sorcerer” was covered in a black aura, obviously using some kind of powerful ghost-related “spell”.

On Ye Luo’s side, he did not use the “Exploding Yuan Dan”, but launched the “Rakshasa Ghost Step”, wanting to see how big the gap between himself and the “Saint” was.

Now that all nine strands of Ye Luo’s spiritual energy had been completed, according to his cultivation realm, he should have reached the peak of the “God Harmony Realm” and was about to break through.

At the same time, Ye Lu also unleashed his “Prajna Mixed Element Vajra Body”.

The “black sorcerer” he was fighting with held the bone string in his hand and recited the words, then Ye Lu heard the bone string in his hand actually emitting the sound of a baby’s wail.

“Name: Hundred Infant Ghost Bones, Grade: Mortal Rank Lower Grade Magical Treasure, Maker: Murong Qing, Description: Made from the living skulls and souls of one hundred newborn babies, because it is made from living bodies, this ‘Magical Treasure’ can still exert most of its power even if it fails to form a ‘Golden Dan’, and is incredibly poisonous ……”

For a practitioner at the ninth level of the “Golden Elixir”, since he has not yet achieved the “Golden Elixir Path”, he is not yet able to exert the full power of the “magic treasure”, so even if he has a powerful “magic treasure”, it is difficult for him to send out a correspondingly powerful attack, so this lowest level “magic treasure” made by the “black wizard” has instead become a very powerful “magic treasure” at this stage.

This was another powerful aspect of the “evil cultivator”.


A black “ghost dragon” roared out from the bracelet and crashed into Ye Lu’s chest.

Ye Lu was knocked straight out, he spun twice in the air and then fell to the ground, followed by a mouthful of blood.


Ye Luo muttered in a depressed voice, indeed, the difference between himself and a “Saint” was still very obvious if he used martial arts techniques alone.

“Looks like there’s still no way to fight a ‘Saint’ to death!”

Ye Luo spat out a mouthful of blood and slowly got up, but the other party did not want to spare him, the “black sorcerer” quickly shot out his hand, a long whip was waved towards Ye Luo.


The whip hit Ye Lu’s body so fast that Ye Lu, who had just gotten up, was once again knocked to the ground, followed by a continuous attack.





The whip flew on the body of Ye Luo, Ye Luo was immediately smacked and rolled back and forth, but, to be honest, Ye Luo instead felt a lot more relaxed.

Because, this kind of physical attack Ye Lu was instead not too afraid, other than that, he was still excellent in this aspect of resisting blows, however, he had to pretend that he was badly injured and was dying on the ground.


Following that, the guy unleashed his final blow.

“That’s it now.”

Seeing that this guy thought he was dying and raised his hand, Ye Lu struck a blow, which looked like a punch.

When he saw Ye Luo’s blow, the “black wizard” skimmed his mouth disdainfully, he didn’t even care about Ye Luo’s blow.

But then he saw a purple flame on Ye Lu’s fist blasting towards him with a terrifying aura, and in his haste, he quickly raised his hand to block the blow, but with a “boom!” His arm was just halfway up when the “Burning Heaven’s Fury” hit her body.

Purple flames tumbled and as he was shocked, Ye Lu’s true fatal strike began.

This strike was a “Saint Level” version of the “Heart Piercing Thrust”, “Soul Snatching Thrust”. This martial art was similar to the “Heart Piercing Thrust”, it was also a dagger type martial art, however, after using the martial art, the dagger could fly out of the body, just like using a flying sword, of course, it could not be as free as a flying sword, but like the “Boomerang”, it could be sent and received.

This is what makes a “Saint Level” technique so powerful, similar to a “spell”, but much more powerful than the “Heart Piercing Stab”.

This “black sorcerer” did not expect Ye Lu to have a follow-up attack, so he fiercely operated his “innate astral energy” and his arm, which was originally made of flesh and blood, suddenly turned into a pitch-black colour, just like steel.

But, unfortunately, even a defensive magic weapon could not block this blow, let alone his hand.


Ye Lu’s dagger flew through this guy’s chest, then turned a corner in the air and returned to Ye Lu’s hand.

The corpse “flopped!” The body fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Seeing that the Black Sorcerer had died so quickly, the Black Sorcerer who had fought with the Blood Puppet against the Gale immediately panicked, because although she had no spells or tricks, she was a genuine Fourth Order Second Grade Demon, not to mention the fact that the Gale was originally a terrifying beast that had caused harm to one side, not just some cat or dog.

As soon as he was distracted, the Great Wind caught him and “clicked!” A tornado shattered his arm, followed by Ye Lu.

There was no surprise, under the siege of two people, this guy was soon dead.

“Ghost Bat, come out, and eat up everyone except that cell.”

With Ye Lu’s words, in the crowd’s frightened eyes, countless “ghost bats” appeared, as dense as a “locust plague”, everywhere they went, a person was turned into a white bone in an instant.

Ye Lu took the “gale” with him and headed for the huge cell.

“The descendants of the Shennong Clan, the head of the Shennong Valley, and the patriarch of the Jiang family, Jiang Wu Ya, were lamenting the injustice of fate in the cell, although they had the bloodline and heritage of the Shennong Clan, their cultivation level was not as good as the next generation.

“Ai! Heaven is going to kill me!”

He couldn’t help but let out a long sigh from the sky.

However, at that moment, the door of the cell opened and a man came in.