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Super School Student Chapter 335-336

Chapter 335

The moment Liu Mei ceased to be the Holy Maiden, all the Bloods who were attacking paused for a moment, some of them having reverted to their original state.

However, at that moment, Liu Mei’s other identity became clear, that is, since Liu Mei could not become a sacrifice, she regained the only bloodline inheritor with their ancestor’s bloodline.

If such a bloodline inheritor came from one of the Blood clans, they would never kill it, but would train such a person to become an elite, or even a leader of the Blood clan.

However, this time, things had appeared to be a foreigner, so some of the acting clan leaders did not know what to do for a while.

“What are you waiting for, kill him for me.”

Luciwet said with a roar.

The person he wanted to kill was of course Ye Luo, because although Liu Mei was not as useful anymore, he was still useful, and this guy Ye Luo could not be kept no matter what.

Only when they heard Luciwetter’s roar did the others come to their senses and attacked again, because no matter how they dealt with Liu Mei, this “Shura” had to be killed.





The attacks started again, but immediately afterwards, everyone was shocked by a terrifying aura and subconsciously took a step backwards.

It was a bloodline shock and suppression, a fear from the soul.

Immediately afterwards, a terrifying figure appeared in the defence shield, the projection of Cain, the first generation of the “Blood”, appeared in the air.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, was a little shaken by the loss of blood, and Liu Mei hurriedly helped him, while Ye Luo quickly said.

“I still need your blood.”

After saying that, he lowered his head and bit through Liu Mei’s arm, and then he quickly struck the “Servant Spirit Skill” into the “Cain Projection”.

This “Cain projection” was too powerful, and this was the only way to control it for a little while.

“The Cain Projection had the perfect appearance and slender body of a Blood, with long hair and slender eyes, making him look exceptionally beautiful.

“Kill them all!”

Ye Lu gave the order quickly.


“The “Cain Projection” snorted coldly, but quickly carried out Ye Lu’s order. He gracefully extended his right hand, then slapped it downwards, and twelve red blood lights blasted towards the acting clan leaders of the Twelve Clans.

However, unfortunately, more than half of them easily received the blow, and the rest were not seriously injured, if at all.

The Cain Projection was indeed much more powerful than the Gale, but the Acting Clan Chiefs were not just a name, they were all super strong members of the clan.


After blocking the blow, Luciwet waved his hand and led his men to charge forward.

Of course, Ye Luo didn’t want to end the battle with such an attack, his real move hadn’t started yet, after “Cain” sent out a move, Ye Luo took out the “torture axe” and threw it to him, saying.

“Go ahead, destroy the place, kill as many as you can!”

“In order to make the “Cain Projection” listen to him, Ye Lu kept drawing blood from Liu Mei’s body and adding the “Spirit Serving Technique”, although he also felt sorry for Liu Mei, but if there was a “backlash”, it would be a big problem.

After he got the Axe of Execution, the aura of Cain’s projection rose rapidly, and the defensive shield around him was also shattered with a “bang!” The defensive shield around him was shattered with a bang.


At the same time, Cain’s strike was unleashed, a real “landslide”, because the “Brown Castle” was built on a hill, and this strike destroyed half of the castle and one side of the hill.

Of course, Ye Lu could only sustain the Cain Projection to launch this blow.

“D*mned Oriental, you dare to use my power. Next time, I will devastate you.”

This terrifying strike killed three of the weaker clan leaders of the Thirteen Clans and seriously injured two of them, while the others were also injured to varying degrees.

Ye Luo also felt his rebellious heart.

“Revolt against me? Let’s talk about it next time.”

After this blow, Ye Luo quickly put away the “torture axe” and then a giant bird appeared at Ye Luo’s side, which was also Ye Luo’s plan to use the “great wind” to escape from here.

However, Luciwet was so powerful that he was not blown away, and when he saw Ye Lu let out the “gale” he swung his sword and slashed Liu Mei.

Because he knew very well that Ye Lu’s methods were too many, and that slashing Ye Lu might not necessarily work, but Liu Mei was different, and had been under their control.

“Sh*t! Your sister!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo also became anxious, not to mention hitting Liu Mei’s body, even if she was swept by Lu Xiwei’s “Innate Astral Qi”, Liu Mei would definitely die.

“Come out, Tongtian Vine!”

Ye Luo mumbled in his heart as he rushed to Liu Mei’s side and threw her onto the back of “Big Wind”.


At the same time, countless tH**ny vines appeared on Ye Lu’s body, while Luciwet’s slash also struck Ye Lu’s body, and this slash was so powerful that it struck Ye Lu directly into the ground.

At the same time, “Big Wind” took his wings with Liu Mei on his back and the two of them flew up into the sky at a tremendous speed.

However, the moment he flew up, countless Blood Bats appeared and flew after Gale.

“Leaf Fall! Ye Luo ……”

When she saw that Ye Lu had thrown himself onto the back of Gale and took all the blows for himself, she cried out in anxiety.

However, “Big Wind” said indifferently.

“Don’t worry, he’s right under our feet.”

When she heard that Gale could speak, Liu Mei was astonished, it was the first time she had ever heard a bird speak, but she quickly asked.

“Really, under our feet? By the way, aren’t you a bird, why can you talk?”

As a result, the “gale” said in an unpleasant tone.

“Little girl, don’t talk nonsense, don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you took my boss’s first time, or I’ll beat you up!”

“But don’t worry boss, he’s tethered to my feet with that D*mn vine and he’s with us, he can’t die.”

The truth is that the “Tongtian Vine” is the only plant in the “One Leaf Bodhi” pendant, and it was this one that Ye Lu used just now.

So, after being struck into the ground by Luciwet, he was dragged up into the sky by Gale, who was flying away, and was now hanging at Gale’s feet.

After hearing Gale say so much, Liu Mei finally sighed with relief, but she became more and more curious about Gale.

“You can talk so much, you don’t feel any different from a human.”

Liu Mei said as she leaned on the back of Gale, who was finally free from the chase of the Blood Bats.

After all, compared to the Blood Bats, Big Wind was better at speed.

To be honest, Ye Lu did not know that there were still Blood Bats raised by the Blood Clan around this “Brown Castle”, and he was a bit scared.

In Castle Browne, Ruthie Witt was looking at the ruined castle with a grimace.

He suddenly remembered what he had said before, when he had said, “If those people hadn’t given him time to create the formation through carelessness, he would have been dead” and “How could we have given him such an opportunity?

“Fortunately, the ‘butcher’s knife’ did not fall into the hands of the other side, otherwise I guess the whole of Europe would be finished.”

The “Butcher’s Knife” was also one of the “Thirteen Sacred Weapons” of the Blood Race, but it had not yet been practised, and Luciwetter had almost used it before.

As he was lamenting, a figure suddenly appeared in the “Brown Castle”, a man dressed in ordinary clothes, but with the aura of a mountain, carrying a terrifying pressure.


Chapter 336

Once this man appeared he looked at Luciwet and said.

“From today onwards, we will take over the Gothic Bloods and become one of the new ‘Seven Organizations’ of the Underworld.

The man spoke to Ruthie Witt with an unquestionable look on his face, as if the Bloods were not worth mentioning in front of him, but Ruthie Witt did not say anything, but nodded obediently.

Because Mount Olympus, the mountain of the gods, was where the European gods lived, and where the current three generations of the Bloods were said to be.

So, he immediately announced in the Underworld that the Gothic Bloods would be renamed the Wrath of the Gods, and that the entire Gothic Bloods team in the Underworld would be completely replaced by the Olympians.

At the same time, news of the destruction of the Blood Clan’s Vampire Castle, the flight of a giant bird from the Castle, and the devastation of the thirteen Blood Clans began to appear in the media like a gale.

Putting all the recent events together, it was clear to everyone that one man was responsible for all of this: the newest “Yum Yum Shura”, the man called “Bloodshot”.

At the headquarters of the Shadow of Death, Yang Yun looked at the statement of the Gothic Bloods and said with some emotion.

“The ‘Blood Shadow Shura’ is really capable of tossing and turning, our ‘Underworld’ has been dominated by seven masters for many years, but he has broken it all at once. It seems that the ‘Gods’ of Europe want to fight to the end with the ‘Blood Shadows’.”

Yang Yun knew a bit about those guys from Mount Olympus, they were similar to the Eastern “clan world”, they were all super experts living in secret realms, these people were not very interested in the “mundane world”, however, Ye Lu had killed all three of them at once, which made them extremely angry.

Of course, the other organisations were also completely shocked by the events of the past few days.

If it wasn’t shocking enough that Ye Lu had directly slaughtered the top 20 of the “Killer Heavenly Ranking” last time, this time he had directly caused an organisation to disappear because of him, which was enough for everyone to understand Ye Lu’s power.

“The ‘Vampire Castle’ has been destroyed, this strike is a bit scary!”

“The people of Bloodthirsty Rose were also looking at the pictures on the screen and feeling a bit emotional, because this strike had already surpa*sed the “Saint” level of masters, which meant that the “Bloodshot” had really become a “Shura” that could not be messed with.

The other major organisations, the Dark Pharaohs, the Hell’s Gate and the Society of the Extreme, were also looking into the matter of the Blood Shadow Shura at the same time.

At this moment, our client is soaring in the sky with a beautiful woman.

“Ye Lu, are you alright?”

Liu Mei looked at Ye Luo who was in her arms and asked with some concern.

After the battle just now Ye Luo had completely run out of ammunition, if not for that Lu Xiwei’s last blow, he could still barely hold on, but after receiving that blow, all the problems came in one fell swoop, and the end was, Ye Luo was now only left with the ability to lie down and talk.

He looked at Liu Mei and smiled, saying.

“It’s fine, it’s a weak period now, it will be fine after a while, don’t worry.”

Ye Luo knew very well that he would not be able to use the Summoning Technique for a long time, and any further blood loss would probably affect his future training.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Liu Mei finally felt relieved as she looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Ye Lu, it’s really hard for you to come all the way here to save me.”

As she said that, Liu Mei stroked Ye Luo’s cheek.

Ye Luo, in turn, smiled and said.

“It’s not hard, I’m happy to see that you’re alright.”

Then, Ye Luo turned to “Big Wind” and said.

“Sister Wind, let’s find a safe place to drop me off later, we have to adjust and then we have to take a flight back to our country.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, “Big Wind” asked with some confusion.

“What plane ride, I’ll just take you guys back.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course I have no problem, but Mei’er can’t, she can’t stand your flying speed, the wind pressure is too high.”

A speed of several hundred meters in a second was too much for a normal person to bear.

So, the two men and the beast flew back to the Apennine Mountains, and then found a quiet valley and settled down.

Ye Lu looked at Liu Mei and said with a smile.

“Mei’er, now that you have awakened your bloodline, you can cultivate next, and with the power of your bloodline, it shouldn’t take long before you don’t have to fear those ‘blood race’ people.”

Among Ye Lu’s vast sea of cultivation techniques, there was naturally a top-level technique suitable for Liu Mei to cultivate, which also happened to belong to the “Eve bloodline” cultivation technique, named “Creation Divine Skill”, however, Ye Lu could not teach her yet, because he could not move first, and it was still too difficult just by talking.

However, Liu Mei looked at Ye Lu and said.

“I seem to have gained a super power that can heal people, wait until I give you a try.”

At these words, Liu Mei then grabbed Ye Lu’s hand, Ye Lu felt that your Liu Mei’s hand was very warm, following that, from Liu Mei’s hand then lit up with a faint light, he felt that you had a kind of vitality flowing into the word’s body from Liu Mei’s hand, and soon flowed into all the limbs and bones, although it seemed that it could not play a big role for the weak period, but the vitality brought about by the loss of blood, and the lost blood was being constantly replenished.

“Mei’er, it’s okay, this ‘divine ability’ of yours this is so powerful!”

Ye Lu could feel that Liu Mei’s ability was quite useful, moreover, he also felt the power of this Eve’s bloodline, Liu Mei had only awakened her bloodline and could already use the “Bloodline Avatar” without any cultivation, which could only be done by a fairly advanced bloodline.

At this moment, a voice suddenly said with a smile.

“Can’t you two wait to make out? You’re holding hands now.”

When she heard this voice, Liu Mei drew her hand back quickly in fright, and her eyes widened as she saw “Big Wind” appearing naked.

Seeing the expression on Liu Mei’s face, “Big Wind” smiled and said.

“I can’t be blamed for this, my clothes just ran out, and the boss didn’t get me a storage device, so I had to come and ask the boss for clothes.”

Ye Lu hurriedly took out two sets of clothes from the “Sumeru Ring” and asked Liu Mei to give them to “Big Wind”, while saying to Big Wind.

“A girl doesn’t know how to be ashamed, hurry up and put on your clothes.”

“Dafeng smiled and said indifferently.

“What’s wrong with that? I fly around naked every day and I don’t feel anything, but you humans are too busy.

Hearing the words of “Big Wind”, Liu Mei quickly blushed and lowered her head.

The three of them spent a very pleasant night in the valley of the Apennine Mountains.

The next morning, Ye Luo revived refreshed, Liu Mei’s healing spell was really something, it worked quite well, but she had also lost a lot of blood, and Ye Luo couldn’t afford to let her expend her energy on it.

“Finally, I can go back to my country!”

Ye Luo said with a smile as he looked at the sunrise and stretched out.

From the time he left China for Japan, he had experienced too many battles along the way, giving Ye Lu a feeling of being in a different world.

After that, Ye Lu opened his mobile phone, and there were indeed many missed calls, mainly from Death Shadow, Qin Shiyu and Ye Yan, he replied one by one to report his safety, and finally logged into the vest account he had used on the Underworld App, “One Leaf Knows Autumn”.

As a result, he saw a private message that startled him.