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Super School Student Chapter 323-324

Chapter 323

When they saw this scene, everyone was shocked, except for the Son of Death and the scruffy middle-aged man who did not say anything.

The performance of the “Horned Dragon” and the “Poisonous Jiao” was obvious to everyone, but the “Joker” had actually injured the “Horned Dragon” with one blow.

Ye Luo was looking at the details of this goddess figure.

“The shadow of Nemesis, the Goddess of Vengeance, is one of the basic divine abilities that can be used by descendants with the bloodline of the Goddess of Vengeance, after using it, the quality of all parts of the body will be enhanced and the power of revenge can be used ……”

It seems that this “Joker” is also a person with “bloodline power”, and it is the bloodline of the “Nemesis” from ancient mythology.

After that, the “Nemesis’ shadow” was suddenly sucked into the sword held by the “clown”, and then the long sword in his hand swung violently.


The huge “Horned Dragon” was actually cut by this slash in its chest, and then the long knife in the Joker’s hand issued another “cross” shaped slash, which went straight to the heart of the “Horned Dragon”.


The Horned Dragon was killed on the spot by three strikes from the Joker.

Most of the people were dumbfounded by this scene, especially those guys who were ranked in the top ten of the “Killer Heavenly Ranking”, they had once thought of entering the top three of the “Killer Heavenly Ranking”, but now it seemed that this was a fool’s errand, it was simply too difficult to surpa*s “Joker”.

“He killed the dragon so easily!”

Ishida Koji said with some emotion, fingering the short sword in his hand.

He asked himself, if he were to face this terrifying demonic beast, which was extremely close to the “Saint level”, would he be able to defeat it?

After asking, he came to the conclusion that.

“It would be very difficult for him to defeat that ‘Horned Dragon’, and even if he did defeat it, he would definitely have to pay a great price himself.”

He suddenly realised that it was probably necessary for Jefferson to call everyone over, or at least the “Big Three”, as both “Blood Shadow Shura” and this “Joker” were too powerful for Ishida Koji’s expectations.

If it wasn’t for the Joker, it looked like no one would be able to stop the Blood Shadow Shura.

However, the crowd’s thoughts suddenly changed and they were curious about Ye Luo.

Was it because of those “ghosts”?

That “Drinking Tuna” and his ghosts were indeed very strong, but it would be a fool’s errand to try to counter the “Joker”, not to mention that there were two stronger guys, Uncle Dirt, “Sleeping God of Death” and “Son of Death”, who hadn’t yet taken action.

“Looks like the Joker should be able to finish the fight.”

One of the a*sa*sins said with a sigh.

“The top three of the ‘Heavenly Ranking’ are really too scary!”

His words were echoed by everyone, and everyone nodded their heads.

However, something strange happened immediately afterwards, a red light suddenly lit up on the ground where the corpse of the “Horned Dragon” was.

The red light did not come from one place, but formed a complex formation, and not only did it glow, but it was also constantly flowing.

The crowd was very puzzled, when had there been such a formation in this “Colosseum”?

The rest of them didn’t know that this was a “weapon pattern” formation that Ye Lu had drawn on the ground with his martial art “Shaving” when he was fighting with that “Thorn”.

Ye Lu had understood one thing long ago, that is, if he really fought against these twenty a*sa*sins, even if he was strong, even if he had all his cards out, there was absolutely no way he could leave here alive.

The only chance he had was the “summoning technique”.

Other than that, if he could summon a “Yellow Dragon” level demonic beast, he might be able to end this battle.

However, he did not dare to provoke the “Yellow Dragon” again, and he did not dare to use a large amount of blood to use this technique, because although his qi and blood had recovered, he had not fully recovered from the blood loss, so it was most reliable to use the “Blood Formation” and a large amount of beast blood to summon, and there was plenty of beast blood now anyway.

Seeing the blood formation that had been triggered by the dead Horned Dragon, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Good, let’s start with the ‘dragon’ then!”

With these words, he raised his hand, and a large amount of blood suddenly appeared on the ground and merged into the Blood Formation, and the blood aura suddenly became extremely dense.

When he saw this, the Joker, who was still calm, started to panic. He decided that he couldn’t let Ye Lu finish the formation, so he had better kill him first.

“I’m a killer, not a fighter, there’s no need to wait for him to finish the ritual, let’s kill him before he finishes the summoning.”

With this in mind, the Joker rushed forward and slashed at Ye Lu with his huge blade.

As he started to move, the scruffy uncle, who was ranked second in the “Killer Ranking” and known as the “Sleeping God of Killers”, looked at the “Son of Death” and said with a smile.

“This time, the douchebag killer doesn’t even want his dignity, he seems to be scared.”

“The Son of Death didn’t say anything, but quietly looked at Ye Lu’s red light formation, which was so bright that it looked spectacular.

It was night time and there were not many buildings around the Colosseum, so although the noise of the battle was not small, it did not attract the people around.

“What’s wrong with the ‘Colosseum’? Is it on fire?”

“It doesn’t look like a fire, it feels redder than fire, is it releasing fireworks?”

“Hell knows, let’s go over and have a look.”



From all around the Colosseum, people began to gather.

However, those who were present did not care so much, everyone saw the huge sword aura slashing down in the air, the “Blood Shadow Shura” actually did not dodge, but cut his fingers and began to summon.

“Is he desperate?”

“A death summon?”

“Is he even more powerful than a dragon?”


The crowd muttered in disbelief when they saw this scene.

However, right after that, a black thing appeared abruptly on Ye Lu’s head.


The terrifying blade maneuver struck Ye Lu’s body without missing a beat, but the “Burning Heavenly Furnace” and the “Heavenly Rank” armor “Golden Wisp Armor Cloth” together with Ye Lu’s “Prajna Hybrid Vajra Body” blocked the terrifying blow.


A mouthful of blood spurted out from Ye Lu.

“Sh*t! D*mn, this blood was wasted!”

Ye Luo looked at the blood he spat out with some regret, but the summoning had already started and the first dragon shaped demonic beast had appeared.

This was a demonic beast that looked like a snake, this demonic beast was called a “chi” and was also a demonic beast of the dragon genus, without horns but with four dragon claws and a dragon tail.

As soon as this creature appeared, someone exclaimed.

“Saint-level demonic beast!”

“At this time, the original “Demon Dan” had already receded into a “Golden Dan”, which was different from a human’s “Golden Dan”, but was similar in nature, and a demon beast that had achieved the “Golden Dan Dao” could “transform”.

The more powerful the bloodline of a demon beast, the later it will transform. Although this “chi dragon” was a “great demon”, it had not transformed, which meant that the concentration of its ancestral bloodline was not low.

Of course, Ye Luo quickly struck the “Spirit Serving Technique”, and the “chi dragon” rushed towards the “clown” with a strange cry.


At this time, a second dragon shaped demonic beast also appeared.

This was a slightly smaller individual with a tiger-like head and a dragon-like body, but it was actually a type of “dragon” called a “tiger dragon”.

But then, a third dragon shaped demonic beast also appeared.

After summoning the three demonic beasts, Ye Lu looked at the crowd and said coldly.

“Didn’t you all want to kill me? All of you will die here today.”


Chapter 324

After saying these words, the Tiger Jiao and the newly summoned Vicious Viper rushed towards the Egyptian Black Witch Sage Suzanne and Ishida Koji.

At the same time, Ye Lu quickly took out the “medium-grade spirit stones” and gave them to the “Wine Swallow Boy” and gave an explanation.

The “Wine Swallow Boy” quickly distributed the spirit stones to the “evil spirits” under him, while Ye Lu waved his hand, and this time the blood of the fire-attribute demon beasts poured down, and the “Blood Formation” lit up again.

“It looks like we have no choice but to take action.”

Uncle Dirt was also shocked by this scene.

To be honest, there were “summoning techniques” in both the East and the West, such as the Japanese ninja’s “psychic technique” and the “demon summoning technique” used by the Western dark magicians, but this was the first time they had seen such a quick summoning as Ye Lu’s, and it was actually the first time they had summoned a “Saint-level” demon beast.

Of course, they didn’t know that the “martial skills” and “spells” in Ye Lu’s hands were top-notch. Among the “martial skills” in the world, “Earth-rank” was already quite top-notch, and even clans usually only had “Heaven-rank” martial skills, while Ye Lu had a large number of “Saint-rank” martial skills and spells in his hands.

“Even the weakest “Fourth Grade One” demon could be comparable to a human “Jindan Second Turn” expert. Even if the Joker could kill a “Saint Grade” practitioner, it would definitely not be a match for this “chi dragon”.

Therefore, Uncle Dirt was the first to choose to break through.

He and the Son of Death could have crossed the threshold of the Saint Cla*s long ago, but they had not broken through because of the “Killer Saint Ranking”, and they wanted to settle down as much as possible so that they could quickly rise up the “Killer Saint Ranking” after breaking through.

Now it seems that everything will have to be brought forward.

The reason is that they and the Joker are actually from the same family.

A shadow appeared above Uncle Dirt’s head, the God of Sleep, and a shadow appeared above the Son of Death’s head, the God of Death, Thanatos.

“The God of Sleep, the God of Death and the Goddess of Vengeance were all legendarily the children of Nyx, the Goddess of Night, so of course Uncle Dirt and the Son of Death could not let the Joker die.

However, at this moment, everyone noticed that the Joker was also breaking through.


He had originally felt that the demonic beast he had summoned would be able to crush and win, but now it looked like there was another change.

“D*mn you! Who’s afraid of who, come on!”

Ye Lu gritted his teeth, then started the second round of summoning.


A one-legged bird with a long white pointed beak and a blue body with red spots appeared, this bird had hair standing up like flames, and it was none other than the legendary god bird Bi Fang.

Of course, this is only one demonic beast with the bloodline of Bi Fang, and it is still a “Fourth Order, First Grade” demonic beast.

There were two other beasts summoned along with him, a “Fire Phoenix” and a three-legged monster bird with the bloodline of the “Three-legged Golden Crow”.

Bi Fang was the most hot-tempered of them all, and after he appeared, he charged at the clown, but before he could get past him, he was blocked by Uncle Dirt’s “Sleeping God of Killers”.

What surprised Ye Lu was that this Uncle Dirt seemed to be using a mental attack, which was the first time Ye Lu had seen such an attack.

Bi Fang actually seemed to be staggering in front of his opponent as if he was a bit drunk.

However, fortunately, Bifang’s body was so tough that it did not suffer much damage after being attacked by the opponent, and after shaking its head violently, it opened its mouth and spewed out a ball of flame, which was like a fire dragon and instantly lit up the entire Colosseum.

At the eighty exits around the Colosseum, people were pouring in, and when they saw this flaming scene, they were all astonished.

“What is that thing? Is this a movie? The special effects are so realistic!”

“It doesn’t look like special effects yet, look it’s a dragon, an oriental dragon, I’ve seen it in a picture book.”

“I don’t think it’s a film either, there’s no camera in sight.”

“Look, what’s that guy in the middle doing, is it black magic?”


The blood is so bright that it doesn’t look like any serious magic.

After that, the “wind attribute” demonic beasts also appeared.

The leader was a huge white tiger, a descendant of the divine beast White Tiger, called the “White Light Tiger”, which means that when its speed rises, it turns into a white light, and it can also use wind-attributed “magic powers”.

The one who blocked it was the “Son of Death”, who had now turned as black as a black man, and in front of him appeared three huge skeletons, which also appeared to be summoned creatures of the dead.

Even though the summoning technique mainly consumed blood, Ye Lu’s aura was still almost depleted.

Because after all, it was a “Saint Level” demon that was being summoned, and it was impossible not to pay the price.

Of course, this was also the reason why Ye Lu had to create a guarding formation at the same time. This time, Ye Lu had used forty-nine “medium grade spirit stones” to activate this defensive formation.


The attack of the “Son of Death” landed on the defense formation, and a ripple like a ripple immediately lit up, but the transparent balloon-like defense shield shook twice but did not break.

“The defence is really strong!”

The “Son of Death” muttered as he looked at the defence shield, while Ye Lu sat on the ground and frantically ran the spirit stones to replenish the spirit power in his body.

“Saint level demon beasts” was already the strongest demon beast that Ye Lu could barely control at the moment, if he summoned stronger demon beasts, he would undoubtedly be devastated by them.

In fact, even if it was a “Saint-level Demonic Beast”, Ye Lu could only influence it when he used the “Spirit Serving Technique”, but he could not really control it. If a more terrifying thing was summoned, he was afraid that he would be in for a treat.

However, because of various reasons, these three guys did not really kill him in the end.

When he thought of this, Ye Lu suddenly had a movement in his heart, and he suddenly thought of two things and a legend.

Firstly, he thought of the terrifying “Liege Ghost” that he had seen in the “Ritual King’s Mansion” before. That “Liege Ghost” said that he was the descendant of the “Hou Yi Immortal”, and that what he misunderstood was the “Sunset Arrow”.

Secondly, both the Poor Man and the Chiseled Tooth changed their minds after seeing the arrow of the Sunset Arrow.

The last legend is that after Hou Yi shot away the nine suns, Emperor Yao had him kill the six great beasts, including Chisel Teeth, Nine Infants, the Great Wind, Pillsbury, Hierophant and Feng Landon.

“Perhaps this is the only way.”

Ye Lu muttered as he put the three “Exploding Yuan Pills” into his mouth, it was time for this matter to come to an end.

Likewise, the Sons of Death had the same intention, because there were too many people coming in from all the entrances and exits, and they, as killers, did not like being surrounded by people.

The crowd is now broadcasting the situation live to the entire internet.

“Who is that guy, how can he be so powerful? Isn’t that killer the ‘human slaughterer’ of the Bloods?”

“Yes, I know another one, that one is the ‘Joker’ who is number three on the ‘Killer Sky List’ is a madman.”

“Gosh, so many experts, what kind of characters are they besieging!”


However, following that, someone recognized Ye Lu’s identity.

“It’s actually ‘Hundred Victory Shura’! That person is ‘Hundred Victory Shura’, I’ve seen him before.”

One of the people present suddenly pointed at Ye Luo on the “Colosseum” and said in surprise.

This guy was one of the group of people who had returned with Jessica, the Holy Maiden of the Jimi Spirits Clan, and since a branch of the Gothic Blood Clan was located nearby, he had also come to watch the fun.

He was not the only one, as many people participated in the live broadcast and posted the photos, so there were others who recognized Ye Luo’s appearance, especially the seven major organizations of the Underworld, they did not only know “Blood Shadow Shura”, they also knew the people on the “Killer Sky List”, as many of the people on the “Sky List” were also members of the organization.

“Sh*t! That’s a clown, right? Even the top three people on the ‘Heavenly List’ are using them!”

Black Meditation looked at the screen with some surprise.

“No, no, how come the ‘Sleeping God of Killers’, the Black Wizard is also there, and the ‘Son of Death’ is also there ……”

Black Hades stood up violently, because he found that all the top experts on the “Killer Heavenly List” were actually there.