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Super School Student Chapter 313-314

Chapter 313

“What a man! It’s so strong!”

“It’s Haruaki-sama, Haruaki-sama really isn’t dead!”

“Yeah, the only one who can be that strong is Master Haruaki.”

“That’s great!”


Seeing this scene, the Japanese viewers all chattered happily.

Ye Luo also quickly looked up, only to see that the person who came was a somewhat pale looking Yin Yang master, wearing a blue Yin Yang master’s robe and holding a fan in his hand, looking quite majestic, but this person had an evil impetuous look in his majesty.

He blocked the attack of the “Yellow Dragon Projection” with his hand, and then the fan danced so fast that a huge ball of light enveloped the “Yellow Dragon Projection”, and then the ball of light exploded, and countless fragments scattered with light, like a huge firework.

This scene looked so magnificent that even Ye Lu was amazed.

“This Abe Haruaki is really powerful, worthy of being the strongest legendary Yin Yang master.”

To kill the “Yellow Dragon Void” with a single blow, this was definitely not the kind of combat power that an ordinary “Saint Level” powerhouse could possess, it was simply a bit terrifying.

Now, Ye Luo’s heart was also a bit uncertain.

As expected, after killing the “Yellow Dragon”, Abe Haruaki looked towards Ye Lu and flew over without hesitation.

A big hand slapped down on Ye Luo out of thin air.

This guy who could easily kill the “Yellow Dragon”, Ye Luo could not block his blow, not to mention that now Ye Luo was already at the end of his rope, not only had he lost almost all his blood, his weakness had also begun, he could not even walk, he could only let Lin Danni and the others support him, let alone fight back.

As far as everyone was concerned, Ye Lu was dead.

However, just at this moment, someone suddenly flew out from the crowd and then raised his hand to block the slap.


The huge palm shadow was then shattered into countless pieces by this person’s palm.

Seeing this man strike, Ye Lu finally let out a long sigh of relief, while Abe Haruaki tightened his brow as he found that the man in black standing opposite with his hands folded and his face masked was simply unfathomable.

Therefore, he did not dare to make a move, but looked at the man in black and said.

“Your Excellency is definitely going to take care of this matter?”

The man in black then said calmly.


What made Ye Lu and everyone else feel a little surprised was that this person’s voice was actually a female voice, and it sounded like she shouldn’t be too old.

Hearing this person in black’s unquestionable words, Abe Haruaki then thought for a moment before looking at Ye Lu and said.

“‘Stocking Masked Warrior’, I, Abe Haruaki, once again like you to make an appointment to fight, three months later today, I will fight with you at the top of Mount Fuji, if you dare not attend the appointment, the people you value will leave you one by one after all.”

Ye Lu had no doubt that he did have the ability to do so, so he nodded and said.

“Good, but in the meantime, you Japanese cannot do anything against any of the people around me.”

These Japanese people had always been a piece of Ye Luo’s heart, especially for Qin Siyu, and were simply a big problem, so that at least Qin Siyu could live a normal life and finish the film they had planned.

When Ye Lu finished, Abe Haruaki said without thinking.

“Okay, I promise you.”

After saying that, his figure then “brushed!” disappeared far away.

The man in black who was in the air also slowly landed next to Ye Lu, and this man who only showed two eyes looked at Ye Lu for a long time before he said.

“Not bad, I appreciate you, the ‘Shadow of Death’ will help you arrange the next thing, rules are rules, next time you either pay the price or you have to pay a favor, otherwise I won’t help you out.”

After saying this, this man in black also flew away and disappeared.

After this disappearance, Ye Lu smiled, the development of things made him satisfied, this person in black said that she could “pay a favor”, that meant that she recognized herself extremely well, maybe she would let herself take a favor to help herself out once more.

After all, to Ye Lu, a single strike was a life, but to the other party, it was just a handful.

The person who just did it was the mysterious “Lord of the Underground”. Ye Lu knew that this trip to Japan would definitely involve many risks, so he had greeted the “Lord of the Underground” in advance and used this opportunity to do it for free.

In fact, the “Lord of the Underground” was also extremely surprised by Ye Lu’s performance. On several occasions, she thought that Ye Lu would have to ask for his help, but in the end, Ye Lu actually managed to survive and even won the final victory, which made her more and more impressed with Ye Lu.

The woman actually dispatched Abe Haraki with a single word, which was actually beyond everyone’s expectation.

Although the incident has come to an end, the internet and the capital are just beginning to buzz about Ye’s trip to Japan.

First, he took down the Seoul airport in Korea, then he killed Hattori Fumimasa in Busan, then he bloodied Hattori, Miyamoto, the 53 families of Koga Ryu and the 49 houses of Iga Ryu, haunted Tokyo with 10,000 ghosts, fought against the Temple of Clearwater, then he brought down the Clear Sky Tower and killed the Sword Saint.

The final battle was against the Great Yin Yang Master “Abe Haruaki”.

The “Stocking Masked Man” has gone from being a minor character in the streets to a popular idol, and many manufacturers are now making the same stockings and clothes as the “Stocking Masked Man”.

There are also companies developing online and handheld games of the same name, ready to make a fortune out of the opportunity.

The happiest people were Qin Shiyu, Ye Yan and Long Fei Xue, who all called Ye Lu, but Ye Lu was so weak that he could hardly return his calls, so he just cut it short and told the girls that he would not return to China for the time being because he had other things to do.

He was going to “Rome” in Eastern Europe this time.

Although Romania was the birthplace of the Bloods, it was said that Liu Mei was imprisoned in a branch of the Bloods’ clan in Rome.

Of course, this information is not very certain, because Europe is the territory of the Bloods and the Three Mythologies, and the Shadow of Death does not operate very well there.

“The Bloods are a very mysterious race, said to be related to the legendary Cain, the Progenitor of Evil, and Lilith, the Witch of the Night, but in any case a very unpleasant group.

The Gothic Bloods are just a part of the Bloods, just like the Yakuza in Japan are just a part of the human power.

Seeing Ye Lu’s weak appearance, the people of Death’s Shadow also became worried.

But Ye Luo waved his hand and said.

“It’s fine, you guys can send me to Rome, Lin Danni, you should hurry back to your country to find Qin Shiyu.

However, Lin Danni was only an ordinary person and had just been imprisoned, so she could not let out too much blood, so Ye Lu only left some of it and then followed the people from Death’s Shadow.

Lin Danni wept as she watched Ye Lu leave, her initial taunting of Ye Lu and her targeting of Qin Shiyu were still fresh in her mind, but she never thought that Ye Lu would risk his life to save herself in Japan.

She was at a loss as to what to say.

Before he left for Rome, Ye Luo claimed the “Sumeru Ring” and took everything he could carry with him, including the boatload of animal blood.

It didn’t take long for Ye Lu to be taken away by a plane, one of whose cabins was obviously specially made, as it had a large room with a bed, a bathroom, a place to take a shower, a variety of drinks, and even two beautiful women to keep him company, both of whom were, of course, serious women, masters of the Shadow of Death.

However, Ye Luo did not know that he had already made it to the top of a list due to his performance in Japan.


Chapter 314

The list that Ye Lu was on was called the “Blood List”, and like the previous “Killer Sky List” and “Killer Earth List”, it was a list created by some people in the jianghu, and many people recognized these lists and found them interesting, so over time, the various lists became the object of conversation.

The “Blood List” is, to put it plainly, a ranking of the number of killers, a ranking of who has killed more people.

Of course, this list was purely about the “number of kills”, so it had little to do with strength.

At the moment, Ye Lu was in the top ten of this list.

To be honest, when he heard this news from one of the beauties, Ye Lu was really surprised. He was surprised that he had killed so many people and was only ranked at “10th”.

“According to incomplete statistics, you have killed around 20,000 people this time, you have successfully turned into one of the ‘Top Ten Killers’ in the world.”

Another beautiful woman said with a smile while looking at Ye Luo while looking at her phone.

Ye Luo then asked curiously.

“I’d like to know, the number one God of Kill, how many people has he killed?”

That beautiful woman said with a sigh when she heard Ye Luo’s words.

“Hey, you’re still far from him, that B*****d wiped out a country.”

“Holy Sh*t!”

Hearing this woman’s words, Ye Lu really didn’t feel calm, exterminating a country, what kind of bullish character is this!

“Who is this B*****d?”

Ye Lu asked curiously.

As a result, the beautiful woman shook her head and said.

“I don’t know, because the list says ‘nameless and strong’, I guess it’s a hidden expert, you probably don’t know it yet, actually the strongest people are those you haven’t seen, those hidden high masters and clans already have no interest in the ‘secular world ‘ don’t have the slightest interest in them anymore, I’m afraid they don’t even have the interest to look at them, so the ‘secular world’ doesn’t even know about them, but they are the ones who are truly powerful and terrifying.”

Hearing this beautiful woman’s words, Ye Luo also nodded, he felt that what this beautiful woman said seemed to be reasonable, those unknown ones were the most terrifying, such as the “Haotian Continent” that kept appearing, but Ye Luo did not know where it was.

However, after that, the beautiful woman said with a straight face.

“However, you may meet another person from the ‘Blood Ranking’ in Europe this time, also an expert from the ‘Killer Heaven Ranking’, nicknamed ‘Human Slaughter’ Blood expert, he has accumulated over 30,000 kills and is currently ranked seventh.”

After hearing this beautiful woman finish, Ye Lu nodded his head.

If he wanted to fight an expert, he would definitely have to play his cards, but these cards would be fine if it was a duel or something like that, but if it was a group fight with another expert, Ye Lu would be out of luck, especially during the weak period of the “Exploding Yuan Dan”, if there were any more people, it would be a death sentence.

Therefore, if time allowed, Ye Lu would like to gather the ninth strand of aura before starting the battle.

It would take about ten hours to fly from Tokyo to Rome, so it would be a good time to adjust to the situation.

At this time, that beautiful woman looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“I’m really curious, what do you really look like, actually sleeping with stockings on.”

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“It’s for everyone’s sake, if you really saw my looks, wouldn’t you have to keep it as a secret in your heart, something like a secret will have internal injuries if you keep it in for too long.”

As a result, that beautiful woman disdainfully brushed her mouth.

With that, Ye Lu rested for a few hours first, which was a period of weakness anyway.

However, during the few hours he rested, the internet didn’t stop for a moment, everyone was discussing the “Silk Stocking Masked Man” until late at night, especially the students of Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine, including Nie Yibiao and others, who were drinking until late at night.

They were all a bit tipsy.

Mu Zi Ze looked at the other people and said.

“Do you guys think this ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ could be Ye Lu?”

Hearing his words, Nie Yibiao then laughed and said.

“Don’t be ridiculous, how could it be him, we still don’t know how much he weighs, a guy who gets a nosebleed even at a meeting, his body is weak, how could he be that powerful.”

Hearing Nie Yibiao say this, Mu Zize also froze for a moment, however, he followed and said.

“You have a point, but do you guys remember, during that battle at the ‘Top of Purple Gold’, Ye Lu said that he had diarrhea or something and disappeared, he wasn’t with us when the Japanese came to ‘slaughter the city’, and this time as well , isn’t that a bit too much of a coincidence.”

After he said that, several people fell into deep thought, but then, following that, Nie Yibiao said.

“I still don’t think it’s possible, this should just be a coincidence, look, the first time at the ‘Top of Purple and Gold’ was indeed a bit weird, but later on, Ye Luo was never very good, not something that suddenly disappeared.”

Hearing him explain like that, the others, the girls who were protecting Shen Luyan and the others also nodded their heads.

“Yeah, Ye Luo is indeed also quite powerful, can catch ghosts, but that ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ is really too powerful, pushed down the ‘Clear Sky Tower’.”

Shen Luyan said with some emotion.

The crowd nodded once again.

On the other hand, Ye Luo had been sleeping for more than five hours before he got up, the period of weakness had long pa*sed, Ye Luo felt full of energy again, it was only a pity that there was no way to replenish his blood energy so quickly, his mental state was good, his physical state was still a bit bad.

He first took out the three pieces of loot he had obtained this time and studied them again.

After all, the space in this “Sumeru Ring” was so big that Ye Lu felt that he could put down a rack of helicopters without any problem, and these beast blood and miscellaneous items in it were not even enough to stuff his teeth.

“I guess the Japanese side is going to be in pain this time.”

Ye Luo stroked the ring and said with a smile, such a thing really belonged to the category of “magic weapon”, but in fact, in terms of rarity, it was much more precious than “magic treasure”.

Why do you say so?

In fact, the space in this “Sumeru Ring” is not smaller than that of a “magic treasure”, but this ring can be used by people below the “Jindan Realm”, which undoubtedly lowers the threshold for use and raises the level of preciousness, which is why it is called “Saint Grade”.

Ye Lu felt that if the Japanese side hadn’t been so confident in their own backhand, they wouldn’t have gambled with such a thing.

It was a pity that they had lost the bet.

After that, Ye Lu performed a blood recognition on the jade pendant hanging around his neck, “One Leaf Bodhi”.

After acknowledging the owner, he found that in this “One Leaf Bodhi” was a “spiritual field”, the area of the “spiritual field” was not large, only an acre or so, but, to Ye Lu’s surprise, there were actually some plants growing on it, but, since it was not something that Ye Lu could see through his gla*ses, there was no way for Ye Lu to know what such things were, so he could only wait for them to mature.

Of course, if he knew that the Japanese cultivation community was aching for the precious things in here, he would be overjoyed.

The last item was the “God Beast’s Egg”, which was the most puzzling thing for Ye Lu, because it was the one that had all the information on the gla*ses showing “? The name, level, source and everything was unknown, as if this item was beyond the knowledge of the gla*ses, but the characterization of this item was stated in the “Introduction”, two words “beast egg”.

“This is really strange, no wonder they can’t handle it!”

Ye Lu’s curiosity was also aroused, but after studying it for half a day, he couldn’t come up with an answer, so he had to give up.

After getting off the plane, Ye Lu did not rush to the Gothic Blood branch in Rome as his Qi was not restored, but first went for a stroll around the area to get a basic understanding of the situation and to restore his Qi.

As a result, he found that the branch of the Gothic Bloods was located not far from the Colosseum in ancient Rome.

The oval-shaped building, with a long axis of nearly 200 metres and a solid wall of more than 50 metres high, looked extremely spectacular and was said to be able to accommodate 90,000 people to watch the Best*al show.

In the afternoon, Ye Lu thought about it and started to contact the Gothic Bloods in the “Underworld App” as “Blood Shadow Shura”.

However, at this moment, he did not know that he was about to cause a big stir in Europe.