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Super School Student Chapter 301-302

Chapter 301

The Iga ninja were destroyed, and Abe Ryuun did not return, which made Abe Ryufeng very uneasy. His brother was only one realm younger than himself, and although he was much less powerful, Abe Ryufeng asked himself that even if he personally took action, it would be very difficult to destroy the Iga ninja and the reinforcements he had sent.

It is true that Abe Ryuho also has a “native spirit beast”, but each person can only have one “native spirit beast”, and he could not figure out why there was such a large group of demonic beasts following Ye Lu, unless there was one possibility, that is, Ye Lu’s The “original spirit beast” is something like the “wine swallow boy”, a “beast king”.

The reason why the “Wine Swallow Boy” in the three demons is terrifying is not because of its own combat power, but because it has the ability to command a hundred demons, and wherever it goes, a hundred demons will be subservient. teams, how do you fight?

“This is the reason why the Sake Swallow Boy is one of the top three monsters.

“It looks like we have to find a way to limit each other!”

Abe Rufus silently thought about it.

At that moment, a subordinate came in and said.

“Reporting to Lord ‘Sir’, we have found out some information, the one who really destroyed the ‘Iga Ninja’ was not the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’, but a terrifying demonic beast, and those bats, this is a video that someone nearby took by chance, take a look.”

Abe Liufeng took the phone and saw the scene of the “poor man” spitting fire and slaughtering the city.

When he saw this scene, Abe also drew a breath of cold air, he was indeed good at psionics and could summon powerful demonic beasts, such as “Cla*s 9 demonic beasts”, however, he could obviously tell that this “Poor Qi” was not an ordinary demonic beast, especially when he saw the various attacks In front of the “Poor Qi”, it was just like a hairy rain that could not cause any damage at all.

“No wonder he was able to destroy the Iga Sect, I’m afraid this guy is close to the level of a ‘great demon’.”

Abe Ryuho said darkly after thinking about it.

“It looks like we can’t let the other side use the ‘summoning technique’ either!”

The media and the internet were now in an uproar, waiting for a response from the Yakuza, especially the people trapped in Tokyo, who were furious at the Yakuza’s delay in responding.

Many journalists from the media, as well as members of the public, ran to the entrance of the Yakuza to get an answer from the Yakuza, and before dawn thousands of people had gathered outside the Yakuza. Thousands of people had already gathered outside.

“Sir, what do you think we should do now?”

The people below were shocked by the scene, it looked like the “Yin Yang Laogai” was in trouble.

Abe said after some thought.

“Okay, go and issue a statement saying that I can agree to the battle, but I cannot use demonic beasts or ghosts such as the ‘Original Spirit Beast’ in the battle, and if the Masked Silk Stocking Man agrees, I will fight him. ”

The subordinate hurried off to make the announcement, while also receiving the reporters and the crowd of angry people at the door.

“Bugger! What does the ‘Yin Yang Liao’ mean by asking for a fight with so many conditions?”

“That’s right, are they afraid of each other?”

“‘Yin Yang Riao’ is too much of a coward!”

“There’s no bushido spirit at all, how many more people will die in Tokyo if they keep going on like this?”


This statement immediately aroused the nation’s discontent, because the proposed conditions were clearly an attempt to avoid the seriousness of the situation and attack the weaknesses of the other side with the strengths of the other side, because even a fool would know that the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” is powerful with those “ghost bats” and ghosts and so on.

People had never seen the Masked Silk Stocking Man fight alone, so many people felt that the “Yin Yang Liu” approach showed that they were not confident and also looked shameless.

The Chinese media, on the other hand, were all over the place, cursing the “Yin Yang Liao” and telling the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” not to accept such an unreasonable request and to just flatten Tokyo.

Ye Lu laughed at the statement.

To be honest, he didn’t want the “Ghost Bats” to participate in the war, fighting against a “Level 9 Master”, these “Ghost Bats” were bound to suffer heavy casualties, and even if Moreover, even if all the “ghost bats” were to fight, it would be very difficult to kill the opponent in the short term.

As for summoning the “poor man’s bat” again, Ye Lu could no longer do so, for something like the “cat again” could not be caught casually, so Abe Liu Feng said he could not use the “psychic technique”. This was exactly what Ye Luo wanted.

So, Ye Luo quickly replied.

“Yes! Three days later, at eight in the morning, the battle will be held at Qing Shui Temple.”

“The Temple of Clear Water was not far from Kyoto City, and was one of the most famous ancient buildings in Kyoto City, and the temple was built on a mountain, which was a good place to fight.

The people of Tokyo were relieved to see that the Masked Man in Silk Stockings had agreed, but they suddenly felt as if the Masked Man in Silk Stockings was reasonable and the Yin Yang Riao but shameless.

As the “ghost bats” and ghosts in downtown Tokyo disappeared, the talk became more and more vocal, especially when it was reported that the only people who had actually died during the entire rampage were “Hattori”, “Miyamoto” and “Miyagi”. “Miyamoto, Koga and Iga, it became clear that the stocking masked man “The stockinged masked man was originally intended for the Yin Yang Ryu.

In other words, it was the Yakuza who were responsible for the whole thing, but the fact that the Yakuza were still so weak was unacceptable to everyone.

Many people spoke up and said that they should all die.

In China, everyone was worried whether the Masked Silk Stocking Man would be able to defeat the chief of the Yin Yang Squad, as everyone with a discerning eye felt that although the Masked Silk Stocking Man was unpredictable, he was not too advanced. He had fought the beast girl, Huo Huan, with great effort at first.

At that time, Huo Huan was not even a Grandmaster.

Of course, the scene of Ye Lu’s brutal beating of the “Sake-tun boy” in the “Battle of Slaughter City” impressed everyone, as did the devastating victory on the trip to Japan, which made everyone feel great.

So, with the exception of some, everyone was cheering for the Masked Man in Silk Stockings.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, was thinking of something else.

To fight “Sir” Abe Liufeng, Ye Luo’s current cultivation level was definitely not enough. If he did not use anything like “Flame” or “Heaven Stealing Pill”, he would only be able to fight against a “Level 5 Grandmaster” with his unbelievable martial skills.

Using the “Flame Power” to raise one level of combat power, using the “Heaven Stealing Pill” to raise another level of combat power, and then using the strongest blow, “Burning Heaven’s Wrath”, he still could not fight against it! “Moreover, it was obvious that Abe Liufeng was not an ordinary rank nine master.

Therefore, Ye Luo must prepare well in advance, for this battle is not only about his own life, but also about the honour of both countries.

If he lost this battle, he would undoubtedly lose face to the whole of Japan. Moreover, he had proposed the terms of this duel first, and if he lost again, he would feel ashamed to face others.

“Go and bring the ‘forbidden medicine’ from the squad, this time we will have to go all out.”

Abe said as he looked at his subordinate.

The so-called “forbidden medicine” was also something like the “military ration pill” that could improve combat power for a short time, but the side effects were so great that not only did you have to stay in bed for a long time after using it, but it would also affect your training in the future. The effect is actually average.

The reason for this is that in this world, there are many people who can make “military ration pills”, but there are too few people who can make high grade pills.

Seeing that Abe Liufeng was even thinking of using a “forbidden pill”, the people below him asked, somewhat puzzled.

“Sir, is this necessary?”

Abe said with a straight face.

“This will be the most important battle of my life, even if my meridians are damaged, even if my cultivation will not improve any more, I still want to win this battle.”

On the other side, Ye Lu also had the same thought.


Chapter 302

For Abe Liufeng, the three days were optional, but for Ye Lu, it was a matter of time. He first released the ghosts left behind in the Soul Tower and asked them to empty the treasures hidden by the Iga ninja, then contacted the Shadow of Death and asked them to help him find a secluded cave.

He had to take advantage of the three days to prepare himself.

This battle was the most unsure battle in Ye Lu’s life, but the one he could not afford to lose.

However, what Ye Lu did not know was that although there were still three days to go, a large number of people had already started to gather at the “Qing Shui Temple”.

The Chinese in Japan, many Japanese people, shrine masters, and all sorts of people were gathering around the Qing Shui Temple.

In China, many people began to fly to the “Qing Shui Temple” in Japan, all wanting to witness the amazing fight of the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings”.

“Ye Lu, are you sure? I’m worried sick.”

Qin Shiyu asked anxiously on the other side of the phone.

She didn’t expect things to get so big, she had intended to let Ye Lu save Lin Danni, but she didn’t expect that Ye Lu would turn Japan upside down.

Ye Lu smiled and Qin Siyu said.

“Don’t worry, Siyu, they dare to come to China to ma*sacre the city, I must make them pay the price before they do, have you forgotten the saying ‘those who offend my China will be punished even if they are far away’, even death will not spare them.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Qin Siyu could only nod silently.

After that, Ye Yan, Long Fei Xue, Mo Xiaomi and the others also called, all a little worried about Ye Luo.

Only that ninny Lin Ru Yue said arrogantly on the phone.

“Master, get them, I’m not happy with these grandsons when I look at them.”

For all these concerns, Ye Luo had to rea*sure everyone one by one, after they were all taken care of, Ye Luo then started to really prepare for this battle.

The first thing he had to prepare for was to raise his cultivation level. Ye Lu was not sure if he could raise it to “nine auras”, but now was not the time to be stingy with spirit stones.

The second thing to prepare is to sort out the treasures from the Iga ninja and see if there are any that can be used.

“The Iga ninja were good at all kinds of “magic weapons” and “firearms” and so on, so they must have some powerful treasures.

It was a set of soft armor, with both upper and lower garments, and the rare thing was that it was a set of “Heavenly Grade” protective soft armor, which of course was not made by someone, but was also from the “Haotian Continent”, and was called “Golden Wisp Armor Cloth”.

“Great, even the Weapon Sect can’t give this away, I guess there are not many pieces in the whole of Japan.”

With this armour coat, one’s chances of saving one’s life would be even greater.

After that, Ye Lu found another pair of gloves from the pile, the grade of this pair of gloves was not very high, but the material of the gloves was very good, Ye Lu erased all the “weapon patterns” on the gloves, and then put the gloves aside, this was the strongest preparation he had to make, and also the preparation to decide the victory, so he would do it later.

The third thing he had to do was to make the “Explosive Yuan Dan”, a stronger short-term pill than the “Heaven Stealing Pill” to increase his cultivation, but of course, the side effects were even greater.

In addition, Ye Lu had to cultivate his first “Saint Level” martial art, which was the ultimate version of the “Ghost Shadow Steps”, the “Rakshasa Ghost Steps”.

A “Saint Grade” martial skill was the most heavenly martial skill, and its use was comparable to a “spell” that could only be used by a “Jindan Realm”, making it a truly powerful weapon.

As for the Sake Swallow Boys, after the battle in Tokyo, the Sake Swallow Boys had lost all of their ghosts, and now only the Sake Swallow Boys and a handful of elites were left.

The medicine materials brought from the Koga ninja were complete, and the flame in Ye Lu’s body was now quite strong, so it didn’t take long for the “Exploding Yuan Pill” to be successfully made.

This time, Ye Lu did not draw an “artifact pattern” for attack or defense, but an “artifact pattern” for energy storage.

To put it plainly, it was an “artefact pattern” that could store certain attributes or energy.

The two hands did not have the same “weapon pattern”, as he would use his left hand to store the “Ghostly Inferno” and his right hand to store the “Red Lotus Karmic Flame”.

This was Ye Lu’s ultimate plan. Since it would be difficult for him to succeed even if he used his strongest power, he might as well reserve his energy in advance and then launch a terrifying strike.

Of course, the Fire Fox had not yet finished refining the “Fire Pill”, so he had to keep raising the level of the “Red Lotus Flame” for the next three days.

Early the next morning, Jasmine arrived in Japan and found Ye Lu.

“This is the ‘Super Excellent Luminous Stone’ I brought you, and there is also a gift from the clan master for you.”

Hearing that it was a gift from the Patriarch of the Hundred Flowers Sect, Ye Lu was also curious to know what the Patriarch of the Hundred Flowers would give him.

As a result, when the cloth bag was opened, it was a pen.

“Name: Pen of Dharma Enlightenment, Grade: Heavenly Grade Upper Grade Dharma Treasure, Origin: Haotian Continent, Description: The most precious treasure for refining ‘Dharma Weapons’ and ‘Dharma Treasures’, fusing the wonders of Dharma itself, it is the best choice for drawing ‘Dharma Patterns’ and upgrading artifacts ……”

This is a “heavenly-ranked top-grade magic treasure”, a “magic treasure” is a grade higher than the magic weapon itself, and it is also a “heavenly-ranked”, this gift is too expensive, of course, this is one of the gifts Ye Lu wanted most.

Seeing Ye Lu’s surprised expression, Jasmine smiled and said.

“The Sovereign said that this thing is useless in her place, the so-called ‘treasure sword for heroes’, the Sovereign said that such a thing will only be in your hands so as not to disgrace it, besides the Sovereign said that when you have time you must make a trip to the Hundred Flowers Sect.”

Ye Lu nodded solemnly, having given himself such a big gift, he really should have returned the favour.

Following that, Jasmine took out a bunch of delicious and drinkable things from the package again and said with a smile.

“I know you’ll be busy, so I’ve brought all the things you’ll be eating and drinking for the next few days as well.”

With that, Ye Lu began to prepare himself with good food and drink, but, to his surprise, he learned the “Rakshasa Ghost Step” very quickly, and learnt it the next day, so Ye Lu began to try other “spells”.

As a result, he found that his aura was still low compared to using ‘spells’, and the occasional ‘spell’ that he could activate stumbled and was difficult to use smoothly.

“It looks like I’ll have to wait for a big step up in my cultivation level before I can really use ‘spells’.”

As Ye Lu said, he threw a ball of aura that he had condensed, which was originally the same as the “fire bomb spell”, but this was the effect he had when he used it, the speed was such that even a faster ordinary person could dodge it.

In no time at all, the three days were up.

On the mountain where the “Clearwater Temple” is located, countless spectators had gathered, and tents were everywhere on the mountain, as many people had come two or three days in advance.

“The temple was built on the slope of the mountain, so there was a huge platform on one side, and it was on this platform that the battle was to take place.

“Abe Ryuho, the “governor” of the Yin Yang Laos, had already arrived early, wearing a tall black hat and a white coat with wide sleeves, the most cla*sic of all Yin Yang master’s clothes, the “kari”.

He was sitting upright and holding a fan made of some unknown material.

Immediately afterwards, the crowd below the stage stirred as the other main character of the day, the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings”, appeared on the stage.