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Super School Student Chapter 297-298

Chapter 297

By the time the “Yin Yang Ryu” learned of the news, the Koga ninja dojo had been burned to the ground.

“Send someone to the ‘Iga Division’.”

Abe Ryuun immediately realised that the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” was targeting the four ninja families that had participated in the “Capital Ma*sacre”, first the Hattori family, then the Miyamoto, and this time the Koga ninja’s headquarters, so the Iga ninja were the only ones left.

“I’m afraid this is going to be a problem. If word of this gets out, it’s going to cause panic throughout the country.”

Just now the “Yin Yang Riao” had issued a statement, and now one of its own ninja groups had been destroyed again, and it was the famous “Koga Ninja” group.

However, it was not for the Yin Yang Ryu to stop this. The fire at Iidao Mountain could not be hidden, and soon everyone around knew that something had happened.

“The headquarters of the Fifty-Three Clans of Koga have been destroyed.”

“This is too horrible, who else can stop this devil!”

“Didn’t the people from the ‘Yin Yang Riao’ say that they told everyone to rest a*sured that it was okay.”

“Rea*sured of what? How can you be rea*sured like that.”

“Yes, it’s better to evacuate Tokyo.”


While everyone was talking, the “Yin Yang Riao” people were also pulling people to the “Iga Ninja” group’s location.

The other thing is that Ye Luo is contacting the people of the “Shadow of Death”.

“If we can avenge the ‘Capital Ma*sacre’, we are willing to provide free help.”

“The people from Death’s Shadow were quick to agree, and immediately started to act.

Ye Lu asked them to take the “Ghost Niche” and the “Sake Swallow Boy” into Tokyo, but the “Ghost Niche” was easier to deal with, and the “Sake Swallow Boy” was a bit of a problem.

In fact, before that, Ye Lu had already shot a group of “ghost bats” to Tokyo in advance.

When the people of Death’s Shadow saw that the “Sake Swallow Boy” had already reached the level of “Seventh Level Master”, they were shocked.

“This ghost and I have established a contract, so there will be no betrayal, but it is a problem to convey and respond to my orders, so I need you to send a good person to cooperate with me.”

Ye Luo said as he looked at the people of Death’s Shadow.

The distance from Kyoto to Tokyo was so far away that it was definitely impossible to use that kind of flute, and Ye Lu felt that the other party must have other flutes, so if he opened up the ability of the “Sake-Ton Boy”, then it would definitely cause unnecessary trouble.

Therefore, Ye Lu decided to use the mobile phone to control the “Sake Swallow Boy”, but the problem was that it was easy to get the “Sake Swallow Boy” to answer the mobile phone, but it couldn’t speak and the reply was a big problem, so it needed a person to help.

“Don’t worry about that, our ‘Shadow of Death’ will definitely cooperate fully, we’ve wanted to get back this scene for a long time, but unfortunately our power in Japan is too weak, and you know it’s hard to send in a large number of experts.”

Ye Lu nodded, then gave a careful explanation, including a long chat with the “Wine Swallow Boy”, before letting them leave.

“Do you have to deal with the Iga Ninja and the Yin Yang Ryu next, are you sure about that?”

Ye Luo made an “OK” gesture and said.

“Don’t worry, I can handle it, it just takes a bit of time, by the way, let me confirm one thing with you, that ‘Yin Yang Squad’ is very proud, right, I mean, they are very concerned about their reputation, right?”

The head of the Shadow of Death in Japan nodded and said.

“Yes, very proud, they are different from ninjas, who basically do whatever they can to get what they want, and can often endure humiliation, but these ‘shinigami’ are very dignified, even more so than those samurai who would commit harakiri at the drop of a hat.”

“Another thing I want to remind you is that most of the ‘Iga ninja’ will run away. For the ‘Iga ninja’, there is no sole master and there is no such thing as allegiance, they will follow whoever is strong, so although they are strong So although they are powerful, they have no sense of propriety.”

The man in charge was right, and at the moment the Iga ninja were preparing to leave.

For example, the Hattori ninja that Ye Lu had killed earlier, including Hattori Hanzo, were all part of the Iga ninja.

In Iga, there is a temple called “Iga Shikonin”, and the main hall of this temple is surrounded by forty-nine Yamabushi houses, and a large building including the temple is the headquarters of the “Iga Ninja”.

“As one of the two most famous ninja groups in Japan, the Iga ninja have many disciples, but the three families that control the power of the Iga ninja are the Hattori, Momiji and Fujibayashi clans, also known as the three Iga shinobi.

However, the Hattori clan, one of the three, had already established itself, so the Momiji clan and the Fujibayashi clan were the only two left, and at the moment, they had already made a quick agreement and were hurrying to talk.

But the Yin Yang Riao would not let them do so. Now that the three families had been destroyed, if the Iga ninja ran away again, public opinion would be overwhelmed and things would be really bad.

So they had to hold on to the Iga ninja as the last straw.

Therefore, the Yin Yang Riao sent many of their strongest men to the Iga 49th House, where the Iga ninja were located, and they were going to bring back the Hattori, Miyamoto, Koga ninja and Iga ninja from Tokyo, as there were actually more ninja in Tokyo than in the various headquarters.

However, before they could act, news had arrived from Tokyo that those spooky “ghost bats” had appeared in Tokyo’s most famous “Kabukicho”, and that the number of casualties had not yet been determined, while the whole of Tokyo was in chaos, with traffic jams and panic.

“Sir, Tokyo is in chaos, and I’m afraid the ninjas in Tokyo will not be able to return, and I’m a bit worried that the guy will really attack Tokyo, and the whole country will be in a panic.”

The news was quickly relayed to the Chief, the head of the four leaders of the Yin Yang Rao.

At the moment, the Magistrate was guarding the place where the Iga ninja were, while the other two leaders, the Second Magistrate and the Master, were somewhere in the small secret world, guarding the body of Haruaki Abe, who had been unconscious for centuries.

It is said that it was someone from China who struck him, and it was because Abe Haruaki was suddenly struck that there was a huge lack of heritage in the Yin Yang Liao, and so far there has been no more “Saint” level super masters in the Liao.

The situation was similar to that of the four ancient martial arts clans, except that they had developed much better than the ancient martial arts clans and had many ninja following them.

When he heard the report from his subordinates, the “chief”, who was also the head of the “Yin Yang Riao”, the head of the Abe family, Abe Liu Feng, nodded and said.

“In that case, let them stay in Tokyo, I hope they can solve the crisis there, but if things get too big, the ‘shrine’ will take action.”

But, having said that, Abe Ryuho felt that this time it would not be easy to handle.

He had seen the “ghost bats” on the video, but they were so small and stealthy that they could hide anywhere and were very difficult to detect.

Of course, what he doesn’t know is that something much, much more terrifying has arrived in Tokyo before dawn, and that it is the Sake Swallow Boy and his army of ghosts that will be the strongest force in this battle.

Ye Lu brought out all the medicines that could be used to improve the fighting power of the “style ghosts” from the “Iidoyama Dojo”, not with the bracelet of course, but with the ghosts of the “sake swallow boy”.

Then, Ye Lu fed all these things to these ghosts overnight.

The “Wine Swallow Boy” had been forcibly raised by a small level, so these medicines were definitely useless to it, but they were a great tonic to the other ghosts.

At that time, in order to slaughter the city in China, the “Society of the Extreme Way” tried to find very high level evil spirits, some of them were only a small realm lower than the “Sake-swallow Boy” at that time, and now many of them have reached the level of 5th or 6th level master, these guys are absolutely terrifying.

The answer to the question of how to deal with the Iga ninja asked by the Japanese head of the Shadow of Death was already known to Ye Lu, and that was to “kill them directly”.


Chapter 298

“There were thousands of Ghost Bats, and they were all at the Sovereign level. All of them should be able to destroy the Iga ninja, but there was no doubt that the Ghost Bats were bound to suffer a lot of casualties.

Therefore, Ye Luo was not prepared to do anything brutal.

Moreover, the “Yin Yang Riao” would definitely not stand idly by this time, so the Yin Yang masters would definitely take part in the fight, and since the “Sake Tun Boy” had been sent away, Ye Lu needed a new high-end combatant.

Ye Lu had a plan for this, and that was to use the “summoning technique” to summon a helper.

In the description of the “Summoning Technique”, it was written that the “Summoning Technique” could summon a summoned beast of higher realm and stronger combat power than oneself, but of course, whether the summoned beast could be controlled or not was a matter of opinion.

This is why it is also called “Blood Summoning”.

“Blood Summoning requires two kinds of blood, one is the summoner’s own blood and the other is the blood used for the “sacrifice”, one cannot be used without the other.

Of course, the amount of both depends on the summoner’s own allocation. One can use a lot of “sacrificial” blood, which has the advantage of doing less damage to the summoner himself, but the need for “sacrificial blood” will be great, or the other way around, using more of his own blood, but the problem is that he will suffer more damage.

Ye Lu wanted to use the first summoning technique, and the blood he wanted to use was the blood of that “cat again”, and Ye Lu’s storage bracelet was now full of stored blood.

However, this could only be done at night, so all Ye Lu had to do now was to practice the “summoning technique”.


Finally, it wasn’t a woman this time, a huge monkey appeared.

“Name: Wilderness Vajra, Rank: 3rd Order 2nd Grade, Source: Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts, Profile: OK in terms of force, but a bit silly in personality ……”

Seeing this monkey appear, Ye Lu was still very happy, at least what he summoned out this time was another rank higher than before.

However, right after that, this gorilla ran over and hugged and kissed and nibbled on Ye Lu.

“Sh*t! It looks like a female vajra, but this is too enthusiastic.”

Ye Luo hurriedly sent this one back again, because maintaining these summoned beasts to stay on earth also consumed stamina and aura, and he still had to use these for his next summoning.


Then, he started a new round of summoning, this time using a “Heaven Stealing Pill”.


Another huge demonic beast appeared, this time a green, sinuous, coiled python with a sharp horn on its head and a mouth full of sharp teeth.

“Not bad this time, it’s a ‘Jiao Long’, or a ‘Third Order, Third Grade’ demonic beast, really the effect is good after using the ‘Heaven Stealing Pill’, so let’s do it again while we still have the stamina.”

Ye Luo started his third summoning while he had not exhausted his stamina and aura.

In this way, Ye Lu practiced his “summoning technique” while feeding the “ghost bat” and quietly watched the development.

Perhaps because it was the middle of the day, in just a few hours’ time, the story of Japan’s chaos spread throughout the internet.

The whole of Japan was shocked, not so much because of the damage done to the population, but for several reasons.

Secondly, there was no practical solution.

The purpose of the “ghost bats” was to create a disturbance, so the small group of “ghost bats”, under the command of their leader, divided into small groups and started to cause trouble everywhere, and the “ghost bats” were small and could fly, so it was too easy to escape, which made the plan to capture the “ghost bats” almost useless.

Thirdly, there is the pressure and public opinion from China. The Chinese netizens have been promoting the idea that Japan must be made to pay in blood, so the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” will definitely cleanse Tokyo in blood.

On the other hand, the mood in China is completely different, most of them are in the mood of revenge, as tens of thousands of innocent people were involved in the “ma*sacre”, and everyone is looking forward to the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” to avenge the death of these brothers and sisters.

The company has been following the development of Qin Siyu, and Long Fei Xue and other people are also a bit emotional, especially Qin Siyu, she did not expect Ye Lu to save Lin Danni so quickly, but also in Tokyo, Japan to make such a big noise, this is simply unimaginable.


“The main hall of the Iga Forty-nine Houses.

“The patriarch of the Momiji clan, Momiji Denpong, and the patriarch of the Fujibayashi clan, Fujibayashi Takeshi, were accompanying the judge, Abe Ryuun, who had come from the Yin Yang Ryu.

“Lord Ryuun, are you sure you’re alright?”

Momiji Dengfeng looked at Abe Ryuun and asked with some uncertainty.

Abe said indifferently.

“What? You have us to help you, do you have anything to worry about?”

Abe Liuyun was a rank eight Grandmaster, and the two who came with him were also rank eight Grandmasters, plus Baili Dengfeng and Tenglin Wu, making a total of five rank eight Grandmasters, and counting other experts, there were more than ten Grandmasters alone.

Although the number of Sovereign Masters was not too large, the Iga Forty-nine Houses were most skilled in firearms, which were their own “magic weapons”, and large “magic weapons” could even kill Sovereign Masters.

In particular, the main clan’s “courtyard cannon”, when activated, can kill any “junior clan master”.

“The Iga ninja were even more adept at these weapons, including the use of various “magic weapons”, which was why Abe Ryuun had some confidence.

This is why Abe Ryuun was confident that these large long-range weapons would be able to kill the “ghost bats” in large numbers, and that the situation would no longer be as pa*sive as before.

And in close combat, Abe Liuyun and his “8th level clan master” experts, even if the “Wine Swallow Boy” came, they felt that they could also break through the evil ghosts’ defense line and kill them together.

Throughout the day, Ye Lu did not take any action, he was doing two things: practicing his “summoning technique” and drawing the “weapon pattern” for flight.

It was not until almost twelve o’clock in the night that Ye Luo adjusted to his best condition and went to the woods not far from the main gate of the Iga Forty-nine Courts.

Ye Lu found a larger clearing, then took out the blood of “Cat Again” and began to draw the summoning formation, and in order to achieve the strongest effect, Ye Lu gritted his teeth and used all his blood.

A huge blood formation was formed, and then Ye Lu took three “Heaven Stealing Pills”, and then used the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” to cut his palm and fuse his blood into the blood formation.

“Alright, it’s a matter of victory or defeat!”

After all this, Ye Lu gritted his teeth and began to summon.

The entire blood formation lit up with a demonic blood light, and the blood of the “cat again” began to fly into the air as if boiling, and then disappeared, but the red light did not disappear, but grew stronger and stronger, and then a huge demonic beast appeared in the disappearing blood formation.

It was a terrifying beast that looked very much like a tiger, with two pale golden horns on its head and a pair of huge black wings on its back.

“Name: Fierce Beast Poor Beast, Grade: Third Order Eighth Grade, Source: Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts, Introduction: one of the Four Fierce Beasts, fierce in nature, most like to eat human flesh, the most evil and vicious demonic beast ……”

Seeing the introduction of this guy, Ye Lu smiled, the result of this summoning made him too satisfied.

This “Poor Qi” just appeared and turned its head to look at Ye Lu with a cruel gaze, and showed its teeth, looking like it was ready to bite Ye Lu to death.

Ye Lu was so frightened that he subconsciously raised his hand in a defensive posture.

“Holy f*ck! It looks like I’ve gone too far and created something that I can’t handle at all.”

However, when the “Poor Qi” saw the “Sunset Arrow” in Ye Lu’s hand, an extremely frightened expression suddenly appeared in his eyes, and then he meekly lowered his head, looking very scared of the “Sunset Arrow”.

“Hahahahahaha, Brother Poor Qi, go on, kill them all for me!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu laughed out loud, and then, the ferocious beast “Poor Qi” fiercely flapped its wings and rushed towards the “Iga Forty-nine Courts” with a harsh aura of lightning.