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Super School Student Chapter 293-294

Chapter 293

Ye Luo first looked at the things he brought out from the pharmacy of the “Yin Yang Riao”, these things were mainly things to cultivate “style gods”, in fact, “style gods” were the spirits summoned by the Yin Yang master using a formation, “style gods” were not gods, nor were they all ghosts, including ghosts, monsters and other things.

“This is really a treasure for cultivating ‘style gods’, no wonder it’s hidden so tightly.”

Ye Lu picked up the most protected treasure hidden in the deepest part of the “Yin Yang Riao”, and found that this item could actually raise the “Style God” by a small level.

Of course, there are restrictions on this potion, firstly, it can only be used by “third-ranked” gods, that is, “master” gods, and secondly, each “god” can only use it once in their lifetime, but this is powerful enough, because there are more than half a bottle of the potion in this vial.

“Hey, ‘Wine Swallow Boy’, I hope you haven’t used it yet.”

Ye Lu smiled as he took out one and handed it to the “Wine Swallow Boy”, who took it and ate the pill directly, and his cultivation rose again.

In fact, in the hands of He Mao Zhong Ye, the one who was responsible for training the “Wine Swallow Boy”, he did have a pill like this, but he died before he could give it to the “Wine Swallow Boy”, so this time he had to give it to Ye Lu.

After taking the pills, the “Wine Swallow Boy” quickly rose from “Third Order Sixth Grade” to “Third Order Seventh Grade”, and with its perverted level, it was estimated that it would soon be able to compete with the strong “Ninth Grade Sovereign” among the Sovereigns.

“It’s a bit of a waste, but I’ll strengthen you ghosts too.”

Ye Lu thought about it, and then called over the tougher “3rd rank 5th grade” and “3rd rank 4th grade” ghosts led by the “Wine Swallow Boy”, and gave them each a potion as well.

After all, the purpose of Ye Lu’s visit to Japan was different from the purpose of the previous visit of the “Sake-tun Boy” to China, as Ye Lu wanted to deal with the ninja clan and the “Yin Yang Liao”, while Abe Yasuhiko and the others wanted to deal with innocent civilians.

Afterwards, Ye Lu gave all the medicines he had obtained from the Hattori family to the “ghost bats”, starting with the chiefs of course, those that could be eaten and those that could not be eaten were simply thrown away, which was no pity anyway.

In fact, many of Japan’s “original spirit animals” have ghostly attributes, such as Hashime, I don’t know what fires, Aojyo-no-mori, Hyakumo-no-mori, etc. Therefore, the chiefs of these ghost bats are given to the “ghosts”.

Therefore, the leaders of these ghost bats ate a lot, but only a few of them broke through again and became “third-ranking fourth-ranking” demon beasts, while most of them remained at “third-ranking third-ranking” level, and some were “third-ranking second-ranking”.

Even with the pills made from the Yin Yuan Stone, the time was too short and this was already Ye Lu’s limit.

Ye Luo took the same approach with the other medicines he brought out from the Yin Yang Laogai, and let the “Drinking Tuna” and the ghosts it led take care of them themselves.

He wanted to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to press himself again, so that he could gather his ninth aura, but of course, Ye Lu felt that this was a luxury, because the eighth aura had just been formed.

“Hurry up and get stronger!”

At this moment, Ye Lu felt an unprecedented desire to become stronger, because he had a feeling that perhaps a great battle was coming.

They had found out that Liu Mei had been taken away by Jessica, the Holy Maiden of the Gothic Blood Clan, and was currently being held in the Blood Clan’s sanctuary.

According to the information brought by the Shadow of Death, Liu Mei will not be in danger anytime soon, but they do not know the traditions of the Blood Clan, so they are not sure what will happen to Liu Mei, but according to the rumours, a mixed-blooded Blood Clan like Liu Mei will probably be “blood sacrificed”.

Although no one is sure what the blood sacrifice is all about, it doesn’t sound good, so Ye Lu plans to rescue Liu Mei as soon as he finishes his business here.

The next morning, the whole of Japan and China were abuzz with excitement.

News spreads fastest on the internet and the media is always the sharpest, all the major media did their reports as soon as they got the news.

“‘The Masked Man in Silk Stockings’ is suspected to have appeared in Japan and killed a lot of people.”

“Japanese Hattori ninja tragically wiped out overnight!”

“Hundreds of Hattori ninjas turned to white bones overnight.”

“‘The Masked Man in Silk Stockings’ has made our country proud!”


The Japanese media revealed the information, everyone quickly targeted the “Silk Stocking Masked Man”, because this is also a scene that many people would like to see, the previous incident of the Japanese people’s big trouble in the capital has provoked everyone’s anger, but we have the heart but no power, this time everyone feels that finally a breath of anger.

“Ye Lu, you mustn’t be alright.”

Qin Siyu muttered with extreme worry as she looked at the screen of her mobile phone, she had officially embarked on the path of cultivation at the moment, but even if her cultivation was fast, she definitely wouldn’t be able to help much in the short term.

Likewise, Long Fei Xue and the four ancient martial arts clans were also sweating for Ye Lu, who also knew about the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior”.

“But, this is really cool!”

Long Ao slapped the table and decided to celebrate with a drink.

Not only Long Ao, but the whole capital was abuzz with excitement, especially those whose family and friends had been slaughtered by the ghosts, and they finally felt the thrill of revenge.

Many people started to build buildings for the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings”.

In no time at all, the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” had dominated the entire internet.

Ye Lu didn’t do anything during the day, firstly because he had to recuperate and adjust his condition, secondly because the “ghost bats” still preferred Ye Lu to cause trouble, and thirdly because Ye Lu wanted to practice the “summoning technique” which was a “spell”.

The summoning technique is somewhat similar to the combination of “weapon refinement” and “spellcraft”, as it requires the drawing of a formation, which is called a “summoning formation”, and the formation can be drawn anywhere, as the function of the formation is to communicate with the “other world” through the power of the laws on the “weapon pattern”.

In principle, the summoned object is called a “contracted spirit” and has to act according to the will of the summoned person, but in reality, the contract is rather loose and a powerful summoned “contracted spirit” can ignore the sanctions of the contract.

“Alright, the formation is drawn, the next step is to see what can be summoned.”

Ye Luo drew the formation on his right hand, so that it would be easier to use, and then he started the summoning with one hand.


“It worked!”

Seeing a burst of white mist, Ye Luo understood that he had really summoned something.

Following that, he saw a beautiful woman appear in front of him with no clothes on, not to mention that this woman had a great body, and what made Ye Lu somewhat strange was that she had two elf-like beast ears and a long fluffy tail.

Then, the prompt from the gla*ses appeared.

“Prompt: Summon one ‘Beast Ear Maiden’ from the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’, level ‘Middle Pulse Raising Realm’, enchanting call, can warm the bed ……”

Seeing this prompt, Ye Lu decided to hurry up and send this one back.

Following that, he once again concentrated his mind and started summoning.

“Go you!”

This time, another beautiful woman without clothes appeared.

“Prompt: Summon one ‘Hundred Beauty Ghost’ in the ‘Morrowind Secret Realm’, rank ‘Middle Harmonious God Realm’, can warm the bed, but this ghost will suck people’s essence, pay attention to your body ……”

Seeing the prompt Ye Lu was a bit speechless.

“Well, first a female demon, and this time a female ghost, I’ll see if I can summon a goddess next time.”

Ye Lu muttered as he sent the female demon back and summoned it again.


Following that, another naked woman appeared, this woman was emitting fire-red flames all over her body and looked demonically beautiful.

Seeing this woman appear, Ye Lu rubbed his chin and nodded his head, saying.

“Alright, I probably understand this summoning technique a bit.”


Chapter 294

The fiery red woman that Ye Lu summoned this time was called “Fire Spirit Girl”, from the “Xuan Ling Mountain Secret Realm”, and was of a higher level than the two previous ones, having reached the level of “First Grade Master”.

Ye Lu found that the summoning technique summoned something related to the way the summoning technique was used.

When he summoned this “Fire Spirit Girl”, Ye Lu used “Red Lotus Karmic Flame”, while when he summoned the “Hundred Beauty Ghost”, Ye Lu used “Underworld Ghost Flame”.

In other words, the summoning of something was not entirely according to one’s own will, but was related to the state of the summoner at the time of using the “summoning technique”.

Of course, Ye Luo didn’t know how to explain why he had summoned a “beast-eared woman” without clothes for the first time.

“But, this thing is too energy consuming.”

After sending the “Fire Spirit Girl” back, Ye Lu found that after using the “Summoning Technique” three times, his own aura was drained, of course, this might be related to the fact that he was not yet skilled in the “Summoning Technique”.

At the same time, Ye Lu also discovered something else, that is, the things he summoned came from various “secret realms”, that is to say, these things should have originally existed on Earth.

“Anyway, it’s best not to use this ‘summoning technique’ in front of other people at the moment, always summoning women without clothes, it’s a bit revealing of my character!”

Ye Lu cautioned himself as he rubbed his chin.

Ye Lu had been researching how to make something similar to the “Weapon Clan” flying machine.

If he had such a thing, at least he wouldn’t have to worry about movement, he could just fly to wherever he wanted to go.

However, this “weapon pattern” was no longer a ready-made weapon pattern from Ye Lu’s gla*ses, but an independent “weapon pattern” developed by the Weapon Sect, so it was difficult for Ye Lu to develop it.

In this way, Ye Lu stayed in the mountain all day, and at ten o’clock in the night, Ye Lu moved again, this time Ye Lu’s target was the Miyamoto family, which had once been known as the “Sword Saint” of Japan, Miyamoto Musashi.

The ninja who had captured the head of the Four Families was a direct descendant of the Miyamoto family.

The current head of the Miyamoto clan, Miyamoto Yoshifumi, is known as the “Kinki Swordsman” and uses the famous “Hakujikuni Ansatsu”, a 120cm long sword left behind by the “Sword Saint” Miyamoto Musashi, a powerful magic weapon from the Heian period.

At the moment, Miyamoto YoSh*tomo is sitting at home listening to the report of his subordinates.

“The ‘Yin Yang Riao’ side told us that we must be extra careful, because that ‘stockinged and masked man’ from China might cause trouble again.”

The subordinate whispered, for he knew Miyamoto Yoshifumi’s temper.

He drew his “Bokuji Kokusanzan” and cut the table in front of him into two pieces, then said with a glare.

“You think I’m a fool like Hattori Hanzo?”

That subordinate hurriedly kept nodding his head and said.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Miyamoto Yoshihide then continued.

“As a samurai, only the sword is truly a sharp weapon, yet the Hattori family likes to raise some kind of demonic beast, which is simply a disgrace to the samurai.”

However, just at that moment, a subordinate hurried in and said.

“My lord, it’s not good, that guy with stockings on his head has killed his way in.”

When he heard that the “stockinged masked man” had come in, Miyamoto grabbed the “Bokuji Kokusai” and said as he walked away.

“Put up the live broadcast, I want to show the others how our Miyamoto family is going to break the enemy.”

Hearing Miyamoto YoSh*tomo’s words, the subordinates hurriedly switched on the live video synchronization.

Miyamoto Yoshihide also quickly walked to the courtyard, followed by the sight of Ye Lu who was standing in the courtyard with his face covered.

“Miyamoto Yihui, right, let all the women and children of your clan leave in a hurry, today, the end of your clan has come.”

Ye Luo looked at Miyamoto Yifai and said coldly.

Miyamoto Yoshihide, however, was not moved at all as he looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Don’t be alarmist, you think I am scared, today I will use you to pay tribute to our ancestor’s Sword Saint, Lord Miyamoto Musashi’s holy sword ‘Boji Kuni Ansatsu’.”

As he said this, he drew out the “Bokujikuni Yasuna”.

As expected, the long sword was as bright as autumn water, and Ye Lu also saw the grade of this “Bo Ji Guo An Zang”, which was a “Heavenly Rank Lower Grade” magic weapon, so it was really a good thing.

However, Ye Luo looked at Miyamoto Yoshifumi and said.

“It’s a pity that your family’s precious sword is about to be destroyed in your hands.”

Miyamoto Yoshihide, on the other hand, said with a condescending look on his face.

“Who are you to speak so shamelessly, just you can walk under my sword for three rounds and I will spare your life.”

Having said that, Miyamoto Yoshihide then waved his hand at the people around him and said.

“Stand back, all of you, and watch how I will kill this foreign brat.”

After that, Miyamoto YoSh*tomo took a few steps forward and swung the “Bokujikunozuna” in his hand, and the shiny blade shot towards Ye Lu like a long curved moon.

This was the first time that Ye Lu had ever seen the “Gang Qi Outcast”, and to be honest, it was really quite magnificent.





Ye Lu dodged quickly, but the speed of this kind of external astral qi was so fast and the quantity was so large that it was difficult for Ye Lu to dodge it completely, but of course, this was also related to the realm of Miyamoto Yoshifumi, this guy was a “seventh level sect master”, including the “Bo Ji Guo An Tsun”, he was a real “grand master”.

Ye Luo also felt the power of a “Grand Master” for the first time.




Soon, Ye Lu’s body was slashed several times, and his clothes were directly shredded by the blade mane, but this blade mane could not cut through his body armor, because this armor was close to “Heavenly Grade” anyway, so it was not that easy to cut through.


Seeing this scene, Miyamoto Yoshihide snorted coldly as he looked at Ye Lu and said coldly.

“There’s a protective suit isn’t there, I’ll see how you can defend your head, die!”

With these words, Miyamoto Yoshihide once again swung his “Bokuji Kokusai” in his hand, and this time, all the darting blades were directed at Ye Lu’s head.

However, this time, Ye Lu did not dodge, but charged towards Miyamoto Yoshifumi.


“Is this a desire to die?”

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”


Seeing this scene, all of them were a bit confused.

In the “Yin Yang Squad”, the “judge” also saw this scene.

“I don’t know how he managed to destroy the Hattori family last time.”

Abe Liuyun shook his head when he saw this scene.

In his opinion, Ye Lu was undoubtedly seeking his own death by doing this.

Because the video was released to the public, many other people also saw it, including some people in China who had been following the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” and were sweating for Ye Lu.

However, just when everyone thought that Ye Lu’s head would be cut into pieces like a watermelon, a shield made of flame suddenly appeared in front of Ye Lu, which was another spell Ye Lu was good at, the “Flame Shield”.

He had tried this spell when he first obtained his “Martial Skill Ability”, but he was unable to use it at that time, but he could soon use this spell, and it was the second spell he had learned.

At this moment, the “Flame Shield” was no longer a shield as big as a fist, but a flaming round shield with a diameter of more than a foot. The fiery red “Red Lotus Karmic Flame” was already exceptionally powerful, and the external “Astral Qi” used by Miyamoto Yoshifumi was, to put it bluntly, not an entity, but just a kind of Qi.

In essence, the “astral qi” was a few notches below the aura and the “red lotus karma fire”, so Ye Lu’s “flame shield” easily blocked the flying “sword mane”.

This scene took Miyamoto Yoshihide by surprise, because in his common sense, even a “Grand Master” could not use such a defensive Qi, and this kind of Qi shield could only be used by a “Saint Level” super expert in his opinion.

However, the moment he was stunned, the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” in Ye Lu’s hand had already struck.


Miyamoto Yoshihide snorted coldly, and then raised his hand to block the strike with his “Bokuji Kokusai”, but this action was the biggest mistake he had ever made in his life.


The “Baji Kokusan” broke with a clang.

Everyone was stunned!