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Winner Takes All Chapter 189-190

Chapter 189

The intent of the threat was unmistakable.

Since Chen Dong had dared to come, he had also been mentally prepared for a long time.

“You beast, let go of my father!”

Li Deshan was the first to shout angrily, “He is your grandfather!”

“B*****d, simply a beast, below the law, without respect!”

“Is there something wrong with the ancestral feng shui of my Li family, why would there be such disobedient offspring?”

“Li Lan, Li Lan, you dead woman, you’ve given birth to an animal, you dare to threaten even your elders, no filial piety left!”


The crowd roared, filled with righteous indignation.

Chen Dong suddenly felt a little funny.

How can you behave like this?

No respect for elders?

These people, had they ever treated him and his mother as members of the Li family before?

Now that Old Master Li was in his hands, they were talking about filial piety?

It was shameless to the extreme!

The corners of Old Master Li’s mouth smiled, “Dong’er, come back, this is your home, and you will be the head of the Li family from now on!”

“I, want to take my mother home!”

Chen Dong’s right hand slowly increased in strength.

Elder Li’s face turned red, his eyes began to bulge, and he was clearly choking a little.

But he, still, was smiling.

This scene made everyone’s heart tremble.


Chen Dong had truly gone mad!

With the scene before them, no one dared to doubt that Chen Dong would kill Old Master Li.

“You don’t have a choice!”

Elder Li suddenly squeezed out a sentence from his throat, “If you don’t become the head of the family, you won’t be able to receive your mother back, moreover, your mother will die!”

Again, it was a naked threat.

Yet, it caused Chen Dong’s heart to tremble viciously.

The right hand that was strangling Elder Li’s neck could not help but relax the force a little.

Feeling his neck relax a little, the smile on Elder Li’s face became even stronger.

The look in Chen Dong’s eyes carried a hint of smugness.

After all, he was a young man, how could he talk about calling the old man’s bluff?

He had kidnapped Li Lan back to the Li family, just to force Chen Dong to give in.

With Li Lan’s life in his hands, he had no fear that Chen Dong would refuse to inherit the family headship.

Compared to the future of the Li family, Li Lan’s life was insignificant in Elder Li’s mind.

“He is your daughter, and in your heart, is she so worthless?”

Chen Dong was filled with fury that tumbled to the point of rage.


Elder Li was smiling, “She is a woman of the Li family, to contribute to the future of the Li family, that is her glory!”


Chen Dong was furious and backhandedly slapped Elder Li directly onto the ground.

He really did not think that people could be shameless to such an extent!

And to be the richest man in Kyoto, the head of the Li family!

It was simply heaven’s misfortune for his mother to be born into such a family!

“Dad ……”

Li Deshan and a few of his younger brothers immediately rushed up and surrounded Elder Li in the middle.

The Li family members around them also stepped forward at the same time, and the group was in an uproar.

“Kill, kill them all for me!”

When Li Deshan saw that half of Old Master Li’s face was swollen and the corners of his mouth were tinged with blood, he instantly surged with killing intent.

In an instant.

Dozens of security personnel rushed in.

“Big guy, do it!”

Qin Ye suddenly let out a shout, backhandedly pulled out a dagger from his pocket and rushed towards the security personnel as fast as lightning.

Almost simultaneously.

Kunlun also roared, his towering pagoda-like body pounced on the security personnel with a mountainous cry.

The battle was on!

The dagger in Qin Ye’s hand instantly stabbed into the abdomen of one of the security personnel, blood flew and the security personnel fell into a pool of blood.

The hall was instantly filled with the smell of blood.

This scene was seen by Chen Dong in his eyes.

Even he could not help but be secretly shocked by Qin Ye’s killing decisiveness and ruthlessness.

A man who had killed his father would really not pity the lives of others!

And the ruthless Qin Ye and the fierce Kunlun really did stop dozens of security personnel in the blink of an eye.

“All Li family members, take down this sinful beast for me!”

Li Deshan bellowed.

Almost simultaneously.

All the Li family men were like wolves and tigers, ferociously and directly flooding towards Chen Dong and Elder Long.

Chen Dong moved his shoulders and a cold smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, “It’s just as well for me to see how wasteful the elites of the Li Family really are to be so brazen as to invite me, the sinful beast you call me, back to be the head of the family!”

Not waiting for Chen Dong to act.

There was a sudden shake in front of his eyes.

Elder Long stopped in front of Chen Dong.

At this moment, Elder Long’s expression was cold and stern, and his aura was oppressive.

“Your Li family, are you trying to bully the lesser with the greater number of people?”

“Elder Long, you are a member of the Chen Family, stay out of our Li Family’s business, or else don’t blame our Li Family for not giving face to the Chen Family!” Li Deshan was furious.

And Elder Li did not stop it.

He could do whatever he wanted for the future of the Li family, and he could put down his stature.

But it did not mean that the Li family’s dignity and face could be trampled on at will.

What Chen Dong had done should indeed be hammered.

Let him know that the Li family was a behemoth in front of him, and not something that he, an ant, could abuse at will!

However, Elder Long laughed disdainfully, “Your Li family’s business? But young master Chen Dong is the young master of my Chen family, whoever dares to touch him, don’t blame my Chen family for not giving face!”

With a single word, he was overbearing.

Hegemonic and arrogant.

Li Deshan and a group of Li family members instantly sank in their faces and stopped in their tracks.

“Elder Long, he is the head of my Li family!” Elder Li retorted.

“My young master still doesn’t despise the position of a mere Li family head!” Elder Long was full of arrogance, “Compared to the Chen Family, your Li Family, what is it?”

“You ……” Elder Li’s face turned red and he was speechless.

The Li family was the richest in Kyoto.

But compared to the Chen family, it was indeed a difference of clouds and mud.

Li Deshan looked cross: “I don’t care who you are, those who offend my Li family, give me a beating! Today, I am going to bully the young with the many!”

Elder Long’s expression sank.

He was not worried about Elder Li, but was most worried about a cross breed like Li Deshan.

Fearless of the Chen family’s might, they were in the Li family’s cave, just like a dragon’s den!

Whether or not they could save Madam, and whether or not they could get out of the Li family safely, was an unknown.

As they saw the Li family gathering around them.

Long Lao’s heart was burning with anxiety.

Then, a snap!

Chen Dong put his right hand on Elder Long’s shoulder, “Elder Long, I’ll do it.”

“Young Master ……” Elder Long wanted to argue.

The words had not yet left his mouth.

In the sky outside the hall, there was a sudden roar of propellers.

A rumble ……

Along with the roar, gusts of wind swept down from the sky.

In an instant, everyone gave a start.

A helicopter slowly landed in the clearing in front of the old castle.


When Elder Long saw the helicopter, he immediately became wildly excited.

“Finally, it’s here.” Chen Dong’s expression eased up a little.

Hearing Elder Long’s startled cry, Elder Li and the Li family’s crowd instantly had their hearts beating wildly.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the helicopter.

Under the night, the helicopter propellers roared and spun, kicking up a fierce wind.

Then, the hatch opened.

A figure slowly stepped out from inside the helicopter.

As he walked, he smiled.

At this moment, Elder Li and the Li family all looked grave.

Followed closely.

A magnetic voice issued from the man’s mouth.

“Li family, give me back my wife!”


Chapter 190

A magnetic voice, very calm.

But like a thunderous explosion, it fell clearly into everyone’s ears.

It made everyone in the Li family look grave to the extreme.

Old Master Li even had a resentful gaze and clenched his fists.

Chen Dong eyed the man as he slowly walked towards him.

Technically speaking, this was the first time he had actually seen his father.

With his handsome features and upright stance, it was hard to believe that this was the image of a middle-aged man.

There was a strong pressure between his eyebrows, a teasing sneer at the corners of his mouth, and sharp eyes that seemed to look at everything out of the corner of his eye.

Chen Dong had seen many people in high places.

There are those who are not angry and powerful.

But to be able to achieve such a poise and charm as his father, I am afraid that only by being the head of the Chen family can one be nurtured over the years.

What moved Chen Dong even more was his father’s words!


Elder Long and Kun Lun bowed their heads in salute at the same time.

Chen Daolin, however, nodded his head and walked up to Chen Dong.

The father and son were not much different in height and had similar looks, but their temperaments were vastly different.


Chen Daolin sighed a little, “I didn’t expect to meet you for the first time under such circumstances, and in this dog’s place.”

The phrase “dog place” was full of contempt.

It made all the Li family members look furious, but they dared not speak out in anger.

At this moment, facing his father.

Chen Dong was suddenly at a loss for words.

His mind was blank.

It was a strange feeling.

There was a time when he had a belly full of grievances against his father, and after slowly learning something, his attitude was changing.

Countless times he had simulated in his mind what kind of state he should be in when he saw his father and what he should say.

But after countless simulations turned into reality, his lips mumbled and he did not know what to say.

Chen Daolin smiled gently and gently patted Chen Dong’s shoulder.

With a sidelong glance, he swept his eyes across the Li family members surrounding him at hand, and raised his eyebrows, “Bullying the lesser with more people? Old man Li, do you think that I, Chen Daoling, am a good bully?”

“Dao Lin, listen to the old man’s explanation ……”

Old man Li forced himself to play it cool.

“Explain my a*s! Chen family head, look at me and Kunlun, these dozens of security personnel, we were the ones who blocked them just now, if I hadn’t stabbed over a few and was able to bluff a bit, your precious son would probably have been killed at this moment.”

Qin Ye suddenly pulled out his voice and interrupted Elder Li’s words as he held up the blood-stained dagger and pointed at the Li family, “Look again, these Li family old men, just now they almost rounded up Chen Dong and Elder Long, God D*mn yo, even if you beat up your son, Elder Long is so old, you still don’t even let go.”

The words made Elder Li feel the urge to vomit blood.

He hated to rush up and directly kill Qin Ye.

“Qin family brat, you need to stop barking here, this is not a place for you to spill your guts!” Li Deshan growled angrily.

Even if he was stupid, he could hear that Qin Ye was pouring oil on the fire.

However, Qin Ye spat on the ground and said with a rampant face, “Laozi even dares to kill his own father, you say this is not a place for me to spill my guts?”

“You ……” Li Deshan was red-faced and dumbfounded.

“That’s enough!”

Chen Daoling shouted angrily and spoke coldly, “Back then, when I returned to the Chen family to inherit the family headship, I was constrained by the Chen family, and you bullied Lan’er and Dong’er as orphans and widows, do you really think I, Chen Daoling, don’t know? My Chen Daolin’s people are not something you can bully, you old dog!”


With one word, everyone was struck by lightning.

Bullying, undisguised bullying!

But all the Li family members were dumbfounded.

Because they knew that Chen Daoling had the qualifications for his bullying!

“Daoling, I’m your father-in-law ……,” Elder Li wailed in shock and trepidation.

At this moment, he was angry and frightened.

Chen Daoling’s appearance was beyond his expectation at all!

From the time he had planned to kidnap Li Lan and intimidate Chen Dong, he had not planned Chen Daoling into it at all.

This was because he knew that even if Chen Daolin could help Chen Dong obtain the Heir Apparent qualification nowadays, it would never be possible for him to do so personally.

In the Chen family, Chen Daoling was not the only one who had the say. Not to mention the other factions, the Chen family’s old lady alone was enough to restrain Chen Daoling!

Just as when he led the Li family to usurp the foundation left behind by Chen Daolin, Chen Daolin was so constrained that he could only watch Li Lan’s foundation being taken away and live with the humiliation.

But now, why did he suddenly come to the Li family?

If he did not know that Old Lady Chen was still alive, when he saw Chen Daolin at this moment, Elder Li would even think that Old Lady Chen had died.


Chen Daolin smiled disdainfully, “When you don’t think of Lan’er’s father-daughter bond, you are no longer my father-in-law, I have nothing to do with Lan’er, Dong’er, or your Li family!”

“I ……”

Elder Li was a little flustered.

Chen Daolin’s overbearing and brutal manner was the same as Chen Dong’s just now.

Father and son were simply carved out of the same mold.

He could play tricks when dealing with Chen Dong.

But when it comes to Chen Daolin, if he plays a trick, Chen Daolin will be able to subdue all his tricks and break them!

This is determined by status and wealth, not by city spirit!

“Dong’er, tell me, did they bully you?” Chen Daoling directly ignored Elder Li, to be precise, he directly ignored everyone in the Li family.

Chen Dong was in a bit of a trance, his eyes fluttering.

He felt the large hand on his shoulder slightly exerting itself.

His heart and soul suddenly moved and his nose tingled a little.

The scene in front of him was one he had looked forward to for over twenty years!

Ever since he was a child, whenever he was bullied and aggrieved, he had always wished for the presence of this big hand to ask such words!

So, Chen Dong nodded his head forcefully.

“Good!” Chen Daolin looked stern, “Daddy will help you bully back!”

Hearing these words, Chen Dong’s eyes instantly reddened.

And Elder Li’s face steeply turned a little pale.

Inside the hall, there was dead silence.

Everyone was in a state of apprehension.

While Li Deshan’s expression was steeply violent, he pointed at Chen Daoling angrily and roared, “Chen Daoling, it is true that you are the Chen family head, and it is true that your Chen family is stronger than my Li family, but you should also see that this is in my Li family’s territory, don’t you …… bully people too much!”

Although it was a roar.

But the last word “bullying too much” made everyone feel a bit strange.

Chen Daolin laughed coldly and ignored Li Deshan.

Instead, he looked at Chen Dong, his eyes incomparably stern.

“Dong’er, Dad has taught you that you must bully people too much! If you can’t bully people too much, you might as well not bully them at all!”

The words were resounding and overbearing.

Chen Dong’s heart was so moved that he felt like his heart was about to jump out of his chest.

The words had just fallen.

Rumble ……

Rumble ……

Rumble ……

Above the night sky, a thunderous booming sound came out abruptly.

It was deafening.

Even, it drowned out the sound of thunder that was coming on the rainy night.

In an instant.

Everyone in the hall was terrified, and some even rushed out of the hall to look up at the night sky.

When Chen Dong heard the sound, his pupils could not help but gradually dilate, and his body faintly trembled.

Because, this voice, he was too familiar with it!

When proposing Gu Qingying’s marriage, it was this great gift that his father had sent!

“Warplanes, oh my god, family head, there are warplanes hovering over our family’s ancient castle!”

Outside, a member of the Li family screamed in alarm.

And within the hall, Elder Li and the rest of the Li family all turned white and their bodies were faint.

Chen Daolin turned around and looked askance at Elder Li and the others.

“Give me back my wife, or don’t blame me for razing your Li family to the ground!”