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Super School Student Chapter 317-318

Chapter 317

In the clan’s territory, all the Bloods gathered near the entrance and saw a man with a ghost mask on his face knocking down all the Bloods who rushed to the ground.

The secret realm was indeed not very big, probably about the size of a small town, but there should be no problem with tens of thousands of people living there.

To be honest, seeing this size, Ye Luo also had a bit of a headache.

The good thing was that apart from a few “Zong Shi” level people, most of the people who had come were Innate, or even Latter Day Bloods.

“Let’s charge before the people gather!”

Now Ye Luo had nine strands of aura in his body, even if he didn’t use any of his cards, these ordinary clan masters Ye Luo didn’t put in his eyes, other than that, the “Saint level” “Rakshasa Ghost Step” was enough to crush them.





Seeing Ye Lu rush over like no one’s business, the marquises of the Blood Clan were all a bit dumbfounded.

The Blood Clan was divided into ranks according to the “Prince”, then “Duke, Marquis, Count, Viscount and Baron”.

Among them, the “Prince” is a “Saint”, the “Duke” is a “Grand Master”, the “Marquis” is a “Lesser Master”, and after that, they are at the “Divine Harmony Realm”, the “Pulse Raising Realm” and the “Placenta Realm” respectively.

Those who have not entered the “Ascended Realm” are ordinary Bloods who have not been awarded any titles.

These “Marquis” were already quite powerful in the eyes of the clansmen, but these clansmen were surprised to find that these “Marquis” were basically unbeatable under the opponent’s hands, whose footwork was so fast that he was already far away in a flash.

At this point, the powerful Bloods finally made their move.

The three great Blood Dukes appeared in front of Ye Lu at the same time.

After appearing, the three great dukes chose to transform at the same time.


After a calendar roar, all three guys transformed into a state of sharp teeth and claws, their eyes were bloodshot, and their auras also instantly skyrocketed, causing the blood aura to puff out and choke the breath of people.

At the same time, Ye Lu saw a familiar figure appear further away.


“Blood Shadow!”

Both of them were taken aback, Jessica was surprised because she did not expect the Blood Shadow Shura to suddenly appear in her clan, while Ye Lu was surprised to find that in a short period of time, Jessica had actually gone from the peak of the Placental Breath Realm to a Grandmaster level expert.

This was a bit too quick an upgrade.

“Most of it should be related to Liu Mei, I hope nothing happens to Liu Mei.”

Just as Ye Lu was wondering, Jessica had already shouted out loud.

“He’s the ‘Yum Yum Shura’ of the ‘Underworld’ kill him.”

Although Ye Luo had not joined Death’s Shadow, he was from China and had represented Death’s Shadow in the tournament before, which made the Gothic Bloods consider Ye Luo as an enemy to be dealt with.

After that, Ye Luo noticed something else, some of the Blood Marquis he had just beaten up were actually getting up again, it seemed that these Bloods were really recovering fast.

“Jessica, hand over Liu Mei or I’ll have to kill them.”

These Bloods’ recovery was so strong that Ye Lu felt that it would be difficult to settle this matter in a short time without killing them directly, and if they waited for the Bloods’ Prince to arrive, I was afraid it would be troublesome.

As a result, Jessica said with a cold smile.

“Liu Mei is my most important food, there is no way I can give her to you, and she will soon be ripe.”

From Jessica’s words, Ye Lu felt that he was afraid that things were going to be bad.

So, without hesitation, he threw the “Exploding Yuan Dan” into his mouth and then quickly summoned the “Wine Swallow Boy”, who had already removed his armour and mask, and looked extremely fierce with a long sword.

The reason why Ye Lv wanted to use the “Wine Swallow Boy” was because the “Wine Swallow Boy” had rarely been exposed to the public before, plus it had always had a thick armour look, so this time a change of look would probably not arouse suspicion.

As for the “Ghost Bats”, Ye Lu did not let them show up because he did not need them yet. The three “Dukes” left behind by the “Jimi Spirits Clan” were not of a high level, all of them were at the level of “Level 7 Grandmaster”.

Moreover, the Ghost Bats are powerful in numbers, and the difference between a single Ghost Bat and a Grand Master is still quite large.

This time, Ye Lu only used one “Exploding Yuan Pill”, so that the effect of the “Exploding Yuan Pill” would last longer, and the period of weakness would be shorter.


After taking the “Exploding Yuan Pill”, Ye Lu’s speed soared again.

When he saw Ye Luo charging over, the Blood Duke who was in front of Ye Luo pushed his palms forward, this Duke wore two weirdly shaped gloves in his hands, each with a blood-red cross on the palm, and as he pushed out his palms, a huge blood-red cross of Qi blasted towards Ye Luo.

“This was the first time that Ye Lu had ever seen an external “astral energy” display a different colour, for even the Sword Saint Ogata Jubei, who had become a “Saint Level”, had only used a white normal astral energy.

“Give me a break!”

Ye Lu did not hesitate and used his strongest strike, “Burning Heaven’s Fury”, because it was time to fight for time, not to play with one move from you and one from me.

The Duke quickly waved his hand as he tried to follow Ye’s example and smash the purple fireball, but, “Boom!” The fireball exploded and his arms, chest and body were covered in purple flames.

He was covered in purple flames on his arms, chest and body.

Apart from the other Duke, who had been mauled by the “Wine Swallow Boy”, the remaining Duke was already stunned by the scene, having severely injured a Duke with one blow, and the demonic god that this man had summoned was also incredibly powerful.

However, as a Duke, he was obliged to protect the Holy Maiden of the Gimmi Spirits, so he hesitated and rushed towards Ye Lu, using a short sword, and when he swung it, countless red blades of light shot towards Ye Lu like countless birds.

He was even more unlucky than the Duke just now, as his defence was slowed by the moment of shock, and Ye Lu’s slap had already killed him, and then he rushed to Jessica’s side.

Jessica was already dumbfounded, she thought she had already improved fast enough with Liu Mei’s blood, just now she had already broken through the bottleneck of “Master” level, she was so happy, only to find out that in front of “Blood Shadow Shura”, killing “Master” level people was as easy as slaughtering dogs, even “Grand Master” had already been killed by him.

This could no longer be described as a “demon”.

Not far from the entrance to the small secret realm, a figure was quietly watching all this, this was also a Blood Duke, the same Duke that Prince Shaguna had sent out earlier, he was also shocked by the scene in front of him, of course he had heard of “Blood Shadow Shura”, and had also tried to look up the information of “Blood Shadow Shura”, after all, that was the only person in the “underground world” for so many years who had this distinction, apart from the underground lord like the divine dragon.

“It seems that we have to adjust our strategy, this ‘Blood Shadow Shura’ is too evil, if we let him grow up he will definitely be a big problem.”

This duke muttered darkly.

And Ye Luo had already grabbed Jessica in his hands like a chicken, and Jessica found that all her attacks were worthless in front of Ye Luo.

“Say, where is Liu Mei? Or die!”

Ye Luo looked at her and said coldly.

“Liu …… Liu Mei is the true Holy Maiden of our Blood Clan, so …… she has been taken away by the Prince ……”

Jessica stumbled a little and said.


Chapter 318

When he heard that Liu Mei was a real Saintess, Ye Lu was taken aback, because he hadn’t seen any hidden bloodline or anything like that in Liu Mei.

So, he looked at Jessica and asked.

“What the hell is going on? You better not hide it from me, or you’re dead, understand?”

Jessica said shivering a little as she looked at the body of the Blood Duke on the ground.

“It’s like this, in order to protect the true blood race saint daughter, the saint daughter will not show any blood race characteristics until she is eighteen, only after she turns eighteen will she show the blood race bloodline, which is the blood cross in both eyes, and the blood cross in Liu Mei’s eyes has already started to appear, so it’s already soon before her bloodline awakens.”

Leaf Fall then asked with a frown.

“What will happen if Willow Eyebrow’s bloodline awakens?”

Jessica said with a sigh.

“It would be a ‘blood sacrifice’, our blood race has a secret method, a secret method that allows you to absorb your bloodline, you can enhance your bloodline power after fusing and absorbing it ……”

Ye Lu then interrupted her and asked.

“How many more days?”

Jessica said.

“There are still three days left, three days later on the night of the new moon, twelve midnight is the best time for the ‘blood sacrifice’, that also happens to be the time when the ‘bloodline’ is at its strongest ability.”

Hearing Jessica’s words, Ye Lu asked with some confusion.

“Shouldn’t the Blood Race be at its strongest when there is a full moon?”

Jessica shook her head and said.

“No, you are talking about the werewolves, right, they will transform when the moon is full.”

Hearing her say that Ye Luo then came to a bit of a realization.

“Good, then come with me, help me find the leader of your clan, now Liu Mei should be in her hands, right?”

Ye Luo said as he led Jessica along.

Jessica then said with a sigh.

“It’s hard for me to find her too, but she definitely won’t make a move until Liu Mei matures, there should be no mistake about that.”

Ye Lu ignored her words, as she had other uses for keeping Jessica, and at this time, the “Wine Swallow Boy” had also killed the other Blood Duke.

After thinking about it, Ye Lu quickly swept through all the goodies in the clan’s territory, and then left the clan’s territory as quickly as possible.

He didn’t have time to see what they were, so he kept them for now.

The Duke that Prince Shaguna had sent out had already left the clan one step ahead of Ye Lu and was now back at Prince Shaguna’s side.

“Lord Prince, why didn’t you send someone over there? It was a perfect opportunity just now!”

The duke looked at Prince Shaguna and asked, somewhat puzzled.

Prince Shaguna then shook his head and said.

“I don’t do that for two reasons, firstly, the situation is different now, that ‘Blood Shadow Shura’ is currently behaving well enough to invite the ‘Lord of the Underground’ to strike, this is something we have to guard against, so it’s best that we don’t do it openly, secondly, this matter should be covered up as much as possible, this is a matter for our thirteen clans, don’t alert those old demons, if the third generation, the second generation or even the ancestors of the blood clan get involved in this matter, we people won’t be able to reap any benefits.”

Hearing Prince Shaguna’s words, this duke then said with a sudden realization.

“Yes, how could I have forgotten about them.”

Following that, he then looked at Prince Shaguna and asked.

“So what’s next?”

Prince Shaguna said after thinking about it.

“Next, we have to do two things, the first is to take out our best treasures to gather the a*sa*sins of the ‘Heavenly List’ and kill that ‘Blood Shadow Shura’, you are right, this person should never be kept, if he or, perhaps in not more than a few years, the whole world’s landscape will change.”

“The second thing is, go and find the chief of the ‘Gangra’, he has the ‘Holy Grail’ in his hand, with the ‘Holy Grail’ you can find the The clan leader of the ‘Jimi Spirits’, but being known about this by the clan leader of the ‘Gangra’ would be like letting all the other clans know about it.”

“It’s a pity that the ‘Mirage Mirror’ is supposed to be in the possession of the Clan Chief of the ‘Gimmi Spirits’, so hopefully there won’t be a fight.”

Although the Thirteen Sacred Weapons of the Blood Clan were not all of the “holy” rank, in the hands of the Blood Clan, they would still be far more powerful than the equivalent “magic weapons”.

In fact, strictly speaking, the “Thirteen Sacred Weapons” of the Blood Clan are really “Sacred Weapons” in the hands of their people, but because only the “Blood Clan” can function, they are downgraded in the evaluation process.

After saying this, Prince Shaguna added.

“Have the Bloodbats keep an eye on Jessica’s location, and I’ll ask the Patriarch for the use of the Magic Puppet, which should help the killers. ”

After listening to Shaguna’s explanation, that Blood Clan’s Duke’s then flew into action.

While they were moving, Ye Lu was doing another thing, that is, purifying and fusing the blood of the beasts. The summoning technique was so profound that it did not necessarily need to use the blood of one animal to summon.

For example, the previous “Four Spirit Summoning” was a summoning technique in which four types of blood were mixed. However, if the four spirits did not have the same attributes, it would be very difficult to succeed.

Therefore, Ye Luo was going to fuse these beasts’ blood according to their attributes, and then he could summon them according to certain attributes and bloodline tendencies.

For example, for example, one could fuse the bloodlines of snakes together to perform a snake summoning and summon an ancient giant snake, or one could fuse the bloodlines of fire minor attributes together to summon a fire beast.

Of course, Ye Lu knew very well that what he had summoned was only a descendant of a real divine beast with a certain “divine beast” bloodline.

The real “divine beast” might have already fallen, or it might have transcended this realm and gone to another realm.

Anyway, whatever it is, it works.

As for the various items brought out from the Jimi Spirits clan, apart from the blood of those clansmen, the other items were not of much use.

However, to be honest, Ye Lu did not dare to use the “Four Spirit Summoning” anymore, because Lin Danni was not around, and he was extremely worried that the “Yellow Dragon Projection” would come out and destroy himself as well, as that thing was obviously not afraid of the “Sunset Arrow” in Ye Lu’s hand.

In this way, a day went by.

In the evening, an unexpected visitor appeared in the Colosseum, an oriental man who looked unimpressive.

However, this Japanese was not an ordinary Japanese, he was “Koji Ishida”, who was ranked tenth in the “Killer Ranking” and was also known as “Japan’s No. 1 Grandmaster Killer”.

This a*sa*sin, Koji Ishida, was definitely no weaker than Abe Ryuho, the “chief” of the “Yin Yang Riao”, in terms of real combat power.

“I’m not the only one here, am I?”

When he saw that the Colosseum was empty, Koji Ishida muttered in a low voice.

As a result, a very loud voice suddenly said.

“Why? I’m here, aren’t I?”

Then, from another direction, a huge man of more than two metres in height came in, because there were eighty entrances and exits in the ancient Roman Colosseum.

In fact, I am afraid that his real combat power is firmly in the top ten, because the ranking of the “Killer Sky List” is not based on strength, but on the rank of the murdered, the difficulty of each operation, and the success rate, and many other factors together.

When he saw Koji Ishida, the Beast smiled and said.

“Hey, why didn’t anyone buy your life, so I could kill you and move up in the rankings again?”

Koji Ishida said indifferently.

“You can try.”

Just at that moment, another woman walked in.

This was a very S*xy, dark-skinned woman, reminiscent of Cleopatra, wearing only a golden bra on top and two narrow pieces of blue cloth underneath, covering the front and back, not knowing if she was wearing anything underneath, which was very tempting.

When he saw this woman, even the Beast frowned.

“Looks like it’s going to be a busy night!”

Koji Ishida muttered to himself.