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Super School Student Chapter 279-280

Chapter 279

The reason why Ye Lu came to find Ye Yan to activate the bloodline power was that he felt that Ye Yan might have the “Vermilion Bird Bloodline” in her.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Ye Yan asked with some surprise.

“Hidden bloodline, do I have a hidden bloodline? How am I going to activate it?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Let’s talk about this at the hotel, don’t worry, I won’t harm you.”

Ye Yan now had money, she didn’t lack anything, so of course she didn’t need to stay here all the time to watch the shop, so she quickly closed the shop and followed Ye Lu back to the hotel where she had been staying.

“Tell me, how can I activate the bloodline you mentioned?”

Ye Yan looked at Ye Luo and asked in a somewhat suspicious and uncomprehending manner.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Older sister, you better go take a shower because later on you will need to take off all your clothes and I am going to hang you up and then prick you with needles ……”

Hearing Ye Luo finish, Ye Yan’s eyes immediately went wide.

“Sh*t! You kid tell the truth, are you going to take advantage of the old mother, you didn’t see me enough before didn’t you, this time you are going to hang up to see.”

Ye Lu knew that was all this old sister would say, so he laughed and said.

“Of course not, don’t worry, if it’s what you say it is, I have plenty of chances to do it, don’t I?”

Ye Yan C*cked her head in thought and eventually nodded and said.

“Well, even if what you say makes sense, let me tell you, if you mess around for half a day, if nothing comes out of it, I’ll make you look good.”

Ye Lu hurriedly said that that kind of thing would not occur.

As a result, Ye Yan actually took more than an hour to finish her bath this time, and she didn’t know what she was pounding on, but when she was hoisted up, Ye Lu probably understood that, like Long Fei Xue, she had finely disposed of all the hairs on her body everywhere.

In fact, Ye Luo felt that a woman would look better with a little hair.

However, Ye Lu could not pay too much attention to this, activating the bloodline was a very delicate and time-consuming matter, he had to concentrate on it, moreover, Ye Yan was not the same as Long Feixue, Long Feixue was a cultivator at any rate, and also an innate spirit, so it was no problem to be hung for a while, however, Ye Yan was different, hanging for a long time, she would not be able to bear it, so she had to do it as soon as possible.

However, even though Ye Luo had been fighting with a hundred and twenty percent of his spirit, it still ended up taking more than two hours to complete the activation, and at the same time, Ye Luo saw the red fire bird that was presented behind Ye Yan.

It was a rather beautiful fire bird with nine tails, and looked very much like the legendary phoenix, except that it was a phoenix with flames emanating from its body.

What concerned Ye Yan the most was its pair of eyes, which were actually dark gold in colour and looked to carry an endless aura of ferocity.

“It really is the bloodline of the Vermillion Bird!”

Ye Luo stroked the beautiful mess of a fire bird pattern with some emotion.

“Ye Lu, what are you touching? Did it work or not?”

Ye Yan was hanging and then stabbed with silver needles on various parts of her body including very hidden parts, which made her feel a bit groundless, if Ye Lu didn’t manage to make something famous, she was definitely going to be furious.

There was no other way, Ye Lu hurriedly took a picture and handed it to Ye Yan, then removed the needles and put Ye Yan down.

“This is so beautiful! Do you mean that I have the bloodline of the ‘Vermillion Bird’?”

Ye Yan asked as she looked at the photo in her phone.

Ye Yan thought for a moment and said.

“To be honest, I’m not sure about this, although the pattern should be ‘Vermillion Bird’ right.”

Without waiting for Ye Yan to ask, Ye Luo explained.

“Because, if what your grandfather said before is true, you shouldn’t have been born in this world, but brought by grandmother, which means that grandmother should value you a lot, and since grandmother values you so much, I always feel that it shouldn’t be as simple as just having the ‘Vermillion Bird’ bloodline. ”

“Ye Luo had already seen several people with the ‘divine beast bloodline’, so Ye Luo always felt that Ye Yan should be more special.

However, even if he didn’t understand it, this was all he could do for now, he couldn’t solve this mystery at least for now.

Just as Ye Yan went to take a bath again, someone from the Ye family found the hotel where Ye Yan was staying and brought an ancient looking scroll.

“You are Lord Ye Lu, right, then it is fine to give this to you.”

Seeing that it was Ye Lu who opened the door, that man from the Ye family was not really surprised, because after all, the two of them, Ye Lu and Ye Yan, were siblings.

As Ye Lu got that scroll, a new hint in the gla*ses appeared again.

“Prompt: the new ability ‘Kung Fu Ability’ has been activated, please pay attention to it.”

And at the same time, Ye Luo saw the situation of the gongfu scroll in his hand.

“Name: simplified version of the Vermilion Bird Heart Technique, Rank: upper heavenly rank, Description: a super gongfu of the Vermilion Bird family from the other world, but not the true complete version, but a simplified version of the Vermilion Bird Heart Technique based on the human physique ……”

However, Ye Luo no longer bothered to read the latter introduction, anyway, there must be a complete version of this kind of gong method in the gla*ses, and presumably, like every time before, there was again a vast sea of gong methods existing in the gla*ses.

Of course, these gong methods were of no use to Ye Lu, because Ye Lu already had a nameless gong method on his body, although he did not know the level, but it was an extremely high gong method.

“Some gong methods could be used for a long time, and many of them had a set of gong methods that changed according to the level of cultivation, so, for the time being, there was no need for Ye Lu to cultivate other gong methods.

However, these “gong methods” were of great use to other people, such as Ye Yan and Qin Shiyu. If they had a corresponding gong method to practice, they would definitely improve at a rocket speed.

The reason why Long Fei Xue had been so slow in her cultivation was probably because the gong method she was practicing did not correspond to her own physique.

Without the activated Green Dragon bloodline, coupled with the messed up gong methods that were changed, it was of course impossible for Long Feixue to make any long progress.

However, this time was different.

After collecting the scroll, Ye Lu closed the door and quickly looked it up in the interface of the gla*ses, and sure enough, the new great ability “Kung Fu Ability” appeared in the list on the left side of the gla*ses.

After opening it, countless gong methods were presented.

“Name: Wuji Xuan Gong, Grade: Xuan Rank Upper Grade, Source: created by the Patriarch of the Wuji Sect, Introduction: from the meaning of the Wuji of Heaven and Earth, it is a very complex gong method ……”

“Name: Xuan Nui Kung Fu, Rank: middle grade of the Sacred Order, Source: created by the Xuan Nui ……”

However, through observation, Ye Lu also found a problem, that is, these techniques were different from the previous “Martial Skills”, these “techniques” seemed to be all-inclusive, because the previous “Martial Skills” only opened up to the level of “Spellcraft” for Ye Lu, as for the higher ones, they were not shown at the moment, and the “Weapon Refining” was also the same, only the refining of “Spellcraft” was explained, however, Ye Lu felt that there must be something higher to refine, but it was not shown.

However, this time, the “Technique Ability” was different, as it seemed that all the techniques were shown in the “Technique Ability”.

Because, he saw that besides the “Holy Order”, there were also “Spiritual Order”, “Immortal Order”, and even “Divine Order” techniques in here.

“Ye Lu, who’s here?”

After that, Ye Yan came out wrapped in a bath towel.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It’s the Ye family, the gong method they gave you last time was a simple version, so they sent a more complete version this time, but it’s still rubbish, I’ll teach you the strongest one.”

Regarding the “Divine Beast Vermilion Bird” gong method, Ye Lu had already looked it up in his gla*ses, and the most suitable gong method for Ye Lu to cultivate was the “Vermilion Bird Divine Skill”, a “Divine Rank” gong method, and he was going to teach it to Ye Yan.


Ye Yan looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

Ye Lu patted his chest and said.

“Of course it’s true, the gong method my old sister wants to learn, of course it has to be the top of the line gong method, and I will also teach you the most powerful ‘martial skill’ that works with this gong method, don’t worry, it won’t take long for you to become a powerful cultivator, old sister.”

In fact, Ye Yan was not the only one, Qin Shiyu and Gu Shiqi could all finally start cultivating as well.


Chapter 280

So, Ye Lu immediately began to teach Ye Yan this “Vermilion Bird Divine Skill”.

This “Vermilion Bird Divine Skill” is made up of many parts, from the “Houtian Realm”, “Xiantian Realm” to the “Jindan Realm” at the back ……

However, after the “Golden Dan Realm”, the techniques were not shown, so Ye Lu did not know how many more realms there were after that.


Ye Luo grabbed Ye Yan’s hand and said.

“You’ve already gathered ‘true qi’, this gong method is really strong!”

Although Ye Yan’s Ren and Du veins had been opened, and she had gone through the marrow cleansing process to complete the “clear energy” stage, the speed of gathering “dark energy” was still too fast.

“I have a ‘martial art’ that you can use, it’s called ‘Vermillion Bird Palm’, try this.”

As Ye Lu said that, he taught Ye Yan a ‘martial skill’, which was also the ‘martial skill’ corresponding to the ‘Vermilion Bird Divine Skill’.

To be honest, Ye Yan’s head was still quite clever in this area, which was probably why she had been able to fight before, as she was originally good at these fighting and killing things.

As a result, within a few minutes, she had basically mastered this simple “martial art”.

“Let’s try.”

Ye Lu pointed to the wooden table and said.

It was Ye Yan’s first time learning “gongfu” and “martial arts”, so she was also a bit eager to give it a try, she walked to the edge of the table, then raised her hand and “bang!” She went to the edge of the table and raised her hand and slapped it on the table with a bang.

The slap left a burned palm mark on the wooden table top, obviously containing a strong fire attribute power.

The Vermilion Bird was originally a fire-attribute divine bird, so it was naturally sensitive to fire-attribute laws, and the power of such martial techniques that contained law attacks was quite a bit more powerful than ordinary martial techniques.

“Not bad, not bad, what a powerful strike!”

Ye Yan could actually learn it so quickly, which made Ye Lu also amazed, this should be the benefit of the “martial art” and its own attribute being very compatible.

“Older sister, I’m going to teach you all the gong methods before the ‘Golden Dan Stage’, and then there are also various ‘martial skills’ that can be used in conjunction with them, just wait until you become a supreme expert.”

Of course, it was not an easy task to get Ye Yan to remember all of these things, so Ye Lu made them into textual content and sent them to Ye Yan’s mobile phone.

“If there’s anything you don’t understand, just ask me.”

Ye Luo looked at Ye Yan and said with a smile.

Ye Yan nodded mechanically while looking at these things, obviously very involved, so Ye Lu stopped bothering her and left Ye Lu’s hotel and went to Long Fei Xue’s home and helped Long Fei Xue activate it once more as well, and sure enough, the green dragon on Long Fei Xue’s back became more and more solid.

However, the level of the bloodline could not be seen at this moment, so I guess we had to wait until the bloodline was fully activated.

Of course, Ye Lu gave Long Fei Xue the “Green Dragon Divine Skill” below the “Golden Dan Stage” and some ‘Martial Skills’ to use in conjunction with it, but for those with “Bloodline Power”, the “Bloodline Divine Skill” was actually their most powerful attack weapon.

After that was Jin Kun. Similarly, Ye Lu taught Jin Kun everything related to the “Divine Beast White Tiger”.

The last one was Qin Shiyu, but when he taught Qin Shiyu the “Candle Dragon Divine Skill”, Ye Lu discovered that the “Candle Dragon Divine Skill” was actually a small grade higher than the “Vermilion Bird Divine Skill” and the “Green Dragon Divine Skill”, the “Candle Dragon Divine Skill” was a “Divine Grade Upper Grade” technique, which was also the top grade technique Ye Lu had seen so far.

“As expected of a ‘Candle Dragon’, one of the creator gods is extraordinary!”

China was a country that revered the “dragon culture”, so legend had it that there were many dragons in China, such as the Green Dragon, Ying Dragon, Cang Dragon, Qiong Dragon, etc., and the “Candle Dragon” was undoubtedly the top of the line.

Apart from the “Candle Dragon Finger” that Ye Lu had used before, there were also the “Candle Dragon Palm” and the “Candle Dragon Spear”.

Of course, many of the “martial skills” required a number of magic weapons or props to complement them.

Originally, Ye Lu wanted to find a martial art for Gu Shiqi, but Gu Shiqi was currently out of school and had gone to some poor countryside to find a treasure.

So he had to give up.

Jin Kun there Ye Lu of course is also continuing to activate, and then all kinds of gong methods and martial arts and so on were pa*sed on to him, as to how he dealt with these things, to give or not to the Jin family Ye Lu does not care about hunger, this is all Jin Kun’s freedom.

So, the next few days, Ye Lu’s side of the day has become quiet, he just refine pills every day, refine “red lotus karma fire”, and then wait for the “ghost bat” to become stronger, feed the “wine swallow boy”, so that its cultivation more consolidated, of course, there are some “ghost techniques” that can make the ghost cultivation, Ye Lu also taught this “wine swallow boy”, because, at present, this “wine swallow boy” is Ye Lu’s strongest combat power.

Of course, this was only possible if the Ghost Bats were eliminated, because if Ye Lu really dared to disregard the Ghost Bats, they would attack like crazy, and even the Drinking Swallow Boy would definitely go to pieces.

During the few days when Ye Lu was calm, others were not so calm. First of all, on the internet, people started to trace the originator of this crisis in the capital.

However, the Japanese Yakuza were also very desperate, killing all those who thought of their own organisation, and denying that there was no evidence, even if you all thought it was me, but claimed that someone was pretending to be the Yakuza to create the conflict.

The four clans, on the other hand, kept emphasising the fact that their family totems had been taken away, so that the world would know that they no longer had the Totem Plate.

“The elders of the Weaponry Sect stayed in the capital for two days to make sure the crisis was over before answering the clan again, but they were still surprised by the appearance of the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings”.

Of course, what everyone was talking about the most was who the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” really was.

“This guy is too strong, he even defeated that ‘Sake-tongue Boy’.”

“But this time it’s really thanks to the ‘Masked Man in Silk Stockings’, otherwise I don’t know how many people would have died.”

“Yes, whoever goes against the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Warrior’ in the future is going against our entire capital.”


In fact, several groups of people have already gone to the Jin family to ask questions, because the “Xuanwu Void” released by Ye Luo at that time was seen by many people, and the fame of the “Four Sacred Beasts” is very big, so many people know that this thing is actually the “Divine Beast Xuanwu”, and the “Divine Beast Xuanwu” is inseparable from the Jin family.

The four ancient martial arts clans in the capital were once again in the public eye, as people found out that the four ancient martial arts clans really had a lot of heritage, and even after so many years of silence, they could still save the day when the capital was in danger.

So, for a while, the Four Ancient Martial Arts Families once again became a hot commodity.

However, such peaceful days did not last long, and just after three days had pa*sed, trouble came.

On the morning of that day, Qin Shiyu found that Lin Danni was missing. At first she thought that Lin Danni’s mobile phone had run out of battery, but soon afterwards, Qin Shiyu received a message from the people of the “Extreme Daoist a*sociation”.

“Your best friend Lin Danni is already in Japan, if you want her to live, come to the ‘Yin Yang Liao’, you have three days, if you don’t come, at midnight after three days, Lin Danni will die.”

After receiving this message, Qin Siyu contacted Ye Lu at the first opportunity.

Now, in Qin Siyu’s mind Ye Lu had become almost omnipotent.

“In that case, don’t worry, just leave this matter to me, I will bring Lin Danni back to you.”

Ye Luo said after thinking about it.

“Also, what they ‘Society of the Extreme Way’, the ‘Yin Yang Liao’ people and those ninjas did in the capital, I’m going to get justice back with them, if they don’t come after me, I’m also preparing to go after them It is.”

These Japanese actually wanted to slaughter the city in the capital, Ye Lu had long looked at them with displeasure.

“This time, I will definitely go to Japan and turn the world upside down.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, but before that, there were some preparations that must be done.