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Super School Student Chapter 271-272

Chapter 271

However, Kamo Nakano didn’t really intend to stop, and after contacting his superiors, he quickly sent out another order to attack, but the problem was that these “Demon Repelling Flutes” were indiscriminate, so the “Drinking Tuna” was at a loss, and the attack of the demons became a stop-and-go model.

“It’s really difficult to shield this ‘flute’, but it’s not impossible.”

He started to mutter as he looked at the “Sake Swallow Boy”, and then he started to work on the head of the “Sake Swallow Boy”.

Since the flute did not really control ghosts through sound, it was not feasible to seal the ears of the boy.

However, as the real cultivator of the Sake-tunny Boy, Kamo Nakano naturally had his own methods.

At this moment, all the practitioners involved in this matter understood one thing, that someone was interfering in this matter, and apparently very effectively.

“Could it be that the experts from the ‘clan realm’ have stepped in.”

Tu Chen said with a frown.

There were certainly experts in the Shadow of Death organization, such as “Grand Master” level experts, and many of these experts were in the capital, but the number of these experts was after all limited, and these ghosts were “Master” level, and the number was huge.

Therefore, the Shadow of Death was also very worried about this.

However, Tu Chen then dismissed this speculation, because if the experts from the “clan world” had appeared, it would not have ended up like this, at least not in such a repetitive manner.

This situation indicated that the person who had made the move was not of a high level, perhaps even less than the person who had given the order.

“Alright, it’s done.”

After pounding on it for a while, Kamo Nakano had finally finished with the Sake Swallow Boy, and he had blocked the ability of the Sake Swallow Boy to receive the Demon Repelling Flute, so that he could control the Sake Swallow Boy alone.

However, just as he was breathing a sigh of relief, a voice suddenly rang out.

“Sake Swallow Boy, come out here!”

With this voice, He Mao Zhong Ye saw countless monsters in the night sky flying towards their direction like black clouds.

At this moment, Ye Lu had already arrived at this open space.

This was a demolition area, with the word “demolition” written on each house and then circled in red, and throughout the large area of houses to be demolished, as well as on the vacant land and the road, there were terrifying evil spirits everywhere.

These thousands of evil spirits were responsible for protecting the “Sake-tun Boy”, and at the centre of the “Sake-tun Boy” was Kamo Nakano, while the other ninja and shinobi were not present.

It had been clear from the start that people from the clan would intervene in such a big matter, and that he would end up dead.


Ye Luo shouted to the army of Ghost Bats, and then, holding the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow”, he rushed out, this was already a matter of life and death for many people, there was no room for hesitation, so while rushing up, Ye Luo had already taken three “Heaven Stealing Pills”.

Although he had never met these people before, Ye Lu did not feel that he could ignore their deaths just because of this reason.


Ye Lu kicked over an intercepting evil ghost, and then charged towards his target as the “ghost bats” opened the way, and soon he saw He Mao Zhong Ye, but of course the fact that he was able to charge so fast was due to the fact that the opponents were not very strong, because the intercepting ghosts were basically “First Level Sovereigns”, and they were not too powerful, because it was not that easy to find so many “First Level Sovereign” level ghosts, many of them were cooked by the “Society of the Extreme Way” with pills.

Many of the ghosts were ripened with pills by the Extreme Way Society. The ones who followed Ye Lu’s charge were real “Level 3 Demonic Beasts”, that is, the strongest of the “Level 2 Sovereigns”.


Seeing that He Mao Zhong Ye and the “Wine Swallow Boy” were not far away, Ye Lu raised his hand and a blue fireball the size of a football ball appeared in his hand, followed by a “Whoosh!” With a terrifying aura, it shot forward.

This was the upgraded version of the “Fireball Technique”, the “Fireball Technique”.


Ye Lu’s own attack wasn’t very high, so it was a bit difficult to deal with these Level 2 Sovereign Evil Spirits that were close to He Mao Zhong Ye, but at this moment, the “Ghostly Underworld Flame” was no longer the seed that had just sprouted before, it had already grown up in the “Ghost Mound”.

Therefore, the ghosts that came into contact with the blue ball of fire had a black aura on their bodies and were obviously very afraid of this “Ghostly Inferno”.

Seeing this scene, He Mao Zhong Ye’s eyes first widened and then he quickly frowned, because he was really surprised.

This fireball was completely different, not only was it a strange blue colour, but the aura it gave off was also extremely frightening.

However, if Ye Lu was a “Saint-level” superpower, He Mao Zhong Ye would never believe it, because it was beyond his imagination, it was beyond his imagination.

However, it would be impossible to use such a fireball against either Kamo Nakano or Saketomi Boy.


He Mao Zhong Ye quickly threw out a fireball, which collided with the blue fireball Ye Lu sent out, sending out a terrifying shockwave.

“Grand Patriarch!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu understood that this He Mao Zhong Ye had already grown up to be a “Grand Master”, perhaps there were many such “Grand Masters” hidden in the “Society of the Extreme Way” in China.

However, at this point in time, Ye Lu could not care less about that.

“Mao’s ‘Grand Master’, ‘Second Master’, to hell with them all, dare to kill so many people, dare to spread wildness in our capital, I’ll make you a dead master today, go to hell! ”

Ye Lu waved his hand and countless “Ghost Bats” rushed towards He Mao Zhong Ye, while “Drunken Boy” fiercely drew his long sword from his waist.

As he pulled out his sword, countless evil spirits began to rush towards him, trying to block the attacks of the “ghost bats”.

He was aiming at the “Wine Swallow Boy”, and the battle would only be over once the “Wine Swallow Boy” was finished.


The Sunset Arrow shone brightly and cut the throat of an evil spirit.


This was a disposable magic weapon given to him by Lin Sihai, and was also a family heirloom of the Lin family. After throwing it out, it formed a net around him, enveloping Ye Lu, the Wine Swallow Boy, the female ghosts around him, and the group of Ghost Bats led by Ye Lu.

This was something that Lin Sihai had thought of after hearing about the “Ghost Repelling Flute”, which was called the “Ghost Dome”, and could form a defensive shield within a certain area, especially for the “ghosts” which could never leave, and their scent was completely blocked, but of course, the downside was that their own people could not leave either.

Ye Lu had no choice but to do this, because if he didn’t isolate the “drunken boy”, once it continued to give orders to the other ghosts, someone would suffer.

“Alright, we have three minutes, either you die or I die, come on!”

Ye Lu looked at the “Wine Swallow Boy”, who was trapped with him, and said with glowing eyes.


Chapter 272

The first time he almost died at the hands of Yasuhiko Abe and the “Sake Swallow Boy”, it was time for him to take revenge.

The “Sake Swallow Boy” could not speak, it looked at Ye Lu in silence, and then swung the long sword in his hand.

Ye Luo himself was definitely not a match for this creature, this was very clear to Ye Luo, he vaguely felt that this “Sake Swallow Boy” should be even more terrifying than that Abe Kosaku who had turned into a “Grand Master”.

Sure enough, after the “Sake Swallow Boy” swung his sword, Ye Lu saw a sword aura leaving the long sword and shooting towards him, a scene that looked extremely mysterious.


However, fortunately, Ye Lu was wearing another “Earth-grade” protective clothing this time, so the flying sword mane was not as powerful as the real magic weapon, so although it hurt a little, it did not cause any actual damage.

However, if this thing cut on the bare part of the body, it would be quite troublesome, it would have to cut open the skin and flesh.

His goal was to get as close as possible to the “Wine Swallow Boy”, and as long as he got close enough, he could use the “Nine Mysterious Divine Thunder”, which was Ye Lu’s real killer weapon.

Apart from Ye Lu and the Boy Swallowing Wine, the Ghost Bats had the advantage, because the Ghost Bats that Ye Lu came in with were all the leaders of the Ghost Bats, and each of them was extremely powerful, which gave Ye Lu the opportunity to fight the Boy Swallowing Wine alone.

Ye Lu didn’t dare to get attached to the battle, he had to fight quickly because he already had three “Heaven Stealing Pills” in his stomach, and his weakness would soon come, which was why he wanted to settle the battle in three minutes, thinking that after this period, he would have to wait for his death.


Ye Lu raised his hand and once again blasted out with his palm, this time it was another football-sized fireball, however, this time it was a purple fireball, which was also Ye Lu’s strongest strike.

However, unfortunately, such an attack would not work in front of the “Wine Swallow Boy”, because a “Level 5 Grandmaster” and a “Grand Grandmaster”, even at a very close distance, could not be hit by Ye Lu’s cultivation level.

Of course, Ye Lu wouldn’t be so foolish as to think that he could kill his opponent by throwing a fireball, that would be a bit too whimsical.

Of course, Ye Lu had his own purpose for doing so.

Both the “Ghostly Flame” and the “Red Lotus Flame” were terrifying flames from hell, both of which were powerful weapons against ghosts, and such fused flames were very deadly to ghosts.

The purple ball of fire exploded with a “boom!” after the “Drinking Swallow Boy” had dodged the “Burning Sky’s Wrath”. It exploded with a loud bang.

Countless fragments of purple flames began to fly in all directions, and now the “Drinking Boy” could not remain completely calm.

He quickly began to dodge, while Ye Lu had already rushed forward, his speed had been pushed to the limit.

At the same time, he gathered all his aura onto the exposed part of his body, and his “Mixed Element Vajra Body” was also pushed to the limit.

The “Wine Swallow Boy” did not hesitate, for it did not have such emotions, and it did not judge too complicatedly, it adopted the most direct strategy to attack, ready to kill Ye Lu in one go.


He once again swung the long blade in his hand, but Ye Lu was waiting for his attack, as he simultaneously detonated the “Nine Mysterious Divine Thunder”, from the name of this thing, one could tell that it was definitely not something fun, and then, this terrifying creature exploded in front of Ye Lu.


The huge explosion didn’t just hit the “Drink Swallow Boy” alone, both of them were blown up.

“Ye Luo had no chance to blow him up by throwing the “Nine Mysterious Gods Thunder”, so he had to choose this primitive suicide attack.

The reason why he dared to do this was because, firstly, this “Nine Ghosts Divine Lightning” was mainly targeted at “ghosts”, so it was much more lethal to ghosts because it was made for ghosts.

Secondly, Ye Luo also has an “earth-grade” protective suit, and this protective suit is rare for the whole body, so the only problem is the feet, but as long as the detonation point of the “Nine Ghosts Divine Lightning” is placed at a high place, he should not worry about his feet being blown up.

Of course, his head had to be protected, but Ye Lu had the strongest defensive treasure, the “Burning Heavenly Furnace”, which could completely protect his head, and his hands were earth-grade gloves, so he didn’t have to worry about his hands either.

After a huge explosion, both Ye Lu and the “Wine Swallow Boy” were sent flying, and even the defensive shield was broken by the explosion.

The blue lightning illuminated an area of several hundred metres.

The leaders of the dozens of “ghost bats” that followed Ye Luo in had already known Ye Luo’s plan, so they hid behind Ye Luo at first, allowing Ye Luo to help them block the impact of the “Nine Mysterious Divine Lightning”, but even so, several of the “ghost bat” leaders were injured.

Of course, there was no need for these “Ghost Bats” to appear now, as Ye Lu waved his hand and these “Ghost Bats” disappeared along with the rest of the “Ghost Bats”, as the “Drunken Boy” was now too beaten to command the other ghosts, and all of them were standing around with dull expressions.

Ye Lu did not want to let the “ghost bats” bite all these ghosts to death, because these “ghost bats” were only here because they had had enough, and all Ye Lu had to do now was to collect the “boy who swallowed wine”.

However, Ye Luo discovered that the “child swallow of wine” was weak but still able to move.

“What a strong thing!”

Ye Lu couldn’t help but lament, and then, he got up from the ground with pain, and then took out a bottle of blood and poured it in through the opening at the lip of the stocking, while pouring it in, Ye Lu dashed towards the “Wine Swallow Boy”, because time was really running out.

“‘Xuanwu Void’ come out!”

Ye Luo mumbled in his heart, and a huge turtle with a snake tail appeared behind Ye Luo.

The bright blue light just now attracted many people around, and after they ran over, they saw Ye Lu, who was rushing towards the “Wine Swallow Boy” with the “Xuan Wu Void”.

“Huh! Isn’t that guy the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’? What’s that thing behind him, it looks so cool!”

By this time, the onlookers running around had already seen Ye Lu, his costume was so recognisable, and since the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” was a popular character at the moment, everyone recognised him immediately.

“That silhouette is a turtle, right? He’s not a ninja turtle, is he?”

“No, that’s a foreign thing, he must be a B*****d.”

“Sh*t! How dare you say my idol is a ninja spirit, are you tired of living?”


The only thing he could use was his aura and the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” in his hand.

However, as his opponent had nothing left to do, Ye Lu rushed forward and poked the “Drinking Swallow Boy” with the “Sunset Arrow”, and at the same time, he started to use a powerful “Ghost Art” with the Lin family’s bloodline.

The name of this “Ghost Art” was “Spirit Control Art”, which could control all kinds of spirits, including “ghosts”.

Since Ye Lu found that this creature was already weak to a certain extent, he could take advantage of the opportunity to control it, which would be of great benefit in dealing with the other ghosts.

At this time, the elders of the Weapon Sect had already flown over the capital.

“The blue light just now must have been emitted from around there, let’s go over and take a look.”

Elder Blazing Sun pointed to the demolition area not far away.

Following that, the group flew towards the place where Ye Luo was.

“Huh! It seems like the battle is over, how come the ghosts have all disappeared?”

Elder Killing Yang and the others saw from afar that many ghosts had suddenly disappeared, leaving only a bunch of people pointing around not knowing what they were saying.