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Super School Student Chapter 263-264

Chapter 263

When he heard that a teenager wanted to meet Lin Sihai, Abe Hoeye smiled.

“What’s that Chinese saying, ‘It takes no effort to find a place after stepping through iron shoes’, but I didn’t expect this boy to come to my door after looking for so long.”

When he finished, he turned to the woman beside him, the one who had given Lin Qing the “Soul Suppressing Tower” before, and said.

“You know what to do, don’t you?”

The woman immediately nodded, and then obediently walked out.

When Ye Lu saw a woman walking out, she smiled and asked.

“You are?”

The woman said with a smile.

“I am the main mother of the Lin family, Lin Sihai is my husband, if you have any time, come in and talk.”

Ye Lu smiled and walked in, because from the introduction of the gla*ses, he had already confirmed the identity of this woman, who was indeed the Lin family’s main mother.

The whole villa looked very grand and opulent, it didn’t seem to match the Lin family’s art of raising ghosts at all, at the moment the courtyard was very quiet and there was nothing unusual.

Soon, Ye Luo walked into the hall of the main building, however, in the hall, Ye Luo did not see Lin Sihai.

“Wait here for a moment, I’ll go and call my husband to come out.”

The woman politely poured a cup of tea for Ye Lu before turning around and leaving.

When he saw this person, Ye Lu understood that he had entered the wrong place, because he had seen this person during the “underground boxing match”.

This man was the leader of the Yakuza a*sociation at that time.

However, he did not run away immediately because he saw that the ninja in black had already appeared silently in the courtyard, so it was obvious that the other party had already prepared for them and their cultivation level was not low.

So, without moving, he began to make preparations.

“Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Abe Hiroyuki, I a*sume you are familiar with him.”

With that, Abe Ho-ye waved his hand, and Lin Qing stepped out from behind.

“Tell me, where has the ‘Soul Suppressing Tower’ been hidden by you?”

Abe Hoeye looked at Ye Lu and said indifferently.

When he heard Abe Hoey’s question, Ye Lu understood that it seemed that because he had come empty-handed, the other party had misunderstood that he did not have the Soul Subduing Tower with him, because the Soul Subduing Tower and all kinds of things Ye Lu had put in the “Burning Heaven Furnace” that could be shrunken and stored in his dantian.

So, Ye Luo looked at Abe Hoey and said.

“I am here to find Mr. Lin Sihai, do you know where Mr. Lin Sihai is?”

As he spoke, Ye Lu began to observe the basic information of Abe Hoeye and the others in his gla*ses at the same time.

As a result, he found out that this Abe Ho-ye was actually a “Level 4 Grandmaster”, and the two people following him were also two “Level 3 Grandmasters”, so he guessed that the ninjas outside who were responsible for blocking his back way should also have guys of similar level.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter where Lin Sihai is, you’d better tell me where the ‘Soul Suppressing Tower’ is, or else you’ll only die.”

In fact, Ye Luo knew very well that he would only die if he said the “Soul Subduing Tower” or not, as Yasuhiko Abe had said before that anyone who had seen the “Wine Swallow Boy” would die.

So, Ye Lu thought about it and said.

“I put that tower in the parking factory of ‘Sunset Mountain’.”

When things had come to this point, Ye Lu could only choose to talk nonsense, as he could only delay the matter for a little while.

“‘Sunset Mountain’? It’s really quite far away, say something specific, I’ll arrange for someone to go there, but if he doesn’t find something, you know the consequences, the night is still long anyway, we have plenty of time.”

After saying that, Abe Hoeye sat down and poured himself a cup of tea, drinking it leisurely.

At the same time, his head was racing with ideas on how to get out. The most reliable way was to get help from Tu Chen and the others of the Shadow of Death, who knew who he was anyway.

So, Ye Lu used his gla*ses to send a message to Tu Chen quickly.

However, unfortunately, there was no response from Tu Chen’s side.

“Could he be on a mission?”

Ye Luo frowned, then sent another message to Black Hades, and as a result, Black Hades also had the same lack of response.

“Sh*t! Do I have to be so dumb.”

Ye Luo muttered somewhat depressedly in his heart, he did not know that at this moment, Tu Chen was indeed on a mission with Black Hades, and was currently in a small secret realm, and could not receive any signal at all.

“It looks like there’s no chance of finding outside help.”

At this time, Lin Qing looked at Ye Lu and said with a cold smile.

“Ye Lu, did you think you could use that treasure at first, and afterwards you found out you couldn’t use it, so you wanted to come and blackmail our Lin family, didn’t you?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“It doesn’t matter, I’m curious, what do you value this ‘Soul Subduing Tower’ so much for? It must not be because of the ghosts in the tower.”

“The ghosts in the Tower of Souls should indeed be very powerful, but Lin Sihai was only a “Level 2 Master”, so the level of ghosts he could imprison should be limited.

As expected, Lin Qing said without even thinking about it.

“Of course it’s for the sake of opening the ‘Ghost Mound’, no ……”

He was about to say something else, but Abe Hoeye had already interrupted him coldly and said.

“Shut up.”

Hearing Abe Hoeye’s words, Lin Qing shivered and hurriedly shut up, however, Ye Lu’s heart moved, really this thing still had a great use.

So, Ye Luo slowly walked to the window and looked outside.

Outside the window, Miyamoto Nagai was standing coldly in the courtyard with two men, if Ye Lu made any move, the three of them would be ready to kill him at any time.

However, what worries Ye Lu was the tall “Sake Swallow Boy” sitting in a corner of the courtyard, this guy was the most terrifying guy because Ye Lu saw from his gla*ses that this thing had eaten all the ghosts of the Lin family and had become a terrifying “Level 5 Sovereign”.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu sighed in his heart, and then looked at Abe Hoeye and said.

“Mr. Abe can I ask, what exactly do you want to do?”

As a result, Abe Hoeye took a sip of tea and then said indifferently.

“Young man, knowing too much is the way to seek death; one has one mouth, two eyes and two ears, which means that you are told to listen more, see more and talk less.”

“And, of course, that includes not talking nonsense.”

Having said that, he then said slowly.

“Come in, Mirageji.”

Following that, a female ninja with purple hair curled in from outside, and to Ye Lu’s slight surprise, this female ninja’s eyes were actually purple as well, which gave a somewhat dreamy look.

This female ninja’s ninja costume was also very special, just like I don’t know what fire dance, there was only very little fabric, however, the naked parts were covered with something like silk screen, which looked very tempting.

However, this woman was definitely not a vase, in Ye Lu’s gla*ses he could see that she was a “Second Level Sovereign” level practitioner.

“Mirage Ji, don’t worry about the ‘Sunset Mountain’ side, let’s see where he put the ‘Soul Suppressing Tower’ first.”

The purple-haired Mirage Ji smiled and nodded, then slowly walked in front of Ye Lu.

She stared at Ye Lu’s gla*ses and said word for word.

“Tell me, where exactly is the ‘Soul Suppressing Tower’ hidden?”

Ye Luo felt as if a power was emitted from the other party’s eyes as he spoke, a power that went straight to his spirit, causing his head to ache violently.

However, following this, Ye Lu’s right hand moved quickly, and with the Sunset Arrow plus the Heart Piercing Stab, he pierced Mirage Ji’s heart with just one blow.

Mirage Ji was releasing her illusion, she did not expect that Ye Lu would not be controlled by the illusion, she did not even dodge this blow, she died without making a sound.


After poking the illusionary girl to death with an arrow, Ye Luo then violently crashed through the window and jumped into the courtyard.

The blow was so sudden that neither Abe Hoeye nor Miyamoto Nagai had expected Ye Lu’s fighting strength to be so strong, and they mistakenly thought at first that Ye Lu was just like meat on the chopping block, the only trouble was that they were worried that it would be difficult to pry Ye Lu’s mouth open.

“What’s going on here?”

Miyamoto Nagai quickly drew out his katana “Onigetsumaru”.

Behind him, all the black-clad ninja drew their katanas at the same time in unison, and at once the white, shining true qi, the astral force, blocked all of Ye Lu’s paths of retreat.

“F*ck him!”

Seeing this scene, the pride in Ye Lu’s heart rose.


Chapter 264

Despite the fact that there were many experts around, however, to be honest, Ye Lu did not feel that he was really dead, everything always had to be fought for.


The “Ghost Shadow Step” was instantly activated.

Of course, he did not rush towards Miyamoto Changhui, because Ye Lu felt that Miyamoto Changhui’s combat power was probably not much worse than that of the “Cold-blooded Yama”, plus the two people behind him were also “Level 3 Grandmasters”, so he definitely could not break through the blockage of these three people immediately.

However, there was someone else who was even faster than him, incredibly fast, that was Yin Yang Master Abe Hoeye, this guy was worthy of being a “Level 4 Master”, his speed was even faster than the “Cold Blooded Yan Lo” that Ye Lu killed earlier.

“Go to hell!”

Ye Luo shouted, followed by a bright red flame on his right index finger, and then Ye Luo poked his finger at Abe Ho Yeh while he was charging hard.


Abe Ho Yeh coldly snorted, followed by a quick side turn to dodge Ye Luo’s attack, however, he did not kill Ye Luo, because killing Ye Luo was not his real purpose, as a ninja, he was very clear what the purpose of his trip was, so after he dodged the blow he raised his hand to prepare to put Ye Luo under control.

However, Ye Lu poked his hand back at Abe Ho Yeh again. A cold smile appeared on Abe Ho Yeh’s face because he did not think Ye Lu was capable of hitting him. When Ye Lu crashed through the window to escape, Abe Ho Yeh had already judged very clearly that this kid’s real level, although far beyond their imagination, was not much higher.

However, his rich experience and strong judgement had killed him this time.

Because the red flame on Ye Lu’s finger suddenly left his finger and “whoosh!” It pierced Abe Hoey’s throat.

Abe Ho-ye’s eyes were wide, and he could not believe that this could happen at the last moment of his death, because he could see very clearly that Ye Lu did not have any magic weapon in his hand, and unless he was a “Saint Level” practitioner, no one could make the Qi in his body leave his body.

Not only Abe Hoey but also the others were shocked by this scene.

Ye Lu had already launched the “Ghost Shadow Step” again and rushed towards the weak point of the encirclement like lightning, and as he did so, he put the three “Heaven Stealing Pills” into his mouth.

The blow he had just dealt to Abe Ho Yeh was, of course, something Ye Lu had thought of long ago, because of all the people he could see, this Abe Ho Yeh was the strongest one, and it would be an absolute waste not to leave this sudden blow to him.

However, Ye Lu also knew very well that the “Firebomb” attack was only this one time, because if he used the “Firebomb” attack again, it would lose its suddenness, and with these people’s “Master” speed, it would be very difficult for him to really kill the opponent.

Seeing Abe Ho-ye die like this, Miyamoto Nagai was shocked and depressed. In just a few days’ time, two future stars of the Abe family had died in China, which was undoubtedly a huge loss to the Yin Yang Liao.

The “Grand Master” level practitioners within the organisation were generally restricted from entering other countries without their consent, otherwise it would be regarded as a challenge to other organisations, except for those who reached the “Grand Master” level after entering the territory of other organisations, so Abe Ho-ye was one of the important combatants of the “Society of the Extreme Way” in China.

In the villa room, Lin Qing’s eyes were already wide with surprise and he could not close his mouth. He only now realised that he was really too naive, he actually wanted to use the “Soul Calming Tower” against Ye Lu.

He saw Miyamoto Changhui swinging his sword and slashing at him, and instead of dodging, he quickly threw a finger.

The terrifying purple flame and the finger appeared at the same time.

However, Miyamoto Nagai was a veteran ninja, he had been through many battles and was extremely experienced in combat, and the sword in his hand, the “Onigetsumaru”, was not an ordinary katana.

Therefore, he did not retreat even though he knew that Ye Lu was playing with his life. He changed from holding his sword with both hands to holding it with one hand, and at the same time, he raised his left arm to block the finger, because he still had a powerful arm protector on his small arm, which could be used as a shield.



This slash was so strong that his clothes and armor were cut open. The “Ghost Moon Pill” was a famous weapon, and this slash used the famous “Jiuhe Chop”, which was so powerful that it broke even Ye Lu’s “Hybrid Vajra Body” after cutting through the armor.

A long wound stretched from his left shoulder to the right side of his ribcage, and blood flowed down immediately.

However, Ye Lu’s “Candle Dragon Finger” also poked his opponent in the arm.


But that was not the point, the point was that the fire energy from the “Burning Heaven’s Wrath” was rushing towards his heart along his meridians, and he was shocked to find that the “astral qi” in his body could not stop his opponent, which meant that the level of qi in his opponent’s body was much higher than his own.

Of course, the main reason for Ye Lu’s success was that his opponent was completely defenceless.


Ye Luo shouted violently, then fiercely struck again.

“He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to finish off the opponent with a single strike, after all, unlike last time, this time the attack was on his arm, and the wrist protector was of a very high level.


“The Sunset Arrow poked into Miyamoto Nagai’s heart with a fierce thrust.

With only two strokes, Miyamoto Nagatori was dead!

After all, what had happened before their eyes was too incredible. If it was said that the strike from the body was sudden, Miyamoto Ho-ye did not notice it, and Abe Ho-ye was not prepared, this was understandable, but just now, with one finger, Ye Lok had stabbed Miyamoto Nagai to death, this was unbelievable.

However, these were all well-trained men, and everyone did not panic as the katana slashed towards Ye Lu with a white cold light.

Because, everyone saw the hideous wound on Ye Lu’s chest.

“F*ck you!”

As the first ninja rushed in front of Ye Lu, Ye Lu’s empty hand slammed into this guy as if he had something in his hand, but, in reality, he didn’t have anything in his hand.

Just as the ninja was wondering, a pottery stove appeared out of nowhere, and it was so sudden that he was caught off guard.


His katana was smashed like a hammer on a block of ice as it touched down on the furnace, followed by the furnace smashing into his chest.


This guy was smashed by the furnace and fell to the ground, never to get up again.

Ye Lu didn’t know what level this “Heaven Burning Furnace” was, and he couldn’t use its power, but it was terrifying enough even without its power.

Seeing Ye Lu take down a “Third Grade Master” with another blow, the guys around him were really scared.

This fight had completely surpa*sed all of their imaginations.

Everyone looked at Ye Lu, who was standing in the middle of the field, holding the Sunset Arrow in one hand and the Burning Heavenly Furnace in the other, with his chest bloodied like a god of war, and did not make a move.

However, at this moment, suddenly, from behind the circle of ninjas, countless female ghosts appeared out of nowhere, with hideous faces and blood dripping from their chests, which Ye Luo knew very well.

Following that, a tall figure stood up.

There was no surprise, the most terrifying opponent, the “Drinking Tuna Boy”, had finally appeared.