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Super School Student Chapter 245-246

Chapter 245

After that, the two of them got into a taxi and headed in the direction of the “Vajra Martial Arts Center”.

The car had already been chartered by Ye Lu, and the driver also liked to watch the fun, so he was happy to take Ye Lu and Jasmine to the outside of the “Vajra Martial School”.

At this moment, there were many people waiting outside the martial arts school for Ye Lu to arrive.

Most of these people were people who had rushed over from the “Southern School Mo Family Boxing Stadium” and when they saw Ye Luo, they all waved their hands and shouted loudly.

“Mr. Luo is here!”

“Mr. Luo is here!”


Inside, of course, Song Jingang heard it too, and this time he had already put on his boxing gloves and made all kinds of preparations as instructed by the “Transmission Elder”.


He looked at the door and said boldly.

Soon, Ye Luo walked in.

“You’re Mr. Luo, right? I’m Song Jingang. I’m a rough guy, so I’m not going to beat around the bush, since I’m here to kick off, let’s start the fight.”

Song King Kong was straightforward in nature, he waved his hand around, signalling for everyone to move a distance away, after which he looked at Ye Luo and said.

“Other than that, you can beat my big disciple without any temper, this is something I admire you for, come on, let’s have a painful battle.”

To be honest, this Song Jingyang was quite to Ye Lu’s liking.

So, Ye Luo also smiled and said.

“Good, then let’s all cut the crap and start the fight.”

Seeing that his opponent was wearing boxing gloves, Ye Lu did not dare to be arrogant, he also took out his “Silent Mark” and put it on his hand, then picked up a “Medium Grade Spirit Stone” and placed it in the palm of his hand.

The “Greatest Fist of Power” consumed a great deal of spiritual energy, and he did not dare to take it lightly in the face of a “First Grade Grandmaster”.

“Come on!”

Not only was his fist glowing, but his arms and body were also glowing.

The whole man looked as if he was cast in bronze and iron, looking fierce and fierce.

On the other hand, Ye Lu’s aura was not weak either. The “Greatest Fist of Power” was also known for its fierceness, and its aura was magnificent, completely open and wide.





Immediately in front of the two men a series of, like popping beans, clashing sounds were emitted, and together with the glowing light of Song Jingyan’s side, the battle looked exceptionally magnificent.

This was also the kind of battle that the audience would love to see, full of power.


“Fight on, go for it!”

“Great fight, that’s what you call a dry fight!”


The crowd started shouting their approval.

In the conference room where the “pavilion masters” were, the crowd was also watching the scene in amazement, because this was a real hard fight, no fancy at all.

“This Mr Luo is really something!”

“That’s right, to be able to fight Song Jingyan like that, he’s at least a ‘Patriarch’ level fighter, and to be able to defeat all those guys yesterday, it looks like it’s for real.”

“But, is he really not at the ‘Patriarch’ level?”

“What exactly is his cultivation level?”


The more everyone watched, the more alarmed they became.

Then, the Wudang Sect’s “Transmission Elder” thought for a moment and said.

“Let’s ask that Mo Wenren about this. I asked him to check Mr. Luo’s cultivation carefully before, he should know the details.”

So, they exchanged words with the injured Mo Wenren.

“How can I say about this person? It’s evil, I can’t actually see his cultivation level, according to our understanding, he should be at the level of ‘peak Ming Jin’, however, his combat power is at the Patriarch level.”

“I know this very well, and you all know it, right? We have many sects of cultivators on Earth, cultivating in all directions, and there are cultivators in different countries, and the inheritance is very different, but the realms of cultivators are all the same, and this person is indeed of a very low rank from our cultivation system.”

Hearing Mo Wenren’s words, everyone felt a little incredulous.

This was because no one had ever encountered such a situation.

However, what Ye Lu and the others didn’t know at this moment was that there were some other people who were following this battle, and these people were just as big as they came.

The man at the head of the group was a big bald-headed monk.

“Master Dui Kong, what do you think this ‘Mr. Luo’ is from?”

Another man asked as he watched the video.

The big bald-headed monk shook his head and said.

“I can’t tell exactly what his origin is, but the fist technique he is using is very much like our Buddhist martial arts, it should be a martial art of the same origin, perhaps it is someone who has a relationship with our Buddhist sect.”

These were precisely some of the people from the Northern School martial arts.

The Northern School martial arts and the Southern School martial arts had always been at odds, and this time a whole bunch of Southern School martial arts sects came to the capital together to provoke the smell of provocation was obvious.

However, the other side was organised and planned to come, so for a while the Northern School was caught off guard.

After the incident, the northern martial arts schools were led by Shaolin and the southern martial arts schools were led by Wudang, so after the incident, the northern martial arts schools set up martial arts schools against the southern martial arts schools and at the same time contacted the Shaolin masters.

However, all the people in the northern martial arts school did not expect that before their own martial arts school had started, a Mr. Luo would suddenly appear and kick the school.

The only thing they knew was that Mr. Luo was from the Iron Blood Martial School. When they asked the Iron Blood Martial School, Dokgo Ao explained that he didn’t know Mr. Luo either, because he was just a pa*serby who suddenly appeared and liked to fight for justice.

When the Iron Blood Martial Arts School was bullied, this guy couldn’t stand it, so he took action.

This was confirmed by the “Southern Martial Arts School” and the people who were watching that day, that Mr. Luo had appeared out of nowhere.

This made the crowd feel more and more mysterious about Mr. Luo.

“What position does he represent? Is he representing our Northern School of Martial Arts?”

One person asked.

Then the man in charge of the enquiry shook his head and said.

“He doesn’t seem to represent any power, nor does he represent the ‘Iron Blood Martial School’, he seems to be simply fighting, but many people already see him as one of us in the ‘Northern Martial School’. ”

“And, before you came, someone had already started promoting him as one of our ‘Northern School Martial Arts’.”

Having said that, the man then took out a newspaper and said.

“This is today’s daily newspaper, take a look.”

Sure enough, there was a striking headline in the daily newspaper.

“There are many masters in the Northern School of Martial Arts, a young boy, single-handedly defeating all the masters of the Southern School.”

Seeing this headline, Master Hekong frowned and said.

“I’m afraid it’s not good to advertise indiscriminately like this without the consent of the person concerned.”

Another man said with a smile.

“But, he has already sent the message, and if we have to yet again clarify this matter, I’m afraid it will make this ‘Mr. Luo’ even more upset, so I think it’s better to find out what he is first.”

After he finished speaking, everyone looked at the screen and nodded.

On the screen, the battle between Ye Luo and Song Jingyang had reached a white heat, and the more Song Jingyang fought, the more surprised he was, as he noticed that Ye Luo’s proficiency in using martial arts techniques was increasing by leaps and bounds with the battle.

“Could it be that he has only just obtained and learnt a martial skill?”

Usually only when one has just learnt a martial art and is not yet fully proficient does this happen, but what surprised him even more was that Ye Lu’s attacks seemed to be like a continuous stream of water.

The most powerful thing about their “Vajra Sect” was that their true qi was so strong and profound that they could consume people even if they could not kill them, but he was surprised to find that he could not consume his opponent at all.

Not only did his opponent keep fighting with him, but he was getting stronger and stronger, as if every punch he threw against his opponent increased his strength.

He felt like he couldn’t hold out any longer soon.


Finally, in the midst of Ye Lu’s terrifying attack, Song Jingyan collapsed.

His huge body collapsed and he lay in the courtyard with a look of disbelief. It was the first time he had lost a fight against someone who had exhausted his “astral energy”.

The fight with Song Jingyang had been very enjoyable, especially as it had helped him to improve his cultivation.

“It’s just a pity, there aren’t many ‘Grade 1 Zongshi’ in the ‘Martial House Alliance’!”

Ye Lu sighed, then looked at Song Jingyin who had fallen to the ground and clasped his fist and said.

“Vajra Boxing School, please accept!”

At this time, the reporters gathered around again and one of them said.

“Mr. Luo, I just read in the daily newspaper that you are here to kick the martial arts school on behalf of the ‘Northern School of Martial Arts’, may I ask, which school of the ‘Northern School of Martial Arts’ do you belong to?”

Hearing this guy’s words, Ye Lu suddenly had a movement in his heart.

“Should I kick the ‘Northern School Martial Arts’ martial school as well by the way?”


Chapter 246

Although there are many Grandmasters in the secular world, not all of these sects have “First Cla*s Grandmasters”. For example, the Mo family of the “Southern School Mo Family Fist” has a total of five “Grandmaster” masters, two of whom are fathers, followed by the head of the family, Mo Wentian, and then his two brothers, Mo Wendi and Mo Wenren.

Of the five, only Mo Man Ren is a “First Cla*s Grandmaster”.

Therefore, Ye Lu’s next target was the Dali Duan Clan’s “Duan Clan Fist House”, as he needed some time to digest the spirit stones he had just absorbed, and the Dali Duan Clan’s “Yi Yang Finger” was the easiest one for Ye Lu to deal with at the moment.

As expected, on his way over, Ye Lu checked the news that the man had just told him, and someone had indeed said that he was kicking out the school on behalf of the “Northern School of Martial Arts”.

“Well, since it’s a big deal, let’s make a big deal out of it.”

Ye Lu thought about it, and then called another media outlet.

“Can you send a video statement for me? I’m Luo Zhiqiu, the one who’s kicking the pavilion now, and I just saw that your reporter was there.”

The other party was immediately interested when they heard it was Mr. Luo.

“Great, is it an exclusive release for us?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Of course, and I can help you guys with a promotion at the end, how about that?”

The other party of course immediately agreed, and in no time, that reporter and another camera person rushed over, and everyone recorded the video in the car.

The gist of the video was that Mr. Luo was not kicking the gym on behalf of Northern Martial Arts, but he was very angry at the way Northern Martial Arts was promoting the gym, and the consequences were very serious.

Finally, Mr. Luo thanked the Daily News for their support.

After the reporters left, Jasmine looked at Ye Luo and said with a smile.

“When I first met you, you were struggling to beat a ‘Huajin powerhouse’, I always remembered that battle on Tianma Mountain, how long has it been since you could challenge a Grandmaster? ”

Hearing Jasmine say that, Ye Lu also felt a bit emotional, he looked at Jasmine and said with a smile.

“Isn’t your progress also fast, don’t worry, soon you will also succeed in ‘building the foundation’.”

Jasmine was convinced of Ye Luo’s words, because, the two fights she had just kicked had already shocked her, Ye Luo’s improvement could simply be described as rapid.

When the news broke that Mr. Luo was going to challenge the martial arts school of the Northern School of Martial Arts, first of all, the “school owners” of the Southern School of Martial Arts were all confused.

They had just come to the conclusion that this so-called Mr. Luo was a surprise attacker set up by the Northern Martial Arts to deal with the opening of a martial arts school in the Southern Martial Arts.

And the news just confirmed it.

But now this “Mr. Luo” is challenging the “Northern Martial Arts” martial arts school again, which makes these people a bit confused.

“What does this man mean?”

“Is he trying to challenge the whole martial arts world?”

“It seems so. I wonder if this man is a Japanese who has come to our country on purpose to cause trouble.”

“I don’t think it’s a Japanese, it doesn’t look like the way the martial arts skills are.”


The crowd of “Southern Martial Arts” started to speculate at once.

Of course, the people who were even more confused were those from the “Northern School of Martial Arts”.

“What does this Mr. Luo mean? If he even beats us, who will support him?

“That’s not the point, the point is, what if he really kicks the bucket?”

“I do think that this might be a good time to split the difference with the ‘Southern Martial Arts’, if we win that Mr. Luo and the ‘Southern Martial Arts’ don’t win, let’s take the opportunity to get them out, what do you think? ”

As a result, this proposal immediately gained the support of many people.

In fact, the main reason for Master Daikong to come here was to sit on the sidelines, and Shaolin seldom participated in such fights.

However, since “Wudang” had already taken action, Shaolin could not just sit back and do nothing. So, Master Hekong let them do what they wanted to do.

He went to the Duan Clan and defeated Duan Ming of the Dali Clan, then went to the Hung Gar Kung Fu Stadium.

The battles he had just fought were all tricky.

In the battle with Mo Wen Ren, Mo Wen Ren had obviously taken his opponent lightly and had to let Ye Lu make three moves, which was simply a death wish of his own.

The “One Yang Finger” was obviously not as powerful as the “Candle Dragon Finger”.

“The sixth strand of aura has become much stronger, it’s time to start the real battle.”

Ye Lu muttered secretly in the car.

“It was said to be related to the Southern Shaolin, and many famous people had appeared in it, Bill Wong Fei Hung was one of the heirs of Hung Fist.

According to the introduction, there are two “First Cla*s Grandmasters” and one “Second Cla*s Grandmaster” who have come here to open the martial arts school.

Of course, there must be even stronger practitioners in the Hong Quan Sect, but it seemed that it was not their turn to open a martial arts school.

However, Ye Luo had just gotten off the bus and was surrounded by many reporters before he even entered the “Hong Quan Martial Arts School”.

“Mr. Luo, are you really going to challenge the ‘Northern School of Martial Arts’ martial arts school as well?”

“Why do you want to launch this challenge?”

“Are you a lone wolf?”


Faced with so many people asking, Ye Lu had to smile and said.

“Yes, I will be challenging the ‘Northern School of Martial Arts’ this afternoon, I am a person with a strong sense of copyright and rights, they are counterfeiting my name, this is something I cannot tolerate.”

Followed by a question directed at Ye Luo.

“Mr. Luo, our column would like to do an interview with you, do you think it’s okay?”

Ye Luo looked at her and said with a smile.

“There’s no need for that, I’ve always been a very low-key person, I don’t like to be in the limelight the most, so I won’t be on TV.”

As a result, just as Ye Lu finished speaking, a whole bunch of people were deeply disdainful.

“Mao’s low profile, I don’t see it.”

“Yeah, this is the highest level of pretentiousness, isn’t it?”

“Maybe they’re just being gorgeous and understated.”

“Fart, just pretending.”


In the midst of everyone’s discussion, Ye Luo had already walked into the “Hong Quan Martial Arts School”.

However, what surprised Ye Lu was that the person waiting for him at the martial arts school was actually a beautiful woman, a beautiful woman dressed in blue with a long water-snake waist and wearing the same blue gloves on her hands.

When she saw Ye Luo walk in, that beautiful woman smiled and said.

“Welcome Mr. Luo to our ‘Hong Quan Martial Arts School’ I hope our house is not the fourth martial arts school to close.”

The news that Ye Luo had picked over three martial arts schools in one morning was certainly already known to these martial arts schools, so everyone attached great importance to this competition.

However, it was only a pity that although this woman was at the Patriarch level, she was not higher in spells than Ye Lu’s spells, where the defensive spells were even a major rank lower than Ye Lu’s personal soft armour.

At that time, what made Ye Lu somewhat surprised was that the clothes and weapons as well as shoes this woman wore were actually a set, so the consumption of true qi was much lower after activation.

“Well, since you’re here to kick the bucket, I’ll say more to you, let’s begin.”

The woman was also very straightforward and waved her hand directly at Ye Lu, gesturing for him to go to the “fighting platform” in the courtyard to compete.

Ye Lu, of course, did not bother to say too much and went straight to the fighting platform.

The woman jumped across to Ye Lu and gave a salute, saying.

“Then let me use the ‘Water Wave Fist’ of the Hung Gar Fist to teach you some of your best moves, please!”

Of course, Ye Lu launched his attack without ceremony, he was already accustomed to the fierce and fierce feeling of the “Greatest Fist of All”.

However, after the attack, Ye Lu found that his attack was like a sword slashing through water, and was easily defeated by his opponent’s flowing martial arts skills.

“Looks like I’ve met my match this time!”

Ye Luo muttered secretly.