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Super School Student Chapter 237-238

Chapter 237

Leaffall then smiled and said.

“Fine, then let’s take the test.”

To be honest, Ye Lu knew very well that for an elder of a big sect like the Weapon Sect, things would definitely not be so simple, and all kinds of tests and difficulties would definitely be inevitable.

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the elder looked at Ye Luo and said.

“About your cultivation, I will not talk about you for now, after all, our ‘Weapon Sect’ is not a sect that relies entirely on force, but what I want to ask you is, what is the highest level ‘magic weapon’ that you have ever refined? ”

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“I haven’t refined any magic weapons.”

This was also the truth, Ye Lu had been transforming various ‘magic weapons’ from his initial contact with refining, and had never refined any of them.

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, even Tie Zong Lin frowned, because he didn’t understand Mr. Luo at all, and he didn’t know that things would be like this.

Ye Luo then went on to say.

“However, as a refining expert, you would know that for refining, beating weapons is far less important than drawing ‘weapon patterns’, I am not good at beating weapons, but I am better at drawing weapon patterns, is it possible to take some tests related to weapon patterns? ”

After Ye Lu finished speaking, this elder frowned, because he understood that what Ye Lu said was right, even if the weapon was well made, if there was no ‘weapon pattern’ on it, in the end, not to mention how powerful it was, it could not even be considered a ‘magic weapon’.

So, he thought about it and said.

“Well, even if you have a point, however, the minimum threshold for an elder of our ‘Weapon Sect’ is to be able to refine a ‘Xuan-rank’ magic weapon, can you meet this requirement? ”

Hearing him out, Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“I can try, because I haven’t done that yet, I’ve been concentrating on raising the level of ‘magic weapons’ since I started learning to refine, as well as repairing ‘magic weapons’, I really haven’t really made any magic weapons yet, but if it’s just ‘Xuan rank’, it should be easy.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, not only the three elders, but also the other disciples were a little surprised, because even the inner disciples of the “Weapon Sect” had refined Mortal-ranked magic weapons, but of course the quality was not easy to say, and there was really no one like Ye Lu who had not refined a single magic weapon.

Moreover, what was more important was that such a person was actually an elder and said that it was “easy” to make a Xuan-rank magic weapon, which was a bit incomprehensible.

Even if an elder of the Weapon Sect wanted to make a “Xuan-rank” magic weapon, it would take a long time to prepare, carefully control the drawing of each line, and if there was a mistake, he would have to start all over again, so it was basically difficult to succeed in one go, so this elder had been prepared for Ye Lu to keep trying.

“Young man, your mouth is too big.”

A disciple who was watching could not hold back any longer, he looked at Ye Lu and said coldly.

“That’s right, big talk, do you think refining is making buns, one cage in a moment.”

“BullSh*t atmosphere, didn’t you hear him say that he hasn’t even refined magic weapons before.”

“This B*****d has no idea how high the sky is and how thick the earth is.”


Not only everyone, that elder at the head of the group also changed his face when he heard Ye Lu’s words.

However, at this time, the “weapon pattern” that Ye Lu had drawn overlapping together earlier served its purpose, as all three elders were interested in the weapon pattern that Ye Lu had drawn.

The main reason was that the “Weapon Sect” was basically the only one in the field of weapon making, so the “weapon patterns” that the elders had seen, especially this kind of independent weapon patterns, were basically their own internal weapon patterns, and they had never seen an outsider draw a weapon pattern that they had never seen before.

However, the two artefact patterns that Ye Lu had just drawn were both ones they had never seen before, and they were complete artefact patterns.

This made all three of them very surprised in their hearts.

So, after thinking about it, this elder still said.

“Well then, then I will give you a chance, I will give you a weapon that has been beaten, and you will be responsible for drawing ‘artifact patterns’ on it, if you can reach ‘Xuan rank’, it means that you are the one who meets the standard at this point. ”

With those words, he waved his hand.

A disciple took out a long spear from the pile of weapons to one side.

It seemed that this disciple was quite generous, as the lance was relatively large and moderately difficult to draw, which was a relatively fair trial for Ye Lu.

Ye Luo took the lance, not to mention that the material of the lance was really good, it felt like it should be made from the material in this space, as it contained fire attributes and was quite hard in texture.

So, after thinking about it, Ye Lu chose a fire attribute pattern and began to draw it.

Seeing Ye Lu start drawing it after just one look, it made everyone a little surprised.

“Could it be that he has refined many of these weapons?”

“Yeah, if he wasn’t very familiar with it he shouldn’t have gotten his hands on it and drawn it.”

“That’s not right, shouldn’t you use a pencil to make a rough draft first? What if the drawing is off?”

“I don’t get it, it’s not a mess, is it?”

“It’s possible.”


Seeing Ye Lu fly and start drawing up, everyone was a bit bewildered and confused, however, most people did not think highly of Ye Lu.

In fact, this was caused by the habit that Ye Lu had always had, he hadn’t been trained systematically, so he didn’t know what steps to follow at all, he had long been used to this method of drawing as he brought it, and he practiced this every day.

It didn’t take much longer for Ye Lu to finish drawing.


He looked at everyone and said with a smile.

Everyone was in an uproar when they finished drawing so quickly.

“So fast, it must have been hocus-pocus.”

“It couldn’t have worked, who does he think he is?”

“That’s right, the elders didn’t have this speed either!”


However, while everyone was talking, Ye Lu had already raised his spear and then poured his aura into it, bright flames rose up, following which he quickly turned it around and thrust it downwards, the spear easily plunged into the floor of the hall.

Seeing this scene, the three elders were all moved, for it was obvious that the spear had reached the “Xuan rank” or above.

Everyone drew in a breath of cold air and no one said anything because they were all stunned by this scene.

“Take the gun over and let me have a look.”

The elder who had just been blackened said to the disciples below.

One of the disciples immediately pulled the gun out and handed it to the elder.

He picked up the gun and looked at it for a moment, then silently handed it back to the other two elders, who also looked at it and one of them was immediately surprised.

“‘Middle grade of the Xuan rank’, and a magic weapon that possesses the flame attribute.”

He was also shocked by the weapon in his hand, something like this was not something that every elder could refine, but of course if the elder was given enough time and enough materials to refine it repeatedly, and at the same time could know this weapon pattern then he could basically refine it.

However, Ye Lu’s refinement was so fast that he didn’t even think twice about it, and it came together in a single stroke.

Of course, he did not know that this was related to Ye Lu’s special physique and aura. The level of a refiner was actually closely related to the level of his perception of the laws of heaven and earth, and Ye Lu was a disembodied body and possessed aura, which was in tune with heaven and earth, far beyond the level of a “Jindan stage”, because what a “Jindan stage” possessed was only “innate astral qi”, which was far from “aura”.

The other thing that surprised them was that this was another “weapon pattern” that they had never seen before, and at least, this Mr. Luo should have many weapon patterns that their “weapon sect” did not have.

This was what they were most concerned about.

This was because the Weapon Sect had been eating the same old stuff for so many years, unable to find any new complete weapon patterns, and it was difficult for people to create particularly powerful weapon patterns, which had kept the Weapon Sect at a standstill for many years.

However, Ye Lu was worried that this was not enough, so he looked at the three elders and said.

“This is my first time making a complete magic weapon, so this is already the limit of what I can do, it might not be perfect, but what I am best at is improving and repairing magic weapons, I can make ‘Xuan-rank upper grade’ magic weapons at the highest.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, these three guys finally sat back a little, because what Ye Luo said had far exceeded their imagination.

“If Ye Lu could really achieve this, then he was indeed a worthy elder, not only a worthy elder, but also a rather bullish one.

So, that elder directed a disciple to bring over a remnant weapon.

In the Weaponry Sect, there was no shortage of these remnants, which were used by the disciples for practice.


Chapter 238

As expected, one of the disciples brought Ye Lu a sword, which appeared to be a complete sword, with the weapon pattern drawn on its body, but the pattern had been partially destroyed by a powerful force during the battle.

However, if these patterns were something that had never been seen before, it would be very difficult to make them up, because the “Law patterns” on Xuan-ranked magic weapons were very profound and difficult to understand, and it would be very difficult to study them, and then make them up.

The pattern of laws on this sword was something that no one from the Weapon Sect had ever seen before.

This elder just wanted to see if Ye Lu really knew a lot about the pattern of the weapon, and he had already seen how powerful Ye Lu was before, so he did not really expect Ye Lu to be able to repair this magic weapon this time, as long as the “pattern of laws” that Ye Lu drew was justified.

At this point, everyone in the room had also put away their contempt, because what Ye Lu had done before, everyone asked themselves that they were completely unable to do it.

Therefore, all of them looked towards Ye Lu with some expectation.

In fact, repairing a “magic weapon” was easier than enhancing it, so Ye Lu was not particularly nervous as he took the sword-shaped magic weapon and began to study it through the gla*ses.

Soon, the gla*ses gave him a plan to repair it.

Ye Lu took out his burin pen and began to deliberate, because unlike the previous complete “pattern of laws”, the complete “pattern of laws” was drawn by himself, while the texture on this artifact was drawn by someone else, so the texture he added had to match the texture drawn by the previous person in terms of depth and other aspects.

After studying for half a day and trying out the edges of the sword, Ye Lu began to draw it.

Everyone was watching the scene in silence.

This time, Ye Lu was very careful with the drawing, as this kind of repair was not simply a matter of patching up the textures, but a complete fit in order to function, so it could not be sloppy.

But fortunately, this sword was Ye Lu’s best magic weapon, as it was also of the “fire” attribute.

After taking some time, Ye Lu finally restored the sword. To be honest, if it wasn’t a fire-attribute magic weapon, he wouldn’t have been able to finish this “upper Xuan-rank” magic weapon so quickly.

Following this, bright flames lit up from the sword, and Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Well, it’s a pleasure.”

After saying that, he handed the longsword to a disciple who handed it to the elder.

The elder had been completely shocked by Ye Lu’s series of divine tricks, and he had completely understood that he was truly going to be a subordinate in terms of refining weapons.

A magic weapon of this level, and a weapon pattern that had never been seen before, if he was allowed to repair it, even if he drew it for a month or two to study it, the chances of success would be very, very low.

However, in Ye Lu’s hands it actually seemed to be nothing.

“Are you hardly sent by the ‘God of Weaponry Refinement’?”

He looked at Ye Luo with some surprise and said.

To this, Ye Luo did not know how to reply, so he could only smile.

Following that, this elder then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“After the three of us tested, you are fully qualified to be an elder of our ‘Weaponry Sect’, welcome to join the ‘Weaponry Sect’ and come with us to the ‘Hundred Refinement Pavilion ‘ Let’s, I’ll give you the credentials of ‘Elder of the Weapon Sect’.”

As a result, Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“No, I can’t join you guys.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the other party immediately became a little anxious, and the others were also staggered.

“Mr. Luo, what do you mean?”

That elder’s face immediately sank.

The other party was at the “Golden Dan Realm”, so it should be very easy to slap Ye Luo to death.

Ye Luo hurriedly explained.

“It’s like this, since I already have a clan at the moment, it’s definitely not in line with the rules to join the ‘Weaponry Sect’ again, so I wonder if I can be counted as a ‘guest elder’?”

Following this, Ye Lu then added.

“Don’t worry, I will never be ambiguous about what I should do, I will leave behind some weapon patterns in a moment, as well as the methods of making various ‘Xuan-rank’ magic weapons, including the principles of ‘patterns of laws’ and so on.”

Once he heard that Ye Lu would leave behind so many things, the elder who had originally planned to agree to Ye Lu’s proposal became even happier.

He said with a smile.

“Of course, we agree to have you as our ‘Guest Elder’ and welcome to join our ‘Weaponry Sect’.”

Ye Lu nodded, then scratched his head a little embarra*sed and asked.

“May I ask, what is this ‘guest elder’ mainly responsible for doing?”

As a result, everyone else had black lines, they had just said that they wanted to be a guest elder, but they ended up knowing everything about what a guest elder was, there was no one else for this person.

That elder smiled and said.

“‘Guest Elder’ actually basically doesn’t have to do anything, it’s mainly a name, of course, if we ask for your help, if you have the time and energy, you can help us a little, it’s not forced, but, if someone dares to deal with you, that’s against our ‘ Weapon Clan’ against us, and we will definitely not give up in kind.”

Hearing him out, Ye Lu smiled, this just compounded his need.

So, he entered the interior of the Weapon Sect with this elder named “Blazing Sun”.

When he entered the interior of the Weapon Sect, he also saw the vehicle of the Weapon Sect, a kind of flying machine with “Weapon Patterns” painted on it, which was quite cleverly made.

“This flying machine is awesome!”

During the flight, Ye Lu found that there were all kinds of machinery in the small world where the Weapon Sect was located, including large and small flying machines, vehicles, and all kinds of things that a*sisted in farming.

Elder Kiyang said with a smile.

“Yes, we are ‘Weapon Pattern Technology’ here, the single door has a department where they specialise in researching weapon patterns for various purposes, you’ve seen that kind of weapon pattern with a protective effect before, right, that’s also one of the results of their research.”

To be honest, through Elder Killing Yang’s various introductions, Ye Luo felt that the Weapon Sect was really a positive and very good sect, but unfortunately, a lot of the basic things and systematic things about “weapon making” had been lost, so their studies were rather messy.

So, after thinking about it, Ye Luo said to Elder Blazing Sun.

“I have some very authentic theoretical knowledge of weapon refinement here, I’ll sort it out in a couple of days and you can send someone to pick it up.

Now that Elder Blazing Yang had become quite convinced of Ye Lu, he was of course overjoyed to hear this news.

After Ye Lu got the identity card of the Visiting Elder of the Weapon Sect, he left behind a lot of patterns of weapon patterns and some knowledge on how to refine weapons, as he had just said, before he was ready to leave.

However, before he left, Killing Yang gave him some more sets of clothes, both male and female.

“I see that you don’t have a ‘defence’ type magic weapon, so you can wear these clothes if you see which one is suitable, only two of them are of ‘earth rank’, because ‘earth rank ‘ magic weapons are too difficult to refine, so most of the ‘Earth-rank’ magic weapons are still currently relying on those obtained in the secret realm or pa*sed down.”

Of course Ye Lu accepted it happily, he was indeed in shortage of defensive magic weapons.

This status might not be very intimidating to the Japanese or ordinary members of clans and gangs in the secular world, because due to the various rules of the clan, the clan could only interfere with the secular world in secret, so public awareness of the clan was actually relatively small.

However, to other clans, this status carries a lot of weight. Although the Weaponry Sect is not as important as the Pill Alliance, people still do not want to offend the Weaponry Sect.

It was already afternoon when he came back from the Weapon Sect, and Ye Lu was in a good mood when he went to Doku Ao’s Iron Blood Martial School.

However, just as he walked into the Iron Blood Martial Arts School, he saw that there was a lot of sabre rattling inside.

There were some strange looking people standing in the courtyard, and there were also people carrying cameras.

Ye Lu looked at these people, and then looked at Dokgo Qian Sha and asked.

“What kind of movie is this being made?”

As a result, Dokgo Ao said in a gruff voice.

“Filming a movie, smashing the venue!”