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Super School Student Chapter 229-230

Chapter 229

However, he felt that he should also be glad that he had survived the battle against the Japanese, after all, he would have been really unlucky if he had dropped the ball just then.

“Looks like we can only go so far this time.”

Ye Lu let out a long breath of relief.

As they say, “a hundred miles is half a dozen”, this time Ye Lu had already reached ninety-five consecutive victories, just a little bit short of the last, although he had some regrets, he had tried his best.

What he was upset about was that he hadn’t been able to turn on his “martial arts ability”. If he went to the headquarters of the “Heavenly Clan” at his current level, he would be in a very bad situation.

“If I can’t, I’ll have to contact the Four Great Clans, if they’re willing to help, maybe there’s still a chance for things to turn around.”

Ye Lu secretly muttered.

Following that, the five golden flowers arrived at the fighting stage.

Not to mention, these five girls really had high facial values, and all of them were dressed in rose red, with long legs and short boots, and they all walked neatly, obviously a very well-trained and well coordinated team.

The beautiful woman at the head of the group looked at Ye Lu and smiled once she got on stage.

Ye Lu smiled back, he was ready to admit defeat at any time.

Seeing that both teams had taken up their positions, the female referee put her hand up, looking like she was about to announce the start of the match.

However, before she could give the order, the woman at the head of the five golden flowers raised her hand to indicate that she had something to say.

The host lowered her hand and signalled that the girl could speak.

The woman didn’t say anything, she curled towards Ye Luo, which made Ye Luo a little confused, was this woman not going to say something like a declaration, but had something to say to herself?

Then, the woman came close to Ye Lu, and while Ye Lu still had to figure out the situation, she gave Ye Lu a kiss on the cheek with a swift movement.

Then as Ye Lu was in awe, she suddenly smiled and said.

“Five against one, victory is not enough, we ‘Five Golden Flowers’ admit defeat in this match, thanks to Blood Shadow for not hurting any of our sisters before, and congratulations to ‘Blood Shadow’ for becoming the new generation of ‘Hundred Victory Shura’.”

Everyone froze for a few seconds, then thunderous applause erupted throughout the venue, applause for Ye Lu, and applause for the Five Golden Flowers.

Then, the “Five Golden Flowers” walked back to their positions amidst the applause, leaving only a dumbfounded Ye Lu on the battle stage.

“There’s still a way to do this.”

Ye Luo’s heart was also filled with surprise, it looked like his principle of not beating women had finally paid off!

At this time, that host had excitedly said in a loud voice.

“Congratulations, congratulations on the birth of the second ever ‘Hundred Victory Shura’, he is our ‘undefeated Ming Jin powerhouse’ Hundred Battles ‘Blood Shadow Shura ‘!”

As her words fell, everyone stood up and shouted in unison.

“Blood Shadow Shura!”

“Blood Shadow Shura!”

“Blood Shadow Shura!”


The entire venue shouted for a full minute before it stopped.

“Below, we have ‘Jack of Spades’, one of the twelve personal guards of our ‘Lord of the Underground’, presenting the prizes to the newly promoted ‘Blood Shadow Shura’. ”

After the host finished speaking, the “Jack of Spades” jumped up from the main stand and then floated in the air like a flight to the front of you.

After that, this blonde expert looked at Ye Lu and smiled, saying.

“Congratulations, you are really a young man, but I would like to say that you do deserve the title of ‘Shura’, this is your ‘Shura Token ‘, as long as they belong to the Underworld, they will all know about this token, this is the ‘Earth Grade Middle Grade’ martial skill that is rewarded to you, other benefits that belong to you, you can go to the ‘Underworld’ app in three days to see it. ”

The “Jack of Spades”‘s words were a bit surprising to Ye Lu, because he didn’t expect them to have an APP software, it seemed that their “Underworld” was quite able to follow the times.

After that, the “Jack of Spades” looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Although you are not a member of the ‘Underworld’, you now have almost all the authority of the Underworld, so I hope you will have a happy life in the Underworld, and if there is anything you need to do, just show the ‘Shura Token ‘, either that organisation or branch of the Underworld will be at your service.”

It looked like he was getting a lot of benefits.

However, the “Jack of Spades” went on to say.

“Since you are not a part of the Underworld, this token can only be used by yourself or with your own authorization, and once it is used in violation, we are entitled to deal with it at our discretion.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Okay, I will use it carefully, this is something that is not easy to come by!”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the “Jack of Spades” also smiled and said.

“Yes, cherish it and grow up as soon as possible.”

After saying that, the “Jack of Spades” flew away again, and this almost flying ability made Ye Lu feel the other party’s power.

“There are so many strong people in this world!”

Ye Luo couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional.

As he became one of the “cultivators”, Ye Lu felt that his vision in front of him was becoming more and more open, and the world was also becoming bigger and bigger.

“The ‘Earth Grade Middle Grade’ martial skill has finally arrived.”

Ye Lu happily picked up the scroll of the martial skill, followed by the prompt from the gla*ses.

“Congratulations on opening the new ability ‘Martial Skill Ability’, please open the list on the left for the details of the ability.”

Ye Luo snapped his fingers happily, as expected, a martial skill of the Earth rank was in hand, and the “martial skill ability” was finally unlocked.

Since the “Martial Skill Ability” had been opened, Ye Lu did not bother to see what “Martial Skill” he had gotten, anyway, just like the ability he had opened before, countless martial skills would definitely appear in his gla*ses.

So he took a deep breath and then turned around and walked towards his camp.

Ye Lu walked extremely slowly because his body was really too D*mn painful, yesterday he was unconscious so he didn’t know, today he was tangibly feeling this period of weakness, it was simply too tremendously weak.

“Blood Shadow, are you alright?”

Seeing Ye Luo’s state, Tu Chen asked with some worry.

Ye Luo waved his hand and said.

“It’s fine.”

Tu Chen then continued to ask.

“Will it affect the cultivation in the future?”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“It won’t affect it, it should be fine tomorrow.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Tu Chen then nodded and said.

“Good, then I will talk to you about a serious matter, are you willing to join our ‘Shadow of Death’ organization?”

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“I don’t want to join any organization, I just want to finish my university life properly, I’ll think about joining the organization after the university is over.”

Hearing that Ye Lu rejected his invitation without even thinking about it, Tu Chen then said with a smile.

“Well then, this matter, let’s wait until after you graduate from university, the matter of that ‘Earth Rank’ martial skill ……”

Before he could finish his words, Ye Luo said as he placed the martial skill on the table.

“This martial skill already belongs to your ‘Death Shadow’, thanks for your help these days, this is my thank you gift.”

Seeing that Ye Luo had never even looked at this “Earth Grade” martial skill before giving it to himself, Tu Chen was truly stunned by Ye Luo’s actions.

“This, don’t you want to take a look at it?”

He looked at Ye Lu and asked.

He couldn’t figure out if Ye Lu hadn’t worked so hard for this martial art?

Ye Luo, on the other hand, smiled and waved his hand and said.

“It’s just an earth rank martial skill, it’s all just a small matter lah, so if there’s nothing else, just send me away, there are still people waiting for me.”

Ye Luo looked at Tu Chen and said with a smile, he still had a lot of things to do next, including repairing the wounds on his body, finding a powerful martial art to cultivate, and finding something to improve the Red Lotus Flame, the power of the fusion of the two flames this time was too amazing for Ye Luo, this power, if combined with some kind of martial art, it would definitely be a powerful weapon to kill people.

Of course, all of this was for the “Heavenly Clan”, and he wanted to settle the score with them this time.

When he returned to the Purple Mountain, it was already eleven o’clock at night. Qin Siyu had been hiding in the tent without a fire as Ye Lu had instructed, and when she saw Ye Lu appear, she quickly burst out.

“Ye Lu, you’ve won!”

Qin Siyu said with a sigh of relief.

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Yes, and we should be able to go and settle the ‘Heaven Sheltering Gang’ matter tomorrow, you go to sleep, I’ll study the martial arts skills I harvested today.”

After settling Qin Shiyu down, Ye Lu opened the “Martial Skill Ability”, and he was shocked by the contents inside, not the number of martial skills or their grades, but something else that shocked Ye Lu even more.


Chapter 230

Ye Lu found that there were indeed “Mortal”, “Xuan”, “Earth”, “Heaven” and even “Saint” level martial skills in the “Martial Skill Ability”, but what surprised Ye Lu most was not these, but that he found that there was something called “Spell” above the “Martial Skill”.

According to the gla*ses, this “spell” was an attack method that could only be used by cultivators at the “Golden Dan Realm”, and like the “Pill Ability”, the gla*ses hinted that there was also a higher realm attack method, but the system had hidden it from view.

“Golden Dan realm, what exactly is this realm? Could it be talking about the ‘Patriarch level’?”

Ye Lu secretly muttered, he did not know much about the realm of cultivators above the “Innate Realm”, however, these were not the main point, the focus was whether he could use the “spells” himself?

According to the introduction of the gla*ses, these “spells” were one level higher than “martial arts”, which were attacks that could be used below the “Golden Dan Realm”, so “spells” should be more powerful than “martial arts”.

“I might be able to use ‘spells’ since I have ‘aura’ in my body.”

Ye Lu muttered as he began to look through the spells, but unfortunately, he was in a period of weakness and could not practice any of the spells at all.

So, he had to sit cross-legged under a tree and quietly meditate and wait.

Fortunately, the period of weakness did not last too long, and after two hours, he found that he could begin to gather aura in his body again, but it was very slow, and it was not until around four o’clock in the night that he finally recovered.

“Phew, luckily, the weakness didn’t last too long.”

Ye Lu let out a long breath, and then began to try out these “spells” impatiently.

He first tried the most powerful “Saint Grade Spell”, but found that he couldn’t manage it, then “Heaven Grade”, “Earth Grade” and “Xuan Grade”, but he couldn’t manage any of them.

“Holy Sh*t! No way, can we only look at it?”

At the same time, he also felt that this “Golden Dan Stage” was not as simple as the “Sovereign Level”, otherwise this “spell” should not be that difficult to practice.

“I can only try a ‘Mortal’ level spell, if I can’t even manage a Mortal level spell, then I’ll have to learn an advanced martial art.”

Then, Ye Luo started practicing with the “Mortal Rank Upper” spells, but as a result, he found that he couldn’t use the “Mortal Rank Upper” and “Mortal Rank Middle” spells.

“Fine! You win, so I’ll find a ‘Lower Mortal’ spell to try.”

Through this series of experiments, Ye Lu found that the world of cultivators was really unfathomable! He felt that his “Burning Heavenly Furnace” and “Sunset Arrow” could not display their rank, and he estimated that they were at least two ranks higher than the “magic weapons” he had seen so far.

So where was the peak of the cultivation realm?

Of course, these questions were still too early for Ye Lu, the most important thing he needed to do now was to learn a spell first.

The reason why Ye Lu chose this spell was that although it was a mortal-ranked spell, it could be upgraded and could become a “Fireball” or even a “Magnificent Fireball” spell.


Seeing a small turquoise blue ball of fire coalescing on his fingertips, Ye Lu immediately became ecstatic, which meant that it was possible to practice this spell.

“Hey, hey, there’s a door!”

Ye Lu laughed heatedly, then quickly raised his hand.

“Go you!”

With these words, Ye Lu threw the “fire bomb” from his fingertips. With a swoosh, it rushed into a stone not far away, and the stone was immediately pierced through a transparent hole by the burning flame.

“Awesome, awesome, this is like a variation of a pistol!”

Ye Luo discovered that although this coalesced “fire bomb” was not large in size, it contained terrifying fire attribute energy.

Of course, this thing consumed a lot, the fire bomb just now had already consumed all the “Ghostly Inferno” in Ye Lu’s body.

“It’s really good stuff!”

Ye Lu looked at the hole in the stone and laughed, then dialed Lin Ru Yue’s phone.

“Little apprentice grandson, don’t sleep, hurry up and get up, help Master prepare some things to bring to the mountain, yes, I am going to refine pills, however, you won’t be able to use the pills this time.”

After explaining to Lin Ru Yue, Ye Lu dialed Huo Huan’s number again.

“Huo Huan, help me get some fire attribute ‘demon pills’, but, this time, I have to take credit for it first, I have an urgent matter, when I’m done with it, I’ll refine you the ‘demon purifying pills’ that you need that can cleanse demon pills. ”

As a result, Huo Huan said with a smile.

“Is the urgent matter you’re talking about going to take out the ‘Heaven Shade Gang’?”

Ye Lu asked somewhat strangely.

“Huh! How do you know?”

Huo Huan laughed and said.

“Have you forgotten, I’m a netizen, the internet is now full of news about you, the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ has taken over the internet.”

This was something Ye Lu believed, so he thought about it and said to Huo Huan.

“How about this, Huo Huan, if you help me get some better fire attribute demon pills, I can teach you an earth rank martial skill, what do you think?”

As a result, Huo Huan said with some disdain.

“Cut, you were learning ‘martial skills’ from me yesterday and today you want to teach me ‘martial skills’, you think ‘martial skills’ are cabbages! ”

Ye Luo then said with a laugh.

“You don’t have to worry about this, the so-called ‘three hours in the east of the river, three hours in the west of the river’ the era of me not knowing ‘martial skills’ is over, I can teach you when I say I can, just don’t worry. ”

After saying goodbye to Huo Huan, Ye Luo searched again, although he had the “Fire Bomb Technique”, but, it consumed too much flame, he needed another spell to be able to use, as a result, he found that with his current aura he couldn’t use any other spell.

He had no choice but to pick a “martial art” of a higher rank.

Of course, the “Saint Grade” martial arts were the most powerful, but Ye Lu was worried that he wouldn’t be able to learn them overnight, so he had to learn some martial arts that could be sold on the spot.

So, he chose a relatively easy to practice defensive “Upper Earth Grade Martial Skill” called “Vajra Body”, which could condense spiritual qi into a certain part of the body to form a superb defence, and then he saw that there was actually a complete version of “Candle Dragon Finger” in the “Martial Skill Ability”.

With the aid of his gla*ses, Ye Lu helped Huo Huan to choose a martial art with a high degree of fit.

“Ye Lu, what kind of person are you anyway? This is too godly!”

Huo Huan was somewhat at a loss for words.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, waved his hand and said.

“Alright, let’s talk about all that blind personal worship later, I have to get busy first.”

After that, Ye Luo sent Huo Huan away, he still had a lot of things to do during the day.

The underground boxing tournament had a daily limit of 20 fights, but this new “Blood Shadow Shura” had become a “100-win Shura” after only six fights.

What a concept, this is definitely “unprecedented and unprecedented”, so almost everyone was discussing the deeds of “Blood Shadow Shura”, everyone was curious about who this “Blood Shadow Shura” really was and what he looked like, of course there were many versions of the legend.

After this battle, Ye Lu has become the most famous figure in the whole “underground world”.

It was only in the evening when it became dark that Ye Lu finally came back to his senses from his various cultivations.

“Sh*t! How come it’s so late.”

Ye Lu opened the “Burning Heaven Furnace” again and took out a fiery red pill from it and put it into his mouth, this was the “Fire Spirit Pill”, a fire attribute pill made from the “demon pills” of demon beasts.

The function of this kind of elixir was to increase the user’s flame attribute, which was actually out of the realm of ordinary elixirs, and if Ye Lu didn’t have his aura in him, he wouldn’t be able to make it.

Following that, Ye Lu opened his phone.

As a result, the eye-catching headline was.

“‘Only a hand to cover the sky’ is heartless, a new victim has reappeared.”

Seeing this message, Ye Luo muttered in a small voice.

“It looks like the aunt can bear it, but the uncle can’t, f*ck him!”