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Super School Student Chapter 223-224

Chapter 223

I’m afraid that even if I had all my cards out, I would still have a hard time winning, but it had come to this.

Ye Luo quickly calculated that he had three types of martial arts skills, one was the “Misty Steps” and one was the “Candle Dragon Finger”, both of which were of the “Middle Xuan Rank” grade, and there was also a martial art called “Heart Piercing Stab”, which could be used with a dagger and was of the “Middle Xuan Rank” grade.

The “Heaven Stealing Pill” could only be taken at most three times, then there was the “Underworld Ghost Inferno” and the Sunset Arrow, that was all Ye Lu had at the moment.

“It’s a pity that I don’t have a fire control skill, otherwise I’m afraid that the damage of ‘Ghost Inferno of the Underworld’ would be higher than the aura.”

Ye Lu muttered secretly.

At this time, Qin Siyu asked somewhat worriedly from the side.

“Ye Lu, are you going to the underground boxing tournament in the evening? Are you sure about it?”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, you’ve seen the news released by the ‘Sky Covering Gang’, if I don’t go, there’s going to be a girl down on her luck, you wait on the mountain, I’ll go and spy out the news and buy you food back by the way.”

Qin Siyu’s body had almost recovered in the past few days, of course by almost here I mean the surface of her body, meaning that her movement was not too affected, but the recovery of her meridians would take a long time, the current Qin Siyu was still quite far from her pre-marrow cleansing state, and she had to rely on pain relief pills to move normally.

Qin Siyu nodded her head in a very good manner.

Ye Luo then flew down the mountain, his target was the headquarters of the Heavenly Clan, “Black Dragon Mountain”.

As the saying goes, “If you know yourself and your enemy, you won’t be in danger in a hundred battles”, so he had to get a rough idea of the other side’s situation before he could.

“Ye Lu, your elixir this time is so awesome, for you, a great power of the family’s master generation has specially entered the secret realm once and brought back the ‘Super Extreme Luminous Stone’ for you, I am sending it to you, you are in a hurry to use it, right?”

Hearing this news, Ye Luo couldn’t help but smile happily.

After he had made the pill that night, he had gone down to the mountain to find the contact person of the Hundred Flowers Sect to send the pill to them urgently, and had offered an extremely attractive price, promising that as long as they could provide a better luminous stone than the ‘Super Excellent Luminous Stone’, he could exchange it for the ‘Heaven Transformation Pill’.

Each “Heaven Transformation Pill” represented an Innate Cultivator, which was no joke, so it seemed that this huge temptation had really worked.

Then, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Great, how many ‘Super Extreme Luminous Stones’ do you have?”

Jasmine said.

“I don’t know how many that senior uncle got, but the one given to me has ten ……”

Before Jasmine had finished speaking, Ye Lu already couldn’t help but snap his fingers, the amount made him too satisfied, he quickly smiled and said.

“Too powerful, this time I have decided to double the exchange for you, no, I will give you fifty ‘Heaven Transformation Pills’, however, I only have ten in my hand now, because the materials are limited and cannot be refined indefinitely, so I have to consider the finished product rate, the later pills you have to wait slightly, wait for my cultivation I will refine them after my cultivation improves.”

Jasmine then smiled and said.

“We’re not in a hurry, you just need to deliver anyway, ah, Master is asking, can you really refine pills that can make someone break through to Zong Shi?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Refining is certainly possible, however, the ingredients are rather troublesome, don’t worry, if the refining is successful, your ‘Hundred Flower Sect’ will definitely be my first buyer.”

Hearing Ye Luo say this, Jasmine was relieved.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Luo once again increased his speed and rushed towards the headquarters of the Black Dragon Mountain’s Sky Covering Gang. Upon arrival, he found that many people had gathered outside a mountain villa, many of them were holding filming equipment and there were many makeshift tents.

“Do you guys think the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ is really coming?”

“Who knows, reasonably speaking he shouldn’t come, last time he went to the ‘Top of Purple and Gold’ because he didn’t know his opponent’s background, I feel that if he knew there was a master of the clan level sitting at the top of the mountain, he wouldn’t have gone either, this time is different, it’s obvious, is it a death sentence to come. ”

However, someone immediately retorted.

“That’s not necessarily true, didn’t you read what the Masked Sky Gang said? If the ‘Stocking Masked Man’ shows up, they’ll let the women they’ve already captured go, and they won’t go after the others either, so the ‘Stocking Masked Man’ will definitely show up.”

As a result, just at that moment, a man with stockings over his head really appeared.


All the long-gun cameras were pointed at him.

Even Ye Lu was dumbfounded.

“What does this mean?”

Following that, the man walked up to the main entrance of the headquarters and said.

“I’m the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’, I’m here, let the woman go.”

At this everyone stirred and the doorman rushed inside to report.

He looked at the man in the stockings and then abruptly lifted his foot and kicked him. The “stockinged masked man” was kicked out of the room and then spurted a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground, covering his stomach and moaning.


Only then did the crowd react.

“Sick, right!”

Someone looked at him as if he was looking at a second pen and said.

“Please …… please, please let my girlfriend out ……”

The “silk stocking masked man” who was on the ground said with a crying voice that he was the boyfriend of the girl who was arrested.

Seeing this scene, everyone shut up.

“Hey! What an infatuated man!”

Someone lamented, but the “Heavenly Clan” didn’t care about that, and the leader indifferently closed the door and walked back.

At this time, Ye Luo walked up to the door and looked at the doorman and said.

“I’m looking for your deputy chief Li Yi Yi, just say it’s about a woman called Yue’e, he must know about it, I’m waiting for him under that crooked tree over there, tell him to come over as soon as possible.”

Li Di Di was the guy who had just turned in coldly, Ye Lu had already checked his information, Yue E on the other hand was the woman of the other vice gang leader of the gang who had been slept with by this Li Di Di, so Ye Lu knew that he would definitely come.

Sure enough, not much longer, Li Yidian arrived in a breeze.

“Huh! Where is everyone?”

Li Yidian arrived at the tree but saw no one.

However, following that, Ye Lu showed up like a ghost, while putting the dagger to the guy’s neck.

“Don’t move, I’ll ask, you answer, how many clan masters are sitting in the gang now?”

Since it was a trap waiting for one to throw oneself into, there should definitely be masters sitting in the area.

Li Di Di quickly said.

“Three, all from the clan.”

Ye Lu thought for a moment and continued to ask.

“How many people are there in total in the Shade Sky Gang and what is their level?”

As a result, from this guy’s mouth, Ye Lu found out that the “Heaven Sheltering Gang” was not strong, but was cruel enough to kill people, which was why it felt like an extremely terrifying gang.

After he understood the situation, he quickly knocked this guy unconscious, fed him a pill that could make people unconscious, and then made a phone call to the woman called Yue’e.

“Yue E, I already know about you and Li Yi Yi, and I have proof, this little video you recorded, I have sent it to your email, Li Yi Yi is in my hands right now, if you want to live, you have to do one thing for me, and that is to delay the appearance of that victim tomorrow, until after eleven o’clock at night, if the victim appears early, you are dead. ”

After saying that, Ye Lu hung up the phone.

“Let’s hope this woman can do it, Shade Sky Gang, you wait, I will settle the score with you all tomorrow.”

Ye Luo muttered through clenched teeth, and then went to the agreed location to exchange the ten “medium grade spirit stones” that were rich in spiritual energy from Jasmine’s hand.

“This is some ‘Regeneration Pills’, ‘Breast Enhancement Pills’ and ‘Beauty Pills’, I’ll give them to you as a thank you gift. ”

Ye Lu placed several bottles of pills in Jasmine’s hand, to be honest, he was really grateful to Jasmine, if it wasn’t for the spirit stones provided by the Hundred Flowers Sect, he wouldn’t have been able to reach such a level of cultivation.

Of course, Jasmine was overjoyed.

In the evening, he took the stones and the mask with him to the boxing tournament venue, the “Naihe Bridge”.

Tonight was destined to be a fierce battle.


Chapter 224

The three venues for the Underground Boxing Tournament are called “By the River of Forgetfulness”, “By the Naihe Bridge” and “On the Lookout”, but of course, each venue has many sub venues, after all, there are many participants.

However, the main venue for Ye Lu’s competition was “By the Naihe Bridge”.

After entering the venue, Ye Lu was shocked, there were estimated to be at least 100,000 people in this venue, because Ye Lu had seen from the TV the concerts held by the stars in the “Bird’s Nest”, this venue was even bigger than the “Bird’s Nest”, and not only the seats, but also everywhere was crowded with people.

But, after a moment’s reflection, Ye Lu understood. After all, today was the last boxing match of the Blood Shadow, and if he won, the second Shura of the Underworld would appear.

This is an unprecedented event, and the Underworld fights are not allowed to be broadcast to the public, so who wouldn’t want to come and witness it for themselves?

When they saw Bloodshot walk in, all the people cheered.

“Bloodshot! Shura!”

“Bloodshot! Shura!”

“Bloodshot! Shura!”


The audience was expecting Blood Shadow to create a miracle this time and become a legend.

However, Ye Luo knew very well that this matter was not that simple.

After that, he saw a somewhat depressed Black Hades, and beside him was a man who was even taller than Black Hades, and this guy sat there giving the impression of a mountain.

“Blood Shadow, this is the minister of our ‘Death Shadow’ capital branch, Tu Chen who is known as the ‘Mad Beast’.”

It looked like this tournament had finally attracted the ‘Grandmaster’ level experts of the organisation.

When he saw Ye Luo, Tu Chen, the rabid beast, did not stand up, but looked at Ye Luo and said in a voice like a loud bell.

“It’s good for young people to be aggressive, but being too aggressive can get you killed.”

To this Ye Lu did not say anything, while Tu Chen continued.

“However, things have come to this, I will not talk about these boring axioms, all I have to instruct you is one thing, F**k these buggers.”

When Tu Chen finished speaking, Ye Lu smiled and clenched his fist.

Yes, there was no point in talking now, there was only one thing to do, and that was to “do it”.

On the opposite side of Ye Lu and the Shadow of Death, the other four organizations had also sent their “Master” level experts to sit at the match. On the podium at the side of the venue, a man with blond hair and a cold expression was sitting there, and on the left chest of his shirt was a “Jack of Spades” logo.

“Who is that man?”

Ye Lu pointed at the blond “Jack of Spades” and asked.

Because he had never seen anyone on that podium before.

Black Meditation smiled and said.

“He is ‘Jack of Spades’, one of the twelve personal guards of our ‘Lord of the Underground’, if you can successfully walk up to him tonight, it means that you have won, and he is here to represent the ‘Lord of Lord’ to present the award, provided, of course, that you can win today’s match.”

With those words, Black Meditation then patted Ye Lu’s shoulder and said.

“Go for it, if you succeed, you’ll be a ‘legend’, a true legend.”

Ye Lu nodded and then looked across the room.

On the other side of the Yakuza, of course, Yasuhiko Abe was no longer there, replaced by another yin and yang master, a man with a “man-tan beard”, the kind favoured by Japanese samurai, a small square of beard under his nose.

When he saw Ye Lu looking at him, the man in the tall hat raised his hand in a neck-cutting gesture, looking ready to kill Ye Lu.

“The Dark Pharaoh’s men brought five warriors dressed like mummies, with their faces half covered and their faces unreadable, all holding long-handled weapons.

“The Gothic Bloods also sent out pureblood warriors dressed in black and cloaked, either handsome or beautiful, with different weapons and one woman with two silver spears in her waist.

“Is it possible to use guns in a boxing match?”

Ye Lu was a little surprised as he looked at the pretty woman from the Blood Race and asked.

Black Meditation then smiled and said.

“Of course, as long as it’s not a high-tech product, mechanical guns that meet the regulations are allowed to be used, as guns are also considered within the range of magic weapons.”

Ye Lu nodded and then looked at Bloodthirsty Rose’s side, which sent five beautiful girls, each of them with unbelievable face value, long legs and water-snake waist, and their looks were also a beautiful mess.

“Don’t think they are vases, those five are the aces of the Bloodthirsty Rose in the ‘Pulse Raising Realm’, everyone calls them the ‘Five Golden Flowers’. All of them are at the peak of ‘Vein Raising Realm’ cultivation, and the five of them work well together, they are definitely a tough fighter.”

Seeing Ye Lu look at the “Bloodthirsty Rose”, Hei Hei reminded him.

Ye Luo nodded, this was the best time to stop himself, so of course the organizations would not send weak hands.

The host arrived at the centre of the venue, a beautiful woman who wore very little and drew everyone’s attention as soon as she came on stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to be hosting this unprecedented and amazing battle today, I think this battle will go down in history no matter what the outcome is, perhaps on this day, the second ‘Shura’ ever to appear in our underground boxing tournament.”

“Next, we have the legend of underground boxing, the super dark horse who has won a crazy streak of eighty fights, ‘The Undefeated Ming Jin Powerhouse’ Bloodshot making his appearance.”

The “Undefeated Ming Jin Powerhouse” was one of the nicknames everyone had given to Ye Lu, as after several tests, he was still wearing the “Ming” sign, but this “Ming Jin Powerhouse” had now reached the “Pulse Raising Realm” venue.

As the host’s words fell, Ye Lu slowly walked up to the venue.

Ye Luo had both hands empty, and the dagger made from the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow”, the pills and the spirit stones were all placed inside the “Burning Heavenly Furnace”.

This would have the effect of a surprise attack.

At the moment, none of the opponents knew that they possessed this dagger.

“Blood Shadow!”

“Blood Shadow!”

“Blood Shadow!”


As Ye Luo came out, the entire audience involuntarily stood up and shouted wildly, Ye Luo had to nod around and then waved his hand in greeting.

Following this, the MC then continued.

“The first to challenge our legendary boxer ‘Bloodshot’ today are the five powerhouses of the ‘Gothic Blood Clan’, all five of them are elite fighters of the Blood Clan, and each of them are masters with more than ten wins, please welcome Dejapolo and Keldes ……”

This was followed by a series of foreigners’ names.

With the host’s words, the five Blood fighters appeared one after another in the venue.

“Is this the legendary Bloodshot? It looks so ordinary!”

The blonde haired handsome man in the lead said as he looked at Ye Luo and shook his head.

Ye Lu didn’t care about this, what he was a bit worried about was not knowing what kind of fighting style these vampires had, he had fought that Jessica before and only knew that the Blood Shadows could transform.

“Hopefully they’ll get C*cky and come over without transforming, that should give them a chance to put one down first.”

Ye Lu began to calculate.

However, it was obvious that his plan would not come true, because after the host gave the command “start”, all five of them hissed at the same time and turned into red-eyed and fanged vampires in unison.

“Sh*t! Okay, you guys win!”

Ye Luo muttered glumly, it was obvious that these guys were all battle-hardened masters and could not possibly give Ye Luo such a big chance.

At the same time, that blood beauty had already quickly drawn her pistol and started shooting up at Ye Luo, each bullet had a red light on it, obviously not an ordinary bullet.

Ye Luo did not have a defensive weapon, so he quickly moved his body and began to dodge.

The other four experts of the Blood tribe rushed over with their weapons.

The tall and thin vampire was the fastest, his black cloak flying, and a strangely shaped scimitar in his hand had already reached Ye Lu’s face like lightning.


When he saw that the scimitar was about to cut his neck, Ye Luo then quickly struck out, the arrow of the sunset arrow cut through the scimitar in his hand like slicing tofu, and then the hilt of the blade smashed into the guy’s temple.


The vampire fell to the ground with a thud. The vampire fell to the ground with a loud bang.

Looking at this scene, the four remaining blood boxers were all stunned, but while they were stunned, Ye Lu’s “Misty Step” had already been activated.