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Super School Student Chapter 201-202

Chapter 201

This reaction could not be stifled and Ye Lu felt that he was getting bigger and bigger, so he tried to move his position, but for fear of being discovered, Gu Shiqi quickly wrapped her long legs around his to stop her from moving.

At this moment, the hostess had reached their bed, and as there was a mosquito net outside, she didn’t suspect too much after a slight look with her torch.

“Maybe it was just my eyes.”

She muttered, and then walked out of the room to go check in the other dormitory.

It was then that Gushiki finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Whew! Scared the baby to death!”

She said with some heart palpitations.

Following that, she noticed that something seemed to be pushing against her behind her. Gu Shiqi had grown up in a very privileged environment, but, since Gu Yanqiu and her mother had divorced long ago, there was no one to explain things between men and women to her, and the school’s physiological hygiene cla*s wasn’t held much, plus she was a school bully who didn’t watch small movies, so she was a completely ignorant blank sheet of paper when it came to this.

So instead of thinking for the first time that it was a man behind her, she a*sumed that the girl had smuggled something with her.

In a very small voice she said.

“What kind of goodies have you smuggled in, so big, are they bananas? And hidden so concealed.”

As she said that, she reached back and put her hand into Ye Lu’s panties, and then, her movements froze, even a fool would know at this time that there was a man behind her.

She opened her mouth in surprise and was about to shout.

Ye Luo was frightened and hurriedly covered her mouth whispering.

“Don’t shout, it’s me, I’m Ye Luo.”

Fearing that Gushiki didn’t believe him, Ye Lu hurriedly said quickly.

“Four antiques, matchmaking, jadeite communal plate, Tianma Mountain cave ……”

If Gushiki shouted now, both of their college lives would be considered finished.

These were all things that happened between the two of them, and Ye Lu felt that he should be able to prove his identity, but, right after that, he felt a drilling pain on his ankle, while a cold and slippery sensation came from it.

“Holy f*ck, it’s that ‘two-headed love snake’.”

Ye Lu immediately understood what was attacking him, it must have been that snake that sensed Gushiki’s emotions and then attacked.

At this time, Gushiki also understood who was behind him when she heard Ye Lu’s words, but of course, more importantly, after Gushiki calmed down a bit, she heard Ye Lu’s voice.

Gushiki quickly nodded her head to indicate that she knew.

Only then did Ye Luo let go of his hand.

“Ye Luo, you …… how did you crawl into my bed?”

Although she knew that the person behind her was Ye Luo now, Gu Shiqi’s head was still full of confusion because she didn’t understand at all what this was all about?

“How can I explain this matter? First, let the love snake not bite me.”

Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Simply put, I came here to catch a ghost, and everyone didn’t expect you to come back.”

In fact, at this time, everyone else was relieved, just now the scene of Gushiki winding up in bed had made everyone sweat, if a scene was made, a few of them would not be able to get away with it, but it looked okay, as if two people were muttering something in a small voice, but did not make any noise.

However, Shen Luyan suddenly felt a tinge of sour jealousy in her heart as she thought of the fact that the two were not even arguing in such a state now, which meant that Gushiki was really Ye Lu’s girlfriend.

“Catching ghosts?”

Gushiki hadn’t lived in the dorm room for the past few days, and she wasn’t in the same department as the other girls, so she didn’t know what was going on in the dorm room.

Ye Lu flew in and briefly whispered the situation.

Only then did Gu Shiqi nodded with a sudden understanding.

Following that, she suddenly drew her hand back and buried her head into the blanket in embarra*sment, because she suddenly realized that she had been holding onto Ye Lu’s hot thing since just now.

This was a bit embarra*sing.

Hearing that the dorm checkers were far away, the girl across from Ye Luo and them looked up at the two of them and said with a smile.

“You two didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to mess around, did you?”

This made Gushiki even more embarra*sed, she grabbed the quilt and covered herself even tighter, she felt that this would not wash out for the rest of her life.

“I see, the two of them are probably making a baby soon.”

“No put, I didn’t hear Shiki screaming!”

“You think she’s you, screaming every time.”


Ye Lu finally saw, these girls dirty up really boys are afraid, so, Ye Lu quickly said.

“You haven’t been touched by a boy yet, scream a lot.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, a girl then asked curiously.

“How do you know we haven’t been touched by boys?”

For her part, Ye Lu skimmed her lips and said.

“I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about the three of them.”

As a result, the girl was not happy.

“Che! Who are you to say that about me, I’m a proper yellow girl ……”

For her part, Ye Lu quickly said.

“Of the four people in your dormitory, you’re the only one who doesn’t have ghost energy on you, I thought it was strange before, and once you guys said it just now, I understood that this ghost only absorbs the yin energy of women who haven’t been touched by men, so you’re fine.”

At this the woman froze for a moment then said.

“Ugh! There’s this operation, Sh*t! Is it discriminating against us women?”

Leaffall then quickly said.

“Don’t even say anything, I guess that ghost is coming soon, let’s pray that she’s easier to deal with.”

And at this moment, Lin Qing was wandering outside the dormitory building where Ye Lu was.

“This should be the building, come out, Hang!”

With his words, a female ghost in a red dress appeared in front of him, this female ghost had a blue face, her eyes were covered with red blood, her tongue was sticking out long, while on her neck were hideous strangulation marks, she looked like a hanging ghost now.

“Hang, the target is this man, his name is Ye Lu, don’t get it wrong, go ahead.”

Lin Qing said as he opened his phone and showed the hanging ghost a picture of Ye Luo.

“There were also levels of innate beings like ghosts, ordinary ghosts were called “ghosts”, but don’t underestimate these ghosts, they were already at the same level as innate cultivators, primary ghosts corresponded to the ” The level of primary ghosts corresponds to the “Placental Breath Realm”, intermediate ghosts to the “Pulse Raising Realm”, and advanced ghosts to the “Spiritual Harmony Realm”.

In the small tower Lin Qing was holding, there were even stronger “evil spirits”, so Lin Qing had no fear today.

Of course, even though the Lin family is an ancient martial arts family that specialises in “ghost breeding”, there are not many “evil spirits” in the family, so Lin Qing has not seen any real “evil spirits”. He did not dare to release the “evil spirits” easily.

Among the four ancient martial arts families in the capital, the Lin family was the most low-profile and mysterious, but most people didn’t dare to mess with them, because anyone who messed with them would somehow be possessed.

Hang took a look at the photo, then made an “OK” gesture with Lin Qing and walked towards the bedroom.

At this moment, Nie Yibiao and the others were all lying on their beds, sleeping heavily, unaware that the ghost had come.

However, the moment Hang walked into the bedroom, Jin Kun’s eyes suddenly opened because he could feel the ghost’s Yin energy.

As a result, Khang took the photo and compared it to each person’s face in front of them, then muttered in some confusion.

“Huh! This Leaffall isn’t there, where did he go?”

Just as she was muttering to herself, Nie Yibiao actually picked up a conversation, and he said in a dazed voice.

“Ye Luo ah, he went to the east campus to pick up girls, this B*****d, went to the girls’ dormitory alone ……”

Jin Kun then secretly said, this is going to be a problem.

Sure enough, that Hang heard Nie Yibiao’s words and walked out with the photo.

Jin Kun quickly took out his mobile phone to call Ye Lu.

However, on the other side, Ye Lu had already muted his phone and did not hear the call at all.

At this moment, all the people in the dormitory were holding their breath, as twelve o’clock was about to arrive and everyone somehow felt as if the air had turned gloomy and cold.

Gu Shiqi, on the other hand, said to Ye Lu in a very small voice.

“Ye Lu, is that thing of yours going to be hard all the time?”

Being asked by Gushiki, Ye Lu also felt a little embarra*sed, but squeezing in a blanket with Gushiki like this, feeling her upturned buttocks and delicate skin, he couldn’t do it even if he wanted not to get hard.

Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly felt the temperature in the room suddenly drop several degrees, and Gushiki subconsciously shrank into Ye Lu’s arms.

Twelve o’clock midnight had arrived.


Chapter 202

Ye Lu was also ready to take out the arrow of the Sunset Arrow from the Burning Heaven Furnace at any time, which was his most powerful weapon against ghosts.

In order to refine the ghosts, of course, he had to kill them first. After the ghosts were killed, they would turn into pure “Ghost Qi”, and the “Ghost Inferno” in Ye Lu’s body could absorb this “Ghost Qi” to strengthen itself.

Of course, the “Ghost Qi” would disappear quickly, so it had to be absorbed in time.

Ye Luo hugged Gu Shiqi while staring closely at the door and window. Gu Shiqi had already turned around and hugged Ye Luo tightly in fear, not caring that Ye Luo was still hard down there.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Lu saw two hands grabbing the window sill outside, these two hands were dry and pale, without a trace of blood looked horrible.

After that, black hair was slowly revealed on the window sill, and a hideous-looking female ghost in white finally climbed up from the outside sill and then went straight through the window and into the room.

“Ghosts really are spooky creatures!”

Ye Luo couldn’t help but feel a jolt in his heart even as he watched this scene, even though it wasn’t the first time he had dealt with ghosts, he still couldn’t help but feel a pang from his heart every time he saw one.

However, the others were completely silent, as if they had been cast in a fixation spell. Following this, Ye Lu felt some kind of power start to penetrate towards his body.

At the same time, he saw the hideous, dried-up female ghost open her mouth, as if she was exhaling something.

Ye Luo took a deep breath to calm himself down, and only then did he see that from the position between the legs of several girls weird threads flew out and into the mouth of this weird female ghost, including the same for Gu Shiqi, a thread-like thing flew into the female ghost’s mouth from the back of her a*s where her back was facing the female ghost.

“D*mn you, die!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu couldn’t care less, he took out the arrow of the Sunset Arrow from the “Burning Heaven Furnace” and poked it at the female ghost’s head.

The moment the arrow appeared, the female ghost showed a frightened expression, but she was extremely fast.

She flew sideways and the sunset arrow slashed across her face, and a “hiss!” was heard from her face. A terrifying sound was heard on her face, and a black aura was emitted at the same time.

Ye Lu felt the “Ghostly Inferno” in his body begin to bulge.

He put down Gu Shiqi, jumped up and lunged at the ghost. Now it was “the brave man wins in a narrow battle”, Ye Lu did not know if he could handle this ghost, as he had no experience in dealing with ghosts, but he could not lose in terms of momentum.

However, after rushing up to him, Ye Lu found that the ghost was not as scary as he thought, and he actually poked a dagger into his opponent’s shoulder socket.

In an unused vacant lot not far from the East Campus, a Japanese man dressed in all white and wearing a tall hat was sitting cross-legged in an empty house in the middle of the vacant lot, and at this moment his eyes snapped open.

Not far from him, a tall, red-haired, two-horned, armour-clad demon stood silently.

“Someone actually hurt my ‘style ghost’, did they encounter a Chinese practitioner?”

“If a ghost does not appear, it cannot be seen by ordinary people, so it is very difficult for ordinary people to harm a ghost unless they use some magic weapons that can deal with ghosts or things that can dispel evil spirits.

Of course, as long as one’s cultivation level reaches “innate” and becomes an innate spirit, one can see and harm ghosts.

“This time, the plan must not be exposed, so let’s get that ghost back in a hurry.”

This Yin Yang master thought about it, then he took out a whistle-like object and put it in his mouth and blew it, but although he was blowing the whistle, no sound came out, and the scene was indeed a bit weird.

The ghost that was tangling with Ye Lu in the dormitory heard the whistle, and she quickly turned around and went out of the window, and Ye Lu also rushed over and opened the window and jumped down.

The female ghost was fast, but Ye Lu was not slow either, and he jumped down after her.

At the entrance of the East Campus, Lin Qing was driving his car with Hang towards this side, he had just asked Hang to force out the number of the dormitory where Ye Lu was, of the few people in the dormitory, Nie Yibiao, Jin Kun and Mu Zize were fine, they gritted their teeth and didn’t say anything, but An Le was too timid and had never seen a ghost before, so he immediately told the ghost about Ye Lu’s location.

“Ye Luo the B*****d, I’ll make sure you’re finished this time.”

Lin Qing cursed Ye Luo through gritted teeth while driving, and then he saw a scene that surprised him.

It was because he saw a girl on the campus holding a very short dagger and chasing a female ghost in white.

The female ghost with long white hair and a hideous face didn’t look like an easy one to deal with either, but at the moment she was in a state of panic, and at the same time, he saw Hang beside him start to tremble.

“Sh*t! What’s all this?”

Lin Qing was also a bit baffled by the situation in front of him, he quickly then stopped the car and then looked in the direction of the girls’ dormitory building, following which he understood.

“Sh*t, this guy is Ye Lu!”

He had picked up the pretty girls in the nursing department, so he was familiar with the place, he found that the room with the open window was room 302, and Ye Lu happened to be a man dressed as a woman, it all matched up, so he got back in the car and chased after Ye Lu in the direction he had disappeared.

“Where’s this one going?”

Just outside the school gate, he spotted Ye Luo and the female ghost running towards a small alleyway, and he quickly grabbed his tower-shaped spell and got out of the car with Ah Hang to chase after them.

In the course of the chase, Ye Lu found that the other party wasn’t running around, but was fleeing in a certain direction with a purpose.

“Could it be that someone is controlling it?”

Following that, Ye Luo spotted Lin Qing who was chasing him behind him, because although Lin Qing was also a cultivator of the Innate Realm, he had little experience in actual combat and certainly no experience in tracking, which was easy to spot.

“And with a ghost!”

Ye Luo kept observing the situation behind him as he ran.

As a result, he found that the female ghost, Ah Hang, was not the most terrifying thing, but the most terrifying thing was the magic weapon that Lin Qing was holding, the name of which was “Soul Suppressing Tower”, and its rank was actually “Lower Heavenly Grade”, which was the highest ranked magic weapon he had ever encountered besides his own “Burning Heavenly Furnace” and “Sunset Arrow”.

“I guess this guy has taken out all their family’s hidden treasures.”

Ye Lu muttered in his heart, but at the same time, he was also very careful, because the battle with the Beast Alliance had taught him the truth that sometimes a cultivator’s bottom card was much more powerful than the cultivator himself, such as the Beast Alliance’s native spirit beasts, many of which were more powerful than the cultivator.

Soon, the ghost in white with long hair crossed a wall and reached a deserted clearing.

Ye Luo also jumped over the wall quickly, only to see that there were many dilapidated houses inside, while the ground was waist high with barren gra*s and shrubs everywhere, it looked like the place had been deserted for a long time.

“It’s better to hide first.”

Seeing the female ghost in white with long hair running into the house in the middle of the wasteland, Ye Lu decided not to blindly follow it, he put the arrow of the Sunset Arrow into the “Burning Heavenly Furnace” and quickly hid.

He had found out from reading the ghost’s profile that it was a manipulated ghost, whose purpose was to collect the Yin energy of virgins to help an evil ghost called the “Wine Swallow Boy” to increase its cultivation.

From the current situation, this should be the place where the ghost called the “Wine Swallowing Boy” is located, if that thing is really an “evil ghost”, it is not something that Ye Lu can mess with.

After that, Ye Lu saw that the female ghost, Ah Hang, had also entered the courtyard through the wall.

However, the female ghost in white with long hair had already disappeared into the houses in the middle of the clearing, so Hang looked to her left and right, obviously not relying on scent or anything like that to track her.

This relieved Ye Lu, at least she wouldn’t be easily spotted by the other side.

Ah Hang thought about it and eventually didn’t go after her, but waited for Lin Qing to jump in.

“Ah Hang, where is everyone?”

Lin Qing asked as he looked at the Hanged Ghost.

The Hanged Ghost shook his head and said.

“He was already gone when I came in, probably burrowed into those houses in the middle, it’s a bit hard to find him.”

Lin Qing, however, sneered and said.

“Don’t worry, even if I dig the ground, I will find him, A Drowning, A Poison, A Jumping, A Crashing, A Cleaving …… you all come out.”

Then, ghosts who drowned, ghosts who took poison, ghosts who jumped from buildings, ghosts who were hit by cars, ghosts who were struck by lightning …… all kinds of ghosts showed up.

“Go, go to the house and find him for me.”

Lin Qing gave the order, and these ten or so weird looking guys flew towards those houses in the middle.

However, just at this time, a tall evil spirit with two horns slowly walked out from one of the houses.