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Super School Student Chapter 199-200

Chapter 199

With the sound of this vulgar voice, a large group of people had surrounded the entrance to this private room, and at a cursory glance there were dozens of them.

“Who are you?”

The leader of the group of punks who had just arrived looked at the later group of people and inquired.

As a result, the fat guy with a cigarette in his mouth gave him a big slap on the face and said.

“How do you talk to the old man?”

This slap knocked the guy dumbfounded, and he looked at the fat guy with the cigarette, then at Nie Yibiao, and finally at Mu Zize and said.

“Little Mu, you can’t play like this, this guy really beat me up and forget about it, you got so many people pretending to be hooligans, how much does this mean, how does the money really count?”

This time everyone looked at Mu Zi Ze.

Mu Zi Ze was so embarra*sed that he had no choice but to say with an embarra*sed smile.

“Misunderstanding, it’s all a misunderstanding, why don’t we go out and talk about it.”

As a result, the fat guy with a cigarette roll kicked the other gang leader to the ground and said.

“Say what the hell, say it again, who cares who they all are, all the men give me a brutal beating before I say anything.”

Seeing this scene, Nie Yibiao also just had to grit his teeth and prepare to start, however, it turned out that the gap between him and the real gang leader was still quite obvious, and he was kicked over to the ground by his opponent.

However, Ye Lu didn’t make a move, because it wasn’t his turn to do so, there were still experts in the dormitory.

Sure enough, as the guy was about to strike again, Jin Kun struck out.


A punch landed solidly on the guy’s chest, and the guy was directly knocked to the ground, followed by a kick that sent the guy who was tangling with Mu Zi Ze flying out as well.

After Jin Kun’s strike, he struck with the fierce fury of a beast.

In the blink of an eye, seven or eight people were knocked to the ground.

This guy had come back from the gate of ghosts and carried a fierce aura.


“What a man!”



A few girls immediately looked at Jin Kun with their eyes glowing, and all these guys around them also looked at Jin Kun and did not dare to go forward because they knew very well that they were not a match for this boy.

Nie Yibiao and Mu Zize also looked at Jin Kun with a dumbfounded look, they realized that they actually didn’t understand Jin Kun at all!

But how could they all be as simple as Ming Jin as punks in the capital, watching this scene, a guy who had been at the back of the crowd suddenly said coldly.

“I really didn’t expect it, there’s another one who can fight quite well, but unfortunately you’re about to be ruined.”

Following this, a guy with a carton of milk in his mouth parted the crowd and walked over.

“Hello Brother Niu!”

“Hello Brother Niu!”


Seeing this guy appear, everyone respectfully began to salute while a white glow began to emerge from this guy’s hands.

“True qi exuding”, this guy was at least a Ming Jin expert.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu then quickly smiled and got up and walked towards him, then said with a smile.

“Brother Niu, right, nice to meet you!”

This guy certainly did not put Ye Luo in his eyes, he reached out and slapped his palm towards Ye Luo’s chest, however, Ye Luo’s hand was obviously faster, he had already reached out and held Brother Niu’s hand in a flying manner, as if two people were shaking hands in a friendly manner.

The moment he was gripped by Ye Lu’s hand, Brother Niu felt some kind of breath flying into his body, and then he couldn’t move his body, not even his mouth.

This caused him to be greatly appalled.

“What kind of cultivation level does this …… this …… person have?”

He silently chattered in his heart.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, patted his shoulder and said with a smile.

“I know Brother Niu has actually always been a generous and heroic person, and he is most uncomfortable with these dog-fighting guys, right?”

As he spoke, Ye Lu released the aura that bound the meridians and nerves in his mouth, restoring his ability to speak, and then looked at him with a smile.

Brother Niu understood that he had met a terrifying expert today, and if he didn’t cope well, life or death would be at the tip of his tongue.

He hurriedly smiled and said.

“Yeah, I’m just here to fight and clean up these buggers.”

After saying that, he kicked a foot at the cigarette man and said.

“And get the hell out of here, shame on you.”

The cigarette man was a bit confused but resourceful, and he immediately shouted to the people around him.

“Let’s go, it’s never too late for a gentleman to take revenge, you guys wait for me.”

After saying that, he led his men and ran away as fast as he could.

The remaining Brother Niu did not dare to run either, so he had to look at Ye Lu somewhat carefully, waiting to see how Ye Lu would end it.

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Thank you Brother Niu for helping us out, this is a blessing in the snow, I will definitely pay a visit to building 23 of the ‘Long Xiang District’ some day and buy you a drink.”

Hearing that Ye Luo had reported his house building number, Brother Niu immediately had a shiver in his heart as he looked at Ye Luo and said with a smile.

“Okay, okay, it’s just a matter of raising your hand, then I won’t disturb your elegance, I’ll leave first.”

After saying that this guy ran away in a cloud of smoke.

At this time, Jin Kun suddenly walked up to Ye Lu’s side and came up to his ear and whispered.

“You are the ‘Blood Shadow’.”

After completing his underground boxing contract, Jin Kun did not work as a boxer again, but he would occasionally go to see underground boxers’ matches, and of course, he had heard about the legend of ‘Blood Shadow’, and he calculated that the day ‘Blood Shadow’ won a crazy 20 consecutive victories was the day he almost died.

In response, Ye Lu did not admit or deny it, but only smiled lightly.

Mu Zi Ze had already dragged the gang leader he had hired to a distant place to discuss the matter.

When he saw Ye Lu return, Nie Yibiao looked at Ye Lu curiously and asked.

“What? Ye Luo you know this Brother Niu?”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Yeah, we’re lucky that we just happened to meet someone we know, otherwise we’d be in trouble, but luckily, it’s okay now, let’s all continue.”

Seeing that things were settled like that, a woman said with some disappointment.

“That’s the end of it, I’m still waiting for the ‘Stocking Masked Man’ to come out and save the day?”

Hearing her say “Stocking Masked Man”, the other women immediately discussed it with glowing eyes.

“I have to go to the top of Purple Mountain in a couple of days so I can see him up close, you don’t know, I adore him, he’s so mysterious, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, I already call him the Three Amigos in my mind along with ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Batman’.”

“But I feel like it would be even more cla*sic if he had girl’s panties over his head, just like the girl in the comics with the panties over her head, ‘College Green’, how cool is that.”


Listening to their discussion, it suddenly occurred to Ye Lu that what would happen if he told them that he was the “Stocking Masked Man”?

However, he felt that even if he told them, they would not necessarily believe him.

At this moment, in one of the loose seats of the hotel, Gao Bing, the young man who had tried to save Shen Luoyan on the train, was frowning at the box where Ye Lu and the others were.

“This kid really is a bit tough to deal with! Even Brother Niu couldn’t scare them away.”

In fact, just now, these people were all arranged by Gao Bing in order to shoo Ye Lu away, as he always felt that Ye Lu would spoil his good deeds.

And at this time, Mu Zi Ze also came back after the talk.

“That Mu Zi Ze, the ‘hero saving the beauty’ bridge just now was directed, right?”

A girl looked at Mu Zi Ze and asked.

Mu Zize immediately became embarra*sed, and he said with a sarcastic smile.

“Shame, shame ……”

The woman then said solemnly.

“Don’t be ashamed, if you really want to pick us up, I’ll give you a chance, help us find someone who can catch ghosts, and we’ll give a chance to pick us up.”

Hearing the girl say “someone who can catch ghosts”, Ye Lu froze and then looked at her and said.

“Is something wrong? I actually know something about catching ghosts.”

As a result, this girl and the others, including Shen Luoyan, all looked at Ye Lu with some curiosity, and the girl who had just spoken said.

“Really? That’s great, our dorm room is haunted these two days, can you help?”

Hearing that there was a haunting, Nie Yibiao and the others’ interest was also aroused, and they all asked about it.

As a result, from the mouths of a few girls, Ye Lu probably understood the basic situation. According to what they said, what appeared was a female ghost with long hair and white clothes, and after that female ghost appeared, they were unable to move or speak.

“Hold out your hand.”

Hearing them finish, Ye Luo then said to the girl.

The girl quickly extended her hand.

Ye Luo took her pulse and began to check it out, and sure enough, there was ghost Qi in her body.

“Are there any other symptoms apart from not being able to move?”

Ye Luo asked as he probed.

As a result, the girl’s face turned red, she lowered her head and said in a very small voice.

“I will …… have spring dreams, and I will feel very tired the next day.”

Ye Lu turned his head to look at several other girls, several girls also nodded with red faces.


Chapter 200

Ye Lu then scouted each of them one by one, then nodded and said.

“I probably understand, is there any way for me to blend into your dormitory, I will help you get rid of it tonight, even if I can’t, I can still make it stop coming to bother you.”

However, Ye Luo still had some puzzlement in his heart at this moment, because he found that the four people belonging to Shen Luoyan’s dormitory all showed signs of poisoning, that is to say, someone had put some kind of toxin on them, this toxin gave him some familiar feeling, however, he could be sure that he really had not seen it before.

However, what puzzled him was that there were only three people infected with the ghostly Qi, and one was fine.

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Shen Luyan looked at Ye Luo carefully, then said.

“Maybe there is a way, you have such good skin, make up as a woman and then get a suitable set of clothes that can cover your figure, you shouldn’t be discovered if you muddle in.”

Once they heard that they had to disguise themselves as women to muddle their way into the nursing department dormitory, which was full of beautiful women, Nie Yibiao and the rest of them were not calm.

“Sh*t! Ye Lu, how come you’ve caught all the good things.”

“Yes, is there any justice left?”

Hearing Nie Yibiao and Mu Zi Ze’s complaints, Shen Luyan looked at the two of them and said with a smile.

“Oh, you two don’t need to complain, you two will be kicked out as perverts even if you put on makeup, and you might even be ordered to drop out of school.”

The two guys thought about it and then sighed helplessly.

“Well, the meal is almost done, then let’s split up.”

Shen Luyan said as she stood up, and everyone nodded.

And at this moment, Lin Qing was wandering around the courtyard of one of the Lin family’s mansions, followed by a woman who quietly came out from inside.

“Qingzi, what are you going to do with such a strong magic weapon, don’t make any trouble, you hear?”

She said as she took another glance inside the mansion and said.

“The old master still needs a little time for his retreat, hurry up and send it back when you’re done with it, remember never to be careless, there are ‘evil spirits’ in here, it could be bad if it gets out of hand.”

Speaking here, she once again glanced at Lin Qing and said.

“What kind of person are you dealing with this time, you’re actually using even something like this.”

Lin Qing then said with some impatience.

“My business, don’t bother you.”

After saying that, he flew away with something shaped like a pagoda.

Looking at Lin Qing’s distant back, the woman could only sigh helplessly.

At this moment, Ye Lu was applying make-up at his imperial make-up artist, he found that although this make-up artist was a bit more expensive, the make-up technique was really not a cover, from the eyebrows, nose, lips, chin everywhere, and then the body parts, especially the pair of fake breasts, which actually felt the same as the real thing.

“This is the highest grade material, as long as you don’t open the clothes and look at it, it’s the same from the appearance to the feel.”

Seeing Ye Lu’s surprise, that make-up artist said with a smile.

“You should just have to mix it in, then I won’t hide you underneath, it’s quite troublesome to handle, here’s the tape, you stick it to the back as I said.”

Hearing what to stick to the back, Ye Lu was petrified at that moment, he froze there with the tape in his hand.

That make-up artist saw Ye Lu’s look then smiled and said.

“Hey, if you don’t have to take off your clothes in front of everyone, then forget it, you don’t have to wear less clothes in summer anyway, you just don’t wear help, the top is definitely fine.”

She said then knocked on the fake breast above Ye Lu.

Ye Lu thought, “Don’t make it so complicated, anyway, when the time comes, I’ll just stay honestly in bed and wait for the ghost to show up.

So, Ye Lu decisively returned the tape to the make-up artist.

After that, the make-up artist made another exaggerated line for Ye Lu to put on, just like a costume.

“Only clothes like this can cover your too big figure, when the time comes, just say you’re performing in some event or something, you’ll just play it on the fly anyway.”

Ye Lu nodded, she felt that she shouldn’t have any problem entering the girls’ dormitory with her current look, as for the place to live was Gushiki’s bed, since Gushiki rented a big house outside in order to store those antiques and stuff, and lived outside secretly most of the time.

Of course, this was definitely not in line with the rules, but as long as no one reported it and the department didn’t come to check on it, everyone just turned a blind eye to it.

Soon, Ye Lu left that beauty salon.

Everyone was very satisfied with Ye Lu’s new look, and one girl even went to Ye Lu’s chest and scratched it on purpose.

“It really feels all the same to the touch hey!”

She said with some amazement.

Soon, everyone arrived at the dormitory, and sure enough, the hostess didn’t suspect anything at all after seeing Ye Luo, she just smiled and said.

“This costume is really beautiful, and your daughter looks handsome too!”

Ye Lu and her laughed, and then walked into the girls’ dormitory with everyone else. The girls were washing up and playing at this time, so there were white thighs and bobbing balls everywhere, which was quite primitive without having to turn on the “primitive mode”.

So Ye Lu decided to go back and sit down in the dormitory where Shen Lu Yan and the girls were.

Anyway, Shen Luoyan and the girls knew what was going on and wouldn’t do anything too weird, but with the sudden arrival of a new person in the dormitory, some of the other dormitory members became curious.

From time to time, people came to visit, and it was then that Ye Luo realized that in the girls’ dormitory it turned out that everyone was quite spontaneous, many of them were running around in three points, and there were actually bare shoulders.

“Hehehe! It’s convenient for you, the pervert.”

One of the sisters in the dormitory looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

He looked at Gushiki’s bed. The layout of the girls’ side was the same as the boys’ dormitory, with a computer desk underneath and a small bed about one meter wide above.

The lights were soon out, and Ye Lu took off his outside costume and wore a pair of underwear to get under the covers.

According to everyone, ghosts should appear suddenly around twelve o’clock, when the Yin energy is at its heaviest.

In fact, people have an innate fear of ghosts, so after the lights went out, everyone couldn’t sleep at all, especially the closer it got to twelve o’clock, the more scared they became, and there was no way out, so everyone began to discuss it in whispers.

At this time, the hostess aunt suddenly knocked on the door and said.

“Don’t make any noise, someone will come to check the dormitory later, and if they find out, you will be in trouble.”

Hearing the aunt’s words, everyone shut up.

Ye Lu was a little worried, he didn’t know if this bed check was a school-wide one, if it was, he didn’t know if he would be punished by the school for staying out tonight.

The school was sometimes very perverted, and it was said that when they were in a bad mood they would put this in their files.

“Such bad luck!”

Ye Lu muttered helplessly in his heart.

At this time, someone suddenly opened the door quietly and then darted to the bed, undressing while climbing onto the bed.

“Holy f*ck!”

Ye Lu was also scared enough by this scene, and he hurriedly tried his best to hide sideways into the mosquito net, as it must be Gushiki who had returned.

Everyone was just about to warn Gushiki when they heard someone outside say.

“It seems that someone just ran into this dormitory, it can’t be that they just came back from outside.”

As he said that, the sound of the door opening rang out.

Seeing this scene, Gu Shiqi flew to speed up and took off her skirt in three quick strokes before getting under the covers.

The bed was only one metre wide in total, so where could Ye Lu hide?

He noticed after he got under the covers that he had taken a look at how there was a person inside, but, fortunately, judging from the touch on his chest, it was a girl.

“Shen Luoyan and the gang, is this a favor to me in advance? Didn’t inform me either, if I had known I wouldn’t have come back.”

Gu Shiqi thought that everyone knew that they were going to check their bedrooms, so they got help in advance to impersonate themselves, her heart inexplicably got a little touched, feeling that these nursing department people were much better than her previous roommates.

“Thank you!”

Gu Shiqi said in a very small voice, exhaling like an orchid next to Ye Lu’s ear.

Ye Lu was completely confused, he didn’t understand what was going on here, why was he thanking himself, but there wasn’t much time for him to think, as the dorm checkers had already entered the room.

Gushiki quickly rolled over so that her face was facing outwards, while Ye Lu cooperated by tucking her head under the covers and then hugging Gushiki from behind, her whole body pressed against her back so that the space could be compressed as small as possible without anyone noticing that there were two people here.

If the school found out that a boy was secretly staying in the girls’ dormitory, Gushiki and Ye Lu would have to be expelled.

However, following that, Ye Lu regretted that he should have listened to the make-up artist, because he shamelessly reacted after his hand reaching forward touched down on Gushiki’s two rounded hemispheres and the beans on them.