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Super School Student Chapter 193-194

Chapter 193

After that, Long Fei Xue’s heart jumped wildly because she really saw the elixir she had been looking for for a long time, the “Breast Enhancement Pill”.

“Where did you get this …… elixir from?”

Long Feixue said with a slightly trembling voice.

Ye Yan smiled and said.

“As a shop manager, I can’t talk to you about my sources of purchase oh!”

She had already discussed this with Ye Lu, not revealing any of the sources of goods, because Ye Lu did not want to bring trouble to himself, he felt that if a discerning person should be able to see that this shop’s origin was very big, at least it should be related to the “clan”, probably would not easily come to trouble.

For the secular world, the mysterious “clan world” is a mysterious and unpredictable place, so no one dares to mess with the clan world easily.

When she saw Ye Yan’s attitude, Long Fei Xue understood, and she smiled to show that she had understood.

Then she pointed at the “Breast Enhancement Pill” and said.

“Take some of this for me.”

Ye Yan of course generously took out a small bottle of the stock and handed it to Long Feixue with a smile.

“This bottle is all for you, but with your current size four pills will be very big, you’d better take them one by one, I didn’t expect this kid Ye Lu to like big ones!”

Hearing Ye Yan’s words, Long Fei Xue immediately became embarra*sed once again as she hurriedly took the pills and turned around to leave.

However, at this time, Ye Yan suddenly slapped her head and said.

“Drink! Look at this brain of mine, girl you stay for now, your name is Long Feixue, isn’t it?”

Long Feixue immediately stopped in her tracks and turned around somewhat puzzled.

Ye Yan then continued to smile and said.

“I’m a bit too big in the head here, I forgot, Ye Lu said that if you come, let me give you two special pills.”

With those words, she took out two ghostly blue pills and said.

“These are two ‘Heaven Transformation Pills’, Ye Lu said that they can help you break through to some innate realm, if you can’t take one then take two, if two still don’t work, then you should find him.”

Long Fei Xue had never heard of the “Heaven Transformation Pill”, but she had never heard of the “Marrow Cleansing Pill” before, but she had experienced the effects of the “Marrow Cleansing Pill”, so she thought it would be no worse than the effects of this “Heaven Transformation Pill”.

So, Long Fei Xue took the pill and looked at Ye Yan solemnly and said.

“Sister Ye Yan, thank you so much Ye Lu ……”

As a result, before Long Feixue could finish speaking, Ye Yan waved her hand and said.

“Alright, don’t be so polite, we are all family, just come to sis if you need anything.”

Seeing Ye Yan’s appearance, Long Feixue was too embarra*sed to explain any further, she thanked Ye Yan once again before leaving this small shop of Ye Yan’s.

At this moment, she was in an overwhelmingly excited mood, a pill that could allow her to advance to the Innate Realm, if she could advance to the Innate Realm, she felt that her family should no longer have a reason to not allow her to cultivate.

However, at this moment, she already had another idea in her mind, she felt that instead of cultivating with the family, it might be more beneficial for her to cultivate with Ye Lu.

At this moment, Ye Lu had already arrived at the Yanjing Film and Television Academy, which was the cradle of the nation’s stars, countless big stars had come out from here, and of course many of them were already big stars when they were in school, because all the big directors would come here to cast their roles, and this was the place where stars rose.

However, Ye Lu always felt that Qin Siyu did not seem like the kind of person who liked to dream of stardom, which did not match her quiet personality, so Ye Lu felt that she must have some special reason.

However, Qin Siyu did not take the initiative to talk to Ye Lu, so Ye Lu did not ask, in touching other people’s privacy this aspect Ye Lu is still very principle, he basically will not ask, track down these friends do not want to tell their own things, he felt that this is a kind of respect for friends.

When he arrived at the Yanjing Film and Television Academy, Ye Lu found that it was a place that really produced beautiful women, and he could really see them everywhere.

Some of them were also stars that Ye Lu knew well.

The academy was very big, so Ye Lu had to give Qin Siyu a call, however, Qin Siyu did not answer the call, which made Ye Lu slightly worried.

Following that, he saw that there were a lot of people running in one direction, it looked as if something had happened on that side.

Ye Luo also followed and went over.

As a result, he saw that this was a scene where a film crew was casting a role, and Qin Shiyu was currently talking to a mustachioed man wearing a hat.

“Why did you take my role off, wasn’t it a deal at the beginning?”

As a result, the moustachioed man said with a smile.

“The director naturally has his arrangements, besides we have the right to adjust each actor’s arrangement, wasn’t it clearly written in the hiring contract at that time?”

To this answer, Qin Siyu of course could not say anything.

At the same time, a girl’s voice rang out.

“Qin Siyu, do you have a problem with the crew’s arrangement? Making you a supporting actor is already very flattering to you, this girl is the main character, just wait until you carry my shoes.”

Following that, Ye Luo saw Lin Danni and the boy called Lin Qing walking over with a smug face.

When she saw Lin Danni appear, of course Qin Siyu understood what was going on, this was definitely Lin Danni’s fault, she had targeted herself not once, however, Qin Siyu had a calm personality, she tolerated many things without conflict, but she did not expect the other party to become more and more aggressive.

Qin Siyu was really angry, she looked at Lin Danni and said.

“Lin Danni, are you the one who is causing the trouble, wait for me to find director Feng ……”

As a result, Lin Danni laughed and said.

“You don’t need to find any director Feng, because the director has been changed, this kind of unethical director, what kind of movie is he directing, the director is now director Zhang, or I will give you the number, you go find him.”

Saying that, Lin Danni then said with a heated smile.

“You are so pretty and have a good figure, if you sleep with director Zhang for a few nights, maybe he will give you a role with a few lines to play, hahahahaha ……”

Following that, Lin Danni laughed wildly with a hahaha.

Qin Siyu did not expect Lin Danni and the others to be so energetic, even the director was given a direct change, she was actually seen by the previous director Feng by chance then signed the contract.

The script was also given to Qin Siyu, who had been studying the script for some time, but who knew that the cast would suddenly and inexplicably come up with a second casting, and that her role would be cancelled in favour of an aggrieved maid.

That’s why Qin Siyu came over to see what was going on, only to have what just happened.

When Lin Danni saw that Qin Siyu was not speaking, she took a step forward and said.

“Director Zhang has already chosen me as the female lead, you have no money, no background, and you don’t sleep with the director, so why should you be the lead? I’m afraid you’re still dreaming of being a star, so just give up on that.”

Hearing Lin Danni’s words, Qin Siyu’s face turned red with anger as she glared and pointed at Lin Danni.

“You …… you …… are so mean …….”

Lin Danni then said with a smile.

“What can you do if I am despicable? You bite me! Our Lin family is just rich, do you know who my brother Qing is? It’s the son of the Lin family’s direct line, one of the most orthodox heirlooms, so playing with you is still not easy and enjoyable.”

When Lin Danni finished speaking, Lin Qing smiled smugly as he looked at Qin Siyu and said.

“Now you understand reality, but if you are willing to sleep with me for two nights, I can consider letting you be a female second or third ……”

Hearing his words, Lin Danni’s smile immediately froze and she turned her head to look at Lin Qing with an incredulous expression, because she didn’t expect that Lin Qing actually wanted to sleep with Qin Siyu as well.

Qin Siyu was so angry with the two of them that she blushed red and said “Nasty!” and then turned her head and prepared to leave.

However, at that moment, she suddenly heard a familiar voice say.

“Silky Rain, wouldn’t it be too cheap to leave like that.”

Following that, she saw Ye Lu walk over with a smile on his face.

Seeing that there was actually someone who dared to call out to the Lin family, the crowd of spectators all parted a path, Lin Danni originally crossed her arms and wanted to say something, but when she saw that the person who came was actually Ye Lu, she chose to shut up immediately, she was not a brainless person, the last time Ye Lu’s tactics were still fresh in her mind, so she couldn’t help but have her bladder tightened after seeing Ye Lu.

On the other hand, Ye Lu walked up to Qin Siyu and said somewhat apologetically.

“Sorry, I’m late.”


ChapterĀ 194

Seeing that Ye Lu had arrived, Qin Shiyu smiled happily.

However, while Lin Danni scorned Ye Lu, Lin Qing didn’t put Ye Lu in his eyes, this was the capital, his home turf, not some poor countryside.

The moment Ye Lu appeared, he was already calling people on his mobile phone.

What Ye Lu had done in Liao City before, Lin Danni had told Lin Qing, so he knew that his level was definitely not a match for Ye Lu, but of course the Lin family, as one of the four ancient martial arts families, had many experts in the family.

Lin Danni immediately went to Lin Qing’s side after a moment of fear and said.

“Brother Qing, you still remember, right, he was the one who bullied my sister before.”

Lin Qing nodded and said.

“Danni, don’t worry, I will help you take revenge.”

After saying that, he then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Ye Lu is it, wait for me if you have the guts.”

Ye Lu thought for a moment, then nodded and said.

“Good, then I’ll wait for you.”

Ye Lu felt that it was necessary to help Qin Siyu to solve this matter, otherwise her life at the Yanjing Film and Television Academy would not be so easy.

When they saw this, the people around them all decided to go into watch mode.

After all, the Lin family was one of the biggest players in the film industry, and the Lin family not only had many sons and daughters in the school, but also many people teaching there.

“Someone actually dares to go against the Lin family, they really don’t want to be in the film and television industry anymore.”

“That’s right, overrate to shake a big tree!”

“But, that person doesn’t look like a student from our school, right?”

“Huh! It’s not really, otherwise he’s so handsome, I’m sure I’d know him.”

“It’s a pity, not being an actor is really a waste.”


The people around were talking about it.

Qin Siyu had been in school for more than two weeks, she knew how powerful the Lin family was, so she hurriedly grabbed Ye Lu’s arm and said.

“Ye Lu, why don’t we forget about it, the Lin family’s people are all running rampant in this school, moreover, many of the sons and daughters have powerful bodyguards, they are not good to be messed with.”

Ye Luo, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, they’re not good to mess with, I’m not good to mess with either, besides, they dare to treat you like this, I can’t just let them go.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Qin Siyu felt a sweetness in her heart, although she very much did not want to cause trouble for Ye Luo, so she had never talked to Ye Luo about these things, but in fact she was really suffocating and subconsciously did want Ye Luo to help her out with this.

“Then you should be careful.”

Qin Shiyu still had some uneasiness to say.

Ye Lu made an easy “OK” gesture, in his opinion, he had saved the life of the Lin family’s Supreme Master anyway, so if he couldn’t, he would go to that Supreme Master, he wouldn’t believe that he couldn’t cure these grandsons.

Soon, the helper Lin Qing had found arrived.

Of course, this guy was not a student at the school. The Lin family did have some Xiantian realm children making movies, but there was no one studying at the Placenta realm, because the family would not let them study at this age if they had this level of cultivation.

Lin Qing had heard that Ye Lu had once become famous in a battle on Tianma Mountain, not only did he eat all his opponents with those ghost bats, but he had also fought against martial artists of the Placental Breath realm.

However, Lin Qing did not think that Ye Lu could defeat the Lin family’s “Placental Breath Realm” experts, because the sons of the great clans had a natural advantage, not only were they good at Kung Fu, but they also usually had good magic weapons and martial arts.

In fact, it wasn’t that the magic weapons and martial arts skills possessed by the children of the great families were so advanced, but mainly that they had a lot of options to choose from, so the things were very compatible with themselves.

“Qingdi, is this the mountain cannon you are talking about?”

This kid said disdainfully as he came and then looked at Ye Lu.

Lin Qing then smiled and said.

“Yes, that’s him, he’s the one who bullied Dani earlier, and now he’s here pretending to mind his own business, beat him up for me.”

The guy who came didn’t talk much as he looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Fine! Just say how many teeth you knocked out.”

Lin Qing thought for a moment and said.

“Just knock off two incisors, I’ll make him remember forever what happens when you act recklessly.”

“Okay, it’s a deal.”

These two brothers sang and sang, not putting Ye Luo in their eyes at all, and didn’t seem to be worried at all that the school would step in to stop this, what made Ye Luo feel strange was that there was really no security or anything like that coming to take care of it, everyone was gathered around and watching the action with great interest.

After the two brothers had discussed the matter, the new guy walked towards Ye Luo with a big grin, then his fist lit up and punched Ye Luo in the mouth.


The fist and the lips collided solidly, but it wasn’t Ye Lu’s lips, it was this kid’s lips, and following that, the guy flew straight out. He fell to the ground with a thud.

The scene was a bit awkward.

Just now, he had been talking about knocking out a few teeth, but when he went up there, he was knocked out in one shot, which was a bit funny.

Following that, Ye Lu slowly stretched out his hand and said indifferently.

“Here are your teeth, two of them.”

As he said that, his hand then slowly opened, and in the heart of his hand there were indeed two bloody teeth lying, and looking at the width it should be exactly two incisors.

“You ……”

The guy who had just come to stand up for Lin Qing immediately showed anger, shock, disbelief …… all kinds of expressions, however, he pointed at Ye Lu but ultimately did not dare to say anything harsh.

It is estimated that this blow has already scared him.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, brought a chair from the venue and let Qin Siyu sit down, then looked at Lin Qing and also Lin Danni and said.

“I’ll give you guys a chance for an hour, go and call people, what kind of people are there, feel free to come, better call a few that can fight, otherwise it will be too boring.”

Lin Qing snorted coldly, then really started to go on calling people, at the same time, he looked at the guy who had just had two teeth knocked out and asked.

“Brother Qiang, what exactly is his cultivation level?”

Lin Qiang said with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“It’s too fast, I didn’t feel it, but there’s no outgoing true qi, so it should be less than Hua Jin.”

However, after these words, he himself was somewhat unconvinced, but the facts were right in front of him, and the current situation made him completely incomprehensible.

“If you were given my magic weapon to use, would you be able to handle him?”

Lin Qing looked at Lin Qiang and asked.

To be honest, Lin Qiang was a little unsure in his heart, but then Lin Qing followed and said.

“If you can win, this magic weapon will be yours.”

These words caused Lin Qiang’s eyes to light up.

Even after using so many pills, he had only been fed to the “Innate Realm” in the end.

However, he was really a genuine son of his family, so all the things he had with him were good goods, such as the magic weapons he mentioned, which were actually good Xuan-rank items, so Lin Qiang was also very keen on them.

“Okay, then I’ll give it a try.”

Hearing Lin Qiang’s promise, Lin Qing took out a pair of gloves and handed them to Lin Qiang.

“This is the ‘Scars of Silence’, I hope you can live up to it.”

It was a pair of gloves as black as ink, as black as a black hole, making one feel that everything would be swallowed up by it, which suited the word “Silence”.

When he heard that it was the “Scars of Silence”, Lin Qiang was immediately excited, this was a very famous magic weapon in his family, even though it was a damaged magic weapon, the grade was still high grade in the “Lower Xuan Grade”.

“Hey, hey, watch this!”

Lin Qiang put on his gloves and walked towards Ye Lu again.

“Kid, just now I was too gullible, I didn’t use magic weapons or martial arts, so I took your loss, this time you’re finished.”

Ye Luo then smiled and hooked his hand and said.

“Fine, come on then.”

Lin Qiang dashed towards him, however, the current Ye Lu was not the previous Ye Lu, under Dokgo Ao’s demonic training, his fighting skills had improved like never before, he caught a break in Lin Qiang’s attack and quickly struck out, poking him with one finger at the “Danzhong” point on his chest.

This is one of the most important acupuncture points in the human body, and is often referred to as the “middle door”.

After the “stanzhong” point was poked, the guy immediately stopped moving.