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Super School Student Chapter 183-184

Chapter 183

Hearing Ye Lu talk about his lifelong illness, Zhu Qi Huang immediately thought of his entry into the “Medicine League”, but he didn’t think Ye Lu could do that, so he didn’t answer, but looked at Ye Lu.

At this time, the girl “exhaled!” The girl woke up with a breath.

Ye Luo looked at the girl and asked.

“Cla*smate, do you like eating a fruit called ‘sea eggplant’ very much?”

The girl nodded and said.

“Yes, what’s wrong with it?”

Hearing Ye Lu mention the ‘sea eggplant’, Zhu Qi Huang was also a bit puzzled, because he knew this plant, a small black berry, and it was not poisonous.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“There is nothing wrong with the ‘sea eggplant’ itself, nor is there anything wrong with your body, but there is something wrong with you eating it, because your body is special, so for you, the sea eggplant has some toxicity, and you have eaten too much of it, so the accumulation has concentrated this time. ”

“In fact, you should have had the symptoms for a long time, right, is it true that you have been experiencing a vague pain in your lower abdomen for some time recently?”

The girl nodded again then asked.

“Then what should I do to cure it.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It’s very simple, stop eating sea eggplant and at the same time go to the hospital and ask them to do a kidney dialysis for you, just do it once and after that just pay more attention to stay away from this kind of fruit.”

After Ye Lu finished, the girl looked at Professor Zhu Qi Huang again, hoping that he could give an opinion.

As a result, Zhu Qihuang didn’t say anything, because he didn’t know if what Ye Lu said was right.

At this time, it was time for cla*s to end and he waved his hand at the crowd and said.

“Cla*s is over, Ye Lu, you and I will come to the office for a moment.”

After saying that he went ahead with his head, while Ye Luo followed closely behind him.

Soon, the two arrived at Zhu Qihuang’s office, and Zhu Qihuang looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Tell me, what is this ‘disease of my heart for life’ you just said?”

Ye Lu said with a smile.

“It’s the matter of entering the ‘Pill Alliance’, haven’t you wanted to enter the ‘Pill Alliance’ all your life? If you are willing to help me, perhaps I can help you achieve this ideal.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Zhu Qi Huang said with a somewhat self-deprecating and disdainful smile.

“Hehe! Aren’t you a bit too arrogant, as much as I want to enter the ‘Pill Alliance’ but, I don’t think this little doll of yours can help me with anything, but, tell me, how are you going to help me?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It’s very simple, you tell me where a plant called ‘Yuyutsu Flower’ can be found, I’ll help you with the rest, not only can I get you into the ‘Pill Alliance’, I can also bring your cultivation to the next level. ”

For Ye Lu’s words, Zhu Qi Huang did not believe it, but for him, the “Yutu Flower” was not something important, he only knew that the “Yutu Flower” was very helpful for black hair, the rest he did not know would be of any great use.

So he thought about it and said.

“Well, for the sake of memorizing all the books I’ve written, I’ll tell you, in fact, there is a cave in the back of the mountain, in a cave connected to the air-raid shelter, a graduate student found it occasionally, he didn’t know what that piece of weird flower was, so he came to ask me, how did you know about it?”

Of course Ye Lu didn’t know, he was merely asking, so he had to tell the truth.

“Of course I don’t know, I just wanted to take my chances, but it seems that this is a surprise to us.”

Zhu Qihuang then said indifferently.

“It might be a surprise to you, but it’s not even an episode to me, well, there’s nothing else, you can go back first.”

Ye Lu smiled and nodded, with the “Yuyu Flower”, he could make a pill called “Heaven Transformation Pill”, which could make a breakthrough from the “Transformation Realm” to the Innate Realm, but of course, it was impossible to complete a pill of this level with mundane fire.

Although it was only a little bit, he could control this flame and fuse it into the alchemy flame, which was much worse than controlling his own flame, but it should be able to make up for the lack of his own flame.

Of course, it was difficult to predict whether it would work or not, but he could only try.

So, after leaving the office, Ye Lu was ready to go to the cave at the back of the mountain. However, since he still had cla*ses ahead of him and he could not use the “Heaven Transformation Pill”, he thought about it and did not act so hastily, and decided to wait until the evening.

However, unfortunately, he was not able to act in the evening either, as Black Meditation had arranged a match for the evening.

“Ye Lu, come to the ‘Underworld venue’, before you enter the venue, someone will give you the identity tag of a participant in the underground boxing tournament, and you are a 20-win contestant, so you have the qualification to watch any matches in the venue.”

Ye Lu was certainly happy to get these low-end fights over with sooner rather than later.

For him, the two fights that were more troublesome at the moment should be the ones above the Ascendant level, after all, the Ascendant “Placental Breath Realm” practitioners he had defeated before were all family sons, and family sons were completely different from these underground boxing tournament people.

None of the family sons he had met had killed anyone, whereas those in the underground boxing tournament had blood on their hands, so in order to stay alive, they must find the most suitable magic weapon and train their martial arts skills and fighting techniques desperately.

This is like the difference between an actor in a martial arts show and an outlaw.

So, Ye Lu had to prepare everything for the battle to come.

As the sky turned dark, Ye Luo arrived outside the “Underworld Venue”, which was the venue for the underground boxing tournament for the “Dark Strength” competition.

“Are you sure you want to participate in the ‘Underworld’ tournament?”

At the entrance of the venue, the man in black who was in charge of checking the identity of the visitor looked at Ye Lu and asked with some confusion, because Ye Lu was still wearing a sign with the word “Ming” written on it.

In other words, Ye Lu was still a Ming Jin practitioner, especially since Ye Lu had already won twenty matches, so he should not have come here to participate in the competition.

Having won twenty matches, that meant that Ye Lu’s talent was quite good, the wisest way was to quietly cultivate to the peak of dark jin and then come back to the competition, of course, the other challengers might not let you have your way, but this was undoubtedly the most ideal way to handle the situation, to take the initiative to challenge yourself before you had even raised your realm was definitely a sign of douchebaggery.

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Yes, I’m here for the competition, let me in.”

Since the entrances for the participants and the spectators were different, Ye Lu could only enter through the entrances for the participants if he wanted to compete, so he could only tell the truth to this guard.

“Alright, since you want to seek death so badly, I won’t stop you, good luck.”

After saying that, this guy let Ye Lu in.

The structure of this “Underworld Meeting Place” was similar to the previous meeting place, it was also bowl shaped, but it was much bigger than the previous meeting place, because the number of “Underworld Meeting Places” was much smaller than the previous meeting place.

Ye Luo saw that the whole venue was already overcrowded, not only the various seats were filled with people, but also the aisles were full of people, it looked like everyone had been looking forward to Ye Luo’s match for a long time.

“Oh, Ye Lu, no, ‘Blood Shadow’ you’re here.”

Seeing Ye Luo walk in, that Black Underworld said with a smile.

“There are too many people coming to support you, so your match might last a little longer today, let me talk to you about it.”

He gestured for Ye Lu to sit down, and then only then did he continue.

“To make it more enjoyable for the audience, this tournament starts with a pair of two, then a pair of four, a pair of six, and a pair of eight, which is exactly twenty people, ten of them are from the ‘Gothic Blood Clan’, and ten are from the ‘Dark Pharaoh ‘, but I’m not sure if they’re sending co-operative fighters or their own fighters.”

Hearing Black Meditation’s words, Ye Lu asked with some confusion.

“What difference does it make whether it’s a co-operative fighter or their own fighter?”

Black Meditation then explained.

“Of course, cooperative fighters are fighters like you, while our own fighters, including our ‘Shadow of Death’ also have, are fighters who have signed a life and death contract with our organization and are specially trained by the organization, each one of them is the elite of the elite.”

At this moment, Ye Lu found that the whole venue suddenly tidal wave of activity, because some people saw him walk into the “Shadow of Death” waiting for the fight.


Chapter 184





The moment they saw Ye Lu appear, everyone at the venue began to shout loudly, as if avid fans had watched the star they worshipped.

“It looks like your popularity is quite exploding oh.”

Black Meditation looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

Ye Lu could only smile helplessly, he had no intention of becoming such a star, but against his wishes, he had still become such a crowd pleaser, but luckily, he had been wearing a mask, so I guess no one could recognise him.

“Alright, first match, get ready to take the stage.”

Hei Hei looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

At the same time, a thin-waisted, plump-hipped host walked to the middle of the cage and said with a smile.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ‘Underworld Venue’, today’s match is going to be a colourful one as we finally welcome our genius warrior ‘Bloodshot’ who has won twenty straight matches, here is Bloodshot. ”

With the woman’s words, Ye Lu slowly walked out.

As expected, everyone in the entire venue raised their arms and cheered, Jin Mei Mei and Lin Hua Hua had already bought their VIP seats in advance, both of them were exceptionally excited to give Ye Luo a cheer in.

“Today’s match against our super dark horse ‘Bloodshot’ is against the mighty warriors Nurius and Hibbith from ‘Dark Pharaoh’, who have an impressive record of eight and nine victories respectively. ”

“Next, let me watch a dragon fight.”

As soon as his words fell, two unexpected figures appeared in front of Ye Lu, and the reason why they were unexpected was because these two people were actually black.

Ye Luo did not expect two foreigners to appear.

“Are there cultivators in foreign countries too?”

He muttered in some confusion, but, immediately afterwards, the match had already started.

The two black men had already charged forward wielding the weapons in their hands, these two guys were using heavy weapons and were clearly strength type fighters.


However, no matter what type of fighter they were, they were no more than that in front of Ye Lu.

With another simple punch, Ye Luo knocked one of them away, followed by another kick, and the other one also flew far away.

“Handsome! Another kill!”

“Blood Shadow is awesome, really awesome!”

“Blood Shadow, Blood Shadow I love you.”


Of course, Ye Lu was not a homicidal maniac, so of course he would not beat the two of them to death, so he reentered the centre of the cage after letting the two admit defeat.

Black Hades also smiled and nodded as he watched this scene, although he had communicated with Ye Lu about the competition before, and Ye Lu had said that it was no problem to arrange whatever he wanted, that is, twenty people together.

At that time, Black Meditation still had a trace of disbelief, however, now he was completely convinced.

“Where exactly is this kid’s limit?”

He became even more excited when he saw that even the guy at the peak of dark jin holding a terrifying magic weapon was sent flying by Ye Lu in a single blow, at least this showed that the dark jin powerhouse was not in Ye Lu’s eyes at all.

All twenty of them were soon settled by Ye Luo, however, all the spectators looked as if they were still not satisfied.

“Pah pah pah! Crazy forty straight wins, that’s brilliant!”

Black Meditation clapped his hands and said with a smile.

“What’s the next match in the Realm of Transformation? Same arrangement?”

Ye Lu nodded with a smile and said.

“Yeah, just the same arrangement, if the audience needs it, you can arrange more at a time, let’s make special arrangements when the ‘Placental Breath Realm’ one comes up.”

When Ye Lu finished speaking, Black Meditation’s mouth opened wide in some surprise.

He didn’t expect Ye Lu to actually let the Huajin one fight be as well, which meant that Ye Lu was at least a Xiantian realm expert, or at least an expert with Xiantian battle power.

“A full advantage across a big realm, it looks like this guy wasn’t just talking nonsense when he said he completed a hundred victories in a month!”

It was only now that Hei Hei had a rough idea of Ye Lu’s battle prowess.

“This is a demon!”

Black Meditation lamented, then said with a smile.

“Good, I will also arrange for the next one as soon as possible, however, the further back you go, the more troublesome it will be to arrange, because for experts, they are given recuperation time, after a match, they can have three days of recuperation time to heal their injuries and adjust their condition.”

“During the recuperation time it is possible to not accept challenges, and the more advanced the venue the smaller the number of people, so the more troublesome it is to arrange.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Everything is at your disposal.”

After saying that, Ye Lu left the venue.

And with his departure, the story of his crazy forty consecutive wins started to spread wildly among everyone, including the big families in the capital, such a quick forty consecutive wins, such a big advantage, such a clean victory, made Ye Luo an instant star in the underground world.

“It’s a pity, underground boxing matches can’t be photographed or videoed, otherwise we should have recorded ‘Bloodshot’s’ heroics for all to see.”

Jin Mei Mei muttered silently as she walked outside the venue.

And Ye Lu had already returned to the dormitory.

Once he reached his dorm room, Nie Yibiao looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Ye Lu, I didn’t expect ah, you’re actually really a school master ah, this unforgettable is too powerful, it’s simply the strongest brain ah, why aren’t you on TV!”

“That’s right, it’s true that all schoolboys are perverts!”

Mu Zi Ze also looked at Ye Lu and added fuel to the fire.

“No wonder the two big professors are all eager to have you, you really have something to offer!”

Ye Lu could only make a perfunctory remark to this and everyone else, after all, he was not really that bullish, everything depended on the ability brought by the gla*ses.

After that, Ye Lu and Mo Xiaomi asked for the bank account, and he transferred all the bonus he got this time to Mo Xiaomi, so that she could help the villagers to build the road.

There was nothing much to do the next day, so Ye Lu resumed his morning walk.

When he ran across the top of the mountain and returned from the Five Wheel Tower, he was called by a man.

“Little brother, I’ve waited for you, I’ve been waiting for you every morning, it’s not easy!”

Tie Zonglin looked at Ye Lu and said with a happy face.

“Oh! You are the grandfather from that morning.”

Ye Luo also remembered who the other party was, however, he did not expect that the other party had actually been waiting for him every day for the past ten days or so, but looking at the surprised expression the old man showed, he did think that what he said was true.

“Little brother, what’s your name?”

Tie Zonglin looked at Ye Lu and asked.

Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“My name is Ye Lu, is there something you want to see me about?”

Tie Zonglin immediately said.

“Yes, of course there is, my name is Tie Zonglin, I have a magic weapon here that I want to repair, but, I have never thought of a good plan, I always feel that the risk is rather high, can you help me look at it again?”

Tie Zonglin spoke very sincerely and took out a bell-like magic weapon. The reason why he attached so much importance to this magic weapon was that it was a lower-grade magic weapon, and if it was broken, even though the original price would not be compensated according to the agreement, it would still cause a lot of losses, and it would affect the reputation of the Weaponry Sect, or at least the branch of the Weaponry Sect.

This would also affect the reputation of the Weaponry Sect, or at least this branch of the Weaponry Sect, and this is something that the Weaponry Sect will not tolerate.

Hearing the words “Tie Zong Lin”, Ye Lu felt very familiar, more than one person had mentioned this master smith before, and he never thought he would see him here today.

“Most of the time this guy is the one behind the guy who was looking for Mo Xiaomi’s trouble before.”

Ye Lu muttered darkly, then took the bell and looked at it and said.

“You’ve drawn it almost right, just adjust it here.”

As Ye Luo spoke, Tie Zong Lin had already handed over the pen.

Ye Lu took the pen and redrew a part of the “Pattern of Laws”, then handed the bell back to Tie Zong Lin and said.

“Master Tie, I have a cla*s to teach, I’ll leave first.”

After saying that, Ye Luo walked towards the bottom of the mountain.

He didn’t want to reveal too much of his true identity, so he didn’t want to use it to get in touch with Tie Zonglin too much. Moreover, Tie Zonglin, the “weapon fool”, wasn’t paying attention to what Ye Luo was doing at the moment, he was already completely immersed in the weapon patterns that Ye Luo was drawing.

As Dokgo Ao’s training had come to an end, Ye Lu attended his cla*ses as usual during the day, and when he finished his cla*ses in the afternoon, Ye Lu walked towards the air-raid shelter.

“Pixie Blossom, here I come!”

He rubbed his hands together as he walked, and soon, he reached the deepest part of the air-raid shelter, then followed Zhu Qihuang’s instructions and went through a broken hole. After walking a long way again, Ye Lu finally saw an eerie blue light.

Following that, he suspected that he had arrived in a dream world.

There were blue light-emitting flowers everywhere, the very flowers he was looking for, and there were really a lot of them.

“Someone? A ghost?”

However, in the middle of these “ghostly blossoms”, Ye Luo saw an old man, his body glowing with light, sitting with a serious expression, while around this old man were countless ghosts of different shapes and sizes.

However, the moment Ye Luo appeared, these ghosts suddenly began to stir, and the ghosts on the side close to Ye Luo quickly began to retreat, while the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” on Ye Luo’s body also began to become hot.