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Super School Student Chapter 177-178

Chapter 177

In fact, Ye Lu was also curious, according to say, he signed the contract is also at the mercy of the other party, what else is there to discuss.

As a result, Black Meditation said.

“What I want to discuss with you is about the ‘Hundred Wins Shura’, there is a title in this underground boxing tournament, that is the title of winning a hundred matches in a row, it is called ‘Shura’, obtaining the ‘Shura ‘ title not only has great privileges and good rewards, but more importantly, there will be an ‘Earth Rank’ martial art.”

“What I want to discuss with you is whether you can transcribe a copy for us at that time?”

Ye Lu asked after thinking about it.

“You might as well tell me the details and what I can get out of doing so, and I will judge how to do it.”

Black Hades had nothing to hide, and he said with a smile.

“Then I will talk to briefly, this winning streak of one hundred matches is not just any winning streak, because if there are no rules people will exploit the loopholes, such as arranging for people to lose one hundred matches in a row, so there are several rules like this, I will not mention the details, I will try to cut it short and talk to you about it.”

“Firstly all participants in the underground boxing tournament have to be affiliated to one of the seven organisations, while Yum Yum’s opponents are the remaining six organisations, and they can’t have more than twenty fights with each organisation.”

“Then, the challenge cannot be repeated, meaning that one person cannot be challenged repeatedly.”

“Finally, winning twenty times in a row in each realm’s tournament will automatically move you to the next realm’s tournament.”

“Basically, these are the three rules.”

Hearing these three rules Ye Lu nodded, the rules sounded very simple.

Then, he looked at Black Meditation and asked.

“I still don’t quite understand one thing, is it true that as long as a challenge is made, you must answer it?”

Black Hades smiled and said.

“Of course not, the rules here are that a lower rank challenges a higher rank, the higher rank must answer the battle and vice versa, and those of the same rank must not avoid the battle of course, remember it is the rank of the cultivator that is being talked about here, not the rank of the field.”

“That’s why I’m working with you, because in terms of the rules, you have the biggest advantage, you can challenge anyone, while no one else can challenge you.”

“So, you just need to play it safe, and you will definitely become a Hundred Victory Shura in about ten years.”

For his part, Ye Luo thought for a moment and asked again.

“Then how many Hundred Victory Shura have ever appeared before?”

Black Hades said with a smile.

“Only one Hundred Victory Shura has appeared before, and that was the master of our underground world, because the condition is too harsh, imagine, when you have just advanced to become a ‘Dark Strength Power’, a peak Dark Strength cultivator comes to challenge you, and this peak cultivator is still a genius, what’s worse is that you still have to defeat twenty of them, how easy is that.”

After hearing Black Meditation finish, Ye Lu basically understood the difficulty of this matter, it basically meant that one had to have the strength to fight across at least one small realm as well, and this was still the minimum requirement.

If one met an equally demonic genius, then one would have to have the strength to cross two levels to do so, and inevitably, there would definitely be another time in between where one would have to cross a major realm, no wonder only one person had been able to obtain this title before.

After listening to Black Meditation’s explanation, Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Okay, I probably understand, however, I still have one more thing to confirm with you, first of all, how many matches can each person play in a day?”

Black Meditation thought for a moment and said.

“When the rank is low, the first three matches are unavoidable, after that it depends on the individual’s will, the more advanced this match will be less and less because of the need to avoid wheel battles.”

Ye Lu nodded and then asked again.

“Will my information here be exposed, I mean, if someone checks can they find out?”

Black Meditation shook his head and said.

“Every fighter’s information is confidential, including his name, unless he wants to reveal it himself, and of course disguises, masks and the like are all right.”

“What, you want to conceal your identity? We have masks right here, as well as defensive spells, so you can choose one.”

Ye Lu nodded, then the flirtatious woman from before, Xiao Ya, smiled and brought a bunch of masks, Ye Lu chose a ghost face mask that covered half of his face, then looked at Black Hades and said.

“I’m in a hurry, I definitely can’t wait for ten years, about a month’s time, I’ll get the title of ‘Shura’, you can arrange it for me according to this time, 20 games tonight, I want to play all of them.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the first feeling Black Meditation had was that this kid was crazy.

It wasn’t just him, everyone present felt the same way.

“Young man, you may indeed be very talented, but arrogance will get you killed, this is an underground boxing tournament, do you know why this title is called ‘Shura’? It’s because this place is a shura, I don’t want you to become a short-lived ghost.”

Black Meditation looked at Ye Luo and said.

“That’s right, you’re too presumptuous, is your local boxing match a child’s play?”

“It’s playing with your life, young man.”


For his part, Ye Lu put on his mask and said indifferently.

“Don’t worry, it’s playing with my own life, I naturally have it in mind, let’s start, I think I have 19 more fights to go with ‘Hell’s Gate’.”

Black Hades said with a nod.

“Good, you’re all on next.”

Ye Lu saw that Jin Kun’s breathing had become smoother and smoother, and his heart was completely settled.

At this time, that host had once again walked to the centre of the cage and said.

“The next one to appear is ‘Lightning Demon’, a super expert of ‘Hell’s Gate’ who is undefeated with eleven victories and known for his speed.”

With his words, a somewhat thin but muscular looking man stepped into the middle of the cage.

It seemed that the “Hell’s Gate” was also very afraid of Ye Lu’s tremendous strength, so they had sent a speedy opponent.

Then, the host continued.

“This match is against ‘Lightning Demon’, a rare super dark horse who has just emerged, ‘Blood Shadow’, an up-and-coming expert who once fought a savage bear with one punch.”

Hearing his words, Ye Lu walked towards the cage with his mask on.

The host, meanwhile, continued to incite.

“Next will be a battle of the dragons, whether ‘Lightning Demon’ continues his impressive record of twelve undefeated matches or ‘Blood Shadow’ brings another great surprise, let’s wait and see. ”

At this time, Ye Luo had already walked across to the opposite side of the Lightning Demon.

“Okay, let’s begin!”

The host stepped aside and gave the order to start.

The “Lightning Demon” looked at Ye Lu and smiled.

“Young man, you may have some strength, but when you meet me, your time has come to die.”

With these words, he stretched out his hands, which were hidden in his sleeves, and on both hands he wore long, blade-like claw blades that looked just like Wolverine.

Then, he rushed forward like a gust of wind.

The crowd held their breath as they watched the scene.

However, immediately afterwards, everyone saw Ye Lu throw a fierce punch when his opponent was close at hand, and with just one punch, this guy flew out like a kite and re-flown back to the camp he came from.

He was knocked out of the field, and naturally, he lost.


“Awesome, awesome!”

“That’s a spike! I love it!”

“Pity, why did you cover your face this time?”


The audience was certainly excited as hell.

And while that host gestured for him to go back after declaring Ye Lu’s victory, Ye Lu looked at him and said with a smile.

“No need, I’ll be the only one participating in all our ‘Shadow of Death’ matches next, it’s too much trouble to go back and forth, you can just announce my opponent.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the host froze for a moment, as he hadn’t operated like this before, however, after thinking about it he said in a loud voice.

“Good! Can you see, our ‘Blood Shadow’ player is ready to pack the house today, so if you want to place your bets, hurry up and do so, you have seen how efficient our ‘Blood Shadow’ gentleman is, you won’t get a chance if you are late.”

He then looked in the direction of the “Hell’s Gate”.

After a long time, a masked man in black appeared at the entrance and exit of the Hell’s Gate.

The host said in a loud voice.

“Good! The next challenger to our dark horse ‘Blood Shadow’ is a ninja from the East, the 14-win undefeated ninja master ‘Ichiro Oda’ from the country of Japan.”

Ye Lu didn’t expect to meet a foreigner here, but after he had beaten two people, this guy still dared to come out, so he thought than he had something overpowering.

Sure enough, after the match started, Kota Ichiro flew back, followed by his hands flying, the sky of concealed weapons shot out towards Ye Lu, what kind of hand sword, sprinkles, bitterness, poison needles …… all came in one stream, and at an extremely fast speed.

“So it’s a dark weapon expert.”

Ye Lu finally understood why this person would appear, however, this point is not difficult to defeat him, he quickly a vertical leap, body jumped up high, dodge these concealed weapons.

However, it seemed that Ichiro Oda had expected Ye Lu to dodge like this, and with a flash of cold light in his eyes, more concealed weapons shot out towards Ye Lu in the air.

He poured his aura into his shirt and swung it like a windmill, all the concealed weapons were caught by his shirt.



“I give full marks for this operation!”


The audience boiled up again, while Ye Lu looked at the host and said.

“Let’s get the remaining seventeen people together, I’m busy and in a hurry.”


Chapter 178

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the host, the audience, including the people from “Hell’s Gate” all opened their mouths wide in surprise.

“Isn’t this a bit too much?”

Someone muttered.

“Bull, I’ve seen a bully before, but I’ve never seen such a bully before.”

“Yeah, I give full marks for this P***y.”

“What pretence, that’s a real bully, otherwise who would dare to joke with their lives.”

“Bloodshot, Bloodshot, I love you, I want to have monkeys with you ……”


It was the audience who were the most high, their emotions had been completely ignited by Ye Lu.

For his part, Ye Luo glanced at the host who was still really dazed and asked with a smile.

“What, is there a problem?”

The host then came back to his senses and said with a thumbs up.

“This operation can be had, no problem.”

Then he looked in the direction of Hell’s Gate, whose leader today was called Yin Jiuyu, who was very depressed today.

So, he said with a grimace.

“All those with ten wins or more, come out.”

As it turned out, there were less than seventeen people with ten wins, and since the number of matches every night was very limited, the Hell’s Gate didn’t bring many people with them.

“Good, then a few more people with eight wins or more.”

Seeing that there were enough people, Yin Jiu You looked at everyone and said.

“This time, all seventeen of you will fight together. Don’t think about coming back alive, just fight for me, understand?”

All of them nodded with gritted teeth, and then, everyone walked into the cage together and surrounded Ye Luo in the middle.

Because there were too many people, the host no longer bothered to introduce them one by one, he hid to one side at this moment and said.

“The most disparate battle in terms of numbers since the start of our underground boxing tournament is about to begin, so I’m asking if you’re excited, why don’t you go and place your bets?”

It was then that the watching crowd realised they hadn’t placed their bets on who would win.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the odds given by the bookmaker were very low for Ye Lu, which meant that the bookmaker actually favoured Ye Lu.

Among those who were placing their bets at the moment was a young lady from the Lin family, who was excited at the moment because her favourite thing to watch was the underground boxing matches, and she loved to see that feeling of testosterone bursting and blood spurting.

“This ‘Blood Shadow’ is really too handsome, much bloodier than those sons and daughters of the family.”

She said with emotion while placing a bet on Ye Lu.

However, the other woman next to her said with a smile.

“Lin Huahua, you’re being a nymphomaniac again, don’t worry, with me, Jin Mei Mei, that ‘Blood Shadow’ is not your cup of tea, so just die.”

This speaker was none other than a young lady from the Jin family in the capital, the four great families had always been at odds, so it was inevitable for the sons to sneer at each other when they met.

Lin Huahua, on the other hand, said with disdain.

“Che, ‘Blood Shadow’ is not one of your Jin family, what’s so cowardly about it.”

Followed by the two people tossing their tongues.

Ye Luo waited for another three minutes before the host announced the start of the match.

Ye Luo looked at the crowd gathered around and said.

“I advise you to concede defeat quickly, you are not that Japanese and I do not want to kill you.”

As a result, the crowd didn’t say anything, they swarmed and rushed on, the audience all gasped and shouted, this kind of ma*sive group fight was almost hard to see in an underground boxing match, at most it was a five on five group fight.

However, immediately afterwards, everyone saw that with Ye Lu as the centre, one by one, opponents began to fly out, just like dumplings, and in a moment, everyone was lying on the ground.

“Do you concede defeat?”

Ye Luo walked up to one of them and looked at him and asked coldly.

This guy thought for a second, then quickly nodded and said.

“I concede defeat!”

The rest of the guys didn’t wait for Ye Luo to ask and all said in unison.

“I concede!”

Ye Lu clapped his hands and laughed, then looked at the host.

Only then did the host walk to the centre of the venue and said in a loud voice.

“The winner of this match is the super dark horse ‘Blood Shadow’ from ‘Dark Shadow of Death’, and the player ‘Blood Shadow’ has thus advanced with twenty consecutive wins In the next stage of the Underworld, if you want to continue to see the style of ‘Blood Shadow’, please pay attention to the information of the Underworld, I think the second time in the history of the Underworld ‘Hundred Victory Shura’ is about to appear.”

The host’s words brought everyone to a boil.

“It’s so handsome, I must go to the ‘Underworld Circuit’ to continue watching.”

Lin Huahua said with starry eyes as she looked at Ye Luo.

On the other side, Jin Mei Mei of the Jin family was making the same plan.

Not only them, but many others were thinking the same thing, and it was obvious that the “Underworld Arena” was going to be overcrowded.

Ye Lu turned around and slowly walked back to the room where the Shadow of Death was.

“Well, our 20-game contract is over, give me the completed contract, we are now free agents, right?”

Ye Lu looked at Black Hades and said with a smile.

Black Meditation also smiled up and walked over and shook Ye Lu’s hand and said.

“Yeah, so, I hope you can sign with us ‘Death’s Shadow’, because fighting here always requires you to choose one of the seven organizations to sign, and, I can give you an extra 10% of the bonus, because, as you know, running such a big underground world is a lot of money. ”

Ye Lu was indifferent to the bonus as he looked at Black Meditation and asked.

“Then are there any constraints on me after signing up?”

Black Hades said with a smile.

“There are no special constraints, as long as you follow the general rules of the underground world, we ‘Death’s Shadow’ will not make any special demands on you, including the arrangement of the duel and so on, you can take a look at this contract.”

With those words, Black Hades had someone bring the contract over.

Ye Lu looked at it and there was indeed no problem, he didn’t know any of the seven major organizations in the underground world anyway, so it didn’t matter which one he signed with.

After signing it, Ye Lu looked at Black Meditation and said.

“Jin Kun’s payment can be given to him now, right?”

Black Hades smiled and waved his hand a little and said.

“This of course, we never do things that violate the contract, this is his money, it was prepared a long time ago, because there is a bonus for 20 consecutive wins, so the total is three million.”

Ye Luo’s first feeling was that it was so little.

Seeing Ye Lu’s expression, Black Meditation then smiled and said.

“Looking at your expression, you think it’s too little, don’t you? However, you have to think about it, the so-called ‘Ming Jin Powerful’ actually includes ordinary people, so there are countless people who can participate in this tournament, and it’s not unusual for the prize money to be less.”

Ye Lu thought about it, it seemed that this was also true, anyone could participate, the opponents were not necessarily all experts.

Black Meditation, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“The next competition is the main event, don’t worry, I will arrange to inform you as soon as possible.”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Sure, just arrange the next twenty matches for me in one night as well, whatever you want.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Black Meditation froze for a moment, then said with a smile.

“Oh, not bad, not bad, I like your personality, although it’s a bit aggressive, but a man should live with a bang, F**k him up, I admire you.”

With these words, Hei Hei patted Ye Lu’s shoulder.

For his part, Ye Lu smiled, then resisted Jin Kun and left the venue of the underground boxing match.

However, today’s battle spread immediately, and all the people who were there were talking about the fight, but of course the hardest part was the people from the Hell’s Gate, because they had fallen on their face this time.

“I heard that you were swept through twenty matches by one man today and that he beat seventeen of you at once, is that true?”

Immediately, there were people from other organisations who started asking questions to Yin Jiuyu.

Naturally, Yin Jiu You was depressed to the core, but there were some people he didn’t want to offend, so he had to explain to them, and by the time Ye Lu carried Jin Kun into the hotel room, the news had already flown around to the remaining five organisations.

“What, a super powerful guy was found on the ‘Shadow of Death’ side, if it’s really that strong, it’s really a lot of trouble.”

A woman with a hot body and dressed in a fiery red outfit said as she pounded on the table.

This woman was an Oriental, but with fiery red hair and a figure as big as a white woman’s. She was the representative of the Gothic Bloods in China, nicknamed the “Fire Rose”.

She was the representative of the Gothic Bloods in China, nicknamed “Fire Rose”. The Underworld is not just in China, it is a huge worldwide organisation, with the Gothic Bloods’ headquarters in Europe.

“You said that Death’s Shadow has just challenged us, the Gothic Bloods, right?”

She asked, looking at the woman serving her.