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Super School Student Chapter 171-172

Chapter 171

Seeing this girl, Ye Lu suddenly remembered that this girl was the one who had said at the all-hall meeting that she wanted to let herself molest her, and most of what Nie Yibiao said about wanting to buy herself out was also her.

So, Ye Luo looked at her and smiled and said.

“Thank you for your kindness, but I haven’t thought about these things yet.”

As a result, the girl said with a smile.

“I haven’t considered it before, but it’s not too late to consider it now, look at me, Lin Xuanxuan’s family is rich, she’s also good looking, and she has lots of water and lives well without being clingy, you won’t lose out if you follow me.”

The mineral water he had just drank into his mouth “poof!” The mineral water he had just drank into his mouth spurted out with a loud bang.

The woman giggled and said.


Ye Lu wiped his mouth then smiled and said.

“Okay, you win, but even if I consider finding a woman, I won’t find you, you don’t know, I’m a hot commodity!”

As a result, after hearing Ye Lu’s words, Lin Xuanxuan then laughed out loud and said.

“Haha, you’re just blowing it, you’re still in demand, look at your poor face, you’re only good looking, but what’s the use of being good looking, men want strength, do you have strength?”

Ye Lu didn’t answer her, because to be honest, he was a bit too lazy to care about her.

However, Lin Xuanxuan had misunderstood, she thought Ye Lu was inferior because she had seen Ye Lu’s nosebleed at the student a*sembly before, so she had already qualified Ye Lu as a H**ny person in her heart.

So, she looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Oh, I was right, then be a good boy and follow me, I guarantee that in the future you will eat and drink spicy food every day and go in and out of all the high cla*s places ……”

Seeing that Lin Xuanxuan was ready to go on and on, Ye Lu had no choice but to smile and say.

“Well, what you said is indeed quite tempting, however, it’s not what I want, I’m really sorry.”

In Ye Luo’s opinion, there was nothing wrong with the other party liking himself anyway, although there seemed to be some problems in the way, but the starting point was right, so he had been very polite to Lin Xuanxuan.

As a result, after hearing Ye Luo’s words, Lin Xuanxuan flipped out.

She glared and said.

“Sh*t! You’re a pancake vendor, what’s so shameless about you, you dare to put up a fight with me, don’t you know I’m from the Lin family?”

Hearing her mention the “Lin family”, Ye Lu was stunned, because among the several families that Elder Ye had mentioned earlier for him to pay attention to was the “Lin family”.

However, there were too many people with the surname Lin, and Ye Lu did not know which one was from the Lin family, but he did not expect that the one in front of him was.

So, Ye Lu thought about it and asked.

“Excuse me, is the Lin family very powerful?”

Lin Xuanxuan said proudly.

“That one is of course, our Lin family is one of the four ancient martial families in the capital, dare to mess with our family, with a casual hand you can be crushed to death like a fly.”

In response, Nie Yibiao and Mu Zize, who were standing next to him, also nodded in agreement.

However, just at this time, suddenly Ye Lu heard a sweet voice calling out to himself.

“Ye Luo you come here for a moment.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to where the shouting sounded, and following that, many people’s eyes lit up, because the one who shouted at Ye Lu was a rather beautiful woman, not only beautiful but also well-dressed and with an outstanding temperament, just like a kind of out-of-this-world aura.

It was none other than Long Feixue of the Long Family.

After seeing Long Feixue, Lin Xuanxuan, who originally wanted to say something, shut up.

Because, the status of the Long Family in the capital was not weaker than their Lin Family, although neither was a material for cultivation, Long Feixue’s status went to be quite higher than hers.

Seeing Long Fei Xue coming, Ye Lu couldn’t help but smile, he didn’t expect Long Fei Xue to come by such a coincidence, the rescuer he had called for was not Long Fei Xue.

So, he smiled and waved to Long Fei Xue before walking over.

Long Fei Xue then smiled like a flower and said.

“I’ve come to give you something.”

She handed Ye Luo the wrapped pair of Long Fei’s “finger tigers”, then took out a car key from her pocket and handed it to Ye Luo with a smile.

“It’s time for you to learn how to drive, so I bought you a Toyota Baja, which is suitable for you and not too flashy.”

After handing the keys to Ye Luo Long Fei Xue then said generously.

“Let’s go, my treat, let’s go for dinner.”

Long Feixue, as the president of the company, had seen a lot of things, and she had just seen Lin Xuanxuan standing in front of Ye Lu with her waist crossed and guessed a rough idea, that’s why she deliberately showed her goodwill, in order to show Lin Xuanxuan and Ye Lu their cla*s.

In response to Long Fei Xue’s invitation, Ye Lu was a little embarra*sed and scratched his head and said.

“That, I really can’t today at noon.”

Long Feixue then smiled and said.

“Fine, another day then, whenever you’re free, I’ll be at your beck and call.”

After saying that, she smiled and turned to leave.

“A gift of a car right after meeting, Ye Lu is too tremendously lucky.”

“Workplace beauty, I like it!”

“Wow! So beautiful!”

“It’s almost like a heavenly fairy, a star from the movies, right?”

“How can your skin be so good?”


Long Fei Xue’s body had been transformed by the “Marrow Cleansing Pill” and then she also used the “Beauty Pill”, so of course her skin was white and shiny, and her skin could be blown up.

The first time I saw Long Fei Xue’s face and strength, Lin Xuan Xuan stopped talking.

However, at this time, the rescuers Ye Lu found had just arrived.

A very racy SUV drove into the school quickly, then parked not far from Ye Luo and them, followed by a big-breasted 36D beauty wearing sungla*ses with two long snow-white legs and walked over.





The high heels stepped on the ground just like stepping on everyone’s heart, and many boys swallowed their saliva when they saw this S*xy beauty with a royal style.

Ye Yan, on the other hand, quickly came over and sat on Ye Lu’s arm and he said with a flirtatious smile.

“Baby, this hot day to participate in training exhausted, right, go, to sister, sister help you rub, to ensure that you comfortable desire to die ……”

Hearing his old sister’s words, Ye Lu hurriedly smiled and said.

“Hey, hey, then what are you waiting for, let’s go.”

He was really worried that Older Sister would say something else, because he had only asked Ye Yan to come to the rescue, but he hadn’t asked her to pound it out so much that even Ye Lu was a little uncomfortable.

Following that, the two of them got into the SUV.

“Older sister, is this a new car you’ve bought?”

Ye Yan said with a smile.

“Of course, I saved a lot of money on the renovation, so I bought this car, how about it, Older Sister’s save was very successful today, right?”

Ye Lu nodded and said.

“It was indeed quite successful, however, your dress is too revealing.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Ye Yan smiled a bit awkwardly and said.

“I thought you student boys like this tone, isn’t that how movies and TV shows play out, first putting down a high heel from a luxury car, then big long legs, followed by a heroine who shows half her breasts shining ……”

Ye Lu knew it was useless to talk any more with this old sister, so she digressed and said.

“Older sister, how is the shop decoration going?”

Ye Yan said with a smile.

“No surprise, it will be opened in a week, your old sister will be the shop manager, wahhahahaha ……”

Looking at Ye Yan’s big smile, Ye Lu sighed helplessly, fortunately the products of this shop were hard enough, otherwise according to Ye Yan’s style of acting, the shop would probably close down in a few days.

At this moment, the playground could blow up, everyone was baffled by the sudden situation.

Two extremely beautiful women had both come to see Ye Lu, what was the meaning of this?

“The later one has such big B**bs, I like it so much.”

“Where did this Ye Lu guy hook up with all these beauties from, and they’re both light mature girls.”

“You don’t understand this, right, such women are the ones who like fresh meat.”


Hearing everyone’s chatter, Lin Xuanxuan suddenly felt so meaningless, so she turned around and was ready to leave, but, just at this time, another nice voice asked.

“Do you guys know where Ye Luo is? My phone just ran out of battery.”

The crowd quickly turned around, only to see another big beauty, none other than Gu Shiqi, who was pa*sing by the West Campus and wanted to drop by and see Ye Luo.

This time the crowd was completely nonplussed, it had only been a little while and three big beauties had come looking for Ye Lu, this Ye Lu’s popularity was too high, right?

“This person is a freshman in our cla*s.”

At this time Mu Zi Ze, who had the most research on beautiful women, suddenly said.

“The forum has a picture of her, and she is the girl who is most expected to win this year’s beauty pageant among the freshmen.”

Seeing everyone’s eyes gleaming and pointing, Gu Shiqi immediately wisely chose to turn around and leave. In fact, Gu Shiqi felt that she was originally not so eye-catching, but after using the “Marrow Cleansing Pill” and “Beauty Pill”, her popularity suddenly had a tendency to explode.

“He’s really so sought-after!”

After Gu Shiqi left, Lin Xuanxuan muttered in a somewhat depressed manner.

However, just at this time, another brittle voice said.

“Is Ye Lu here?”


Chapter 172

The crowd turned their heads to look again, only to see a nice, sweet little girl standing timidly not far away looking at everyone with some blushing.

“Beast, absolute beast!”

Nie Yibiao already couldn’t help but shout out.

For Nie Yibiao’s words, Mu Zi Ze also thought deeply as he nodded and said.

“To not even let such a cute and adorable girl go, Ye Lu is really hopeless.”

The people next to him also echoed the sentiment.

“Ai! Yeah, this one is finished, completely degraded.”

“Who will save the flowers of the motherland!”


As a result, Miao Fengling said instead.

“I just came to find Master Ye Lu to ask him to come and save me!”

Following that, he then looked at the crowd and continued.

“Then do you guys know his phone number? I really have an urgent matter to find him.”

With that, Nie Yibiao gave Ye Lu’s phone number to Miao Fengling, who walked towards the outside of the school while making the call.

“I really didn’t expect that Ye Lu would be all things to all people, young and old! This one is still underage, right?”

Nie Yibiao said as he looked at Miao Fengling’s back.

Mu Zi Ze nodded and said.

“Definitely, I just want to know, how many good sisters does Ye Lu have?”

At this time, An Le, who had been silent, suddenly said.

“And a sister!”

Ye Lu was just about to have dinner with Ye Yan when he received a call from Miao Fengling.

“Master ah, you have to save me this time, otherwise I’m going to go blind, where are you, can I go find you now? You have to help me!”

Hearing Miao Fengling’s words, Ye Lu was indeed a bit confused.

He told Miao Fengling to calm down for a while, and then asked.

“What’s the situation?”

Following that, Miao Fengling then explained anxiously.

It turned out that her other master had left her a new a*signment, which was to first get a little disease on her body, and then let her figure out how to cure it herself, and finally tell her master about the cure.

And this time the disease was about the eyes, Miao Fengling’s eyes would go blind after twenty-four hours, and now eighteen hours had pa*sed, so it was no wonder that Miao Fengling was scared.

However, Ye Lu thought about it and said.

“That, Fengling, you don’t need to worry, since your master is doing this means she shouldn’t be worried about something happening to you, even if you don’t treat your eyes right you won’t really lose your sight, don’t worry.”

As a result, Miao Fengling said instead.

“No, you don’t know her, she’s a madman, she’ll do anything, Master, please, just help me ……”

Following that, Miao Fengling’s stalking began once again.

Ye Lu sighed helplessly and said.

“Alright then, I’ll go and take a look for you.”

Thus, he let Ye Yan drive him to where Miao Fengling was.

“Ugh! Ye Lu, you’re not going to do it to a child too, are you?”

After seeing Miao Fengling, Ye Yan said with a frown, Ye Lu immediately had a black line, he looked at Ye Yan helplessly and asked.

“Do I look so much like a playboy?”

Ye Yan said as she C*cked her head and looked at Ye Luo.

“‘Flower’ is indeed tempting, but ‘gongzi’ or whatever you don’t look like, I feel like you don’t have a single dime to do with such a svelte title as ‘gongzi’ The relationship.”

Hearing Ye Yan’s comment, Ye Lu had to laugh heatedly before getting out of the car and walking towards Miao Fengling.

Looking at Miao Fengling’s appearance, it seemed like her eyesight had been affected somewhat.

“Master Ye quickly help me look at my eyes.”

Miao Fengling looked at Ye Lu and said anxiously.

In fact, although Miao Fengling was relatively young, she was very talented in cultivation and was already a cultivator at the peak of Dark Energy at a young age.

However, Ye Luo was not in a hurry, because since it was a question from the teacher, it should be within the scope of what Miao Fengling could handle, only that Miao Fengling had not found the right way yet.

Sure enough, Ye Lu used his gla*ses to carefully probe Miao Fengling’s eyes, and then he found out that her eyes had been paralysed in some way, and there were three relatively simple and feasible options according to the hints of the gla*ses.

The first was medication, there were specific drugs that could relieve this nerve paralysis, this should also be the simplest method.

The second is to treat with true qi, which means using dark energy to get rid of the paralysis.

The third was to use silver needles to prick the acupuncture points to treat the condition of one’s own neurons through the stimulation of silver needles.

So, after thinking about it, Ye Lu talked about the three easiest methods with Miao Fengling.

“No way, I can’t even figure out what I want to break my head, you thought of three methods just by looking at it, you are too godly!”

Ye Lu then laughed and said.

“I’ve told you the specific herbs and how to use dark energy, as well as how to place the needles, so you can see for yourself what appropriate method to use.”

Ye Luo estimated that Miao Fengling should be able to use all three methods.

Miao Fengling smiled and said.

“Fine, I’ll use the first one then, this one is the easiest and won’t be dangerous.”

In fact, although she said so with her mouth, but that was not what she thought in her heart, she had her own little plan, she was going to treat her eyes with medicine and then go and tell Lin Ruyue that she was actually treated with dark energy.

She knew exactly what Lin Ruyue wanted to test her on, and that was her ability to use dark energy to heal, but of course the application of needles was also important, however, the application of needles alone was not very important, what was important was the combination of the application of needles and true qi.

Ye Luo did not know about these little calculations of hers, so Ye Luo smiled and said.

“You’ve spoiled my meal, so accompany me to dinner, my treat, whatever you want.”

Miao Fengling then said with a smile.

“It’s been a long time since someone treated me, I’m going to slaughter you.”

As a result, Ye Lu found out that the so-called slaughter by Miao Fengling actually only cost the two of them a total of about a hundred yuan.

In the afternoon, when he returned to school, of course the military training continued, Ye Lu was still supernumerary, and this time the instructor had prepared a new training program for him, which was the training standard of the Snow Leopard Special Forces, because that instructor had felt that Ye Lu’s physical ability was afraid to be much stronger than that of ordinary people.

It was a comprehensive program of training, divided into 200 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, 100 frog jumps, 200 reps of barbell and 35 kilograms was a ten kilometre weighted run with a standard time of ninety minutes.

Ye Luo of course only had to do as he was told, and also to attach to the standard, and not too far in advance.

An hour and a half later, Ye Lu finally rejoined the instructor with a panting breath.

“Instructor, do you think I’ve done okay this time, and is it in line with your requirements?”

Ye Luo said as he wiped off his sweat while he was out of breath.

The instructor looked at the time, it was just a little over eighty-eight minutes, finished within ninety minutes.

“This B*****d is definitely doing it on purpose.”

The instructor muttered secretly, then looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Not bad, well done, I won’t intentionally make things difficult for you, there is still one last training item, if you pa*s it this time too, you will be free.”

Hearing the instructor’s words, Ye Lu finally let out a sigh of relief, he was really worried that this guy would train like this endlessly, then it would be hard for him to keep a low profile.

So, he smiled and asked.

“Yeah, yeah, I hope it’s an easy training session that doesn’t make me so tired.”

Indeed, the operation of forcing all the moisture out of the body to form beads of sweat felt more tiring than even running laps.

However, at this time, the instructor suddenly came up to Ye Lu’s ear and whispered.

“Cla*smate, you are trying to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, aren’t you? You’re actually a cultivator, aren’t you? I’ll let you show your face here.”

After saying that, that instructor then laughed and said in a loud voice.

“The last training is actually very simple, that is to spar with me, if you can beat me in a fight, you will be considered to have pa*sed your training.”

Hearing the instructor’s words, Ye Lu immediately raised his hand and said.

“No, I protest, this training is not fair because there is no way I can beat you, so you might as well just let me go to training.”

When Ye Lu finished speaking, Nie Yibiao and a few of them shouted after him.

“That’s right, you’re an instructor, letting us students defeat an instructor, is that obviously bullying.”

“Yeah, it’s too bullying.”

“Physical training and stuff is acceptable, this is really too unfair.”


The crowd all chimed in.

One of the more aggressive girls then looked at the instructor and said.

“I always thought you were quite manly at first, hey, it seems I was wrong about you, you just see us ‘pancake learners’ as having no backstage to bully, right?”

Having no choice, the instructor said after some thought.

“Alright, alright then, here’s the deal, I’ll change the rules then, Ye Lu will count you as the winner if you can hit me anywhere in the head, is that alright?”

The crowd nodded at that.

The instructor then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Alright then, you’ve just finished training, go and rest for a while, later we’ll have the competition on that grandstand so that everyone can have a clear view.”

Ye Luo looked at that grandstand, it looked like this instructor was determined to play himself to death to expose himself.