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Super School Student Chapter 161-162

Chapter 161

Once on stage, Long Yu pulled out a whip from his waist and “snapped!” said with a flip of the whip.

“Sister Feixue, don’t worry, you have to be out in the open every day, so I won’t leave wounds where you can be seen, and the family doesn’t want to affect business, but don’t blame me for giving you a more deflated whip in other places!”

She said as she stared at Long Fei Xue’s breasts and laughed.

This P*ssed Long Fei Xue off, this was her scales of defiance, she hated it when people talked about her breasts, so she took out her ice and fire gloves and said coldly.

“You don’t need to throw your head around anyway, so I’ll just beat it up.”

Seeing Long Fei Xue take out her magic weapon, Long Yu once again laughed and said.

“Giggle! Now you’re the only one here, sister Feixue, who is still using a ‘Mortal Rank Middle Grade’ magic weapon, right, hey, you’re still really poor, your martial skills are rubbish, your magic weapon is rubbish, and your cultivation is still rubbish, tsk ……”

This Long Yu’s mouth was so damaging that Ye Lu couldn’t look at it anymore, he stood by and looked at Long Feixue and raised his fist and said.

“Feixue, dislike her to death!”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Long Feixue “pfft!” laughed, then nodded and said.

“I… I dislike her!”

With those words she put on her gloves and took up a stance.

On the other hand, a son of the Long Family next to Ye Luo looked Ye Luo up and down for a moment, then said with disdain.

“Hey! Where are you from, you second pen? How dare you come to our Dragon Family and be arrogant.”

Ye Luo said as he glared at him.

“What do you care where I’m from, get lost.”

As a result, this brat immediately roared in anger.

“F*ck, so arrogant, dare to practice on the stage later?”

Ye Lu looked him up and down for a moment and said.

“You’re too weak, not interested.”

This guy was just like Long Fei Xue, a “Huajin powerhouse”, and Ye Lu had disliked many such people, so he didn’t care about him at all.

However, this kid was P*ssed off, and he lunged at Ye Lu viciously, with the words on his lips.

“You want to die!”

However, immediately afterwards there was a “Boom!” The guy drew a parabolic line like a kite and landed far away from the ground.


Ye Lu slowly retracted his kicked out leg and said indifferently.

The two men standing on the “martial arts stage” did not expect to fight before they started, but when they saw Ye Lu’s kick, Long Yu frowned and Long Fei Xue laughed.

These guys were used to being arrogant all day long, and Long Fei Xue had long since grown tired of seeing them.

At this time, the children of the Long Family all “hooted and hollered!” But a young man who had been sitting at a distance tapped on the table and said.

“Be quiet, private fights are forbidden in the martial arts arena, don’t you know the rules? If you want to settle any grudges, go to the ‘martial arts stage’ to settle them later.”

Hearing the young man’s words, the crowd quieted down.

On the stage, Long Fei Xue then looked at Long Yu and said with a smile.

“Come on!”

Long Yu coldly snorted, and then waved his long whip, which lit up with light and brought a harsh wind sound towards Long Feixue.

Long Feixue quickly began to dodge.

She had only learnt two types of martial arts techniques, one was footwork and the other was palm strike, so her dodging was not too bad, and she had been practising these two moves diligently, so she was extremely familiar with them.

In a flash of lightning, the two of them had already pa*sed three moves.

Long Fei Xue jumped back, away from Long Yu, and then said with a smile.

“Three strokes have already pa*sed oh!”

Just now Long Yu said that he could beat Long Feixue down within three moves, but now three moves had pa*sed and Long Feixue was unharmed, which was undoubtedly a barefaced slap in the face.


Long Yu coldly snorted, she was actually sparring with Long Fei Xue for the first time, so she didn’t know that Long Fei Xue’s footwork would be so good, she had been hearing others say that Long Fei Xue had basically never won in sparring, that’s why she said the big words she just said.

In fact, there were reasons why Long Fei Xue did not win, firstly, the gloves were in Ye Lu’s hands before, she had no magic weapon, so her attacks were too weak and it was hard to cause powerful attacks, secondly, her true qi was limited and it was hard to sustain the fight, and thirdly, the quality of her martial arts was too poor many times she could not hit others.

Following that, Long Yu continued to start attacking.

However, Ye Lu immediately saw the problem with Long Yu’s attacks, she should indeed be very scrupulous about leaving wounds in the exposed areas of Long Fei Xue, so the strokes of her whip would sometimes be somewhat deformed.

For example, originally a move was to whip Long Feixue’s thigh, but she would change her move midway to whip her stomach instead, which prevented her moves from flowing smoothly, and would leave a hint of a break in the change of shine.

Long Fei Xue was so smart that after a few strokes she fully understood the move and then, while Long Yu was changing her stance, she reached out and grabbed Long Yu’s hand with a “bang! She grabbed the whip in Long Yu’s hand with a bang.

Seeing this scene, Long Yu laughed and said.

“What, you want to take my whip and compete with me for strength?”

Her true qi was far stronger than Long Feixue’s, so she was not at all worried about Long Feixue grabbing her whip.

As a result, Long Feixue also laughed as she looked at Long Yu and said.

“Let go!”

Following that, the whip suddenly lit up with fire.

It was so sudden, and Long Yu was not wearing gloves in her hands. She let go with a scream.

“Hey, hey! The whip is mine!”

Long Fei Xue grabbed the handle of the whip with her other hand and lashed it towards Long Yu.

“Xuan-rank magic weapon!”

Long Yu muttered out of her mouth, still in shock, but the whip had already come over, so she dodged fiercely, but she was still a step too late and was slightly struck by the whip on her thigh.

Following this, she felt a chill on her thigh, as if it were frozen, and then a stumble.

She looked down, only to find to her horror that there were actually ice crystals left on her thigh where it had been lashed.

“That’s right, a Xuan-rank magic weapon, it’s definitely a Xuan-rank magic weapon!”

This blow made the quality of the weapon in Long Feixue’s hand even clearer to her, and she raised her hand and said loudly.

“Long Feixue, you actually stole the family’s ‘Xuan-rank magic weapon’, how dare you!”

However, Long Feixue paid no attention to her, this was the magic weapon given to her by the family, she had nothing to worry about as she waved her whip once again and said.

“Long Yu, be a good boy and admit defeat, lest you suffer.”


Long Yu tried to dodge, but the cold thighs deformed her movements so badly that she could not dodge the whip at all, only for it to strike her squarely on one side of the hemisphere, “POW!” There was a thud and this time she was knocked to the ground.

However, she refused to admit defeat, but turned her head to the young man who had been sitting there and said.

“Brother Fei, she stole the family spell.”

Brother Fei did not reply, but frowned at Long Feixue and began to think back.

At this time, Long Fei Xue had already put the whip into her other hand, and the whip instantly turned into a fire dragon as she swung it and said.

“Do you concede defeat or not?”

This time Long Yu was afraid, she quickly nodded and said.

“I concede defeat, concede defeat.”

The people around were in an uproar, because “Xuan-ranked magic weapons” could not be used by these low ranking children, even the earth-ranked Xiantian masters of the “birth breath realm” would not allocate Xuan-ranked magic weapons, but now it appeared in Long Fei Xue’s hand, and it was too strange.

“It’s not really stolen, is it?”

“Most should be.”


While everyone was talking, that youth then beckoned to Long Feixue and said.

“Long Feixue you come over here and show me that pair of gloves of yours.”

He had already remembered that the gloves the clan had given Long Feixue were indeed a set of “Ice and Fire Gloves”, but they were of “Medium Mortal Grade”, and judging from the power Long Feixue had just exerted, it was obvious that only a “Xuan Grade magic weapon” could exert them.

“It’s really the ‘Ice and Fire Gloves’, how did you turn it into a ‘Xuan-rank’?”

After getting the “Ice and Fire Gloves”, the young man named Long Fei stared in shock as he found out that it was indeed the magic weapon distributed by the family to Long Fei Xue, only that the grade had actually increased by a large margin.

For her part, Long Fei Xue nonchalantly took back the gloves and said coldly.

“This doesn’t belong to the family, does it?”

She didn’t want to expose Ye Lu, and she didn’t have any good feelings towards this family either.

Hearing Long Feixue’s words the youth frowned and fell into deep thought.

At this time, a son of your Long family had already jumped onto the “martial arts stage” and he pointed at Ye Lu and said in a loud voice.

“That B*****d, weren’t you arrogant just now, come up here.”

This was an innate expert of the “Tirthirth Realm”, and Ye Lu just had the itch to test how much he had improved in the past two months, so he jumped onto the “fighting platform” without hesitation.

Seeing Ye Lu jumping onto the stage, the “Tirth Realm” expert held up three fingers and said arrogantly.

“Three seconds, I only need three seconds to make you go down!”

Then, this guy rushed forward like lightning.

And with his mouth full, he said.

“One second!”

However, it was obvious that he was a little overconfident and too careless, as Ye Luo punched him fiercely when he rushed close, directly disliking him and flipping him to the ground.


The whole room was silent.


Chapter 162

When Ye Lu had just gathered his second strand of aura, he was able to fight with two Innate masters of the Placental Breath Realm.

The young man, Long Fei, who was about to say something more to Long Fei Xue, also stopped and looked straight at Ye Lu on the stage.

He was also stunned by Ye Lu’s strike.

The body of an innate expert was also known as the “innate body”, which was basically free from disease and had a strong vitality, so it was not easy for an innate expert of the same level to knock his opponent out.

“Could it be that an expert from the ‘Pulse Raising Realm’ has come to smash the Long Family?”

He frowned at Long Fei Xue as the person had come with her, however, what puzzled Long Fei the most was that he did not see Ye Lu release his true qi, it was as if he had directly used his physical body to dislike him hard, he could not understand this matter.

Long Fei Xue, on the other hand, shrugged his shoulders and said.

“It’s none of my friend’s business, right, they were the ones who provoked it in the first place.”

Indeed, it was the sons of the Long Family who insulted Ye Lu first to begin with and then openly challenged him on the stage, which led Ye Lu to go on stage.

For his part, Ye Luo looked blandly at the sons of the Long Family and said.

“Who else?”

To be honest, with just this one kid, he was not enjoying the fight, since the last battle on Tianma Mountain, Ye Lu had not had a good fight again for close to three months.

“Kid, don’t be arrogant, let me clean you up.”

With a loud roar, a tall guy with a muscular body jumped up, and in his hands were two boxing gloves made of some unknown metal.

This pair of gloves was completely different from Long Fei Xue’s, with an exaggerated shape, just like this man’s hands turned into iron hands, and at the moment a white glow was emanating from the gloves, obviously the other party had infused them with true qi.


To add to his momentum, he even shouted out as he threw a punch.


Ye Lu didn’t dodge either, he poured his aura into his hand and disliked it straight.


The strong man was sent flying, and then he hit the guardrail and tumbled out of it, falling outside the “martial arts stage”.

The Long family’s children who were just cheering for the fight instantly fell silent, the strong man was a cultivator of the “Placental Breath Realm” and was wearing a “Mortal Rank Upper Grade” magic weapon in his hand, he was actually sent flying with such a blow, how strong was this Ye Lu.

“How strong was this Ye Lu? Peak? Or was it the “Pulse Raising Realm”?

Of course, just like that Long Fei, the others were also puzzled by the fact that Ye Lu did not have any outgoing true qi, nor did he use any magic weapon, and it looked as if he did not even use any martial arts skills, he just disliked him hard.

“What kind of path is all this?”

Some people started muttering in disbelief.

This kind of wild way of fighting was something that, to be honest, no one had ever seen before.

For his part, Ye Lu shook off his hand, as the hard dislike he had just given was still quite painful, and even with the protection of his aura, it was still very unpleasant.

After shaking off his hand, he then looked at these guys below and said.

“It’s you guys who have been bullying Long Fei Xue, isn’t it? Today I will help her get this back, all those who are not convinced come up together.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the sons of the Long Family were in chaos at once.

And that young man, Long Fei, also stood up and took a step forward.

Seeing this scene, Long Fei Xue smiled and said.

“Brother Fei, you don’t want to take a shot at someone who doesn’t even have Dark Energy, do you?”

Hearing Long Fei Xue’s words, Long Fei immediately frowned as he asked in disbelief.

“He really has no dark energy?”

Long Fei Xue then said with a smile.

“Have you ever seen him let his true qi out? And have you ever seen him use a magic weapon? No, because he can’t do it at all, he just uses his body to fight.”

Although Long Fei Xue knew that Ye Lu was very strong, she was still a bit worried that Ye Lu would have a hard time dealing with a master of the “Pulse Raising” realm.

The reason is that when she came here, Long Fei Xue had asked Ye Lu, Ye Lu did not have a suitable magic weapon, and only knew one martial art, and he basically relied on dislike in fights, which was undoubtedly Ye Lu’s shortcoming.

At this time, another person shouted out and said.

“Kid, don’t be arrogant, let me clean you up.”

This guy could see that Ye Lu had no magic weapon, nor could he exude his true qi, but his strength was terrifying.

Therefore, as long as he used a magic weapon with a long attack radius to keep Ye Lu from getting close to him, he should be able to defeat Ye Lu.

Ye Luo was too lazy to talk nonsense with him and hooked his hand directly towards him.

The lance in this guy’s hand was like a poisonous snake coming out of a hole and fiercely stabbed towards Ye Lu’s chest, but then he realized that Ye Lu had no intention of dodging.

If this shot was really poked up, it would definitely kill someone, this was not a joke.

“Holy Sh*t!”

When he saw that he was about to poke, he could only violently change his move to stab Ye Lu’s shoulder blade instead, a place where he would not die and could still seriously injure his opponent.

However, this hesitation of his gave Ye Lu time, Ye Lu raised his hand and quickly grabbed the barrel behind the head of the gun, then with one hand force, the guy holding the gun was lifted straight up, just like a meatball skewered on a bamboo stick.

“Hey, hey, talk is lively, but it’s not unbearable.”

Ye Lu fiercely shook the gun barrel, powerful aura through the gun barrel acted on this guy’s body, threw him far all out hanging on the ceiling chandelier swayed up.

“Alright, this guy is dead, which one of you is up?”

This time no one went on, everyone felt that although Ye Lu did not follow the rules, but it was too D*mn difficult, and also dared to play with life, this seems to go on also suffer not to please ah.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The leaf fall then smiled and said.

“No one is coming, is that so, very good, very good.”

After he finished speaking, the crowd all silently breathed a sigh of relief, but, followed closely by Ye Luo, he said.

“Since none of you have come up, it’s my turn to go down, don’t think I’ll let the bullying of Long Fei Xue go like that, the ones who bullied her, and the ones who watched her being bullied regardless, all of you present have a part to play.”

With these words, Ye Lu quickly took off his shirt and threw it on the “fighting platform”, then jumped off the platform.

“What the hell.”

“F**k! Let’s go together and beat him to death!”

“Do you really think there’s no one else in our Long family?”


There were quite a few sons and daughters of the Long Family in the martial arts arena, and of course they refused to show their weakness, and the scene was in chaos.

Even Long Feixue was stunned by this scene, she didn’t expect Ye Lu to be so wild.

Ye Luo’s hands were so strong that he knocked over several of them, and then he raised his voice to the sky, honestly, this was too much, Ye Luo had wanted to have a fight for a long time, anyway, this was all done by “Mr. Luo”, it was none of his business.

In a short while, a large number of the Long family’s disciples were knocked over, as many of them were strong practitioners of Hua Jin, but they could not take a single blow in front of Ye Luo.

“That’s enough, all stop!”

At this time, that young man Long Fei yelled out with a frown.

All the people from the Long family stopped their hands at once, but Ye Luo didn’t stop, and this time those who stopped were unlucky, and instantly several more people were down.

“I told you to stop, didn’t you hear me?”

Long Fei looked at Ye Luo and said coldly.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, said without raising his head.

“Holy Sh*t! If I stop when you tell me to stop, wouldn’t I lose face, besides, who are you? Why do I have to listen to you.”

Hearing Ye Fei say that, Long Fei suddenly and inexplicably felt that what Ye Fei said seemed quite reasonable, he really wasn’t a son of the Long family, so there was really no need to listen to himself.

“Day, there’s a gross reason.”

Following that, Long Fei then dashed towards Ye Luo like lightning.

Ye Luo turned his head to look at him with a heated smile.

“Finally, a decent one.”

Immediately after that he blasted straight ahead, and Long Fei also happened to want to test whether Ye Luo had true qi in his body or not, what kind of cultivation level he had, and how hard he was, so his fist suddenly lit up with light, and he disliked Ye Luo hard.


Following that, to everyone’s dismay, Long Fei was actually disliked by this blow and flew out as well.


Absolute silence, everyone was stunned, followed by everyone talking about it.

“Wow Sh*t!”

“No way!”

“Holy Sh*t! What the hell?”


All the children of the Long family present went crazy, even Long Fei Xue’s eyes were wide and her mouth opened wide.