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Super School Student Chapter 157-158

Chapter 157

Jin Shao was not ambiguous, he spat the cigarette roll onto the ground, then stomped on it and said.

“Good, this wave of your operation, I am convinced!”

With those words, he walked up to Mo Xiaomi and knelt down on one knee and kowtowed, saying.


Those who were with him knelt down in front of the “beautiful girl caravan” and said in unison.


Although they were extremely reluctant, they did as they were told, but no one laughed at them, after all, they were convinced that they had lost this round.

Following that, Young Jin then stood up and looked at Ye Luo and said.

“Mr. Luo, I will buy a sports car and send it to you in a few days, I don’t know where the mansion is?”

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“It’s useless for me to want a sports car, how about this, I have a distant relative, his child just happened to be admitted to ‘Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine’ this year, you can send him there, he might need it for his university studies, I will send you the address and name.”

Hearing Ye Luo finish, Jin Shao then nodded his head.

It was true that a strange man like Mr. Luo wouldn’t care about a sports car like this.

“Take the money and let’s go, it’s getting late.”

Ye Luo said as he looked at the moon in the sky.

“Okay! Let’s go home!”

The women of the “Beautiful Girl Convoy” all shouted excitedly, and then, everyone got into the car, and the roar of the engine was heard on the top of the mountain, Mo Xiaomi was injured and could not drive, so Ye Luo sat with the leader Xinran this time.

“Mr. Luo, how did you and Xiaomi meet?”

Xinran asked curiously.

Of course Ye Luo couldn’t answer this question because he and Mo Xiaomi didn’t discuss these details beforehand, so he had to smile and say.

“You can just ask Xiaomi about this later, are you also students of ‘Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine’?”

As a result, Xinran shook her head and said.

“Not all of us, but we are all current students, because it is the rule of our team that once we graduate we must leave the team, I am from ‘Yanjing University’.”

Hearing that the other party was from “Yanjing University”, Ye Lu couldn’t help but give her an extra look.

After all, “Yanjing University” was the dream of all students, and almost all secondary schools and even primary schools in the country would motivate their students by being able to get into “Yanjing University”.

It is the most famous university in the country.

However, Xinran’s quality is really outstanding.

Xinran went on to say.

“Mr. Luo, you are so powerful, if we need any help from you, you can help us!”

Ye Luo thought for a moment and said.

“Sure, I’ll try to help as much as I can, but I’m a very busy person ……”

Before he could finish, Xinran said with a smile.

“I know, you people are busy, don’t worry, I won’t hara*s you.”

In the other car, Mo Xiaomi’s heart was turning up waves of shock, how could she have never thought that Ye Lu would be so bullish, this wave of operation, she was really convinced.

“I hope I won’t make Sister Long angry by privately adding ‘weapon patterns’ to her car, I have to hurry up and talk to her about it tomorrow.”

Mo Xiaomi muttered darkly.

Soon, everyone was back in the city, and Mo Xiaomi was surprised to find that after using the weird elixir given by Ye Lu, her back and ankle had already healed to a good extent.

“What kind of elixir is this, it’s so powerful!”

She whispered as she looked at her feet, while the other sisters made plans to go and celebrate the day’s victory, it wasn’t really that late, around ten o’clock, and for people living in the city, especially for university students the nightlife might just be starting.

“Well, I won’t be going, let’s leave all that money to Mo Xiaomi, I’m off.”

Ye Luo was not interested in messing around with these girls, this “pattern of laws” that could run spontaneously today touched Ye Luo a lot, so he decided to go back and do some research on it.

The spontaneous operation of the “pattern of laws” is generally larger, and in the gla*ses, this “pattern of laws” is also called “spell formation”, which is almost never used on “magic weapons”, so “magic weapons” are only activated with true qi and cannot be activated by themselves.

Previously, Ye Lu felt that these things were not very useful, so he had not studied them much, but now he found that he might have thought wrong again.

“No, I can’t take so much money, besides, this is all you won.”

Mo Xiaomi hurriedly looked at Ye Luo and said.

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“Just take it, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have come to this competition, and of course I wouldn’t have gotten this money, okay, stop gabbing, I’m leaving.”

When Ye Lu said he was leaving, he turned around and left the clubhouse.

After leaving, he found a bathroom to take off all his makeup, and then walked in the direction of the school.

However, before he could reach the school, on a secluded path, Ye Lu suddenly heard a girl’s scream, which was short and ended after only half a scream.

“Day, the capital is also so unsettled.”

Ye Luo muttered in his heart and ran towards the place where the sound came from, following which, he suddenly remembered that Mo Xiaomi’s stockings that he had just taken off were still in his pocket, so he quickly took them out and, not caring about the blood on them, put them on his head.

As he ran over he found a girl pinned to the ground, her clothes all torn up in a mess that shouldn’t have been exposed, with her spring glory showing, while the man was already undressing himself, leering as he did so.

“Hey, it’s the start of the school year again, college girls are so young!”

Then, he felt someone “bang!” The kick sent him flying.

“Are you alright?”

Ye Luo looked at the girl lying on the ground and asked.

However, following that, he noticed that the guy he had kicked away suddenly didn’t faint.

“It’s a cultivator!”

Ye Luo muttered as he looked at this guy.

The guy was also a bit confused by the sudden blow, but he apparently thought that Ye Lu was just a student with more strength and, so, he jumped up quickly and then lunged towards Ye Lu without any nonsense.

The girl screamed in fear again.


Ye Luo raised his leg and sent this guy to the ground with a “downward slash”.

However, this guy was really capable of fighting, he hadn’t fainted yet, but he also understood that whether the other guy was a cultivator or not, he couldn’t beat him anyway.

“Kid, if you mind your own business again, our ‘Heaven Sheltering Gang’ will not let you go.”

This guy said viciously.

When he heard the words “Heaven Sheltering Gang”, Ye Lu frowned, he had killed a guy from the Heaven Sheltering Gang before, and that was also his first time killing someone.

However, he didn’t bother to talk nonsense with this guy, and kicked him directly, causing him to faint not far away.

Otherwise this fellow would be a scourge to keep.

“Here’s a set of clothes, you can put them on first, he won’t wake up for a while, I’ll leave first.”

After saying that, Ye Luo left behind Mr. Luo’s clothes before leaving.

The girl then hugged the clothes and looked at Ye Luo’s back and muttered.

“It’s actually the ‘Stocking Warrior’, so handsome!”

In fact, he didn’t even see Ye Lu’s face there how could he know if Ye Lu was handsome or not.

After coming over for another while, Ye Luo returned to the dormitory, where several people in the dormitory were chattering and discussing.

“Who do you guys think the ‘Silk Stocking Warrior’ is anyway? So awesome.”

“I don’t know, it just popped up recently, the girl who was just saved is from the English College, right? It’s a pity that it’s mosaic, it’s really annoying!”

Hearing their words, Ye Lu was a bit depressed, he didn’t expect that he was actually caught on camera again, this era is really everywhere with secret photography!

“Ye Lu, why did you only come back, you missed the good show oh, look, the new video of ‘Stocking Warrior’.”

Mu Zi Ze looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

Ye Lu pretended to look at it with great interest and then casually complimented it a few times.

After that, everyone discussed for a while and then rested separately, because tomorrow was the first day of military training and everyone was a bit inexplicably excited.

The next day, before the military training started, the college handed out costumes and afterwards held a general meeting for all the new students of the Chinese Medicine College, and everyone gathered in the college auditorium.

Ye Lu found that there were still quite a lot of girls in the Chinese Medicine College, it was just a pity that he was in the back row and everyone was wearing camouflage uniforms, so he couldn’t see his figure.

“Hey, it looks like it’s time to turn on the ‘primitive mode’.”

As the dean started his boring speech, Ye Lu smiled and turned on the ‘primitive mode’ of his gla*ses, and ended up seeing a large and beautiful back.

“What a pity, why didn’t you turn your head around?”

Ye Luo said with some regret.

At this time, he suddenly heard the dean say.

“He is Ye Luo!”

With the dean’s finger, everyone turned to look at Ye Luo, and seeing the various snow-white hemispheres waving in front of his eyes, Ye Luo’s nosebleed “brushed!” The blood flowed out in a flash.


Chapter 158

“My body is so strong, why do I still have a nosebleed?”

Ye Luo was also a little confused about himself, but with so many people watching, he hurriedly wiped his nosebleed quickly before standing up and nodding towards everyone.

“Huh! Is this school bully quite handsome?”

“This is the ‘pancake schoolmaster’! Does he really know how to make pancakes?”

“I don’t know, the legend seems to be that he can.”

“But, it’s not very good to open up your body, how come you got a nosebleed?”


In the crowd of chattering voices with, while the dean signaled Ye Lu can sit down.

The few people sitting around Ye Lu’s painful dormitory were not calm, Nie Yibiao and Mu Zize suddenly remembered what the two of them said yesterday that Ye Lu was a second pen, Nie Yibiao was suddenly a little embarra*sed, he poked Ye Lu and said.

“That, Ye Lu, yesterday …… sorry, you’re not angry, right, I didn’t know you were the school bully on that video, ah, your face was dark on that video, you couldn’t even see it clearly.”

Nie Yibiao was a little angry about that video.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, I’ll have to rely on Brother Biao to cover me in the future.”

Nie Yibiao then patted his chest and said.

“Don’t worry about that, it’s covered by big brother.”

Mu Zi Ze also hurriedly apologized, while Ye Lu casually waved his hand, thinking, one wants to keep a low profile sometimes seems to be quite difficult, this time the whole college knows that he is a school bully, I wonder if there will be any chaos.

And on the podium, an old man was currently staring at Ye Luo on the stage with narrowed eyes.

This old man was the eccentric old man Zhu Qihuang that Professor Qin and Professor Wu had mentioned, and he was disgusted at the sight of Ye Lu’s lecherous and nosebleeding face.

In fact, there was a reason for his bad temper, it had to do with the Pill Alliance, Zhu Qihuang was most intoxicated by medicine, so he was determined to enter the Pill Alliance, but he was already at this age, but he had not yet been able to enter, and was only a registered disciple of the Pill Alliance, which had become his heartache.

“The students nowadays are all too unreliable.”

Zhu Qihuang shook his head as he looked at the students in the academy.

He was the head of the Department of Chinese Medicine, and since this department currently had only one major, it was also the equivalent of being the main leader of this college.

However, his family is a pharmaceutical family and has deep ties with the school, including the headmaster, so no one dares to mess with him, not to mention that, although he has a bad temper, he is not unreasonable, but just a bit more ruthless.

At the bottom, Nie Yibiao said in a serious tone while handing Ye Lu a tissue.

“Ye Lu, you’re good at everything, but your physique is a bit too weak, you should strengthen your physique in the future.”

Ye Lu didn’t say anything about it, it was a bit embarra*sing to have a nosebleed on the first day of school.

At this time, Mo Xiaomi had already driven the car to the bottom of Long Feixue’s company.

“Sister Long, why are you free to come down today personally.”

Mo Xiaomi looked at Long Feixue and said happily.

Long Feixue, on the other hand, was not in a good mood and said.

“It’s not because of those guys from the family, originally I thought I could concentrate on my cultivation now that my cultivation level has been raised, but they ended up stopping me from being the president, they really P*ssed me off.”

Mo Xiaomi then laughed and said.

“How enjoyable it is to be a beautiful overbearing president, you still don’t know how to be satisfied.”

Long Feixue then looked at her and said with a smile.

“Or else I’ll let you have it.”

Mo Xiaomi immediately giggled and said.

“I’m fine with beauty and dominance, but forget about the president, I’ll be able to ruin your company in less than two days.”

Long Feixue nodded, she felt that Mo Xiaomi did have the strength.

Mo Xiaomi then changed the subject and said.

“Sister Long, take a look, the weapon pattern is right there.”

Long Fei Xue nodded and went over to observe it. However, she was not an alchemist, so she didn’t really understand it after looking at it for half a day, but she felt that it was more complicated than any “weapon pattern” she had ever seen.


Then, she slapped it up.

Mo Xiaomi smiled and said.

“Sister Long, it’s useless, it was fine even if I hit it with a brick yesterday, and it didn’t break at all when it fell from such a high mountain, it’s so awesome”

Long Fei Xue did not say anything, Mo Xiaomi did not understand, she was now a Hua Jin powerhouse, this slap not only used dark energy, at the same time there was a faint light on her palm, obviously using true qi outwardly to strengthen the attack again.

However, after the sound, the car really didn’t move at all, however, there were obvious fluctuations on the surface of the car, just like ripples.

“Awesome, awesome!”

Long Feixue’s eyes also lit up as she looked at Mo Xiaomi and asked.

“What exactly is that high ranking person surnamed Luo that you mentioned, can I meet him when I have time?”

Mo Xiaomi then thought for a moment and said.

“I’ll have to ask Mr. Luo about that.”

Long Feixue then smiled and nodded and continued.

“You said, that Mr. Luo actually overtook the supercar on this bike of mine?”

Now Mo Xiaomi got excited all of a sudden, and she started to describe last night’s incident with her eyebrows raised and her voice painted, because she felt that this incident was too exciting.

Also describing the incident was Master Xiao Liu, who was showing his master the “tool pattern” he had seen, and describing all the irrational facts about “Mr. Luo”.

The old man was frowning at Master Liu’s drawing and at the car that had been damaged by Ye Luo. In fact, he thought that Liu Yun was talking nonsense, but the truth was that the strange “weapon pattern” did not look like it had been drawn haphazardly, and given Liu Yun’s intelligence, he could not have come up with such a thing.

And it was also true that the car had been damaged, indeed from the inside across the “weapon pattern”.

“If the other party can easily break through this ‘weapon pattern’, he should be at least a Xiantian expert, and he should be a strong one among the ‘Xiantian experts’.”

The old man pondered silently in his heart, then looked at Liu Yun and asked.

“You said, is there really no true qi in that person’s body?”

Liu Yun nodded and said.

“Yes, I am very sure that he really does not have true qi in his body, nor does he have innate true qi, but of course I don’t know about the more advanced ones.”

Liu Yun was only a strong Hua Jin practitioner with his True Qi out so he definitely didn’t know about too high level experts.

The old man then thought for a moment and said.

“That one should just not be there, because higher level Qi actually evolves from ordinary True Qi as well, at least you wouldn’t be able to feel it at all, which is indeed strange.”

In the large auditorium, the Dean’s speech was over and soon the Head of Department’s speech began.

Zhu Qihuang walked onto the stage looking at the crowd with an expressionless face and said.

“Students who come to my School of Chinese Medicine, I have only one request for you, and that is to work hard, because Chinese medicine is an encyclopaedia, there are too many things to remember and too many things to try, you should remember an allusion called ‘Shennong tasted a hundred herbs’, when the time comes, whoever dares not to learn and who can’t afford to suffer, I’ll let whoever get the hell out.”

Speaking here, he deliberately glanced at the direction of Ye Luo and said.

“For example, certain people, who have an indecent mind, have too much false fire, their qi and blood rebel, their phase fire moves delusively, and their noses bleed for a long time, this is very dangerous, young people should still have a pure mind and think less of meticulous things.”

These few words were obviously aimed at Ye Lu, I guess it was because of the first a*sembly of the new students of the whole academy, that’s why he didn’t say it explicitly.

Hearing his words, everyone immediately talked with Ye Lu as the centre, and in no more than a moment’s time, Ye Lu had turned into a nasty and lewd man in the crowd.

“Ugh! It looks like Professor Wu and Professor Qin were right, this old man is indeed a bit difficult to get hold of.”

Ye Lu frowned as he looked at Zhu Qi Huang, but of course, Ye Lu simply chose to ignore these nasty comments.

However, a girl who was not bad looking whispered as she looked in Ye Luo’s direction.

“But, he’s really handsome, I really wish he could molest me.”


Although she muttered in a small voice, but with Ye Lu’s ears, he when heard it, Nie Yibiao had just brought him a bottle of water, and this mouthful spurted all over again.

At this moment, Ye Lu did not know that the news about the “Sunset Mountain God of Cars” was also spreading on the internet in an explosive manner.