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Super School Student Chapter 155-156

Chapter 155

Following that, amidst the attention of the crowd, the two cars had set off.

As expected, the difference between Mo Xiaomi’s car and the other side in terms of acceleration was also obvious, however, Mo Xiaomi’s turning ability was on par with the other side, having had the experience of watching it twice, she was already more familiar with this kind of turning.

“Xiao Mi Mi is playing really well!”

“Yeah, it was perfect.”

“It’s a shame the gap with the other team is still hard to bridge.”


Indeed, even though the two were at a similar skill level, the other car was much better, so the gap between the two would undoubtedly increase as time went on.

However, just at this time, a scene that took everyone extremely by surprise appeared.

When turning the second corner, Mo Xiaomi actually didn’t turn, but instead directly crashed straight into the guardrail next to her.

“What is Xiaomi doing?”

“Has Xiaomi gone crazy?”

“It’s too dangerous!”


Amidst everyone’s shouts of alarm, Mo Xiaomi had crashed through the railings and flew out.

Here was a cliff, and underneath it was the track that rewound back after a sharp turn of play. Indeed, it would have been a shortcut to go straight down from here, but the drop was so great that the car would definitely fall to pieces when it flew out, so everyone let out a shout of shock after seeing Mo Xiaomi’s car flying in the air.





However, no matter how everyone shouted, the car couldn’t stop, the sports car drew an arc in the air and followed it down to the track below.


The scene everyone feared didn’t happen, the car lurched on the track a few times before going wild again.

“Sh*t! That’s good!”

“I’ll give you a hundred percent for that, that’s 666!”

“This car is too crash-proof!”


Everyone looked at the car that started up again in surprise, because it was too surprising.

The most surprised one was the little Liu master, his mouth could not be closed for a long time, because he did not expect Ye Lu’s “weapon pattern” to be this strong.

“What kind of ‘weapon pattern’ is it? How can it be so powerful? It didn’t hurt at all when it fell, it’s unbelievable!”

The others were lamenting that Mo Xiaomi’s guts were really too big.

Even Ye Lu was impressed, not to mention that she didn’t really know how powerful this “weapon pattern” was, even if she did know, it would take a lot of courage to fly down from such a high height, after all, it was quite dangerous, it might hurt her internal organs, even if the car’s shock absorption was very good, it was still inevitable that she would be injured.

“I guess Mo Xiaomi, the ninny, has already been injured.”

Ye Lu muttered darkly.

Mo Xiaomi was not a cultivator, and even with a seatbelt, it was unlikely that she would be unhurt even if she fell from such a high place, the shock alone was enough for her.

She swallowed the mouthful of blood that came into her mouth and drove on, but that wasn’t the biggest problem.

The tremendous jolt had just injured the instep of her right foot, while the ankle of her left leg had also been twisted, and at the moment the pain was unbearable, so she could only grit her teeth and hold on.

“Got to hold on!”

She kept cheering you up as she drove desperately forward, now she had a clear advantage, as long as she could hold on, she might be able to win.

Indeed, as everyone could see, thanks to Mo Xiaomi’s jump just now, she had left the car behind her a long way behind.

Without any extraordinary means, it should be very difficult for the other side to catch up.

“Not good, Xiaomi’s turning movement is a bit deformed, she’s probably injured.”

After seeing Mo Xiaomi enter a corner again, everyone started to worry, it was now dark, although there were street lights on both sides of the track, the visibility was still not high, and with the injury and mobility problems, everyone was very afraid that something might happen to Mo Xiaomi.

However, immediately afterwards, something even worse happened.

The car behind her, which had been left behind, actually made a strange roaring sound after entering the straight, followed by a horrible smoke emission from the exhaust pipe at the back.

In an instant, the car began to soar nice and fast.

“They used nitrogen acceleration, they can increase power in an instant, this is trouble, if Xiaomi doesn’t get hurt it’s fine, but looking at the situation now, it’s a bit hard to say who will win.”

Xinran said with some concern as she looked at the frantically accelerating car.

After entering the turning lane, that Xiao Lin had slowed down, but his speed was still extremely fast, not the same as the previous times, and it really looked like he had hidden his strength the previous times.

“A professional racer is really something else!”

Xinran said with some emotion as he looked at the cars that were getting closer and closer to him.

Soon, the two cars entered the last five sharp turns in a row, and with each turn, the car behind followed some distance.

In the end, with a gap of half a car length, Mo Xiaomi regrettably lost the race.

A little later, someone drove Mo and her car back, and the crowd ran over to see that Mo’s feet were covered in blood, and the ankle bone of her other leg was swollen, so she had obviously been badly injured.

Of course, it wasn’t Mo Xiaomi who was hurt the most, it was morale.

Mo Xiaomi’s defeat meant that the whole team was no longer able to fight back, even though there were three of them left, but the defeat was now final and the sisters were all a bit downhearted.

Ye Lu ignored all this and walked over to Mo Xiaomi’s side, then reached out and took off her stockings.

Ye Lu put the stockings in his pocket, then crushed the “Spring Return Pill” and sprinkled it on the wound on the back of Mo Xiaomi’s foot, then took out two more pills and put them in her hand, saying.

“Take these two pills internally.”

At this time, Jin Shao happily carried a bottle of wine and smilingly came over and said.

“How about this, I say you guys can’t do it, one person, just one person took care of all of you, do you have anything to say?”

One of the sisters said with a glare.

“You used a professional racer and changed your car into a pervert, what’s so foolish about you winning like that?”

As a result, Jin Shao said with an arrogant smile.

“What’s the matter, did I break the rules?”

“Did I start to say I must race the car myself? Did I start to say I couldn’t modify the car? You can modify it too, losing is losing, making so many excuses is not good, right?”

The result was that the sister was so angry that her face turned red, but she couldn’t say anything, so she said.


Jin Shao then said in disbelief.

“We’ll talk about shamelessness or not in a moment, I’ll just ask you guys, is there anything else to compare?”

The crowd looked at the driver “Xiao Lin” who was standing there with a smile, and the car that had been transformed into a monster without saying anything.

He wanted to understand what kind of “weapon pattern” Ye Lu was using, but he found that the “weapon pattern” was so complicated and profound that he couldn’t understand it at all.

“I can’t understand it at all… I’ll memorise it by rote… I must show it to Master, what kind of ‘weapon pattern’ is it?

He muttered in a low voice as he began to remember the general appearance of the ‘weapon pattern’.

On the other side, Young Jin said arrogantly.

“Come on, Mo Xiaomi, give me a tongue kiss, you’re not going to break your promise, are you?”

Mo Xiaomi’s character certainly wouldn’t do things that don’t count.

She sat on the chair and looked at Jin Shao and said.

“Of course I’ll keep my word, you do it!”

Hearing Mo Xiaomi say “Come on!” Jin Shao immediately licked his lips and prepared to walk over.

However, at this moment, a voice interrupted him and said.

“Wait, isn’t the game over yet?”

Ye Luo looked at Jin Shao and said with a smile.

“The rules of the competition are whoever is the fastest wins, right, and each side puts up eight people, is that right, now we still have three people left, what’s your hurry?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Jin Shao smiled instead and said.

“Fine, the night is long anyway, who else is up for you guys?”

The crowd looked at each other for a moment, then they all turned their heads to look at Ye Lu, because everyone thought that since Ye Lu had said that, then it must be him who was going to play.

At this time, Mo Xiaomi frowned and looked at Ye Luo and said.

“Mr. Luo, you don’t know how to drive, what are you getting together for?”

Ye Luo laughed and said.

“It’s true that I don’t know how to drive, but the race doesn’t say that you have to drive.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Jin Shao then laughed and said.

“You don’t know how to drive and you’re still here to compare with me blindly? Is your head squeezed by the door?”

After saying that, he laughed out loud, and the people around him laughed together.

Ye Lu waited until they had all finished laughing before he pointed at Mo Xiaomi’s sports car and said.

“Not to underestimate you guys, compared to you guys, it’s enough for me to ride my bike.”


Chapter 156

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, everyone fell silent, none of them said anything, and it was like that for a full ten seconds, followed by the wild laughter of Young Jin.


He couldn’t stop laughing, and the people around him also laughed wildly, as if they had heard a big joke.

Ye Luo ignored them and went straight to the sports car and took out the bike.

Seeing that Ye Luo had really taken the bike out, Mo Xiaomi was also taken aback, she looked at Ye Luo with wide eyes and asked.

“Mr. Luo, are you really going to use this to race with them?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Of course, don’t they want to race a car, I’ll race it to show them.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Young Jin stifled his laughter, then looked at Ye Luo and said.

“Good, I count that you surnamed Luo have guts, if you can win, I will give you this modified sports car.”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“I’ll race it for you, but forget about your car, this illegal modified car is too much for me to use it, you can just give me an equally unmodified one.”

Jin Shao didn’t expect Ye Lu to have such a request, he froze for a few seconds, then nodded and said.

“Good, then I’ll see how you can race it.”

Not only him, everyone looked at Ye Luo, ready to see how he would race the sports car.

Ye Lu smiled then jumped on the bike and rode around and said.

“Alright, we can start now.”

After saying that, he rode his bike to the starting point and then stopped with his feet propped up on the ground.

Seeing this scene, Mo Xiaomi signalled her sisters to help her up, she wanted to see for herself how exactly Ye Luo would race this one.

“Did Mr. Luo just come out of the mental hospital?”

A girl asked as she turned her head to look at Mo Xiaomi.

“Really, you didn’t find this Mr. Luo in the mental hospital, did you?”

Mo Xiaomi shook her head of course.

The man from Jin Shao then went on to say.

“I think it’s already in the late stages of mental illness, it’s hopeless!”

“Ai! Yes, a premature death at a young age!”

“There really are all kinds of people in a big forest!”


While the crowd was talking, the small flag in the hand of the girl who issued the order had already fallen, and Ye Luo pedaled his bike like a departing arrow and shot off.

“Holy f*ck!”

“Nima, what’s going on?”

“No way, the hell with the dog!”



The crowd was surprised to find that Ye Lu’s pick up speed was actually not much slower than that sports car, and he was still in the midst of accelerating, although he was thrown off in the first few seconds of the start, he was actually not left much further behind by that sports car.

Xiao Lin stepped on the accelerator and drove forward comfortably, because he had just started he had already left Ye Lu behind, so he did not play hard to run, he felt that Ye Lu was just clamouring for attention.

“That’s not how you attract a girl’s attention, thanks for living so long.”

Xiao Lin muttered in his mind as he slowed down and controlled the car into the first sharp turn.

However, just as he turned the corner, he saw a bike flying past as it sped against the inside lane.

“Holy f*ck!”

He felt incredulous, a little disbelieving his eyes, and almost drove his car into a ditch as a result.

The people at the top of the hill were already abuzz, not only the people from the “Beauty Convoy”, but also the men and women who had come along with Jin.

“It’s amazing, he’s really overtaking the sports car.”

“I can’t believe it! This is too exciting.”

“How can he be so fast, it’s just downhill too fast.”

“The bike has such a big advantage in turning, there’s no need to slow down at all.”


The crowd began to talk about it.

And Mo Xiaomi was already looking dumbfounded, her mouth was big enough to put an egg in, how could she have never thought that Ye Lu would actually use such a way to solve this problem.

“Could it be that he had thought of it a long time ago.”

Mo Xiaomi suddenly remembered that on the way here, on the way Ye Luo had rea*sured himself that he would be fine as long as he fastened his seatbelt, and now she realized that Ye Luo had arranged it long ago.

“Mr. Luo really doesn’t seem to be mentally ill!”

The girl standing next to Mo Xiaomi muttered.

Jin Shao, on the other hand, violently threw his cigarette on the ground, as it had just burned his finger.

“What the hell is this Mr. Luo?”

He said in disbelief as he shook his hand.

No matter how you looked at it, Ye Luo’s performance was a bit too raw, directly overturning a sports car on a bike, this was too much.

“Look, the sports car is starting to accelerate.”

Someone shouted, and sure enough, the sports car accelerated wildly again on the straight, and Ye Luo was not weak, and started to pedal hard, but the sports car proved to be slightly better on the straight, but soon it was time to enter the corner, and on the corner Ye Luo’s speed was much faster.

And with most of the track being bends, it was a fish out of water for Ye.

His speed was not compromised, but the sports car’s speed was not. By the time the last five consecutive sharp turns were completed, Ye had already pa*sed the sports car by some distance.

After five sharp turns, Ye has already left the sports car far behind.

At the finish there were a few pretty girls taking notes.

“Looks like that girl team is finished this time.”

“Yeah, young Jin and the others are too familiar with this place, how could they be a match?”

“Pity, her skill level is actually good, but a professional driver, plus that sick car, who can win!”

“Heartbroken for them for a second.”


While they were talking about it, they suddenly saw a bike winding up, and as it did, the rider was smiling and waving at them.

“What’s this? Is it going to be recorded?”

“Seems like it should be recorded.”

“Why don’t we ask the top first?”


A few people were discussing without a bottom, and Ye Lu had already ridden across the finish line and turned around to come back.

“Record the time, then tell the people up there that I won.”

Ye Luo looked at the few girls and said.

A few girls nodded in confusion, then one girl started recording while the other said over the intercom.

“The unnamed cyclist has reached the finish line, victory confirmed.”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“My name is Luo Zhiqiu.”

The girl hurriedly nodded then quickly said.

“Rider Luo Zhiqiu confirmed to have reached the finish line and won the race, please instruct.”

Everyone up there heard this confirmation, but of course, many people actually couldn’t see the final situation, but they could already tell the result from the halfway point, because by the second half of the race, Ye Luo had been far ahead and his advantage was too obvious.

“Sh*t! This bull is big!”

“All I can say is that I don’t hold up the wall but only obey him!”

“This is a monster, it’s too scary!”

All of them were filled with emotion.

The people from the “Beauty Caravan” were completely dumbfounded as they sat there looking down the hill, not knowing what to say.

“Mr. Luo is so awesome!”

Finally, one girl murmured.

“Mr. Luo, please, we’ll send you up.”

At the end, a beautiful girl looked at Ye Luo and said with a smile, Ye Luo of course put the bike on the car nonchalantly and followed this car back to the top of the hill.

While the rider, Xiao Lin, stood depressed at the end of the line and dialed up the phone.

“Hey! Captain, I’ve lost the race today.”

He said somewhat helplessly.

His captain immediately became nonplussed and he jerked to his feet and asked.

“Lost! Who, who did you lose to? Which team’s driver was it and what kind of car did it drive? How could any amateur driver have won against you? Not to mention that it’s a track that belongs to you!”

Kobayashi then said with a bitter smile.

“It was the bike that I lost!”

Hearing these words, Kobayashi’s captain was already petrified on the other side of the phone.

At this moment, Ye Lu had returned to the top of the hill.

He carried the bike off the bike, then looked at the other seven riders and said with a smile.

“Which one of you will be next?”

All seven of them silently shook their heads, they had just seen the scene very clearly, that professional racer, driving that perverted car had lost so badly, why should they go up there! Besides, the scene where Ye Lu won the race had actually won everyone’s approval, and now everyone secretly admired Ye Lu in their hearts.

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo then smiled and turned to look at Jin Shao and said.

“You asked me to race, I’ve already raced for you, next make good on your promise.”