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Winner Takes All Chapter 157-158

Chapter 157

Early in the morning.

Chen Dong arrived at the pier as promised.

Wang Nan Nan’s family intended to leave on the ferry.

Two days of torment had left Chen Dong’s entire body exhausted and his mood was even worse.

The way the Wang family ate made him sick and sick to his stomach.

Fondling the bank card in his pocket, Chen Dong looked cold and stern.

As long as this 100 million could wipe out this matter, he did not mind paying it.

The end of the month was when he would propose to Gu Qingying, and he would never allow any changes to occur during this period.

The phone rang.

It was Wang Nan Nan calling.

Chen Dong indifferently picked up the phone, “Where is it?”

“Pier 1.”

Hanging up the phone, Chen Dong walked towards Pier 1.

From afar, he saw Wang Nan Nan in a black dress, and beside Wang Nan Nan, there were several pieces of luggage.

A gentle breeze ruffled Wang Nan Nan’s long hair and long skirt.

With her quiet smile and pretty face, everything gave people a spring-like feeling.

Even just standing there, she attracted the eyes of many pa*sers-by.

But in Chen Dong’s eyes, it was an ancient well, and even a little cold.

“Chen Dong, what about this!” Wang Nan Nan saw Chen Dong and waved her hand with a smile.

When Chen Dong approached, she smiled and said, “Thank you, for coming to see me off.”

Chen Dong looked indifferent, his eyes unmoving.

Indifferently, he asked, “Where are the things?”

There were no pretentious pleasantries, and the door was opened directly.

The Wang family was eating so badly, so there was even less need for him to look good.

“What things?” Wang Nan Nan was stunned for a moment.


Chen Dong suddenly laughed, a brilliant glint in his eyes, “Wang Nan Nan, what’s the point of playing dumb with me? Don’t you think it’s disgusting to do so?”

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled, and her fair face was filled with shocked incomprehension.

Her red lips mumbled, bewildered, “I, what am I pretending to be stupid for? Chen Dong, what do you mean?”


Chen Dong slapped the bank card into Wang Nan Nan’s hand, “This is the one hundred million you want, and the pa*sword is six zeros.”


Wang Nan Nan was struck by lightning, and her pretty face was written with shock and horror.

When had she …… ever asked for a hundred million?

Very quickly, Wang Nan Nan reacted that there must be some kind of misunderstanding in between.

Her eyes were red: “What do you take me for? I just want you to come and see me off, so I can say goodbye to the past.”

The voice, even, was vaguely sobbing.

After her divorce from Chen Dong, a series of encounters had awakened her to the fact that the three years she had spent with Chen Dong had been the happiest time.

But she knew that everything was irrevocable.

On the verge of going mad, she finally pulled through tenaciously and was ready to say goodbye to the past and embrace the courage of the future.

But now, Chen Dong’s gesture left her bewildered!

“Just a send-off?”

Chen Dong laughed in anger and simply took out the photo in the envelope: “Is this what you call a send-off? Or is it that you don’t think this 100 million is enough and want to sit on it?”

Wang Nan Nan was completely dumbfounded, her beautiful eyes were rounded to the limit, her mind was blank.

She was not stupid, and when she saw this photo, she instantly understood where Chen Dong’s anger came from.

And, what was the meaning of the 100 million in her hand!

In a trance, Wang Nan Nan shook her head in panic and hysteria, murmuring hysterically, “It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me, it really wasn’t me ……”

“Oh, funny!”

A cold light flashed in Chen Dong’s eyes.

Wang Nan Nan hurriedly tugged on Chen Dong’s arm: “Chen Dong you believe me, I, I really didn’t do it, that head to see you, really just want to say goodbye to you, this photo really has nothing to do with me!”

“Nothing to do with it?”

Chen Dong took the note out and indifferently handed it to Wang Nan Nan, “Then this note, also has nothing to do with you?”

He did not transfer the 100 million directly into Wang Nan Nan’s account as requested in the note, instead he directly handled a bank card.

Wang Nan Nan took the note in a panic, and when she read the content, she instantly turned pale and was speechless.

Chen Dong sneered: “Didn’t you say it had nothing to do with you? Wang Nan Nan, I was wrong to trust your Wang family in my life, from the beginning to the end, all your vows to me were all deceptions, you never let me down in the matter of letting people down.”

The words were resounding and pierced straight to the heart.

Wang Nan Nan’s eyes were red and her beautiful eyes were filled with tears.

Chen Dong’s words were like a red-hot knife, stabbing her in the heart.

Wang Nan Nan bit her red lips tightly, weeping silently as she kept shaking her head.

“I hope you, don’t come to disturb my life again.”

Chen Dong turned around lost: “You should also be thankful, I will propose to Xiaoying at the end of the month, don’t want any ripples in the meantime, otherwise just this matter of you extorting and blackmailing, your family can’t afford my anger!”

Looking at Chen Dong leaving.

Wang Nan Nan’s eyes went black for a moment, and she felt the urge to faint.

At this moment, she felt that the sky was spinning.

Originally, she had gathered the courage to let go of the past, and had regained her confidence once again.

But now, a sentence of blackmail and extortion made her feel like she had been stripped naked.

“I’m not like this, I didn’t do any of this ……”

Wang Nan Nan cried and murmured, finally turning into a cry and roar, “Chen Dong, it really wasn’t me who did this!”

While in the distance, Chen Dong did not pay any attention and left in big strides.

When Chen Dong disappeared into the sea of people.

Wang Nan Nan cried and crouched on the ground, clutching the note with one hand and the bank card with the other.

Suddenly, not far away, three figures hurriedly ran over.

As soon as Zhang Xiuzhi saw the bank card in Wang Nan Nan’s hand, her eyes lit up.

With a snap, Zhang Xiuzhi snatched the bank card out of Wang Nan Nan’s hand and said with a greedy smile on her face, “One hundred million, that’s one hundred million! I’ve never seen so much money in my life, our family is going to be rich!”

“Mom, our family is finally rich, when we get a new home, I want to buy a luxury car right away, so I won’t have to worry about marrying my daughter-in-law.” Wang Hao echoed Zhang Xiuzhi.

Wang De at the side looked dumbfounded and full of dismay.

And Wang Nan Nan on the ground was even more shocked when her head exploded.

She finally reacted.

It was her mother who had done it!

It was her brother who had done it!

No wonder!

No wonder when she said she wanted to see Chen Dong, her mother and brother both dragged her father away from coming with her!

“Zhang Xiuzhi!”

In her anger, Wang Nan Nan rose up and roared at Zhang Xiuzhi, “Have you ever treated me like a daughter? Why are you so disgusting? Why are you using my name to blackmail Chen Dong? Don’t you even think of giving me the last bit of dignity?”

A series of questioning, like madness.

Wang De was startled, afraid that his daughter would go back to her old self.

He hurriedly placated her, but Wang Nan Nan paid no attention, staring at Zhang Xiuzhi with a look so crazy that it was almost murderous.

Both Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang Hao were dumbfounded.

Both of their faces turned blue and red.

Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly strained her neck and said with a red face, “I am your mother! Wang Nan Nan, you money-losing B*tch, this is the divorce compensation I managed to get for you from Chen Dong! You’ve been married to him for three years and you’re really getting a divorce for 200,000 yuan, then wouldn’t he have slept with you for nothing?”

After yelling, Zhang Xiuzhi looked down at the bank card in her hand and murmured to herself, “These days, being a lady for three years is more than earning two hundred thousand.”


Chapter 158

Wang Nan Nan was completely dumbfounded.

Wang De and Wang Hao’s faces also changed drastically.

Even the two of them felt that Zhang Xiuzhi’s words had gone too far!

“Mom, how can you say that about sister?” Wang Hao reminded in a low voice.

Zhang Xiuzhi, however, tilted her head arrogantly, “Are you saying that I’m wrong? How much has she gotten since she married Chen Dong? How much has she helped the family? Even when you wanted to marry Xue’er, she couldn’t help, but now I’ve gone to great lengths to help her get the divorce compensation, so it’s my fault?”

After saying that, Zhang Xiuzhi gave Wang Nan Nan a sidelong glance.

“What good does it do to follow that animal Chen Dong? I might as well follow Tiansheng, being slept with, at least I still got a few million!”

“That’s enough from you!”

Wang De’s body shook as he raised his hand and dropped it brazenly.


A slap, with great force.

The sound of the slap was crisp and loud.

Zhang Xiuzhi’s body staggered backwards and half of her face instantly swelled up.

She was so rude and domineering that she was about to curse, but when she raised her eyes and saw Wang De’s man-eating gaze, her heart jerked in fear and she held back.

Wang De’s body was trembling as he gritted his teeth and stared angrily at Zhang Xiuzhi: “Zhang Xiuzhi, do you have any sense of decency? Are you trying to drive your daughter to death? Wealth obsessed, you don’t even care about your daughter anymore?”

“Dad ……”

Hearing that her father was standing up for her, Wang Nan Nan immediately cried out and jumped into Wang De’s arms.

Wang De patted Wang Nan Nan’s back soothingly while looking at Zhang Xiuzhi angrily, “I, I’m really fed up with you, sometimes I even want to divorce you, I even have the heart to F**king kill you!”

“Then go ahead and kill me!” Zhang Xiuzhi was also angry, clutching her bank card: “Anyway, I’m rich now, after the divorce, I’ll still live with my son, unless you kill me!”

“You ……” Wang De’s tone stalled.

“Dad, don’t argue, it’s useless, it won’t make sense with her.”

Wang Nan Nan cried and howled to stop her father, she knew that if her mother could but think a little, the family would not have become what it was.

If you’ve been wronged, you’ve been wronged!

She just wanted to live the rest of her life in peace and quiet, in a different place, in a different way.

This kind of thinking can be described as “lice don’t itch, debts don’t worry”, or it can be described as a broken pot.

Wang Nan Nan is powerless to change, so she can only swallow all her grievances: “Let’s go, let’s leave this place, from now on we have nothing more to do with Chen Dong, he will propose to Xiaoying at the end of the month, and our Wang family and Chen Dong will no longer be involved.”


Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly laughed hideously and coldly, “Propose? He is thinking beautiful!”

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled and she abruptly stopped in her tracks.

Wang De turned around violently, “You, what sins have you committed again?”

“Sins? I’m avenging Nan Nan’s death! Do you really think my daughter is easy to bully?”

Zhang Xiuzhi was smug and full of smiles, “I sent all the photos to that dead girl Gu Qingying, she’s not sure what’s going on in her mind right now. Wait until Gu Qingying dumps Chen Dong!”


Wang Nan Nan’s face turned fiercely pale without a trace of blood.

As soon as her body trembled, she felt rapid darkness before her eyes.

Finally, her body went limp and she collapsed into Wang De’s arms.

The Four Seals Clubhouse, the small bamboo courtyard.

For the past two days, Gu Qingying had been muddled, unable to eat or drink.

All she could think about was the photo.

She tried to understand Chen Dong on her own, but the photos were hard evidence, overturning her words of convincing herself again and again.

The melodious piano music echoed.

Gu Qingying was lying by the window, looking at the flowers and fountain in the small courtyard, her eyes red and a little puffy.

She longed for the proposal ceremony at the end of the month.

She even naively longed for Chen Dong to come down from the sky in his golden armour, with his feet on the seven-coloured auspicious clouds, to propose to her.

But now, all the longing and longing seemed to have been instantly thrown into an ice cave, turning cold and numb and cold.

Knock, knock!

There was a knock on the door.

“Little Ying, it’s lunch time.” Gu Guohua shouted from outside.

Gu Qingying wiped the corners of her eyes, “Dad, I’m not hungry, you and mum can eat.”

“You child, what if you don’t eat for two days, what if you starve your body?” Gu Guohua’s voice had a bit of anger in it, but it was because he was heartbroken for his daughter.

Gu Qingying pouted, “Aiya dad, I’m so old, can you not treat me like a child?”

“Xiao Ying, do you have something on your mind? You can talk to daddy, did that boy Chen Dong bully you?”

Outside the door, Gu Guohua’s voice made Gu Qingying’s heart tremble violently.

She said in a panic, “No, no! How dare that big fool Chen Dong bully me? If he dares to bully me, I’ll knock him down with one punch.”

“Sigh …… okay.” Gu Guohua sighed, and there was no movement outside the door.

Instead, Gu Qingying’s teeth bit her red lips and murmured in a low voice, “It’s that big fool who bullied me ……”

In the dining room.

Gu Guohua walked over to Li Wanqing with a sad face, “It seems that Xiaoying and Chen Dong are in conflict.”

What he had just asked was to test the waters.

Even though Gu Qingying had tried her best to conceal it, but Gu Guohua’s reading experience, he could hear it from the tone of voice alone.

“Alas …… these two kids can’t easily come together, they’re going to propose at the end of this month, what’s the conflict?” Li Wanqing sighed, looked at the table full of dishes, and finally sighed: “I can’t manage even if I don’t want to, it’s not good to keep letting Xiao Ying go on like this without thinking about food and tea, and starving her body.”

She said to Gu Guohua, “I’ll go and bring some food to Xiao Ying and ask about it by the way, you can eat by yourself, but don’t follow me over and stick your door to eavesdrop.”

“Che …… I’m the chairman of Qing Ying International and I have a good reputation, would I do something like eavesdropping?” Gu Guohua said solemnly.

Li Wanqing gave a scornful glance, picked up a bowl and plate and picked out some dishes that Gu Qingying liked to eat, then walked towards Gu Qingying’s room.

After some persuasion, Gu Qingying finally opened the door and let her mother into the room.

Gu Guohua looked at the room door that had closed again and was aggrieved: “Mom opens the door when she persuades, but Dad doesn’t eat when he persuades, it’s annoying.”

As he ate, Gu Guohua couldn’t help but add some vegetables to his bowl and tiptoed over to the door of Gu Qingying’s room and listened closely.

Only before he could hear it, there was a shout from the courtyard door.

“Mr. Gu, there’s a letter for you!”


Gu Guohua frowned and, with his bowl and chopsticks in hand, walked quickly to the courtyard and took the letter from the security officer.

The letter was thick and signed on the top: Received by Gu Qingying.

But now his wife and daughter were in the house talking.

This, coupled with his daughter’s peculiarities over the past two days, made Gu Guohua still curious enough to open the envelope.

When he saw a picture in the envelope, Gu Guohua froze at once.

His pupils gradually dilated and his expression became increasingly shocked.

Mighty anger surfaced on his face.

There were even two blue veins pulsing wildly at the corners of his eyes!


Gu Guohua fiercely slammed the bowl and chopsticks in his hand onto the ground, squeezing out a sentence from between his teeth, “Chen Dong, bullying my daughter, you deserve to die”