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Super School Student Chapter 149-150

Chapter 149

To be honest, when she saw Ye Luo, Mo Xiaomi was also a little surprised.

She had heard her mother praise Ye Lu more than once, saying that Ye Lu was good-looking and so on, so she had always thought that Ye Lu would be a clean-cut little white face, white and pink and tender.

However, she did not expect that Ye Lu’s appearance was not at all what she had imagined. Although white but masculine and tough, he also had a bit of a cynical look that looked down on everything, manly, with angular features and a well-muscled body, not at all the kind of weak and uninhibited look.

In fact, Ye Lu was also a little surprised when he saw Mo Xiaomi.

He had thought that Mo Xiaomi was a heavily made up woman when he looked at the photos that time, but it turned out that she actually did not have much make-up on, just a plain face, only that the dress was too alternative, looking wild and S*xy, which was probably not very acceptable to the general public.

Just like now, the two snow-white hemispheres were half exposed, the deep cleavage was clearly reflected in the eyes, in addition to the ultra-short fur-trimmed denim shorts, with a pair of powerful big white legs, it was indeed too easy to make men want to get into trouble.

“Yes, I am Ye Lu, what do you want to see me about?”

Ye Lu nodded and said.

As a result, Mo Xiaomi grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the dormitory building and walked to the side of the dormitory before he started talking.

Because just now Mo Xiaomi’s appearance had attracted a lot of boys to look around, after all, Mo Xiaomi was too attractive to these boys, no matter her looks and her styling.

“Ye Lu, was that guy in the stockings last night you? Don’t think that I won’t recognise you just because you’ve covered your face, I’d recognise you if you were ashes.”

Hearing her words, Ye Lu suddenly cried and laughed a little as he looked at Mo Xiaomi and said.

“Do we know each other that well?”

As a result, Mo Xiaomi looked at Ye Luo and said with a glare.

“Don’t be greasy and don’t think about me being your girlfriend either.”

Hearing her say that, Ye Luo hurriedly said.

“That’s best, nothing is wrong, I’m leaving.”

With those words, Ye Lu turned around and prepared to leave.

Only to be called back by Mo Xiaomi.

“Wait, Ye Luo, I’m looking for you for something else, can you help me go to a car race, just with those rich kids, they have to force us to go racing.”

Ye Luo shook his head and said.

“I can’t do this job, firstly, I don’t have a car, secondly, I can’t drive either, thirdly, why should I help you go racing?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Mo Xiaomi was also a bit speechless, but then she followed and said with a glare.

“No need for you to really race, just go and break their racing cars, do something to make their cars run for a while and then stop, this is easy for you, right?”

For his part, Ye Lu said noncommittally.

“Sorry, this matter has nothing to do with me, goodbye.”

After saying that, Ye Luo prepared to leave.

Mo Xiaomi was too worried that those rich kids would go and find trouble with Sister Long, because Sister Long had enough trouble now, she couldn’t add to it.

So, she hurriedly shouted towards Ye Luo.

“Ye Lu, didn’t my mother ask you to take care of me? You promised her too, didn’t you? Now is the time to take care of me, you can’t keep your word!”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Didn’t you disagree when your mum said she wanted you to be my girlfriend? Why should I still take care of you?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Mo Xiaomi immediately said.

“I agree, so that’s always okay.”

As a result, Ye Luo shook his head and said.

“You agree, but I don’t, so it’s better to forget it.”

This really P*ssed Mo Xiaomi off and she looked at Ye Lu with her crossed arms and said.

“Ye Lu, don’t eat your wine, you didn’t listen to my good advice, do you believe me that I will make your university life unbearable, I won’t let a good day pa*s, I am not scaring you.”

Hearing Mo Xiaomi’s words, Ye Lu stopped in his tracks.

To be honest, he was really worried about this, a good college life not to be messed up before it even started, so he thought about it and turned around and said.

“Okay, I will help you this time, but you have to be obedient, don’t do anything illegal and disorderly, let your mother save her breath, also, the place where you raced yesterday is too dangerous, I’m not talking about you guys, but for other drivers and also pedestrians it’s too dangerous, if you still want to race, you must change the place.”

Hearing Ye Lu agree to come down, Mo Xiaomi then said with a sigh of relief.

“Okay, don’t worry, this time it’s on a professional racing track, the same as ‘Akina Mountain’ in the movie, so don’t worry at all, I’ll pick you up in the evening.”

After saying that, Mo Xiaomi then said with a sigh.

“Ai! Unfortunately, my car has already been damaged by you, I am curious, Young Jin’s car is protected by the ‘weapon pattern’, how could it be damaged by you too?”

Hearing Mo Xiaomi’s words about “weapon patterns”, Ye Lu inquired curiously.

After that, he was surprised to find out that the “weapon pattern” Mo Xiaomi was talking about was actually a “pattern of laws” drawn on the car to protect it from dark energy attacks.

“There’s still this kind of operation?”

Ye Lu was dumbfounded by this discovery.

After that, Mo Xiaomi ran away in a huff.

He wondered if he should draw some “weapon tattoos” on Mo Xiaomi’s car, and how he should help at night.

And at this moment the rich young man, Jin Shao, was looking at another young man and said.

“Didn’t you say you were looking for a very powerful alchemist from the ‘Weaponry Sect’ to draw the lines, saying something about ordinary cultivators not being able to hurt this car at all, what the hell is going on here?”

It was common knowledge that cultivators used dark energy to destroy things, so naturally, artifact refiners were created to protect these things, and by drawing the “Pattern of Laws” or infusing true qi into the “Pattern of Laws”, a protective device could be formed on the item.

Ye Lu actually felt a little resistance yesterday, but the aura quickly penetrated that resistance, so he didn’t particularly care.

“This was really drawn by someone from the ‘Weaponry Sect’, if you don’t believe me let’s go find them.”

At the suggestion of the other guy, they took the car to the guy who had drawn the “pattern of laws” for them before, a large courtyard with a lot of people inside, and the sound of “clanking” of the rough billets of magic weapons could be heard.

This was a branch of the Weapon Sect in the capital.

“Master Xiao Liu, is Master Xiao Liu here?”

The other young man shouted inside, followed by a young man who came out.

“Brother Li, what is it? Is there anything you need?”

As a result, Xiao Li pointed to young Jin’s car and said.

“There’s something wrong with this car that you helped Jin Shao reinforce now, it was tapped yesterday and damaged from the inside, didn’t you say at the time that this was very difficult to damage.”

This little Liu master also looked confused as he thought about it and said.

“It shouldn’t be like that, because I didn’t draw this ‘weapon pattern’, my master did, wait, I’ll go and get my master to come and take a look.”

In a short while, an old man was found by Xiao Liu, and if Ye Lu had been present, he would have noticed that this old man was the same old man he had seen this morning.

The old man came over and then started to check on this car.

“It was indeed damaged from the inside, but how come it doesn’t feel like true qi, how on earth did this happen?”

The old man sensed something sinister was going on.

“What kind of person sabotaged it?”

The old man asked as he looked at Jin Shao.

For his part, Jin Shao shook his head and said.

“I don’t know, with stockings on, it feels like it should be a young man.”

The old man said with a nod.

“Well, I will help you draw another stronger ‘weapon tattoo’, but, young man, I advise you to stay away from this racing thing, that is, the weapon tattoo may not necessarily save your life.”

For his part, Jin Shao had a disbelieving look on his face.

At this moment, he was thinking about finding someone to give Mo Xiaomi’s car some tampering as well, so that that nee-san would also suffer some losses, following which, he looked at the old man’s disciple, Master Xiao Liu, who he felt was a good candidate.

At this moment, Ye Lu had already made up his mind and walked back to the dormitory. He decided to find a suitable “Law Tattoo” to try out on Mo Xiaomi’s car.

When he arrived at the dormitory, Ye Lu found that all the other people in the dormitory were already there.


Chapter 150

The remaining three people in the dormitory didn’t look as handsome as Mu Zi Ze. The one who impressed Ye Lu was the roommate who had been silent, this guy was close to being about two meters tall and covered in muscles, however, it wasn’t this that surprised Ye Lu a little, but because this guy still had quite a few scars on his body.

It looked like this should be someone who had been through many kinds of battles.

This guy only lightly said his name, Jin Kun, and then said nothing else.

There was another one who looked like he was very hung over, sitting there claiming to be the boss, then threatening that he could cover anything that happened in the school or even in the capital in the future.

The name of this guy was Nie Yibiao like others, and Ye Lu felt that he was indeed a bit of a bully.

However, looking at Nie Yibiao’s big gold chain and small gold watch, his family should be extremely rich.

The last one had a very low presence, looking ordinary and even a bit obsequious, his name was An Le.

Of these four, Mu Zize and Nie Yibiao came from the capital, while An Le came from Jiangnan City. As for that Jin Kun, no one knew where he came from because he was too silent, but judging from his clothes and the things he brought with him, his family should be quite poor.

In fact, although there were five people in the dormitory, Nie Yibiao was the only one who mainly spoke, and he had the audacity to call himself the boss and then asked everyone to call him “Brother Biao”.

He called himself “Boss” and then asked everyone to call him “Brother Biao”. The people didn’t have any problem with this, Mu Zize and Ye Lu didn’t care about this, while An Le looked like he was going against the grain and called him whatever he wanted to call him.

When it was almost noon, Nie Yibiao yelled at everyone.

“It’s noon, everyone stop being busy, let’s go, my treat, let’s all go for a meal together, whoever doesn’t go is not giving me face, don’t forget, I’m the boss.”

Anyway, there was a treat, so everyone walked out together without excusing themselves.

Not to mention, Brother Biao was really generous and took everyone to a rather opulent looking place after they came out.

“See? ‘Big Rich Restaurant’, only a big rich man like me can afford to eat there, so today I’ll let you all be rich too.”

Brother Biao said as he pointed to the hotel sign.

However, only Mu Zi Ze politely said.

“Let Brother Biao break the bank.”

The remaining three of them, Ye Lu, didn’t say anything, which made Brother Biao a bit bummed out, in his plan, it was supposed to be everyone praising him a handful of times.

“Ahem! Let’s go then.”

The five of them soon walked into the “Big Rich Restaurant”.

As expected, the interior was just as beautiful as the outside, and Nie Yibiao was not ambivalent.

“Not enough, it’s all on me.”

Nie Yibiao said boldly.

After all, we were going to spend four years together, so if we were too polite, it would be endless, and Nie Yibiao’s personality didn’t like to gossip.

Soon, everyone had a good drink.

However, it was basically just Nie Yibiao and Mu Zize talking, and then Ye Lu and An Le occasionally echoed a few words, because the topics Nie Yibiao talked about were too high-end, and Ye Lu felt unable to intervene.

However, just as everyone was eating and drinking quite lively, a girl suddenly walked in with a middle-aged man.

This woman came in and then looked at An Le and said with a cold smile.

“Yell! Isn’t this An Le? Why did you and your friends come to such an upscale hotel to dawdle over food and drinks?”

Seeing this woman, An Le’s face immediately turned blue, but he didn’t say anything but buried his head even lower.

Seeing An Le’s appearance, the woman became even more arrogant as she smiled and pointed her finger at the middle-aged man beside her and said.

“Let me introduce you, this is the manager Zhao I was talking about, see, this is the designer bag that manager Zhao bought for me, limited edition, do you know how much this bag costs? It’s enough for you to earn a few years working.”

“And this watch, see, Patek Philippe, you can’t afford a watch like this in your lifetime”

Hearing the girl’s words, An Le’s head bowed even lower.

Nie Yibiao, who was sitting next to Ye Lu, saw this situation and was immediately about to get angry, however, Ye Lu raised his hand to stop him and then looked at the woman and said.

“This lady, seeing how beautifully you are dressed, he must have spent a lot of money chasing you, right?”

Hearing Ye Luo your words, the girl immediately said arrogantly.

“That’s for sure, do you think I’m someone who can be looked at by anyone?”

Ye Luo then continued.

“If my guess is good, he should have spent several thousand to chase you, while he got more from you, right?”

Hearing Ye Luo say something about several thousand, the faces of this man and woman both changed.

The girl immediately burst out in anger, while the man froze for a moment before his face turned calm again.

“What several thousand, this limited edition bag is more than 100,000, do you know how to read goods or not, at a glance you are also a dirt bag.”

Ye Luo was not dressed prominently, and with Nie Yibiao’s staggering appearance, anyone could tell at a glance that he was the one treating the guests this time, and everyone else was just eating.

Hearing her out, Ye Lu wasn’t angry as he looked at the girl and said.

“Well then, let me talk to you, this limited edition bag of yours is a fake, there should be a number on the top of the bag, it might be hidden, however, you can definitely find it, you can go and check to see if this number corresponds to this limited edition model, this is easy to know.”

Following this, Ye Lu then continued.

“Also, your Patek Philippe watch is also fake, you can go to any jewellery shop and check to see if the white gold and gold and diamonds on it are real, this is also easy to figure out, of course, this is something this man named Peng Tao beside you knows better.”

Hearing Ye Lu say “this man named Peng Tao”, the girl immediately froze, while the man showed an extremely puzzled and frightened expression.

“Honey, isn’t your name Liu Qiting? How come he said your name is Peng Tao, what’s going on here?”

The middle-aged man did not answer her words, but turned around and said.

“Inexplicably, let’s go.”

Ye Luo then said quickly.

“If you’re smart, you’d better tug him, don’t you want to know the truth?”

The girl quickly raised her hand and grabbed Peng Tao’s arm, then looked him in the eyes and asked.

“Liu Qiting, what the hell is going on here?”

Also looking puzzled were the few people who were eating, everyone was also a bit confused by Ye Lu, especially An Le, who knew very well that he and this girl should have never met Ye Lu before.

Peng Tao, who had lied about being Liu Qiting, was in a state of panic at the moment, as he had never thought he would capsize here.

Seeing that he didn’t say anything, Ye Lu continued with a smile.

“Peng Tao, how many people have you cheated, you didn’t even count, let me tell you, this is already the thirteenth girl, the number doesn’t sound too auspicious oh!”

Following that, Ye Lu then looked at him and continued.

“In fact, you are not a manager of anything, nor do you have any culture, let alone any property, you are addicted to gambling, and spend a lot of money, all the money you cheated has been all made by you, right?”

Hearing also finished, that girl then looked at Peng Tao almost frantically and asked.

“What he said is all true, right? You are a liar, aren’t you? You say you are not lying to me, you say ah, you are not lying to me, I am really blind, also for unlocked so many poses, you son of a b*tch ……”

As a result, the man impatiently shrugged her hand away and said.

“F*ck off, you think you’re a fairy that is a man to be infatuated with you, you B**bless, a*sless thing, I’ve been tired of you for a long time.”

Seeing the man beside her suddenly showing such a face, the girl went completely mad, she reached out her hand and scratched desperately at the man’s face.

Immediately the hotel security guards ran over and shooed both away.

“Okay, the world is clear now, An Le, don’t care, such a woman is not worth grieving or cherishing, I have met such women before.”

Ye Lu poured a gla*s of wine for An Le and said with a smile.

However, he was calm, Nie Yibiao and Mu Zize were not, they looked at Ye Lu with a surprised face and asked.

“Ye Luo, how did you know these things just now?”