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Super School Student Chapter 147-148

Chapter 147

“I don’t dare.”

Ye Lu said decisively, and then hung up the phone.

On the other side of the phone, the scantily clad Mo Xiaomi looked at her phone with a dumbfounded expression, she hadn’t come back to her senses for a moment.

“What does this one mean by gross?”

She asked, looking at a couple of sisters around her who were also exposed.

One of them chuckled and said.

“What does he mean? He doesn’t even like you, otherwise he would have pounced on you like a fly on sh*t.”

Mo Xiaomi nodded, and then slapped the table and said.

“I sh*t! You’re the one who’s sh*t, I don’t believe it, this guy still dares to despise me, I’ll just see if he comes or not?”

After saying that, she dialed Ye Lu’s phone number again.

But of course, Ye Luo would not agree, Ye Luo had already decided to stick to one principle, “cherish life and stay away from this troublesome woman”.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Lu walked towards the supermarket, he had not prepared all kinds of daily necessities and other things, so he took this opportunity to go shopping.

On the other side of the bar, several girls were looking at Mo Xiaomi and laughing.

“It’s over, Mo Xiaomi, you’ve been ignored by others, a few of us really feel sad for you.”

Following this, one of the few then said.

“Do you think this could be an omen? An omen that we won’t win this competition.”

“Bah! Cut the demoralising talk, how can we lose to those stinking men.”

“Exactly, and betting on our one kiss, who would kiss those sons of B*tches!”

“Who says otherwise, a bunch of playboys.”


Following that, the crowd searched and started counting, however, looking at the expressions of the crowd, the other party didn’t seem to be as simple as a complete straw man, otherwise they wouldn’t have made them so worried.

“I just don’t believe it.”

Mo Xiaomi, on the other hand, called up again, but, this time, her call was directly ignored by Ye Lu.

If it wasn’t for the good relationship with Mo Wen this holiday season, Ye Luo would have probably pulled Mo Xiaomi out long ago, but, luckily, Mo Xiaomi stopped hara*sing after calling for a while.

After wandering around the supermarket for a long time, Ye Lu bought a bunch of things and headed out with a few big bags.

At this time, Mo Wen’s mobile phone suddenly called.

“Officer Mo, what do you want to see me about, it’s not because of Mo Xiaomi, is it?”

As a result, the opposite party said anxiously.

“Yes, it’s Mo Xiaomi, she’s going to get into trouble this time, she just said that they are going to go racing with some rich kids on the road, it’s illegal! And it’s too dangerous, your hurrying to stop her.”

Hearing Mo Wen’s anxious words, Ye Lu finally understood what the exciting thing Mo Xiaomi was talking about, it was probably that she was planning to take him to a car race, or race him to a car race, in any case, she wanted to scare him a bit so that he would admit his weakness.

However, judging from Mo Wen’s words, it was mostly the former, Mo Xiaomi definitely wanted to show herself her drag racing skills, and probably thought of scaring the P*ss out of herself or something.

However, since Mo Wen had already spoken about this matter, that Ye Lu must not be able to ignore it.

He thought for a moment and said.

“Officer Mo don’t worry, tell me the time and place, I’ll see if it’s still too late.”

Mo Wen quickly said a location and time, Ye Luo quickly checked in his gla*ses, and as a result, he found that the place was not very far away from here.

“That’s right, low profile, low profile!”

He was about to rush there, but then he suddenly remembered what Long Fei Xue said earlier about it being best to keep a low profile in the capital, so he quickly found a small shop on the roadside and then bought a pair of black silk stockings.

Following that, Ye Luo ran towards the designated location.

On the street not far from Ye Luo, a dozen cars were already in position, but these were not all the cars that were participating in the race, there were seven cars that were actually racing, three of which were from Mo Xiaomi and her girl’s team, and the remaining four were from those rich kids.

“Mo Xiaomi, why don’t you just let me give you a kiss, why bother with all this effort?

Mo Xiaomi didn’t bother to talk nonsense with him, and directly started the car, then only then looked at this rich young man and said.

“Why talk so much nonsense, if you have the ability, let’s see the real thing underhand, I can beat you even if I drive a carriage.”

Hearing Mo Xiaomi’s words, that rich young lady was not angry, but said with a smile.

“No matter what kind of carriage you drive, I am going to kiss you tonight, watch the road later, don’t get hit and killed, I am not interested in your corpse.”

When she heard the other party actually dared to curse herself, Mo Xiaomi pouted in anger, however, it was obvious that everyone liked the way she pouted in anger, and the crowd whistled and made a scene.

“You B*****ds, are you going to start or not, wait until you kneel on the ground and call your grandmother.”

Mo Xiaomi shouted angrily.

Following this, a sultry woman next to the caravan raised her hand and dropped it again violently.


As soon as her words fell, Mo Xiaomi and everyone else’s cars flew off in a frenzy.


The roar of the car was loud, and the difference in the performance of the cars showed at this point, the other party’s car obviously accelerated faster than Mo Xiaomi and the girls’ car.

However, this was the main road after all, and there were cars everywhere. Although someone had dealt with the situation briefly in advance, the scene was still chaotic, and the police might come at any time.

So, everyone wasn’t afraid to drive as hard as they could, after all, life is not a joke.

However, just as everyone was concentrating on the acceleration, a strange guy with stockings on his head and several plastic bags on his back suddenly appeared.

To the surprise of the bikers, this guy didn’t come in a car, but at a run, so fast that he flew to the side of the car and then “bang!” Then he slapped the car, followed by a lightning-like drift to another car and another slap.

The cars he slapped stopped as quickly as if someone had helped to apply the brakes.

Mo Xiaomi’s car was no exception, and it was also stopped by this man’s first slap.

In a flash, all seven cars stopped on the main road of the road.

And following that, the siren of a police car sounded.

“Holy sh*t! What’s this?”

The crowd all looked at each other with blank faces.

Then Mo Xiaomi looked at the speedometer, which showed that her car had not yet accelerated to 100 mph, and she was instantly happy.


She said with a snap of her fingers.

“Our car hasn’t gone over a hundred mph, it shouldn’t be considered racing yet, there are nine rules in total for racing in the city, this I remember very well, we are tightly just speeding, looks like we should be able to get away with it this time, those boys are probably going to be miserable, bye!”

She said with a smile towards the rich kids.

Those few rich kids were depressed beyond words at the moment, they weren’t too worried about being punished, they were depressed that what was a huge advantage, what was a sure win, had turned out to be like this, it was somewhat unacceptable.

“What was that guy just now?”

Someone asked in confusion.

The other you guy thought for a moment and said.

“It should be a robber, because I just saw him with stockings on his face.”

“Erm, are you sure it was stockings and not Batman?”

“Of course, it’s definitely a robber.”

“What’s a robber doing robbing us?”


At this point, the guy at the head of the group said.

“Don’t be ridiculous, most of them are cultivators who are up to no good, but even cultivators I haven’t heard of any that can run that fast!”

This guy was dumbfounded for a good reason, because the cultivators he had ever seen, even the innate masters didn’t run as fast as Ye Lu.

Of course, this had to do with this guy’s short sightedness, and also because the vast majority of cultivators would not cultivate in this direction, cultivators were basically concentrating on cultivating martial skills, how to use magic weapons better and so on, this kind of savage rampage was not the path cultivators pursued.

At this time, Mo Xiaomi’s phone rang, and it was her old mother who called.

“Xiaomi, are you alright, Ye Lu has just pa*sed, right? You scared me to death.”

Mo Wen said with a sigh of relief on the other side, because she had been calling Mo Xiaomi and sending messages to Ye Lu at the same time, just now she saw Ye Lu send an “OK” expression, she was relieved, she felt that this daughter was really too unconscious.

“Ye Lu ah, he did not come, he that coward ……”

Mo Xiaomi stopped here, because it suddenly occurred to him that that fellow just now couldn’t be Ye Lu.

And at this moment, Ye Lu had already returned to the dormitory with his things, and in the dormitory, Mu Zi Ze was holding his mobile phone excitedly.

“Ye Lu, come and see, someone has just posted a video and a stocking warrior has appeared.”


Chapter 148

When he heard Mu Zi Ze’s words, Ye Lu was instantly black-headed, the “stocking warrior” must be referring to himself, he did not expect the internet to spread so fast nowadays.

He didn’t realize how fast the internet was spreading. So he echoed his words as he packed up his purchases.

“What ‘stocking warrior’, what are you reading?”

As a result, Mu Zi Ze took his phone over and said.

“Live streaming platform ah, the anchor is someone from our school, and it happened not far from our school, so I just happened to see it, this video is estimated to be on fire ah!”

Ye Lu thought to himself, it’s better not to be on fire, why is it so hard to want to keep a low profile?

Mu Zi Ze, on the other hand, said excitedly.

“I can’t, I’m not going to sleep, I’m going to brush the comments ‘666’ with everyone.”

Ye Lu ignored him, packed up his things and started to continue studying the “Pattern of Laws”, he had recently become addicted to smithing.

“By the way, that Mu Zi Ze, our department should be familiar with Chinese herbal medicine, right?”

Ye Lu asked as he drew the texture.

Mu Zi Ze said without raising his head.

“That’s of course, there is no one more familiar with Chinese herbs than our department, even the thousand year old Lingzhi, it is said that our department knows where to find it, or at least knows where it is most likely to be found, and it is said that there are some more secret things that our department knows, but it seems that only our department leaders know about these.”

Ye Luo did hope that these things could be in the school’s computer database, then there would be a chance that he could hack in and query them, but he had tried before and hadn’t found them, it wasn’t that the gla*ses weren’t technically sound, it was just that there was a limit to how good the gla*ses could be, for example, if you didn’t know something at all, you couldn’t query it.

Almost eleven o’clock, when Ye Lu was ready to rest, Mo Xiaomi sent a message again, this time it wasn’t a phone call, probably worried that Ye Lu didn’t answer it, she sent a direct text message.

“Ye Lu, the masked one just now can’t be you, then I have to thank you more for breaking my car.”

Ye Lu thought for a moment, then replied with two words.


Following that, he dropped his phone and laid down on the bed and started to cultivate.

In fact, the gong methods that Ye Lu cultivated did not really need to pose for a look, according to the instructions on the gla*ses, the cultivation gong methods that required constant posing were not the top ones, the top ones could be cultivated at any time, but of course this was also related to the cultivator’s own realm and the degree of control over the gong methods.

Now Ye Lu can cultivate without having to pose, but there is still a long way to go before he can cultivate at any time, because he still has to concentrate on his mind to cultivate.

On the other side, Mo Xiaomi had just come out of the police station.

“Is it him or not?”

Although Ye Lu denied it, Mo Xiaomi still had some doubts, because this was too much of a coincidence, and this “stocking warrior” had never appeared before.

“It’s a pity that I broke Sister Long’s car.”

Mo Xiaomi muttered in a somewhat depressed voice, then started to call her mother Mo Wen, as she couldn’t leave yet, she had to wait for her sisters to come out.

“Old Ma, how tall is that Ye Luo you mentioned, what does he look like, how fat and thin is he?”

She began to ask carefully, and the more she asked, the more she got the feeling that this person was Ye Luo.

“This brat, dare to fool me, tomorrow I’ll go over there to see for myself.”

After hanging up the phone, Mo Xiaomi said with some anger.

She had never seen someone who was so disrespectful as Ye Lu, avoiding herself as if she was avoiding a flooding beast.

Inside the police station, those few rich youngsters had already been sent to the detention centre, and although they were looking for connections, they were probably going to spend the night here.

“Young Jin, I said why did you go to so much trouble, if you like that wild girl, just hire someone to grab her and be done with it, just don’t leave evidence.”

A young man looked at the head of the young Jin and said.

“You don’t know sh*t.”

Young Jin said with a glare.

“Just find a random woman to f*ck, where I can’t find one with big breasts and long legs, it’s called eroticism you know, it’s so much fun, don’t you guys think you’ve been having a lot of fun lately?”

A few other guys nodded, indeed, for these boring guys, this kind of picking up girls was quite fun.

“So what are you going to do next, young Jin?”

Young Jin said after thinking about it.

“Of course we have to continue the race with those girls, she seems to have a very close god-sister, let’s use her to threaten this wild girl, I don’t believe she can escape from my five fingers mountain.”

The others chimed in.

“That’s right, fighting with our Young Jin is purely looking for death.”

As a result, Young Jin said with a glare.

“Die hair die, I want to live, you idiots.”

Hearing Young Jin’s words, the gang of boys all laughed heatedly.

The next morning, Ye Lu got up early and went outside to exercise, in fact, exercise was one aspect, on the other hand, he also wanted to get familiar with the surroundings, after all, he was going to stay here for four years.

He soon ran to a park not far from the school, in fact, it is more appropriate to say that it is a park rather than a mountain, other people have to charge an entrance fee to enter the mountain, but the students of “Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine” only need to have a student card.

Ye Lu showed his student card and ran into the mountain afterwards.

The mountain was not very big, but it was densely wooded and the air quality was really good, but soon an old man attracted Ye Lu’s attention.

Because this old man was actually smithing, this was the first time that Ye Luo saw someone else smithing.

He felt that apart from himself, there must be other cultivators who specialized in alchemy and weapon making, only that he had never seen them before, so this time he was very interested and he stood quietly next to them and watched carefully.

This old man was trying to repair a “magic weapon”, because part of the “pattern of laws” of the magic weapon had disappeared.

Finally, he seemed to have finally decided on a plan and took out an engraving pencil, ready to start engraving the “pattern of laws”, but Ye Lu finally couldn’t help but speak up.

In fact, Ye Lu didn’t want to say anything, but this old man was going to repair a “Mortal Rank Upper” magic weapon, so he felt a bit sorry if it failed.

“That, old man, this will not work, it will ruin this thing, this line should be moved two millimeters to the right of this, and this arc should turn a half circle with a radius of two millimeters ……”

These of course are not Ye Lu’s own research, it is the hints given by the gla*ses, this kind of remnants, the gla*ses will give hints and explain clearly the reason and meaning of each texture appeared, etc., the purpose should be to let Ye Lu understand more about the knowledge related to refining, in fact, in the time of alchemy also, there are many hints.

After such a long time, Ye Lu also basically understood the function of the gla*ses, this gla*ses was like a non-speaking tutor, guiding himself to become stronger in every aspect, however, Ye Lu did not know what exactly was the purpose of the owner of the gla*ses, or rather the maker of the gla*ses, in making such a thing.

However, one thing was obvious, and that was that the maker of the gla*ses was definitely a character too powerful to imagine, at least beyond the current Ye Lu’s imagination.

When he heard Ye Lu’s sudden words, the old man froze for a moment, not expecting anyone to be watching and pointing out the problems with the “Pattern of Laws” he had drawn.

He didn’t talk to Ye Lu, but quickly looked down at it.

“Move two millimetres, that’s here, and the half circle, it should be here ……”

He made the changes with a pencil and then carefully analysed it.

“Oops! Yeah, it does look like that, that would be a really perfect change, why didn’t I think of that, I almost ruined the thing.”

He said as if he had slapped his thigh as if it had dawned on him.

“Teenage boy, how do you know all this stuff, are you also ……”

He stopped at this point as he noticed that Ye Lu had long since disappeared.

“Huh! How strange, how could there be such a teenager?”

The old man had frozen on the spot.

And at this moment, Ye Luo, who was following the principle of keeping a low profile, had already run back to the dormitory, but before he could enter the door of the dormitory, he heard someone arguing.

“Why don’t you let me in, these boys have gross privacy to look at, I’m a big beautiful woman who isn’t afraid of losing out, what are they shy about, or you can just ask Ye Lu to come out for me.”

Following that, Ye Luo saw Mo Xiaomi who was slapping the table.

As a result, the hostess master pointed at Ye Luo who was standing at the door and said.

“Girl, you found someone right there.”

Mo Xiaomi then turned her head and looked Ye Lu up and down and said.

“You are Ye Luo?”