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Super School Student Chapter 135-136

Chapter 135

The reason why Ye Luo said that was because he felt the benefits during the fight just now, due to the fight, he felt that the spiritual qi in his body flowed more smoothly, previously when he was healing, although he absorbed the flawed spiritual stone, it was not really transformed into the spiritual qi in his dantian, while through this fight, this spiritual qi that was deposited in his limbs and bones started to circulate through his body and eventually integrated into the newly generated one at his dantian.

In addition, Ye Luo had also discovered that this kind of fighting was a good way to improve his practical combat experience, because although he had fought before, he was basically beaten up most of the time because his body was too weak at that time, so, strictly speaking, Ye Luo could not be considered to be good at fighting.

“I should find a more powerful expert in fighting to learn from later.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly while taking out a spirit stone again.

Without the support of a spirit stone, it was impossible for him to fight for a long time, he could indeed absorb spirit energy from the surroundings around him, but the speed of this absorption was relatively slow and could not support such a rapid consumption, of course this also had something to do with the very thin content of spirit energy in the air.

Seeing that Ye Lu actually dared to directly call out to so many people, the first feeling of those men who ran out was that this Ye Lu fellow had gone crazy.

If he wasn’t crazy, who would be so pugnacious!

Jasmine and the girls were all Hua Jin powerhouses now, while the vast majority of those present were peak Dark Jin powerhouses who had not broken through, and of course some of the bodyguards arranged by their families were Hua Jin powerhouses.

No matter how you look at it, it was a good thing to have the help of the eight Hua Hua Clan’s Hua Jin powerhouses, but this guy refused to do it, if he didn’t have a brain bubble.

However, everyone did not care how big the bubble in Ye Lu’s head was, all they wanted to do was to kill Ye Lu and then leave this place of right and wrong as soon as possible.

Inside the cave, apart from a few men, including Third Uncle, who did not move, almost all the men followed them out, the rest even if they were all women.

“Will Ye Lu be alright?”

Gu Shiqi looked outside worriedly, but the scene outside was too chaotic, plus there were raindrops that were falling, so it was completely impossible to see the situation.

“Shiqi, don’t worry, Ye Lu is no ordinary person, a miracle will happen.”

Third Uncle said as he looked out from the side.

In fact, Third Uncle was only saying this to rea*sure Gu Shiqi, he didn’t see any hope at all either, especially since these men had fallen back on him, making him worry about Gu Shiqi, he was afraid that in the end, Gu Shiqi would be taken captive by those people from the Beast Alliance.

Equally worried was Long Fei Xue.

She was holding a short knife for defence in her hand, and she had already made up her mind that she could not let those men tarnish her innocence even if she died, and that she would kill herself if she could not.

Despite Third Uncle’s persuasion, however, Gu Shiqi was not at all sure of herself.

At this time, one of the women in the cave suddenly said.

“In a moment, if they really rush in, let’s all kill ourselves, because even if we don’t die now, we will die sooner or later.”

“I heard one of my sisters say before that all the women captured by the ‘Beast Alliance’ will not be treated as human beings, they are just tools for them to vent, and eventually they will be killed when they have had enough, and many of them are fed directly to the demon beasts, besides, they may make us have S*x with the demon beasts, and then see if they can give birth to mutations of demon beasts.”

Hearing this woman say that she would have S*x with demonic beasts, several women’s faces changed.

A few of the women who were in good shape and had been in a good mood, thinking they could go over and be the wife of the oppressor, also instantly turned into a sad face.

They originally thought that the people of the Beast Alliance were just short of women, and that they would still be spoiled like babies in the past, but who would have thought that these guys would not play by the rules at all.

At this time, another woman also said.

“Yes, I’ve also heard that in the Beast Alliance, demon beasts have the highest status and women the lowest, they sometimes buy, sell and exchange women, it’s horrible.”

Following this, someone shouted in fear.

“Stop it, stop it all ……”

Then, everyone fell silent, and after a long time, a woman said in a quiet voice.

“Ai! Let’s hope that teenager can win, otherwise, all of us present will walk into the abyss of doom and gloom.”

Hearing her words, everyone looked outside the cave, how could everyone not have thought when they came that their chastity, their lives would end up being tied to such a teenager.

They knew more about the Beast Alliance than those inside and understood what would happen to them if they were captured by the Beast Alliance, but unlike those inside, Jasmine and the eight others were not as depressed as the women inside.

Not only were they not downcast, they even felt a little exhilarated.

This was because the bare-chested Ye Luo had fought a battle that was just too beautiful and too hot.

At this moment, Ye Luo had already put away the terrible dagger, and on both hands were the “Ice and Fire Gloves” belonging to Long Fei Xue, basically everyone who rushed up was knocked to the ground with a punch or a kick.

All those who were knocked over or knocked out by Ye Lu did not get up again.

At this moment, the people surrounding Ye Lu were no longer from the Xuantian Sect and the Wuji Sect, the main force was replaced by the bodyguards of the various families who had followed the participants of the puja.

Those who came to the puja were not all from the small city of Liaocheng, even people like Long Feixue from the capital city had come here, not to mention people from other surrounding cities.

Long Feixue’s status in the Long family was extremely low, so she didn’t bring any bodyguards or anything like that, but just because she didn’t, didn’t mean that others wouldn’t either. Many families still loved their own children, so the ones who were circling Ye Lu the most at the moment were surprisingly two innate experts who had been hiding in the crowd.

However, these two people were also getting more and more scared the more they fought.

Although they were both cultivators of the lowest level of the three realms of the Innate Realm, the “Tirth Realm”, and although they were at the bottom of the Tirth Realm, there was a big difference between the “Innate” and the “Houtian” realms, and there was an essential difference in every aspect.

However, it seemed that this difference was basically invalidated by Ye Lu.

They didn’t know what kind of strange true qi Ye Lu was using, and it didn’t fear their “Innate True Qi”, so they didn’t have any advantage in terms of true qi when they fought Ye Lu.

When they disliked the flaming fists of the “Ice and Fire Gloves”, they would feel hot and hot, while when they disliked the ice fists, they would feel cold and bone chilling, and both of their hands were now injured.

What made them both even more depressed was that while Ye Lu was fighting them, he could actually have the time to put the others down in batches.

Of course, not everyone was attacking Ye Lu, there were two other people who were dying to help Ye Lu fight these guys to the death, these two guys were Ren Yi and Ren Yao who had come from the capital.

Ren Yao was in pretty good shape at the moment as he had already broken through, although he was also bruised and battered, and his body was bruised in many places, but at least he was still standing.

His older brother Ren Yi had been beaten and was already lying on the ground unable to crawl up.

“Hey, hey, over the moon!”

Ren Yao said with a smile as he clenched his fist and once again knocked down a guy who had rushed up to him.

“Old brother, do you regret not bringing your bodyguard?”

As a result, Ren Yao shook his head and said with a smile.

“Regret my a*s, always being protected by others, when will I ever be successful?

Hearing Ren Yi’s words, Ren Yao also laughed heatedly.

However, it was obvious that they didn’t have to die because Jasmine and the girls had come over to help, Ye Lu had said that they didn’t need to help him but didn’t say that they couldn’t help Ren Yao and the others.

“You guys are Ye Lu’s friends?”

Jasmine asked, looking at Ren Yao with some confusion.

Ren Yao spat out a mouthful of blood, then thought for a moment and said.

“I don’t think so, but he is our saviour, and we are not the same as those shameless rabbits.”

However, it was then that he saw that there were people lying everywhere in the clearing, most of the hundreds of people who had just surrounded Ye Lu had actually been dried out by Ye Lu.

“Holy f*ck, no way, so fierce, a ride for a thousand!”

Ren Yao said with some surprise.

At this time, Brother Leopard also finally sulked.


Chapter 136

To be honest, Brother Pao really did not expect Ye Lu to be so difficult to deal with.

He thought that he was only as good as an innate expert at the “Tirth Breath Realm”, but now it seemed that even such an innate expert could not get an advantage over Ye Lu, who had actually beaten most of them under the siege of two innate experts.

At this moment, the rain had basically stopped, and the last afterglow of the setting sun appeared in the western sky, looking exceptionally beautiful.

Ye Lu’s naked upper body was already covered in blood, some of this blood was from others and quite a lot was his own, don’t look at his speed enough, but, two fists can’t beat four hands, even a good man can’t resist a lot of people, being surrounded by hundreds of people is not an easy thing to set up.


After kicking another man over, Ye Lu pulled out the dagger made from the arrow of the setting sun.

The “magic weapon” used by the two Xiantian experts did give Ye Lu a bit of a headache, he found that magic weapons were indeed much more terrifying in the hands of Xiantian experts, and several wounds on his body were attributed to these two guys.

At this moment, under the afterglow of the setting sun, the scene outside could be seen very clearly. Everyone was looking at Ye Lu, including the men who had fallen in the clearing, the men from the Xuantian Sect, the Wuji Sect, the Hundred Flowers Sect, and the women who were still hiding in the cave.

Everyone found that the blood-soaked young man standing in the setting sun was simply like a god of war at the moment, giving people a feeling of invincibility.

This mighty and domineering aura made everyone’s blood boil.

“Maybe we can really win too.”

Third Uncle said with some emotion as he looked at Ye Luo, and both Gu Shiqi and Long Feixue nodded mechanically, as the two of them were also shocked by the battle Ye Luo had just fought.

Although Ye Lu’s fight was not flashy enough, it was exceptionally masculine and domineering.

“What exactly is Ye Luo?”

At this moment, the same question echoed in the hearts of Liu Qingshan, Long Feixue, Ren Zun, Ren Yao and Jasmine, as well as the Xuantian Clan and the crowd from the Wuji Clan.

Ye Luo had given everyone too much of a shock, and at this moment, although no one knew how Ye Luo would get out of the crisis before him, everyone somehow felt that Ye Luo might be able to win.

Wolf Qing, who had once fought with Ye Lu, was now turning his heart upside down, and he was suddenly a little glad that Ye Lu hadn’t laid a hand on him that day, otherwise he would have met the King of Hell long ago.

The people of the Xuantian Clan and the Wuji Clan were filled with anxiety and chagrin at this moment.

They had tried their best, but they really couldn’t kill Ye Luo, and if they couldn’t kill Ye Luo they would have to face the wrath of Brother Leopard, and looking at those terrifying demonic beasts around them, the guys from these sects all felt a little numb in the head as well.

The quietness of this moment when the rain stopped lasted for a few seconds, and in this time, everyone did nothing, as if time had stood still.

Leaffall lifted his head to look at the sky then said quietly.

“The sky has finally cleared up!”

The crowd didn’t know what Ye Luo meant by this statement, so no one responded to him either.

“This B*****d is going to die, what’s he still lamenting about?”

Striped Face looked at Ye Lu who was standing there looking a bit lonely and said with a puzzled expression.

Brother Leopard also felt a bit strange, but of course, what made him even more strange was that his “Flaming Red Fire Leopard” was getting restless again, but the other demonic beasts were not abnormal.

“What the hell is going on?”

He looked at the “Flaming Red Fire Leopard” with some depression. Although the “Flaming Red Fire Leopard” was his original spirit beast, he could only feel that the “Flaming Red Fire Leopard” was a bit restless, but he didn’t know what was going on, after all, it was only a second-rank demon beast, not a demon beast that could spit out human words.

After a few moments of quiet, the crowd surrounding Ye Lu began to stir again, but they were not quite sure what to do.

Should they continue to fight with Ye Lu?

It looked like they couldn’t beat this guy even if they kept fighting. If they didn’t fight, would that Brother Pao promise them?

Just as everyone was hesitating, Ye Lu spoke.

“Are you guys still stubborn? In fact, they didn’t want to let anyone go a long time ago, and all the people who went out before must have died, so this is the way to seek death that you guys are going!”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, many people’s hearts were moved.

In fact, everyone was not stupid, some of them had also thought of this, only, in their opinion, there was no use even if they thought of it, because they felt that in front of Brother Pao and his absolutely powerful force, whatever they did would be pale and powerless, and doing what Brother Pao said might still have a one-in-a-million hope.

However, they didn’t expect that Ye Lu was just as hard a bone to gnaw.

“Hehe, not bad, not bad.”

At this time, Brother Pao suddenly looked at Ye Luo and the crowd and spoke.

“I didn’t expect you kid to be good, so many people can’t even help you, I’ve had my eyes opened today.”

To be honest, Ye Luo’s performance really impressed Brother Pao a bit, this was too strong, and Brother Pao was also a person who liked brutal force, the bloodiness Ye Luo showed made him feel a bit hot and boiling too, however, boiling was boiling, people still had to get killed.

So, he took a few steps forward and said.

“In fact, Ye Lu is right, you have all been destined to die a long time ago, and as for those who left, I will let you meet them here.”

After saying that, he clapped his hands twice.

A pa*sage once again flashed open in the “Black Wind Ants”, and two other people from the Beast Alliance walked over with smiles, followed by many demonic beasts, which also looked somewhat like leopards, but, unlike the “Flaming Red Fire Leopard”, these leopards were white with blue patterns, and looked somewhat demonic.

“It’s a cloud leopard!”

A knowledgeable person looked at these leopards and said, among these leopards, the one in the lead had already reached the “first-rank upper grade”, which was equivalent to a human Huajin powerhouse, and its real combat power was probably close to that of a Xiantian expert.

Ye Lu looked at the information of the Cloud Leopard.

“Name: Cloud Leopard, Rank: First Order Upper Grade, Origin: Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts, Characteristics: extremely fast, sharp teeth and claws, moves silently, has some ability to change colour and sneak around ……”

It was indeed a very powerful demonic beast, with such a demonic beast guarding the outside, it was no wonder that those who had left could not get away.

However, the most shocking thing to everyone was that in the mouths of those cloud leopards, each one had the head of one or two people in its mouth.

The body was gone, only a bloody human head, and the cloud leopards were slowly walking into the encirclement with their hair in their mouths, following the two Beast Alliance men in front of them.

Everyone present looked at each other in disbelief, the scene was too bloody.

“Good death! A good death!”

At this time, from one side of those captured women, someone shouted out loudly, followed by the sound of hahaha wild laughter.

“Hahahahaha, this ungrateful negative man is finally dead, finally dead, hahahahaha ……”

Following this, the other women all began to talk.

“Yes, God has opened his eyes!”

“He deserves to die, great, finally someone to bury with.”

“He Yong, you didn’t expect it, you have your day too!”


It seemed that the death of these negative men was somewhat of a great pleasure.

Seeing this scene, Brother Pao then laughed as he turned his head to look at the women, and then looked in the direction of the cave, before smiling and saying.

“Women, did you see that? These are your men, these soft men are completely unreliable, not only do they betray you, they also betray their rescuers, see, this is their faces, why don’t you follow us, all the men in our Beast Alliance are tough guys, none of them are wimps.”

When Brother Pao finished, Ye Luo then looked at him and then at the people of the Beast Alliance and said indifferently.

“They won’t be happy following you guys either.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, that patterned face then skimmed his mouth and said.

“What the hell are you talking about? Why wouldn’t I be happy if I followed Laozi, how could I not be S*xually happy when I’m strong and have a big body and a good life?”

For his part, Ye Lu looked at him and shook his head and said.

“Because, you are also taking nothing more than the path of seeking death, what is there to be happy about being a widow, you say?”