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Super School Student Chapter 133-134

Chapter 133

Brother Leopard looked at the woman, after being drenched by the rain, the woman’s figure was fully revealed, her front and back were so inviting, he patted the woman’s upturned buttocks and said with a smile.

“Very good, I’m satisfied, leave everything you have on you, let’s go!”

When he heard Brother Leopard say “let’s go”, the man immediately showed an ecstatic expression, then he directly took off his clothes and threw them on the ground, wearing only a pair of underwear and walked towards the side, because on that side the black wind ants had already flashed a pa*sage, then the guy quickly disappeared in the woods behind the black wind ants.

Although the clouds were thick, the sky was very overcast and it was raining, the people in the cave still saw the scene.

The people in the cave were in an uproar.

Who wouldn’t want to be alive if they could!

And there were quite a few people who had brought their female companions with them, so immediately a number of people grabbed their girlfriends and rushed out of the cave. Jasmine tried to stop the people, however, many of them shouted loudly.

“That woman, can you save us? If you can’t save us, don’t meddle.”

The words left Jasmine a little helpless.

She looked at the Fiery Red Fire Panther, and then made way for it.

Because, without saying anything else, that one leopard was enough to bite everyone here, and it wouldn’t take much effort, which Jasmine knew very well.

Seeing that no one was in the way, several people immediately rushed closer to Brother Leopard.

“Brother, this is my woman, now she is yours.”

One guy looked at Brother Pao and said with a flattering face.

As a result, Brother Pao raised his hand and “bang!” A slap to his head blew his head off like a watermelon, and his body fell to the ground with a “thud!” The body fell to the ground with a loud thud.

A swarm of black wind ants rushed up and started to bite.

Seeing this scene, the others who were walking towards Brother Pao’s side all stopped dead in their tracks.

Then, everyone heard Brother Pao spit and said.

“Bah! This P***y is so poorly presented that it stains my eyes, save it for the bunch of losers in the League.”

With those words, he waved his hand at the woman, signalling her to stand aside.

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo couldn’t help but frown, the information showed that this Brother Pao was lustful and cruel, killing people like heck, now it seemed to be more than that.

During the time when everyone was frozen and didn’t know what to do, the swarm of “Black Wind Ants” had already eaten up the guy who had just been shot to death, not even a single bone was left, this is really a good tool to destroy corpses!

Seeing a man disappear like that, the crowd also drew in a breath of cold air.

Many of those who had already run out of the cave hesitated again.

What if their woman was not satisfied with the other side, wouldn’t that be a dead end.

“Oh, why be shy now that you’ve all come out, come over here.”

Brother Leopard looked at the crowd and said with a smile.

As he spoke, the other two demonic beasts with flowery faces and big beards then quickly took a few steps forward, with the attitude that they would get you all killed if they dared to go back.

These two demonic beasts, one is a huge python with a crown, the other is a small, dark beast, can not be named, but from the size and movement, should be quite fast demonic beast.

Now the crowd was at a loss as to what to do.

“If you don’t come over, you’ll regret it when I pa*s.”

Brother Leopard said with a smile, and then gave the man with the flower pattern a look, and the black demonic beast was like black lightning. The black demonic beast leapt up to the top of a man’s head and then “clicked!” It crushed his head with a bite.

The human skull was quite hard, but in front of this guy it was like a paper mache, it didn’t take any effort at all.

The woman next to him ran to Ye Lu’s side with a scared mama’s cry, as she felt safer just being by Ye Lu’s side too.

Ye Lu didn’t say anything, gesturing for her to stand behind him while a large group of Black Wind Ants once again crawled over and cleaned up the corpse.

“You guys, what are you going to do, my patience is limited.”

Brother Pao said with a smile as he looked at the other guys who had rushed out with the women.

These guys were obviously already regretting it, but there was no choice but to walk over to them.

“Well, you’re good, let’s go.”

“You, go to hell!”


Brother Leopard decided a man’s life and death very casually, while the pretty guy of his girlfriend, with an ecstatic expression quickly ran into the woods.

Their women, on the other hand, all stood to one side.

The people in the cave didn’t know what they should do when they saw this scene, because the rest of these guys basically came on their own, because this was a puja and not something fun, and most of them wouldn’t think of bringing women.

At this time, Brother Leopard once again smiled and looked at the people from the Xuan Tian Clan and said.

“You few seem to know how to set up some really B*tchy formation right, so I’ll give you a chance to use that B*tchy formation of yours to take care of him, take care of him and I’ll let you go too.”

With those words he pointed at Ye Luo.

This time the people of the Xuan Tian Clan began to hesitate, just now it was Ye Lu who had saved their lives by killing that Lion Scorpion Beast, and now they were asked to use the sword formation to kill Ye Lu, this was a bit too much for them to accept.

However, just as they were hesitating, the extremely fast black demonic beast was already walking slowly towards the Xuan Tian Clan’s crowd.

Everyone had just seen the scene where the black demonic beast had bitten a man’s head, and the speed of this beast was faster than the “one-horned lion-scorpion beast” before.

The black beast was even more difficult to deal with now that there were two more injured people.


This demonic beast crouched down its head once it reached near the Xuantian Clan’s people, its black fur rising, clearly ready to attack.

At this time, Qing Yangzi of the Xuantian Clan suddenly spoke.

He quickly raised his hand and said.

“Our Xuantian Clan’s sword formation is no match for him.”

Hearing these words, Ye Luo’s eyes narrowed as he was about to step in to block the demonic beast, he obviously didn’t expect the people from the Xuan Tian Clan to change their mind so quickly either, Qing Yangzi’s meaning was already clear, it wasn’t that they didn’t want to kill Ye Luo, but that they couldn’t do it.

When they heard the words of these people from the Xuan Tian Clan, everyone else looked at Ye Lu.

They found that Ye Luo didn’t react much, just stood quietly in the rain, as if none of this was his business.

And Brother Pao continued.

“This doesn’t matter, because you are not the only ‘famous sects’ here, right? The disciples of the Wuji Sect.”

With those words, he turned his head to look at the crowd of the Wuji Clan.

At the same time, the black demonic beast also turned towards the crowd of the Wuji Clan.

Daoist Dan Yun, the leader of the Wuji Clan, did not say anything, but his eyebrows had knitted together, and it was obvious that his heart was actually unusually torn.

He looked at Ye Lu, then at Brother Leopard, and then at the black demonic beast caught in deep thought.

The situation was obvious now, Ye Lu was indeed very strong, with the support of the Pill Alliance, becoming the master of the Pill Alliance’s Master Mo Lian, and selling a big favor to the mysterious “Yun Lu Palace” Palace Master, coupled with Ye Lu’s amazing medical skills and strength to challenge beyond the level, he knew very well that Ye Lu’s future was definitely unlimited.

This was also the reason why the Wuji Clan wanted to accept Ye Lu into the clan.

However, from the current situation, even if Ye Lu was strong, even if he could kill the Lion Scorpion Beast, there was no way he could beat Brother Leopard and the others, not to mention that the leopard-shaped demon beast alone was enough to sweep everyone away.

Moreover, he had seen how cruel Brother Leopard was, and he had seen how those people had just left, so at least it was true that they could leave everything they had with them and let them go.

Although Brother Pao hadn’t explicitly said it yet, his meaning was already clear, that he wanted them, the people of the Wuji Clan, to join the Xuantian Clan’s in dealing with Ye Lu.

Sure enough, after giving him a little time to think, Brother Leopard smiled and said.

“All of you from the Wuji Clan, make a decision, do you want to die or take that brat down together, I’ll give you five seconds to think about it.”




When he said “one”, the black demonic beast had already struck like a lightning bolt.


At the same time, Daoist Dan Yun had already shouted out.

“We agree to deal with Ye Lu together.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he saw the black demonic beast grinning at him over the shoulder of one of his junior brothers.


Chapter 134

When he heard Daoist Master Dan Yun’s words, Brother Pao smiled.

He looked at Daoist Master Dan Yun and said with a smile.

“Good, I’ve seen the face of the famous sects, so how about this, before you act, you guys shout a slogan to strengthen your voice, just shout ‘the famous sects are just rubbish’, better shout it neatly, otherwise I can’t guarantee that ‘Sable I can’t guarantee that ‘Sable’ won’t do anything to you.”

As a result, to people’s dismay, the people from the two sects actually shouted.

“The famous sects are nothing but rubbish.”

“Famous sects are nothing but rubbish.”


Following that, the crowd surrounded Ye Luo in the middle carrying long swords, and they were all fierce and fierce, as if everyone had transferred their hatred to Ye Luo’s body.

“Sisters, go!”

Jasmine waved the long sword in her hand and gave the order, but Ye Lu waved his hand, indicating that they didn’t need to do anything, and then he took off his wet shirt, revealing his well-proportioned muscles, and then smiled at Qing Yangzi and the others with his dagger and said.

“Seems like you guys have forgotten who just saved you.”

Qing Yangzi, however, looked at the bare-chested Ye Lu and said.

“Save a man to the end and send the Buddha to the west, you can save us once more.”

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“I am saving you all, but unfortunately you are seeking your own death, come on, let me show you that that messy sword formation of yours is no Sh*t at all.”

With those words, Ye Lu charged up with a swing of his dagger.

“However, the moment the long sword in Qing’s hand clashed with the arrow of Ye Lu’s “Sunset Arrow”, the long sword was actually broken with a “click!” It was broken with a click.

He stumbled and fell forward, and was shocked beyond words, because the weapon he was holding was still a “magic weapon”, even though it was not of high grade, it was not so fragile.

“What the hell is that thing he’s holding?”

Just as Qing was wondering, Ye Lu had already slashed him on the back of the head. He fell to the ground in a heap.

Seeing this scene, Qing Yangzi’s heart was horrified.

He knew that Ye Lu was difficult to deal with, but he had never thought that it would be so difficult.

He remembered again that when he was at the mountain top, Ye Lu had also defeated the three of them in three moves.

“Just how strong is this kid?”

While he was horrified, Ye Lu had already scored again, this time he directly grabbed the opponent’s long sword with his gloved left hand, and then kicked the guy out, this time he added an aura attack, so he guessed that the kid would not be able to stand up for a while.

Two people disappeared from the “Big Dipper Seven Star Formation” at once, and the remaining people were in chaos.

The sword formation of the Wuji Clan was of the “all attack, all defence” type, not with fluttering steps, but with severe stances, with sword shadows flying like waves and then defending like a barrel of iron.

To be honest, this sword formation was indeed more of a headache for Ye Lu than the “Heavenly Dipper Seven Stars Sword Formation”.

However, Ye Lu soon saw the problem with this sword formation, that is, it consumed too much real qi, almost every move was an attack by all of them with all their strength, although such an attack was strong, it would not last.

Therefore, this time Ye Lu changed his stance first and started to move around in imitation of the Xuantian Sect’s sword formation.

Ye Lu took advantage of the situation and knocked him to the ground with a slap, followed by using his dagger to break another man’s long sword.

When a gap appeared in the formation, it was just like the Xuantian Sect’s “Heavenly Dipper Seven Stars Sword Formation”, everyone’s co-ordination was in disarray and some people started to be at a loss as to what to do.

This was Ye Lu’s chance, and he had already taken advantage of the opportunity to put down several more.

Seeing that both sides of the sword formation were finished, Qing Yangzi gritted his teeth and said.

“Daoist Master Dan Yun, let’s join forces, we might still have a chance to win.”

Daoist Master Dan Yun’s heart was also filled with surprise at this moment, he really didn’t expect that Ye Lu would be so terrifying, although he didn’t have any martial arts skills and his moves looked broken, Ye Lu’s body was really good and his speed was super fast.

Even more terrifying was the short weapon in Ye Lu’s hand, basically the long sword broke when it touched it.

Hearing Qing Yangzi’s words, Daoist Master Dan Yun nodded and said.

“Good, together, I don’t believe we can’t consume him.”

Just like that, the two clans that were originally full of grudges actually magically joined forces at this moment.

They then realized that it would be too difficult to directly finish off Ye Lu because Ye Lu was jumping up and down and moving so fast that it would be difficult for the attack to be effective, however, one person had a limited amount of both physical strength and energy, and fighting so many people in this heavy rain, one’s true qi would soon be depleted.

When that time came, Ye Lu faced a situation where he was at the mercy of others.

Therefore, after joining forces, the two clansmen instead did not rush to attack and strove to defend themselves.

At this moment, Brother Leopard and the others who were watching from the side were also shocked by the lightning-fast battle that had just taken place. Several people already knew from Wolf Green’s mouth that Ye Lu was not an ordinary person, but they were completely unprepared for the fact that he was so powerful.

Brother Leopard felt that it would be difficult for him to deal with the two sword formations at the same time as Ye Lu, but of course it would have been easy if he had let the “Flaming Red Fire Leopard” do it.

The sword formations of Qing Yangzi and the others were simply too weak to be dealt with in front of the “Flaming Red Fire Panther”.

The strongest point of the Beast Alliance was not their own attacks, but the demonic beasts they led, especially the “Fate Demonic Beasts”, which were also called “Fate Spiritual Beasts” because they had already connected with their master’s soul after they had made a contract.

“The difference between the “Original Spirit Beast” and other manipulated demon beasts is that it is difficult to manipulate demon beasts that are stronger than oneself unless one has extremely unbelievable magic skills, but the “Original Spirit Beast” does not have such limitations.

If you think about the power of demon beasts, a demon beast of the same level is almost a small realm higher than a human practitioner, so what is the concept of having a “native spirit beast” that is one realm higher than you.

To give a simple example, what would happen if a dark jin practitioner had a second-ranked demonic beast of the innate level as his “native spirit beast”? Then he would be almost invincible among Houtian martial artists.

Therefore, there is a saying among cultivators that one should never mess with the second generation of the Beast Alliance, as he might have a “native spirit beast” beside him that is so powerful that you will despair.

Therefore, Brother Leopard’s real combat power is actually calculated according to the level of the “Flaming Red Fire Leopard”.

“Wolf Green is right, that Ye Lu is really evil.”

The guy with the flower pattern on his face said with some emotion as he looked at Ye Lu.

“It looks like the people from these two clans combined aren’t his match!”

Brother Leopard also nodded with a gloomy face.

He looked at the sky, it was actually getting a little brighter now, and the rain had suddenly decreased quite a bit, he looked at Gushiki and Long Fei Xue in the cave again, and then took two steps forward.

Seeing Brother Pao move forward, Jasmine and the women of the Hundred Flowers Sect raised their long swords in their hands at the same time.

However, Brother Pao did not step forward, but looked at the people hiding in the cave and said in a loud voice.

“Men who want to live, I will give you a chance, if you come out and set this one called Ye Lu at ease and then hand over what you have on you, I will let you go.”

The people in the cave had just seen that many of those who had taken the women out had left, and many of them had long been red-eyed; compared to life, these magic weapons and money on their bodies were just floating clouds.

So, immediately, some people were tempted, but they didn’t see anyone acting, and no one wanted to be the first to go.

But, at this time, Brother Pao spoke again.

He smiled and said.

“My patience is also limited, as you can see, I just kill you all without leaving any clues, I still give you five seconds to come out and do it if you want to live man, otherwise next year’s day will be your sacrifice day.”




Hearing Pao’s words, the crowd no longer had any hesitation, everyone swarmed out, Jasmine and the others couldn’t stop them even if they wanted to, after all, they couldn’t go out and kill the crowd.

“You men are really too dependable, have you forgotten that if it wasn’t for the cave that Ye Lu found just now, you would have been dead long ago.”

Jasmine looked at the guys and yelled at the top of her lungs.

However, Ye Luo looked at Jasmine and the girls and smiled and said aloud.

“Jasmine, don’t interfere, just these goons, what do I have to fear when they come together!”