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Super School Student Chapter 127-128

Chapter 127

In everyone’s opinion, Ye Luo doing so was tantamount to committing death.

Although, everyone didn’t know what exactly Ye Lu’s cultivation level was, it was definitely not up to Xiantian, which was proven by the fact that Ye Lu would attend such a low-end puja, no Xiantian expert would be interested in coming to this place.

“But, so hardcore, I like it!”

“That’s right, so handsome!”



Those female cultivators who were watching were however all charmed by Ye Luo’s reply, only the Hundred Flower Sect, who were truly worried about Ye Luo’s safety, and Liu Qingshan and the others were really sweating for Ye Luo.

Most of the others were shaking their heads and sighing, or gloating, thinking that Ye Lu was definitely dead.

Hearing Ye Luo’s reply, Qing Yunzi’s face turned iron blue, he originally wanted to play hard to get, but he didn’t expect the other party to be so out of line, he raised his leg to go over, but a man beside him stopped him.

“Senior brother Qing Yun, it’s not worth using a bull’s-eye to kill a chicken, just let me clean him up.”

With those words, this fellow then looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“I will show you what it means to be powerful, in front of an innate expert, a mole like you, I will just smash you flat with one punch.”

After saying that, he then swung his fist and blasted at Ye Luo.

Ye Lu was staring at his guard, preparing to use his only martial skill to fight against the other party, but what he didn’t expect was that the other party actually wanted to match strength with himself, which saved him the trouble, so when he heard the other party’s words, he couldn’t help but be happy.

What Ye Luo was most unafraid of was comparing strength.


He shouted, then he poured his aura into his right hand and blasted out fiercely.


There was a loud sound, as if a shockwave rippled out from the two men’s colliding fists, and even the gra*s on the ground was blown and shaken.

However, the scene of Ye Lu being smashed flat did not appear, instead, the Daoist priest who rushed up to him flew backwards, he drew an arc in the air and then flipped violently, which only Kan stood firm, although the posture was beautiful, but slightly lame.

On the contrary, on Ye Lu’s side, he just took a step backwards and stood firmly.


The whole room was silent.

Everyone did not expect such a result, a Xiantian expert was blown away like this, this scene was too shocking.

The guy who had been blown away also had a puzzled look on his face.

He really did not feel Innate True Qi in the other party’s body, but the other party’s power was indeed too great, even though he was already an Innate Being, he was actually still blown away by the other party, he was already completely dumbfounded.

Equally dumbfounded was Qingyunzi, who looked blankly at the scene before him, this was a naked punch in the face! Of course, the shock in his heart was even greater than this face-punching sensation.

What kind of monster could do this? He couldn’t figure it out.

“Kid, you seek death!”

The guy who had been blown away by Ye Lu pulled out the long sword behind him in annoyance, following the flow of true air on the sword, it looked like he wanted to use his blade.

However, just at this time, another voice abruptly sounded out.

“Stop it all, this Ye Lu is someone that our ‘Pill Alliance’ has taken a fancy to, anyone who dares to go against him is going against our Pill Alliance.”

Following that, an old man and a woman appeared at the same time.

The old man Ye Lu knew was none other than the city’s divine doctor Hua Lao, while the other woman was dressed quite hotly, in a black dress made of unknown leather, with high heeled boots and a whip in her hand, reminding Ye Lu of a queen in a small movie, but looking at her deliberate aura, she was also an innate expert without a doubt.

When they heard the word “Pill Alliance”, everyone looked at these two people respectfully, even the people from the Wuji Clan and Xuantian Clan, it seemed that the status of the “Pill Alliance” was quite high.

Ye Luo did not know that among these sects, the “Pill Alliance” was the one that was most closely related to everyone, and the one that was most indispensable to everyone, as they were not only responsible for providing all kinds of medicine and services, but also for refining pills and supplying them to various sects and clans, so they were undoubtedly one of the most unoffendable forces.

Seeing that people from the Pill Alliance had also come to rob Ye Lu, those from the Wuji Clan were not calm, because they understood that they were definitely unable to rob those from the Pill Alliance.

“Is he the one who cured you?”

Even though Elder Hua had told her many times, Master Mo Lian, who was dressed in black, still had some disbelief, as Ye Lu did look a little too young.

However, other than that, Ye Lu’s courage alone to single-handedly fight a strong man from the Xuantian Sect and directly fight off a Xiantian expert was worth her Mo Lian’s acceptance of this disciple.

“Greetings, Master Mo Lian!”

Seeing Mo Lian appear, even Qing Yunzi gave a respectful salute, firstly because the Pill Alliance could not be offended, and secondly because Master Mo Lian was really much more powerful than him, all of them together were no match for Master Mo Lian, moreover, Master Mo Lian was not very good-tempered and temperamental, if she P*ssed her off, she did not care that much, the possibility of being directly whipped to death was very high.

What’s more, even if he was whipped to death, there was basically no place to talk about it, and the clan would not anger Master Mo Lian with his death.

In response to Qing Yunzi’s greeting, Master Mo Lian didn’t even move his eyelids, he just said coldly.

“I don’t want to repeat what I just said a second time, you, and you guys.”

She pointed at the people of the Wuji Clan again and said.

“All of you hurry up and disappear, if you dare to mess with my disciple again in the future, uh, by the way, what’s your name again?”

Master Mo Lian looked at Ye Luo and asked.

Ye Luo had a black line, he had already called himself his disciple and still asked what his name was, did this master grow a heart or not!

He smiled and said.

“My name is Ye Luo.”

Master Mo Lian then said with a slap of his long legs.

“Yes, if you dare to mess with my disciple Ye Luo again, I will tell you to get lost.

When they heard Master Mo Lian say “go”, the two clansmen immediately turned around and ran away without looking back.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu smiled, he didn’t expect the matter to be settled so easily, and all the backtracks he had prepared were not used.

Ye Lu was not a fool, of course he would not blindly fight with Qing Yunzi of the Xuan Tian Clan, he had already prepared for the “ghost bats” to come out, if not, he would let the birds bite them to death.

Those “ghost bats” were even afraid of ghosts, and they ate Old Lady Compa*s and her female disciple with ease.

“Master Mo Lian, thank you for your help, and thank you, Elder Hua.”

Ye Luo looked at Master Mo Lian and Elder Hua and said respectfully.

Seeing Ye Lu’s handsome and obedient appearance, the more she looked at him, the more she liked him, and she looked at him and said with a smile.

“Good talk, good talk, then good disciple, come back to the mountain with me.”

This time it was Ye Lu’s turn to be depressed, where was this going, he hadn’t promised to take on a disciple, and then he had to take himself into the mountain, into which mountain?

So, Ye Luo looked at Master Mo Lian and said respectfully.

“Master Mo Lian, I have no problem and am honoured to be your disciple, but can I just hang out my name, I still have to study at university and have a lot of things to do.”

As a result, Master Mo Lian glared and said.

“You don’t need to study for university if you follow me, don’t worry, being my disciple is definitely better than you studying for university, plenty of female cultivators with big breasts, thin waists and long legs to sleep with until your legs go weak.”

Hearing Master Mo Lian’s words, Ye Lu almost didn’t get down, was this something a female master should say, Ye Lu heard people around him already laughing out loud.

However, to be honest, she liked this character of Master Mo Lian.

The first thing that happened was that she didn’t wait for Ye Luo to say yes, and Master Mo Lian was already striding over and ready to grab Ye Luo away.

For his part, Ye Luo said somewhat helplessly.

“Time to show yourself, right?”

Following that, a figure appeared beside him from flying.

“Palace Master!”

“It’s the Palace Master of the ‘Yun Lu Palace’.”

The crowd looked at the person who had appeared with some surprise, and it was the female Palace Master of the ‘Yunluo Palace’.

After she came out, she looked at Master Mo Lian and said with a smile.

“Master Mo Lian, for my sake, can you let Ye Lu go? After all, ‘a melon twisted by force is not sweet’, don’t you think so?”

“Why would the master of Yunlu Palace come out to help? In fact, this was one of Ye Lu’s tricks, after he decided to follow Xuan Daoist out, he started to contact the Palace Master of Yun Lu Palace through his gla*ses and negotiated a price, of course, the reward was the “Marrow Cleansing Pill”, of course, the Palace Master of Yun Lu Palace was also very willing to accept this The Cloud Lu Palace Master was of course willing to accept this sale, so she was actually watching over Ye Lu all along, and this is what emboldened Ye Lu to be willing to do.

The “Yunluo Palace” Palace Master’s appearance did make it a little difficult for Master Mo Lian, she looked at the Yunluo Palace Master for a long time, and finally shook her head and said.

“By the way, I do have to give you face, but I like this young man too much, so I still have to take him away.”

Master Mo Lian spoke firmly, and hearing her words, Master Yun Lu Palace also smiled and clenched his fist, it looked like a dragon fight was inevitable.

Those watching were also holding their breath, a battle of this level was not something that could be seen easily.

However, at this time, Ye Lu suddenly sighed and said.

“Master Mo Lian, would you believe me if I said that you don’t actually have anything to teach me?”


Chapter 128

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, everyone froze, including the Palace Master of Yun Lu Palace.

There were not many people who dared to talk to Master Mo Lian like that, and with Master Mo Lian’s temper, it would be easy to get smacked to death for talking to her like that.

However, this time, Grandmaster Mo Lian did not get angry, she looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Good, not a small mouth, I like it, do you know why I didn’t take this one as my disciple?”

She pointed at Grandmaster Hua and said.

“Scowling, shy, like a P***y, I get annoyed when I look at him.”

Being commented on by Master Mo Lian like that, Hua Lao had to hem and haw.

Master Mo Lian then looked at Ye Lu and continued.

“Fine, since you said so, then I will let you be my disciple with a conviction.”

After saying that, she then glanced towards the surrounding crowd and said.

“Just that kid, tell me what ails him and then can you cure him, yes, that’s you, come here for me.”

The guy designated by him certainly didn’t dare to resist and obediently walked over, then stood in front of Ye Luo and Master Mo Lian.

Ye Luo looked at this guy and smiled, saying.

“This is very simple, he is unable to cultivate because he accidentally injured his meridians while cultivating, resulting in damage to the Hand Tai Yin Meridian among the twelve meridians, so now both arms are unable to generate power and he can only help in the back kitchen, right?”

Ye Lu’s words took this guy and also Master Mo Lian by surprise, to be able to see the problem with the meridians with such a simple glance was already surprising, to also be able to see that he was working in the back kitchen was a bit unbelievable.

The guy nodded with his eyes glowing a little and said.

“Yes, indeed, I was originally an outstanding disciple of the family as well, because of this incident, I have been the laughing stock of my family for many years, could it be that Grandmaster can cure it?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course, this isn’t difficult.”

As he said that, he walked to this guy’s side, raised his hand and tapped on the “Zhongfu” point on both of his arms, then tapped along the “Yunmen”, “Tianfu”, “Man Bai” …… to the “Shaoshang” point on his thumb, and then said with a smile.

“Try it and see if the meridians have opened up?”

The guy immediately tested it, and then showed an ecstatic expression, because the meridians really did pa*s through, after the meridians pa*s through, not to mention other things, at least he can be as normal as normal people can generate strength, and he is a cultivator at any rate, strength is far greater than normal people, this age is not very realistic cultivation, but as a bodyguard and so on is more than enough.

After that, this guy gave a deep bow to Ye Lu and said.

“Thank you for saving me, but I don’t have any money, even if I have to be a cow or a horse, I still have to repay the master.”

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“Don’t take it to heart, it’s just a hand up.”

After saying that, he then turned his head to look at Master Mo Lian and said.

“Master, is this diagnosis and treatment of mine still okay?”

Master Mo Lian was a straightforward person, she looked at Ye Lu and nodded her head and said.

“Good quite okay, not bad, so quick to see the illness and also so quick to unblock the meridians, looks like you really have two brilliance, I admit, I’ve been a bit off, however, you said I have nothing to teach you, still makes me upset, how about this, we’ll have a competition on the spot, if you win, I’ll take you as my master, if I win, you’ll come back to the mountain with me. How’s that?”

Ye Lu didn’t dare to be arrogant and agree directly, he thought about it and said.

“Master Mo Lian, you have been practicing medicine for many years, you have a lot of experience, I’d better listen to you tell me how the competition is, then I’ll decide whether I should say yes to you, I can cure diseases, but my theoretical knowledge is not very good.”

In fact, Ye Lu was no longer worried about reciting the “Tang Tau Song” or anything else, after all, he had his gla*ses, so he could just turn on the search function and read all the articles in the field of vision of his gla*ses.

His headache was that if he was asked something like pathology, it would be too late for him to learn it now, as he needed to combine all kinds of knowledge.

As a result, Master Mo Lian smiled and said.

“It’s actually very simple, we each find a patient to treat each other, and whoever treats them quickly and well will be considered the winner.”

This method was indeed fair and simple, and Ye Lu found that this Master Mo Lian was indeed very much to his temper, and he also liked straightforward matches.

So, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“A very fair and reasonable method of competition, then it is better for you to pick the people first, and everyone help to time them.”

Ye Luo said to the more and more people gathered around to watch the fun.

Now, even those who were exchanging magic weapons in the “Yunlu Palace” had come out, this was much more fun than exchanging magic weapons.

Ye Lu saw that Gu Shiqi and Long Feixue were also watching the crowd, and when she saw Ye Lu see them, Gu Shiqi raised her hands and gave him a thumbs up to cheer him on.

Ye Luo, in turn, replied to her with a very second hand gesture of victory.

The crowd, meanwhile, began to talk.

“Guess who Master Mo Lian will pick?”

“I feel like you’re a good candidate, don’t you dare say you’re not sick?”

“Stop it, I’ll be fine with this cold with some cold capsules.”


While everyone was looking left and right and guessing who was sick and whose illness was more difficult to cure, Master Mo Lian smiled and pointed to the palace master of “Yun Lu Palace” and said.

“My designated patient is her, take a look at what ails her and treat her.”

When they heard that the patient designated by Master Mo Lian was actually the Palace Master of Yunlu Palace, everyone was stunned.

Seeing that Mo Lian had actually appointed himself, the Master of Yunlu Palace frowned.

He looked at Master Mo Lian with some displeasure and said.

“You and your master brothers have no way to treat my problem, yet you let such a teenager treat it, Mo Lian you’re going a bit too far, aren’t you?”

Master Mo Lian then smiled and said.

“What’s excessive about that, it’s not like I said this patient must be able to be treated by me, right? Ye Lu can find someone he can’t cure, too.”

Hearing Master Mo Lian’s sopH*moric reasoning, Master Yun Lu Palace actually didn’t know how he should refute it.

At this time, Ye Luo, however, said with a smile.

“Yes, Master Mo Lian is right, as long as the conditions are the same for everyone, then it is fair, losing can only be considered as less skillful, but, unfortunately, I am afraid that you will be disappointed, Lord Mo Lian, I can cure the Palace Master’s illness.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Master Mo Lian, who originally had a smile on his face, the smile on his face suddenly froze as if he was petrified, while the Yun Lu Palace Master, who was originally frowning, her pupils dilated violently, while unconsciously opening her mouth wide, as she somewhat couldn’t believe Ye Lu’s words.

“You can cure it?”

Master Mo Lian and Yun Lu Palace Master asked as they looked at Ye Lu almost simultaneously.

The people around them were also in an uproar, a disease that an expert like Master Mo Lian was unable to cure, this Ye Lu could actually cure it, was there any mistake?

Ye Lu smiled and nodded his head and said.

“Yes, I can cure it, get ready to start the timing, Lord Palace Master, next you need to untie your clothes to reveal the vicinity of your belly button and the distance of about half a foot below it.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the Yun Lu Palace Master’s brow furrowed once again.

Although there were already a lot of navel-less dresses on the streets now, she was a very traditional person, and revealing her navel and belly in front of so many people, she asked herself that she couldn’t do it.

Seeing the expression on the Yun Lu Palace Master’s face, Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“How about this, Fairy Jasmine, you guys go and tear down a tent and use the cloth from above to put a circle around here to avoid the Palace Master from getting naked.”

Immediately, Jasmine and the others found something and surrounded Ye Lu, Palace Master Yunlu and Master Mo Lian in the middle, while the people around them began to look at the tent with their heads and eyes, but they could only see the thick cloth of the tent, and the situation inside was completely invisible.

The Yunlu Palace Master gritted his teeth and finally unbuckled the waistband of his daoist robe, revealing his navel and flat belly.

“Lord Palace Master’s illness is congenital, right, the dantian is congenitally defective, so it causes the cultivation to reach its limit and stagnate, right?”

Ye Lu said as he reached out and pressed his hands on Yunlu Palace Master’s “Moisture”, “Shen Que”, “Yin Jiao”, “Dan Tian”, “Shi Men”, “Stop Diarrhea” and “Guan Yuan” points respectively.

The aura slowly entered the body of the Master of Yunlu Palace.

This treatment was to create the missing part of the Yunlu Palace Master’s dantian, which was unimaginably difficult, and the consumption was also the same.


As the spirit energy continued to seep in, the spirit stone in Ye Lu’s left hand was also slowly disappearing. This treatment lasted for a long time, Ye Lu used two spirit stones to repair the Dantian of Yunlu Palace Master.

“This …… this …… this …… this ……”

After the treatment, the Yunlu Palace Master said “this” three times in a row but didn’t say any more, because no one knew better than herself what it meant.

And Ye Lu wiped his sweat and said.

“It’s my turn to find someone who is sick next.”