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Super School Student Chapter 125-126

Chapter 125

Daoist Master Daxuan did not expect Ye Lu to be so domineering, and in this moment, he suddenly felt that he, who was scheming and sneaky, was instead more like an evil cultivator, while Ye Lu looked as mighty and domineering as he did that night.

So he glanced at Ye Luo, then turned his head and walked outside.

According to the introduction, the “Candle Dragon” was a terrifying demonic beast from ancient times, also known as Candle Nine Yin, whose eyes were said to open for day and close for night, and whose inhale was for winter and exhale for summer.

Since this martial art dared to take the name of Candle Dragon, I guess it must be terrifying and unusual.

He had a feeling that Ye Lu was not at the level of a strong practitioner, so it would be difficult to deal with him, because the difference between the peak of Dark Energy and a strong practitioner of Chemical Energy was very obvious.

In front of the outgoing true qi of a Huajin master, it was very difficult for the dark jin to penetrate, and even if it broke the defence, the remaining power would be much less, although the three were all cultivators of the latter day, the gap between them was clear and distinct, and it was extremely difficult to cross over.

The two men left the Yunluo Palace and arrived at a wooded area, where Daoist Master Yu Qing and several middle-aged and young Daoist masters, a dozen people, were waiting quietly.

“I thought it was some kind of three-headed, six-armed figure, but it looks so ordinary.”

Seeing Ye Luo walking over, Qing Yangzi then looked at Ye Luo and said indifferently, he really didn’t put Ye Luo in his eyes, after all, such a small place, cultivation resources were too few, cultivators of the Realm of Transformation were rare, and Ye Luo was so young, it was unlikely that he would have any too high cultivation level.

Moreover, before coming here, Daoist Master He Chuan had also said that Ye Lu did not have true qi outwardly, except that Ye Lu’s dark energy seemed to be odd, different from normal people, and with great strength.

However, all this was nothing in Qing Yangzi’s eyes.

As one’s cultivation level increased, one’s body was strengthened and transformed with each realm of advancement. Although one would not directly transform one’s qi and blood after pa*sing Ming Jin, the effect of body strengthening made the strength of a Dark Jin strong person far exceed that of a Ming Jin strong person, and the strength of a Transformation Jin strong person was even greater.

“I wonder if you Dao masters are looking for me for something?”

Ye Luo looked at the dozen people and asked with a smile.

The only Daoist he had offended was the one called Dust, who was brought by the Zhang family, but Ye Lu did not know his details too well, he only knew from the information that he was a Daoist from the Xuan Tian Clan, and these guys in front of him were also from the same clan, so they were probably here to help Dust and Zhang Tian seek revenge.

In response to Ye Lu’s words, Qing Yangzi said indifferently.

“You’re not qualified to talk to me yet, Daoist De-Ran you go and scrap his cultivation first.”

The Daoist priest who was known as Dairan smiled when he heard the order and walked towards Ye Lu, at the same time, his hands were already covered with a faint true qi, he was obviously a strong practitioner of Huajin.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu’s eyes narrowed, and he was happy to see that he needed an expert to test his combat power.

There was a large, flawed spirit stone in the pestle and mortar, and Ye Lu felt that if he absorbed the stone, the spirit energy in his body would change, so he might as well start with that.

When he saw Ye Lu take out the Demon Subduing Pestle, Daoist Master He Ran smiled.

He wasn’t worried even if a dark jin powerhouse used an ordinary magic weapon, not to mention that the Demon Subduing Pestle in Ye Lu’s hand didn’t feel like a high grade item.


Following that, the Demon Subduing Pestle suddenly lit up.

This did startle Daoist Master Xie Ran, as the fact that it could emit such a bright light with the infusion of dark energy probably meant that the grade of the magic weapon was not low, however, he did not know that this was actually due to Ye Lu’s spirit stone being absorbed too quickly.

Because, the spiritual energy in Ye Lu’s body was in a period of change and was unusually thirsty, with this opportunity to absorb it, it certainly wouldn’t let go, “Brush!” It absorbed all the spirit stone in one go, and following that, Ye Lu felt that the spirit energy in his body had changed from the original one to two, although the other one was a bit small, it could be clearly felt, and his power had also increased at the same time.


Feeling the change in his aura, Ye Lu threw the demon subduing mortar and pestle to the ground, he originally had no plans to use this weapon.

“Come on!”

He hooked his hand towards Daoist Master Zharan with a look of anticipation.

For his part, Daoist Da Ran was dumbfounded, the weapon was taken out and then dropped on the ground, what the hell was all this routine? He felt a bit confused by Ye Lu, but he once again strengthened the true qi in his hands and then charged forward, as he felt there was no reason to be afraid of a low ranked practitioner like Ye Lu.


A loud sound sounded, and then, like a kite, he was sent flying, drawing a beautiful arc in the air and landing in the gra*s with a thud.

“Cut! It’s not worth a blow!”

Ye Lu shook his fist.

Everyone looked at this scene with some petrification, this was too formidable.

“No wonder he was able to knock that Beast Alliance’s Wolf Green into the lake, what a strange power!”

Even Qing Yangzi was shocked by Ye Lu’s power, he could tell that Ye Lu really didn’t know how to exert his true qi, but the power of this punch dislike was too fierce.

“It really doesn’t look like a hard fight will work.”

He muttered secretly, and followed it up with a look that signalled for another person to go on.

This guy was one of their Daoist priests from the Qing generation, and was considerably stronger than Daoist Master Zhuran in both cultivation and experience.

The designated Daoist did not dare to be arrogant, he quickly drew out a short sword, followed by the light on the short sword lighting up, there was an inch long sword aura emanating from the sword, obviously also a good magic weapon.

“Seek death!”

He said and charged up with a swing of his sword.

For his part, Daoist Master Daochen was sweating for Ye Lu, Ye Lu was indeed strong, but he was after all flesh and blood, without true qi to protect his body, he would either die or be injured if he was cut by this sword.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Ye Lu did not dodge, his left hand darted out and grabbed the sword, followed by his right fist which hit the Daoist priest’s chest.

This Daoist priest had poured all of his true qi into the short sword in his hand, and when he saw Ye Lu’s fist dislike coming, it was already too late to use his true qi to defend.


This time he flew straight out and crashed into the trunk of a large tree, his eyes went black and he fainted with blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

“Cut! It’s not worth a single blow!”

Ye Lu clenched his fist once again and said.

At the same time, everyone could see that at some point, Ye Lu’s left hand was covered with a white glove, which he had just used to directly grab the short sword.

Seeing that both of them were sent flying by Ye Lu’s blow, Qing Yangzi was really a bit unnerved, he didn’t expect Ye Lu to be so difficult to deal with, he frowned and walked up to Ye Lu’s front and said.

“As expected of an evil cultivator, you really surprised me, today I’ll let you see the power of the Xuan Tian Clan’s ‘Candle Dragon Finger’.”

As he said that, he extended his right index finger, his finger lit up as he extended it, a flickering cyclone appeared at the tip of the finger, followed by a finger aura extending out from the finger tip just like a short sword.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu understood that the other party should not be practicing this simplified version of the “Candle Dragon Finger”, the version he had just practiced was not so complicated.

Seeing that Qingyangzi had come up with his ultimate move, Daoist Master Hua Qing and the others were all relieved.

“Good, then let’s dislike the finger and see.”

Ye Lu also extended his right index finger and looked at Qing Yangzi with a smile.

Seeing that Ye Lu actually did not use gloves but wanted to dislike his finger, Qingyang Zi could not help but laugh, he had seen arrogant people, but he had never seen such arrogant people.

“Hehehe! Since you want death so badly, then don’t blame me.”

With those words, Qingyangzi struck out like lightning, poking a finger towards Ye Lu’s eyebrow, and Ye Lu struck out similarly, disliking Qingyangzi’s finger afterwards.


There was another loud bang, and Qing Yangzi started to retreat with a stomp, taking seven steps back before falling to the ground with a thud.

He felt that not only his fingers but also his whole arm was painfully numb and he could no longer lift it.

“This …… this ……”

He looked at Ye Lu in disbelief, because he felt that the martial art Ye Lu was using was very much like a simplified version of the “Candle Dragon Finger” used by the clan for Dark Jin powerhouses, but he was not sure, because the simplified version of the “Candle Dragon Finger” was not so terrifying.

“Cut! It’s not worth a single blow!”

Ye Lu waved his finger back and forth and looked at Qing Yangzi with a smile.

Although the strike just now had cost him a lot of aura, the effect was really good.

“Martial skills are really good!”

Ye Luo muttered with some emotion, he was very satisfied with this finger and was looking forward to opening his “martial skill ability” more and more in his heart.

“Go on, do him together, use the sword formation.”

Seeing this scene, Daoist Master Hua Qing at the side suddenly drew his long sword and said coldly.


Chapter 126

When they heard the words of Daoist Master Qing, the crowd reacted with a start, and they all pulled out their weapons.

One’s true qi was limited, even though Ye Lu was a demon, he had fought three people in a row, especially after disliking Qing Yangzi’s “Candle Dragon Finger”, he must have consumed a lot, now was a good opportunity to kill him.

“Don’t do it the hard way, grind him to death and use the ‘Seven Star Sword Formation’.”

Although he was young, Da Qing was extremely resourceful, he could already tell that Ye Lu should not have undergone systematic training in martial arts and kung fu, he should be strong in disliking him hard, but his stances would probably be inferior.

Seeing these Daoist priests draw out their long swords and start to move in a dazzling manner, Ye Lu smiled and then put the other one of the “Ice and Fire Gloves” on his hand as well.

He wasn’t really afraid of these messy bird sword formations, because he really wasn’t good at the moves, but he was confident that he was fast enough.

However, without waiting for him to strike, a voice said coldly.

“So many people bullying a Dark Energy practitioner, is your ‘Xuan Tian Clan’ already this unbearable?”

Following that, Ye Lu watched as another group of people in Daoist robes appeared, one of them was none other than Qing Songzi, who had once participated in a treasure hunt with himself before.

Next to these people was Principal Liu Qingshan who had a smile on his face.

Seeing that Ye Luo was looking at him, Principal Liu Qingshan nodded with a smile towards Ye Luo.

“It’s none of your Wuji Clan’s business what our Xuantian Clan does, so mind your own business.”

Seeing the Wuji Clan’s people appear, Qingyangzi said coldly as he rose from the ground.

Seeing Qing Yangzi and the other two guys who had fallen to the ground, Qing Songzi and the others froze, they were somewhat confused as to what had happened.

“Ye Lu, this …… is all your fight?”

Qing Songzi asked as he swallowed his saliva.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Thanks to Daoist Master Qing Songzi for coming to my aid, I originally thought how powerful the ‘Xuan Tian Clan’ was, but I didn’t expect that there would be no one who could even connect with a single move of mine, hehe, it was really unbearable!”

With those words, Ye Lu then shook his head and sighed.

However, what surprised Qing Songzi and the rest of them was that not a single person from the Xuan Tian Clan actually made a sound to refute, the Xuan Tian Clan’s arrogance and domineering Qing Songzi was very clear, since none of these arrogant guys refuted, it meant that what Ye Lu said should be true.

“How is this possible?”

Daoist Master Dan Yun, who was leading the group next to Qing Songzi, was somewhat in disbelief at the scene in front of him; both Qing Songzi and Liu Qingshan had indeed said that Ye Lu might be an unusual person, but he had not expected it to be so unusual.

He suddenly felt that he was a bit funny at that time, and actually despised and looked down on Ye Lu at the beginning.

However, this scene increased Daoist Master Dan Yun’s confidence in taking Ye Lu into the sect, and he looked at Qing Yangzi and said with a smile.

“Sorry, Qing Yangzi, this matter is really none of our business, because Ye Lu is our ‘Wuji Clan’s’ internal disciple, therefore, if you have a problem with him, you are having a problem with our ‘Wuji Clan’. ”

His words caused Ye Luo to freeze for a moment as well.

“Well the thing is that he’s been decided, did you ask my opinion?”

He muttered in his heart, but didn’t move his voice, he wanted to see how these two clans really tore each other apart.

Hearing Daoist Master Dan Yun’s words and looking at the people Daoist Master Dan Yun was leading, Qingyang Zi then backed off a little, the other side was not weaker than his own side, while his own side had just been injured by Ye Luo with three people, including himself, really fighting his side would definitely be at a disadvantage.

So, he gave Daoist Dan Yun a glance, then turned to Dui Qing and the others beside him and said.

“Let’s go, let’s go back to the puja first.”

However, just as Qing Yangzi was conceding, another voice rang out.

“Senior Brother Qingyangzi, are you trying to leave the face of the sect like this?”

Following that, another young man in Daoist robes walked out from the woods, and as soon as this person appeared, Ye Lu felt an alien feeling, as if the space around him was fluctuating.

“A Xiantian expert!”

At this time, Principal Liu Qingshan suddenly said in a soft voice, apparently Ye Lu did not understand this fluctuation, but Liu Qingshan knew very well what it represented.

Innate experts had heaven and earth as their placenta, and could use the power of nature, and inducing the Qi of heaven and earth was also their signature ability, but of course this was only possible if they exerted it.

This fellow had attracted the Qi of Heaven and Earth as soon as he appeared, giving off an aura belonging to an Innate Expert, obviously with the intention of demonstrating.

“Senior Brother Qing Yun, I didn’t expect to see you here as well.”

Seeing this person, Qingyangzi finally breathed a sigh of relief, with an Innate Expert like Qingyunzi around, he could certainly crush the crowd of the Wuji Sect.


Qing Yunzi looked at Qing Yangzi and said with a cold snort.

“No bones at all, shame on the clan, step back aside.”

With those words he walked up to Qing Songzi and the others and said.

“Daoist Dan Yun, is your Wuji Clan jealous that we have taken in a disciple who has eaten an ‘immortal pill’, so you have come here to fight against us, I just don’t understand, what use do you have for such a piece of trash?”

He pointed at Ye Luo as he spoke.

Ye Lu smiled indifferently, trash or not, it wasn’t like anyone’s mouth would turn out to be real anyway, one had to really do it to find out, so he took a step forward ready to try out how powerful the legendary innate expert really was.

However, before he could say anything, another voice said.

“Qing Yunzi, when did it become your turn to control what kind of people we take in?”

Following that, another Daoist priest walked out from the back of the Wuji Clan.

At the same time, people watching the fun began to appear.

This mountain top was not very big, and many people who did not have the token to enter the “Yunlu Palace” were wandering back and forth on the mountain top with nothing to do.

Ye Lu saw that the people from the Hundred Flowers Clan had also appeared in the woods. These girls had broken through anyway, so they were not too interested in entering the Yun Lu Palace to exchange for other things.

Wolf Green of the Beast Alliance frowned at Qing Yunzi and the newly appeared Daoist priest.

These two were obviously both Innate masters, and even Brother Pao would have some difficulty in killing such masters, so this ambush might be a bust.

Seeing this newly appeared Daoist priest, Qing Yunzi was not surprised, he smiled and said.

“Daoist Master Danji, I knew you would come, so I’ve prepared a package for you.”

With those words, he clapped his hands.

Ye Lu thought to himself, “There is actually someone called “Dan Ji”, I wonder if there is someone called “Networking”, but with the sound of Qing Yunzi’s clapping hands, two more Daoist masters appeared.

When they saw these two people, the Daoist Master Danji and Qing Songzi frowned.

It was obvious that these two should also be Innate Masters, which was why the crowd was so scornful. The situation was now reversed once again, with the Xuan Tian Clan’s people regaining an absolute advantage.

To be honest, the appearance of so many Daoist priests going back and forth like a walking lantern gave Ye Lu a bit of a dazzling feeling.

However, judging from the final result, it was the Xuan Tian Clan that had the advantage. Seeing that the Xuan Tian Clan had actually appeared three Xiantian masters at once, the people around them were also surprised, obviously, no one had expected that so many masters would appear at such a low-level “Dharma Fair”.

After seeing that the Wuji Clan had lost their nerve, Qing Yunzi turned his head to Ye Lu and said.

“It seems that you are still very unconvinced when I just called you rubbish, isn’t it? Let me ask you one more time, are you convinced or not?”

This time everyone on the mountain top looked at Ye Lu, the other party was an innate expert, and three innate experts, occupying an absolute advantage, if Ye Lu dared to resist, it was like hitting a stone with an egg, everyone felt that Ye Lu’s egg was probably not that hard.

And Qing Yunzi continued.

“If you are willing to give in and then kneel down and kowtow to me three times, I will spare you from death today, how about that?”

When they heard Qing Yunzi’s words, the people around them who were watching the fun began to mutter.

“Those who know what’s good for the time are the best, it’s better to give in and go soft.”

“That’s right, anyway, it’s never too late for a gentleman to take revenge, we’ll settle the score with him after ten years.”

“Endure the wind and waves for a while, retreat a step and the sea will open up!”


Even the people of the Hundred Flowers Sect were worried for Ye Lu, Jasmine looked at Ye Lu with some anxiety and said.

“Ye Lu, don’t ……”

However, Ye Luo waved his hand at her, then looked at Qing Yunzi and said with a smile.

“My answer is ‘no’, one of the things that I, Ye Lu, like to do the most is to say ‘no’ to those who think they are awesome.”

When they heard Ye Luo’s words, the people around them immediately erupted.