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Super School Student Chapter 119-120

Chapter 119

Ye Lu did not expect that the Palace Master of Yun Lu Palace wanted to make a deal with him, but he did not know what this Palace Master wanted to deal with him, so he looked at the Palace Master quietly and waited for her to explain.

The Palace Master said indifferently.

“Just how many ‘Marrow Cleansing Pills’ do you have, our ‘Yunluo Palace’ is willing to trade with you, in addition to the things you have taken a fancy to outside, you can give us a list, we can also help you get them, it’s definitely better than you exchanging them yourself outside The purpose of your visit here is to exchange the things you need, right? Our ‘Yun Lu Palace’ collection is much richer than those outside.”

Ye Lu understood this Palace Master’s words after a little thought, at the same time, he also understood that what this Palace Master said was probably right, their Palace’s collection was definitely more than those lower-ranked cultivators.

So, Ye Lu thought about it and said.

“Okay, I agree, I came here to get what I need anyway, do you have any martial skills here?”

As a result, the “Yunlu Palace” Palace Master shook his head and said.

“Sorry, all secret books on ‘martial arts’ are forbidden to be pa*sed on, even if I am the palace master, but as for the martial arts book outside, I will try to find a way to get it for you.”

It seemed that the sect was indeed quite strict in managing things regarding “martial arts”, so Ye Lu thought about it and continued.

“Okay, the other one, the luminous stone number 023, do you know where to get it?”

Hearing that Ye Lu was interested in the “Luminous Stone”, the Palace Master of Yun Lu Palace froze for a moment, and then she said with a frown.

“I haven’t really paid attention to what you’re talking about, what’s the purpose of it?”

Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“What does it do? It’s that it can illuminate.”

Hearing Ye Luo say that it could illuminate, the Palace Master of Yun Lu Palace said with a smile.

“Then I’ll buy you a cart of torches, okay?”


After the “Yunluo Palace” Palace Master finished speaking, Ye Lu was a bit depressed, it seemed that the “Luminous Stone” was really useless, and to be honest, it was probably not as good as a torch.


Ye Lu said helplessly, but the “Yun Lu Palace” Palace Master already said with a smile.

“Giggle, don’t worry, I don’t care what you use it for, but I will keep an eye out for the ‘Luminous Stone’ for you, but it seems that this thing is not even used by tomb robbers anymore.”

The palace master’s reply disappointed Ye Lu once again, he originally thought that this useless stone should be easy to get, but now he found out that it seemed like this matter was not that easy.

“It seems that good things come in small packages!”

Ye Lu secretly muttered, and then looked at the Palace Master of the Yun Lu Palace and said.

“Lord Palace Master, what do you have here and how are you going to exchange it with me, I still have more than thirty of these ‘Marrow Cleansing Pills’.”

In fact, the number of ‘Marrow Cleansing Pills’ Ye Lu possessed was larger than this, only that he found that the value of the ‘Marrow Cleansing Pills’ was greater than he had imagined, and he didn’t know where he could find the blue Manjushrias again, the ‘Marrow Cleansing Pills’ were one less when he used one, and he didn’t want to take them all out at once.

When she heard Ye Lu say that there were more than thirty Marrow Cleansing Pills, the Palace Master of Yun Lu Palace was also surprised.

She wanted to know where Ye Lu had gotten these pills, but she felt that Ye Lu would definitely not say anything, so she would be embarra*sed if she asked, so she smiled and said.

“Ye Lu ah, how about this, let me show you to our warehouse, don’t worry, this exchange will definitely be done fairly, we will exchange according to the different grades of the ‘magic weapon’, whichever ‘magic weapon’ you fancy we will What do you think?”

Ye Lu thought about it, then nodded, anyway, whether to exchange or not was up to him, might as well take a look first.

“Then, let’s go.”

Only then did Ye Lu find out that this thing was actually an elevator-like device, and the palace master pressed the button for the underground level, and the two of them soon arrived at the “magic weapon” warehouse of the “Yun Lu Palace”.

What caught their eyes was a variety of magic weapons, densely packed with the entire warehouse.

“The ‘magic weapons’ here are divided into ‘Mortal Grade’, ‘Xuan Grade’ and ‘Earth Grade ‘, and each grade is divided into ‘lower grade’, ‘middle grade’ and ‘upper grade’, and we follow the lower grade of the Mortal Grade ‘ magic weapon’ is one ‘Marrow Cleansing Pill’, and so on, the middle grade ‘magic weapon’ is two, then the upper grade is three, and the lower grade ‘Xuan grade’ That’s four, one more pills for every rank you raise, what do you think, that’s quite a deal, you know the difference between ‘Mortal Rank’ and ‘Xuan Rank’ is actually a world of difference.”

Ye Luo hadn’t been exposed to this at all and didn’t really understand it, so he smiled and said.

“Okay, it sounds quite simple, I’ll see what I can do.”

It was useless to talk so much, one had to have what one needed, so Ye Lu began to skulk around the warehouse, luckily there were many things here but they were clearly cla*sified.

Ye Luo began to look at the lowest ranked items.

“The Palace Master of the Yunlu Palace continued.

“As for the things you’ve seen outside, apart from that ‘Martial Skill’, we can collect three pieces of everything else for you for free.”

This was like giving away three items for free, and Ye Lu certainly had no problem with this, while in the opinion of the Palace Master of Yun Lu Palace, it didn’t matter if the number of those low-grade “magic weapons” were doubled.

He had a weapon made from the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” in his hand, so he didn’t need any more weapons, and after he had the “Burning Heaven Furnace”, he didn’t need anything for alchemy either.

So, Ye Luo searched for half a day, he looked through the “Lower Mortal Grade” “magic weapons”, but found nothing, followed by the “Middle Mortal Grade”, and in the “Middle Mortal Grade” area, he really found something he needed.

It was a demon slaying pestle, but what interested Ye Lu was not the pestle itself, but the flawed spirit stone embedded in the handle of the pestle.

“Another spirit stone, but this one is going to cost a bit.”

Ye Luo muttered in his heart, according to the pricing just now, this Demon Subduing Pestle would cost two “Marrow Cleansing Pills” to make.

“Palace Master, I’ll take this Demon Subduing Pestle.”

Ye Lu said with a smile.

The Palace Master also smiled at the same time, she was really worried that Ye Lu would not be able to see anything, but now it seemed that at least two pills were already in hand.

After saying that, Ye Lu then continued to look at them.

As a result, he didn’t see any other mortal-rank weapons, and then he reached the “Xuan-rank” weapons area, where Ye Lu found that the number of “Xuan-rank” weapons was decreasing in a precipitous manner, while the more advanced area, the “Earth-rank” weapons area, only had one item in it.

“Palace Master, why are there so few ‘Xuan-rank’ magic weapons, and why is there only one ‘Earth-rank’ weapon.”

The Yun Lu Palace Master said with a smile.

“Because low quality magic weapons can be refined by just the experts of the clan, while the higher the quality of the magic weapon the more difficult it is to refine, some are almost impossible to refine and can only be obtained in the secret realm, such as the magic weapons of the earth rank ……”

While the Yunlu Palace Master was introducing them, Ye Lu had already quickly scanned through the “Xuan-rank” magic weapons, and there was nothing he needed, then he walked to the last and only “Earth-rank” magic weapon.

It was a pen-like object, about the same length, but it felt a bit like a carving knife, with an unusually sharp tip and a metallic sheen.

“What is this thing?”

Ye Lu said in a somewhat strange manner.

The Yunlu Palace Master shook his head and said.

“I don’t know, it’s been sitting here since I arrived, I don’t know what use it has, I’ve tried it, it’s sharp after infusing true qi, but nothing else.”

Ye Lu didn’t say anything, but checked it out with his gla*ses.

“Name: burin pen, material: heavenly outer green gold, production date: a million years ago, origin: Haotian continent, introduction: magic treasure used by refiners, can draw patterns of laws, change the properties of artifacts and increase their combat power ……”

While Ye Lu was checking the profile of the “burin pen”, the prompt from the gla*ses finally appeared again.

“Hint: This is the item needed to activate the ‘Weapon Refining Ability’, after obtaining it, you can activate the ‘Weapon Refining Ability’.”

Seeing this prompt, Ye Lu’s mood couldn’t help but get excited, the new ability he had been waiting for so long was finally about to be opened.


Chapter 120

Of course, if he wanted to open up his new ability, he had to get his hands on this magic weapon, the “burin gold pen”, so Ye Lu looked at the Yun Lu Palace Master and said.

“I’ll take this.”

When she heard that Ye Lu wanted this small pen-like object, the Yun Lu Palace Master was both happy and a bit puzzled, happy because it was an “Earth-rank” magic weapon, according to the previous agreement, Ye Lu had to give at least seven “Marrow Cleansing Pills” to do so.

So, she looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Do you know what this is?”

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“I don’t know, but I feel that it has a destiny with me, besides, it has the highest grade here, and it must be the most powerful, right?”

This was true, but, although it was of high grade, it didn’t know how to use it, so that wouldn’t be of any use at all, the Yunlu Palace Master was a little confused as to what Ye Lu meant, but still said with a smile.

“However, I only know that it is an ‘Earth-rank’ magic weapon, but I don’t know exactly which grade it is.”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Then how about counting it as ‘middle grade of the earth grade’, I’ll give eight ‘Marrow Cleansing Pills’?”

As he said that, Ye Lu took out ten ‘Marrow Cleansing Pills’, which was exactly the amount of the previous Demon Subduing Pestle and the current ‘Burin Gold Pen’.

The ten “marrow cleansing pills” would create at least ten strong practitioners with a promising future, and they would probably become ten innate experts afterwards.

The moment he got the “burin pen”, the prompt on the left side of his gla*ses appeared, and the new ability “weapon making ability” appeared on the list of functions.

Ye Lu opened this ability with his mind, and just like the “Pill Ability”, there was again an endless variety of knowledge and various methods of making weapons.

According to the introduction of the gla*ses, the power of the law was the key to the “magic weapon”, but of course, the gla*ses also said that the power of the ‘magic weapon’ was related to the user, and a strong Dark Power could only exert a small part of the power of the magic weapon.

“I must try this new ability when I find the chance.”

After receiving the new ability, Ye Lu was a bit itchy and could not wait to find a ‘magic weapon’ and try it out on it right away.

Seeing Ye Lu holding the “burin pen” motionlessly, Yun Lu Palace Master did not disturb him, and waited until Ye Lu came back to his senses before she said with a smile.

“Ye Lu, is there anything else you need?”

Hearing the Yunluo Palace Master’s question, Ye Lu said with a smile.

“The ‘martial skills’ cannot be pa*sed out, what about the ‘gongfu’, can the gongfu be pa*sed out?”

As a result, the Yun Lu Palace Master said with a smile.

“‘Gong methods’ are of course even more unpa*sable, however, unlike ‘martial skills’, in the mundane world, there are actually many mortal rank lower grade gong methods for cultivation, however, choosing gong methods for cultivation haphazardly is very troublesome, because gong methods for cultivation has the problem of fitting with the human body, and why many people will get stuck at the bottleneck, many of them are caused by the mismatch between the chosen gong method and the body.”

“Everyone has their own characteristics, just like everyone’s fingerprints are different, so cultivation is also a rather specific matter, and a poor choice of gong methods will often result in half the effort, while higher-ranking gong methods have less chance of such problems because they are inherently more perfect.”

After listening to the Yunlu Palace Master, Ye Lu nodded, thinking to himself that it really didn’t seem like he could just let Gushiqi and the others start cultivating indiscriminately.

Now that Gushiqi and Liu Mei had all finished felling their hair and cleansing their marrow they could cultivate, however, the next step was to find them the right gong method to do so.

When he left Yunluo Palace Master, Ye Lu once again asked her to help him find the “Luminous Stone”, because at present, the most direct help to Ye Lu was the spirit stone.

After returning from the Yunlu Palace Master’s place, all the items in the preview area were already on display. Ye Lu circled around and found that apart from the “martial arts” book, there was another item that was somewhat useful.

The reason why it is of a lower grade is probably related to its function, which is to indicate the presence of ghosts and their scariness by the direction and brightness of the flame.

To put it simply, it is a tool used by Daoist priests to a*sist in catching ghosts.

Now Ye Lu has the seeds of the “Ghost Inferno” planted in his body, and he needs to absorb Yin Qi to make the Ghost Inferno grow, which is why he has his heart set on this lamp.

The Yunlu Palace Master promised to give him three items, but Ye Lu had not thought of the remaining one, so he had to leave it for now.

After that, Ye Lu went to the antique merchant’s display area to look for Gu Shiqi, and it turned out that the Gu family was really the most popular one in the whole area, there were quite a few young girls cultivators all chattering at the counter picking out things, and Gu Shiqi was certainly busy.

Because the antique area was for buying things with money, there was no such thing as a preview on that side, you could just pay for it, so I guess this day Gushiqi was definitely going to make a big profit again.

Ye Lu ignored Gushiqi as he walked over to Long Feixue who was doing nothing and whispered.

“Long Feixue, can you come over here for a moment, I have something to see you.”

Long Feixue didn’t know why Ye Luo was looking for her, but she still walked quickly to Ye Luo’s side.

“Ye Luo, what do you want to see me about?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Well, do you have a magic weapon on you, can you show it to me?”

Long Fei Xue didn’t know what Ye Luo wanted a magic weapon for, she was a bit puzzled and took out a pair of clean white gloves and handed them to Ye Luo, then said.

“This is my magic weapon, it’s called ‘Ice and Fire Gloves’, after filling it with true qi, one glove can emit fire attribute attacks, while the other glove can emit ice attribute attacks.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Then put them on and imbue them with true qi for me to see.”

As he said that, he began to look at this “magic weapon” through the gla*ses to see if there were any flaws and if there was any possibility of transformation.

“A medium grade magic weapon of the mortal cla*s, the quality is really good.”

Ye Luo said while seeing ice crystals slowly forming on one of Long Fei Xue’s hands and flames faintly emanating from the other.

“Give it to me in the next two days, I’ll help you upgrade it to a ‘Mortal Rank Upper Grade’ magic weapon, how about that?”

After getting the “Burin Gold Pen”, Ye Luo was itching for it, this pair of gloves could just be used for practice, of course he had never refined a weapon before, and the risk involved was not small, so Ye Luo thought about it and said.

“Right, Miss Long, if I break your magic weapon, I’ll take a ‘Marrow Cleansing Pill’ as compensation, is that alright?”

As a result, Long Fei Xue said with a smile.

“Compensation for what, feel free to take it and play with it, I didn’t expect you to know how to refine weapons, what a surprise.”

Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“Hey hey, I just got a little bit of skin, I haven’t practiced yet, so I’ll practice with you with this.”

After saying that, Ye Lu walked towards the outside of “Yun Lu Palace” in a hurry, while Long Fei Xue had a black line, she originally thought that Ye Lu wanted to help, but who knew that he was practicing.

“But, if I can really upgrade to a ‘Mortal Rank Upper’ magic weapon, that would be great, Long Fei Fei and the girls would be no match for me.”

Long Feixue said with some anticipation as she looked at Ye Lu’s back.

Ye Lu found a place on the side of the mountain and took out the “burin brush” to study it. Of course, he didn’t dare to take Long Feixue’s gloves directly, but he found a stone and started to practice the basic drawing of the pattern of laws.

What he didn’t expect was that this practice would not end until it was so dark that he couldn’t see anything.

“Khan, it’s so late, I haven’t gone to the toilet for a day, let’s make it easy before we go back.”

Ye Lu looked at the campfire in the distance, and only then carefully slipped to the edge of the cliff at the top of the mountain and pulled out his d*ck to unscrupulously release water.

“Whew! It’s been a long day!”

As he watched a stream of water fall silently down the cliff, Ye Luo felt a sense of relief in his heart. He had deliberately chosen a recessed spot on the edge of the cliff so that even if he stood to pee, he could only show more than half of his head, which was far away from the manned campsite and the safest place to do so was in the bushes.

But then, he heard footsteps and a quick rustle of undress.

Subconsciously, Leaffall quickly turned his head and followed, completely dumbfounded!

He saw that at an extremely close distance, a woman in white had taken off her trousers, revealing her white body and squatting down ……

It looked like the girl was preparing to have a convenient time, and this girl Ye Luo knew, it was none other than Jasmine of the Hundred Flowers Sect.

The reason for this is that the angle is so close to Ye Luo that Ye Luo can see it very clearly and his heart starts to pound like a high speed train. His heart began to beat like a high speed train.

“This view is a bit beautiful!”

Ye Lu swallowed his saliva at the beautiful view in front of him, and because he was so close, he could faintly smell the fragrance of the girl’s body that only a virgin could have.

However, in the end, Ye Lu couldn’t help but voice out a reminder, because, if not, at such a close distance, Jasmine would definitely have to pee on his face.

“Jasmine, pee down, I ……”

The first thing that happened was that Jasmine grabbed the branch and let out a shriek, she was so scared that she fell to the ground with a thud, followed by a loose bladder and really peed.