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Super School Student Chapter 107-108

Chapter 107

“Sh*t! What kind of person is that?”

Daoist Master Da Xuan couldn’t help but burst out a foul mouth, because this scene looked too bizarre under the bright moonlight, in his eyes at the moment Ye Lu was like a demon god, it looked a different kind of shocking power.

“So handsome!”

At this time, a woman beside him then looked at Ye Luo and could not help but say.

It was true that Ye Lu’s body was perfect, full of power but not overly muscular like a bodybuilder’s, especially with the hideous “ghost bat” behind it, it looked even more demonic.

“He’s not going to take on those two evil practitioners down there, is he?”

“It looks like he is.”

“Why didn’t he wait until they were both defeated before he did it?”

“I don’t know, I guess he’s confident.”

“Well, handsome!”


The first time I heard the girls around me, I felt a bit depressed, he felt that he was just like a firefly competing with the sun and the moon when compared to this kid who suddenly appeared.

The other Miao woman hiding on the other side of the cliff also watched the scene with surprise.

She had been waiting for the moment when her sister and master would be defeated, but she had never dreamed that such a shirtless boy would appear in the middle.

At this moment, Ye Lu did not know that she had so many spectators.

After that “ghost bat” had come over and gestured to him for half a day, he realised that those “ghost bats” were prepared to follow him, but Ye Lu didn’t understand these animal languages.

He had no choice but to use the “auxiliary function” of the gla*ses again. Although the auxiliary function did not have a translation of the beast language, it did give some advice on communication, and the gla*ses said that those “ghost bats” actually had the intelligence of a child, and it was easy to communicate with them as long as the method was right.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Ye Lu to establish some kind of contact with these “ghost bats”, and although he couldn’t communicate in a complicated way, he could convey simple commands.

So, Ye Lu decided to deal a fatal blow to those two guys.

Since he could crush the other side, Ye Lu did not bother to wait for the other side to be defeated or anything, he looked at the surprised old woman and her disciple below the cliff and said with a smile.

“Hehehe, the time for you two to die has come.”

Then, he waved his hand in a dashing manner.

The two women tried to escape, but it was already too late, the dense “ghost bats” had already drowned their figures.

“How fierce!”

Seeing Ye Lu standing on the cliff like a god, the women of the Hundred Flowers Clan could not help but sigh with emotion.

“Didn’t Master say that all men are ugly, but I feel that this one is so handsome.”

“Well, I feel the same way, especially when he’s not wearing clothes, he looks so wild.”

“No more, I’m already hooked on him.”


The women started chattering, but before their chatter was over, the “ghost bats” had circled around like a whirlwind and returned to Ye Lu’s side, while the two Miao Frontier women on the ground below the cliff had turned into two white bones.

Even the poisonous snakes and insects had been eaten up.

These “ghost bats” were so efficient.

Ye Lu looked at the things scattered below, including the circular shaped knife and the medicinal censer that emitted green light before, then he turned around and left without doing anything.

The few things scattered below might be good things, but Ye Luo did not want to touch them, these two people were not small at first glance, and taking away the things they were carrying would be tantamount to finding trouble for himself.

Besides, now Ye Lu has a bunch of “Marrow Cleansing Pills” in his hand, so he is still worried about not being able to exchange them for something good.

When they saw how Ye Luo had “brushed off his clothes afterwards and hid his name”, the female disciples of the Hundred Flowers Sect were even more adoring.

“He’s gone!

“Yes, he’s so dashing!”

“I don’t know his name either, it would be good to leave a WeChat number.”


The first time I saw the crowd of nymphomaniacs, Daoist Master Hua Xuan was a bit deflated, he originally wanted to act like a P***y in front of these women, but who would have thought that this shameless, shirtless guy would steal the limelight.

However, he didn’t dare to jump out and fight Ye Luo in single combat, just now Ye Luo’s aura had scared him, he could only say with an awkward smile.

“There seems to be a ‘magic weapon’ left behind, should we go take a look?”

As a result, one of the women suddenly said.

“All the things of evil cultivators are full of evil, it’s better not to touch them.”

“Right, we can’t touch the things of evil cultivators.”

“Yes, how can we say that we are also disciples of a famous sect.”


The woman didn’t want it, but he wanted it, but he couldn’t think of a good reason for it.

Just as he was getting a bit depressed, a woman dressed in Miaojiang costume suddenly came out of the woods on one side.

“There’s actually someone else?”

Daoist Master Zhi Xuan and the other women looked at the scene with some surprise, while Daoist Master Zhi Xuan touched his chest with some fear, thinking to himself that it was good that he had not gone out, that Miaojiang woman was not a good person at first glance.

At this moment, Ye Lu had already gone back to the cave where Granny Yun and Qin Shiyu were hiding.

“Ye Luo, where are those bad guys?”

Qin Shiyu asked with relief as she saw that Ye Lu looked well and was not injured, but then she realised that Ye Lu was still undressed and that she had seen the wobbly thing, so she hurriedly turned her head to the other side with a red face.

Ye Luo also realised that something was wrong, and he scratched his head in embarra*sment.

At this time, Granny Yun threw over a piece of clothing and said.

“Hehe, Ye Luo should wear my clothes first.”

Ye Lu hurriedly grabbed the clothes and put them on quickly, he said as he tied the buttons.

“Those two Miaojiang women were both killed by me, there’s just a pile of bones left.”

Hearing Ye Lu say two Miaojiang women, Qin Siyu did not have anything, Granny Yun’s brow furrowed as she looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Only two? There are three people on the other side.”

Ye Luo, on the other hand, muttered a little depressed, letting the other side get away with one, this would be trouble I’m afraid.

However, following Granny Yun’s face immediately filled with surprise as she suddenly realized that what she had just focused on was not the point, the point was, how could Ye Lu kill the compulsion old woman and her disciple.

Putting aside the old compulsion woman, that female apprentice was complete in battle, and all those terrifying compulsions were still alive, according to Granny Yun’s logic, a single compulsion was enough for Ye Lu to suffer.

“How is this possible?”

She couldn’t help but mutter in a small voice, then looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Ye Luo, how did you kill the compulsion old lady and the girls?”

When he heard Granny Yun’s words, Ye Lu originally wanted to tell the truth, but then he suddenly thought of the fact that Granny Yun had mentioned about the emergence of foreign treasures, innate visions, and bats, and he felt that if he said that he had controlled those “ghost bats”, he might have to explain the matter of foreign treasures, followed by the matter of alchemy, and then he would have to explain a whole lot of things, and he did not want to make these things public yet.

So, he smiled and said.

“Actually, I didn’t kill the people, I was just bragging, in fact, they were both eaten by the weird looking bats in the cave, and I just happened to see them.”

This explanation made a lot more sense to Granny Yun.

Following that, she then looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Ah Ye Lu, I didn’t expect to meet you under such circumstances either, I’ve heard Silk Rain mention you more than once before, she said that you were very good at divination, is that true?”

Ye Lu scratched his head and said with a smile.

“No lah, I touched the statue of Ghost Valley Zi the other day and accidentally cut my hand, as a result, somehow I found out that I can tell fortunes, it just so happened that a customer came to my door, I counted it, by the way, I earned half of the hanging capital and took half of it, but now the ability has disappeared.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Granny Yun nodded, this explanation was acceptable to her, although she didn’t know what would happen if she dripped blood, but the consecrated statue of Ghostly Guzi was indeed exceptionally magical, this she knew.

Following that, she continued to look at Ye Lu and asked again.

“Silk Rain said that you are a divine doctor, this is true now, right?”

This time Ye Luo nodded and said.

“This can be had, because I am indeed a divine doctor.”


Chapter 108

Hiding everything was completely unlikely, and since a whole bunch of people already knew about his ability to cure diseases, there was no need to hide it.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Granny Yun then looked at him and smiled, before asking.

“Through the strike you just made, I feel that your technique is not ordinary, I think you are using dark energy, but it feels different from ordinary dark energy.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Yes, it is indeed dark energy, but it is a special kind of dark energy, my grandmother has a special set of cultivation techniques and has been using a special kind of medicinal water in my bath since I was a child, that’s why I can have this special single discipline of dark energy used to cure diseases, not to brag, there is still no disease that I can’t cure.”

Seeing Ye Lu’s appearance, Granny Yun laughed.

Qin Shiyu, on the other hand, asked with some concern.

“Grandma, what about the one bad guy who ran away?”

Granny Yun said unconcernedly.

“It’s alright, I have a grudge against Old Lady Compa*s, I don’t have a grudge against her disciple, and evil cultivators and disciples are basically all seemingly inseparable from each other, so that disciple of hers shouldn’t come looking for me to seek revenge, I think she’s either waiting to pick up the treasures Old Lady Compa*s dropped, or she’s figuring out how to get Old Lady Compa*s’s inheritance.”

Indeed, just like what Granny Yun said, that female apprentice was really calculating how to report back to the clan at the moment and then get Old Mrs. Compulsion and her senior sister’s things.

“Ah Ye Lu, I can basically walk now, you carry Silk Rain on your back, let’s go back.”

Seeing that the matter had come to an end, Granny Yun stood up with a smile.

However, her heart was filled with emotion, how could she have ever expected things to turn out like this, in the end it was this child, Ye Lu, who saved her life and Si Yu’s, and cleaned up the mess at the same time.

“Good, I still have some ‘antidote pills’ at home, when we get to the city, I’ll bring them to you, you should be fine in a few days.”

Ye Lu said with a smile as he carried Qin Siyu up.

“By the way, Granny Yun, I have impersonated your name outside before and said I was your disciple, don’t be angry!”

Granny Yun said with a smile.

“Why not, I can’t be happy enough to have a disciple like you, I heard from Siyu that you will soon be studying in a city, take more care of our Siyu when the time comes.”

Of course, Ye Lu agreed with a smile.

The three of them left the cave, and as for the “ghost bats”, Ye Lu left them to roam freely.

Qin Siyu was carried by Ye Lu without any panties, she felt so embarra*sed that she didn’t say anything for a long time, but she was inexplicably happy in her heart, thinking about the intimate contact she had just had with Ye Lu made her feel like a deer.

It was so late at night and in the middle of nowhere that it was difficult to get a car, but money makes the devil go round, and after seeing Ye Lu transfer a thousand in one go, the taxi driver immediately decided to give up his original customer and fly to the designated place behind Tianma Mountain.

Soon, the three of them returned to the city. After Ye Lu had settled Granny Yun and Qin Siyu, he went to Hua Lao’s place overnight to get some herbs, changed his clothes, and then found a secluded place to refine a “Detox Pill” for Qin Siyu and Granny Yun.

To Ye Lu, it was much easier and safer to make a new potion than to go to the police station to get it.

After taking the “Antidote Pill”, Granny Yun was once again amazed by Ye Lu, because she did not expect the potency of this pill to be so strong, this was the poison of the “Dragon Compulsion”, but it was easily dissolved.

Seeing that both of them were fine, Ye Lu left.

After Ye Lu left, Granny Yun looked at Qin Siyu who was lying on the bed and said with a smile.

“Siyu ah, good vision, you will soon be going to a city to study in university, grandma can’t take care of you anymore, I will find a chance to talk to Ye Lu properly, let him take good care of you in the future.”

As a result, Qin Siyu pouted and said.

“I don’t need him to take care of me, I can take care of myself.”

However, after saying that, she immediately became embarra*sed again because she suddenly realised that she was indeed the one who was taking care of Ye Lu before, but recently, it was really Ye Lu who was taking care of himself from now on.

And at this moment, Ye Lu had already returned home, and after entering the house, he went to knock on Ye Yan’s room door, only for the door to open on its own at the touch of a button, with Ye Yan lying cross-legged on the bed in a muslin nightgown, and no air conditioning on in the house.

“This old sister has a big enough heart.”

Ye Luo muttered, then woke Ye Yan up.

“Ye Luo why did you come back in the middle of the night again in the dark, what do you want from old sister?”

Ye Yan said sleepily.

“Hehehe, of course there is something good, didn’t I tell you last time that the elixir wasn’t complete, this time I have refined a complete version of the elixir, want to take one?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Ye Yan jumped up from the bed as if her feet had been placed on springs, and said as if flying.

“Really? Give it to me quickly.”

Ye Lu smiled and took out a crystal blue elixir and a light blue elixir and said.

“I’ll give you two, you take the blue one first and then try the other light blue one when it’s all over, because I want to test the potency.”

Ye Yan quickly reached out and grabbed the two “Marrow Cleansing Pills” in her hand, then ran to the toilet as fast as she could.

When he saw Ye Yan’s flamboyant appearance, Ye Lu shook his head and sat down in the living room.

He wanted to study how his body had changed after taking the “Ghostly Inferno”, but after reaching out for half a day, he found that there was no change at all, and he was still unable to release the flame.

“Sh*t! All this noise, and it didn’t help at all, this is a bit of a pity!”

Ye Lu couldn’t help but spit out a sentence, and then began to look up the “auxiliary function” of the gla*ses, and there was really a simple description of the “Underworld Flame”.

According to the instructions, when the “Underworld Flame” fused with himself, the Flame had taken the initiative to shed his “Flame Heart” and fused with himself completely, which was why the “Underworld Flame” had disappeared, and if he wanted to use the “Underworld Ghost Flame”, he would have to cultivate the Flame that had been planted into his body from scratch.

According to the instructions above, this method of obtaining the flame is the most secure and non-dangerous, but later cultivation requires patience and resources, while directly devouring the ‘flame spirit’ is the easiest way to obtain the complete flame, but the possibility of being burned to death is extremely high.

“In other words, I actually got lucky!”

Ye Lu couldn’t help but smile to himself.

A “Ghostly Underworld Flame” seed was so terrifying when it was just planted, if it were to directly devour the “Flame Spirit”, Ye Lu didn’t dare to imagine it at all.

“Alright, let’s cultivate it from scratch, it’s better than burning me to death.”

Ye Lu secretly muttered, but then he discovered, to his dismay, that the growth of the “Ghost Flame of the Underworld” required not only spiritual energy, but also “ghost energy”, also called Yin energy.

“Is this the rhythm of asking me to catch ghosts?”

Ye Luo chattered in depression.

However, anyway, there were no pills that needed to be refined in the short term, so Ye Lu was in no hurry, so let’s put this matter aside for a while.

After waiting a little longer, Ye Yan came out of the bathroom with her hair dripping wet.

“Ye Lu, the second piece really didn’t work yet, besides, I feel that the effect of this one blue elixir is similar to the dozen or so last time, my body is lighter.”

She jumped up violently as she said that, and ended up hitting her head directly on the ceiling.

This made Ye Luo laugh out loud, but this effect was enough to show that the real “Marrow Cleansing Pill” really had an extraordinary effect.

So, the next day, Ye Lu took the pill to Long Feixue. Whether or not it had any effect on someone like Long Feixue who was stuck in a bottleneck was the key to testing the value of the “Marrow Cleansing Pill”.

After all, everything before was Ye Lu’s speculation.

“Is this the Pill for cutting hair and cleansing marrow? It’s so beautiful!”

Long Fei Xue said as she looked at the pill in her hand and couldn’t stop looking at it.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, thought for a moment and said.

“Miss Long, you’d better find a bathroom where you can take a bath with a toilet before you take it, because it will wash down all the filth in one’s body, why don’t we go get a room?”