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Super School Student Chapter 105-106

Chapter 105

After jumping off the cliff, the two men saw the black cave entrance, which was the only one under the cliff, so the light that had just emanated must have come from here.

However, before the two men could enter the cave, a blue fire man ran out from inside.

“Someone went in early and got burnt to death!”

When she saw this scene, Old Lady Compa*s quickly stopped in her tracks, knowing very well that some foreign treasures would come along with foreign beasts or other terrible calamities too.

Foreign treasures were not that easy to obtain.

Her disciple was also a little worried.

The one who rushed out covered in fire was of course Ye Lu, who was currently carrying a dagger made from the arrowhead of the setting sun and ran out of the cave as fast as he could, then ran towards the woods to the side.

Because Granny Yun was there. Originally, after Granny Yun was bitten by that centipede, she had forcibly tried to go over to save Qin Shiyu, but for one thing, her True Qi was also depleted, and for another, the wound was on her leg, and even though she was using her True Qi to forcibly control the toxin, she was still unable to move that leg very quickly.

So, she didn’t get too far before she collapsed, while Ye Lu relied on the “auxiliary function” of her gla*ses to locate the location of Granny Yun precisely.

As he ran wildly, the flames on Ye Lu’s body gradually disappeared and the cold sensation was easing, as if what he had just experienced was a dream.

As for the pills he had just made, Ye Lu had already put them into the “Burning Heaven Furnace” and put them away.

“Grandma Yun, are you alright?”

When he saw Granny Yun fall into the bushes, Ye Luo ran over quickly.

He quickly reached out and touched his body, then remembered that the “antidote” was still at the police station and he had forgotten to bring it back.

The flames had just destroyed everything on Ye Luo’s body. “I didn’t even notice, I was actually naked.”

Realizing this, Ye Luo hurriedly blocked the vital points, however, Granny Yun did not care about these details, she looked at Ye Luo and said in a broken voice.

“I …… I’m not …… fine …… quickly …… block to save …… save Silk Rain ……”

Ye Luo did not feel as if Granny Yun was fine, he darted out and nudged a few times on her body to seal the spreading toxin.

Granny Yun’s fiercely winced, but then she noticed that the spreading of the toxin had actually slowed down quite a bit, which took the pressure off of her.

She gave a somewhat incredulous glance at Ye Luo.

However, Ye Lu didn’t dwell on it much, through the strike he had just made, he was probably clear that although Granny Yun was in danger, she shouldn’t be able to die for a while, and now he had to hurry to save Qin Siyu.

“Here it is!”

The gla*ses’ positioning immediately locked onto Qin Siyu’s mobile phone, and following that, Ye Luo ran naked and fast towards a cave not far away.

“Holy Sh*t! There are so many snakes.”

At the entrance of the cave, Ye Lu was also startled by the countless poisonous snakes and poisonous insects on the ground.

However, it was obvious that those poisonous creatures were more fearful than he was, and before Ye Lu could reach him, these guys were already like the falling tide of the sea, “Brush!” They all retreated in a flash because they sensed a terrifying aura of death from Ye Luo’s body.

The “Ghostly Inferno” is not a good type of person.

“Qin Shiyu …… Qin Shiyu …… are you okay?”

The first time I heard Ye Lu’s voice, Qin Siyu slowly opened her eyes and said with difficulty.

“Hot …… hot ……”

In fact, Ye Luo also saw that at this moment, Qin Siyu’s face was sweet red, obviously the poison has been very deep, and this snake poison is the same as the centipede’s toxin that Yun Lou Lou just got, quite advanced, unless there is an “antidote pill”, otherwise it is difficult to dissolve it by yourself in a short time by relying on spiritual qi.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll help you suck out part of the poison first.”

Ye Lu said, while raising his hand and nudging Qin Siyu’s chest a few times to protect her heart veins, so that the toxin would spread to her heart veins more slowly.

“Suck …… suck …… with …… using …… mouth?”

Qin Siyu said with difficulty, her eyes wide.

“Of course!”

Ye Lu said without even thinking.

“Where is the wound?”

However, right after that, he understood why Qin Siyu asked that, because he saw Qin Siyu’s sweetly red panties.

“It can’t be there, can it?”

He subconsciously muttered.

“No…… no…… not……”

Qin Siyu tried to explain, but, she no longer had the strength, seeing this situation, Ye Lu quickly ripped off Qin Siyu’s panties, fortunately, the wound was not on the important part, but on the tight root of her thigh.

Ye Luo couldn’t care less about the blood stain, he broke open Qin Siyu’s long leg then he sucked on the wound.


After sucking out a mouthful of poisonous blood he spat on the ground, followed by another mouthful of ……

Qin Siyu found that every time Ye Lu’s lips made contact with her body, she felt a slight coolness coming from it, as if something had entered her body, and of course this location of the wound Ye Lu would inevitably touch something he shouldn’t ……

This made Qin Siyu’s mind also began to become a little clearer.

The actual fact is that you will be able to find a way to get into the ground, and you will not be able to see everything in this position.

Ye Lu didn’t stay idle, he didn’t stop until the colour of the blood he sucked out was normal.

He looked at Qin Siyu’s face, which had improved considerably, so it should not be a big deal anymore, and then he let out a long breath.

“Qin Siyu, are you feeling better?”

Ye Lu reached out and touched Qin Siyu’s forehead as he asked.

Qin Siyu could only say in a voice as thin as a gnat.


Only then did Ye Luo nodded rea*suringly, he also felt that Qin Siyu’s forehead was not that hot anymore.

“Who actually did this?”

Following that, Ye Luo then said in an icy voice.

Although Qin Siyu was still unable to move, her speech was no longer a problem, and she looked at Ye Lu and said.

“It was a Miaojiang woman, but, Ye Lu, where are your clothes?”

Being asked by Qin Siyu like this, Ye Lu was immediately a little embarra*sed, he had just been too busy saving people to notice, and only then did he remember that he had been dangling his bare bottom in front of Qin Siyu for half a day, and this was the first time he had been looked at so thoroughly and transparently by a woman.


Ye Lu quickly turned around, then rubbed his head and said.

“The clothes on me were burnt off by the flames, all right, forget about that, tell me who did it and I’ll help you take revenge.”

Ye Lu said as he picked Qin Siyu up and headed out.

There were so many poisonous snakes and insects here, he didn’t feel comfortable leaving Qin Shiyu here, let’s rendezvous with Granny Yun first, the person who injured Granny Yun and the person who poisoned Qin Shiyu must be in the same gang, Qin Shiyu didn’t know, but Granny Yun must know.

The night breeze blew, and Qin Siyu felt a little uncomfortable under the vacuum, and when she thought of what she had just seen, her face flushed again.

Ye Luo could not care about Qin Siyu’s small thoughts, he ran quickly to Granny Yun’s side, and after putting Qin Siyu down he asked.

“Granny Yun, who exactly injured you guys, I’ll go and settle the score with them.”

As a result, Granny Yun shook her head and said.

“Ye Lu, forget it, don’t go, although Old Lady Compa*s has almost exhausted her true qi, it is not something you can deal with, let’s leave here first.”

Hearing Granny Yun say that the other party had exhausted her true qi, Ye Lu immediately said.

“Granny Yun, tell me where they are, I’ll hide you two first, don’t worry, I have a number in mind, if I can’t manage it, I won’t mess around blindly.”

Ye Luo carried Granny Yun on one shoulder and Qin Siyu on the other as he walked.

Granny Yun thought about the various rumours about Ye Lu before she then said this.

“Well, just now we were dueling on the mountainside, and as a result, we saw a foreign treasure coming out from under the cliff, the temperature plummeted and the treasure light flashed, the old woman of the compulsion was attracted by the foreign treasure, which is why she didn’t lay a deadly hand on me, and I don’t know if she got it, if she did, you must not get attached to the fight.”

Hearing Granny Yun’s words, Ye Lu’s heart burst with joy.

What kind of foreign treasures did Granny Yun say, what kind of sudden drop in temperature and flashing light, wasn’t it the scene where he was almost burned to death by that dumb “Underworld Fire” just now?

So, he smiled and said.

“Okay, don’t worry, I know where they are.”


Chapter 106

Soon, Ye Luo found a cave and put both Granny Yun and Qin Siyu down, the last thing missing on this Tianma Mountain was a cave that was accessible in all directions.

After putting the two down, Ye Luo darted back to the vicinity of the cliff.

While Granny Yun was a little worried and said.

“I don’t know if there will be any danger, those evil cultivators are all terrifying.”

As a result, Qin Siyu said confidently.

“It’s alright, Ye Lu is powerful.”

Hearing Qin Siyu’s words, Granny Yun then smiled helplessly, regarding the matter of cultivators, she had never spoken to Qin Siyu, just hoping that she would not get involved in all kinds of rights and wrongs, so Qin Siyu had no idea how powerful cultivators were, and how deep the water was here.

However, now it seems that Qin Siyu is still inevitably involved.

However, to be honest, Granny Yun was also a little confused about Ye Lu, she clearly did not feel the presence of true qi in Ye Lu’s body, but, just now she did feel something in Ye Lu’s body, it was also a kind of qi, but it was essentially different from true qi, she had never been exposed to this kind of breath before.

However, it was clear that the effect of this Qi was obvious, at least helping herself to seal the spread of the toxin, but despite this, Old Madam Yun still did not feel that Ye Lu had any chance.

It was because even though Old Madam Compulsion was at the end of her strength, her two disciples were not easy to deal with, at least not at such a low cultivation level as Ye Lu’s.

Of course, in fact, Granny Yun hadn’t figured out exactly what Ye Lu’s cultivation level was.

At this moment, Ye Luo was already lying on top of the cliff, and he was somewhat surprised to find that the two women dressed in Miaojiang clothes below had actually fought on their own.

“Renegade, how dare you rebel?”

Old Mrs Compa*s said with some chagrin as she looked at her S*xy female apprentice.


Her female apprentice immediately laughed in a flamboyant manner and said.

“Isn’t that what you taught us, as an evil cultivator, you have to do everything, if we kill you this time, all the treasures on your body, and the foreign treasures here will be mine.”

Hearing the words of the female disciple, the old woman of compulsion then said coldly.

“Humph! You’ve been looking forward to this day for more than a day or two, but unfortunately, I’m afraid you won’t be able to wait for that day.”

The female apprentice then said with a smile.

“It is not up to you whether you can wait or not!”

After saying that, she took out something that resembled a pill censer, but it looked like it was made of a material other than gold or wood, but as soon as she took it out, the old woman’s brow furrowed.

“So the ‘Divine Wood Cauldron’ was really stolen by you.”

The old woman revealed a resentful expression, obviously this ‘Divine Wood Cauldron’ should be a good treasure.

“Oh, of course, not only that, I have also prepared quite a lot of things for you.”

As he spoke, Ye Lu saw the pill censer in the young woman’s hand suddenly light up, emitting a green glow, followed by countless poisonous insects beginning to emerge from the surroundings.

If Ye Lu had been present before, he would have been able to tell that these poisonous insects were in fact the ones he had just scared away, including the few with golden spots.

“I didn’t expect it, but these bugs have actually been mine for a long time, so you can die here for me.”

With those words, an odd sound came out of the woman’s mouth, and countless bugs, spread out in the sky, rushed towards that old woman of compulsion.


The old woman gave a cold snort, followed by raising her hand to take out something unknown from her bosom, then quickly sprinkled a circle around, those poisonous insects stopped once they reached this circle, however, the poisonous insects behind were still surging forward, as a result, a circle of poisonous snakes and poisonous insects was soon formed with the old woman as the centre.

Ye Lu couldn’t help but laugh at this scene.

“Go ahead and fight, you guys just choke, it’s better if you all die whole, I’m going to go into watch mode here.”

As he said that, he then found a bush, then sat on a rock and crossed his legs towards the bottom to watch the fun.

At that moment, a hideous-looking “ghost bat” flew over, similar in appearance to a bat, but with a devil-like head and a mouth full of sharp teeth.

When he saw this “ghost bat” approaching, Ye Lu was immediately alerted.

He didn’t know if it was because he had plucked the blue manjushala and destroyed the “Ghostly Inferno” that these guys were coming to take revenge on him.

However, on second thought, if they were seeking revenge, they would have come in a large group. If they were seeking revenge, they would have come in a big flock, not just one.

So, after thinking about it, he was brave enough not to run away, but he didn’t dare to take it lightly, he was ready to run away at any time.

The female ghost had swindled him to this cave because there were “ghost bats” here, so these “ghost bats” should be even more powerful than the one that escaped, so Ye Lu did not dare to take it lightly.

At this time, another wave of people were quietly approaching the cave.

After all, the puja was about to start, and it was not a regular annual event, so those who heard the news would move ahead to avoid missing it.

However, except for one man, all the people in this wave were women, and the clothes they wore were uniform, so they were obviously from an organisation or clan.

“Big brother Dui Xuan, did you really see the light of a foreign treasure coming out from this side?”

The pretty girl at the head of the women asked, looking in the direction of the cliff.

The Daoist priest who was called Dao Xuan was now in a beautiful state of mind, for he had not expected to meet the woman of the Hundred Flowers Sect here by coincidence.

He had originally heard about the evil cultivator here from his junior brother, Wu Chen, and it just so happened that there was a “puja” here, so he decided to come here to take a look.

As a result, he happened to meet a group of beautiful girls.

“They say that the women of the ‘Hundred Flowers Sect’ are all beautiful, but it seems to be true.”

Daoist Master Da Xuan said with a smile while emoting in his heart.

“It can’t be wrong, didn’t Peony see it just now, but it looks like someone else has beaten them to the punch.”

With those words he pointed into the distance.

In the distance, underneath the rocky cliff, two women from Miaojiang were facing off against each other.

At the sight of the densely packed poisonous snakes and insects, several of the women from the Hundred Flowers Sect immediately clutched their shoulders in discomfort, the scene was indeed somewhat disgusting and terrifying.

“Evil cultivators from Miaojiang, but they are so strong, they should be at least a Xiantian expert, we should not interfere.”

Daxuan said with a frown as he looked at the pill censer emitting light from the Miaojiang woman’s hand.

The level of the practitioner and the power of the “magic weapon” were closely related, for example, it was impossible for a strong practitioner like them, who was at the peak of Dark Energy, or even an enhanced Huajin, to activate the magic weapon to such an extent.

The women were also convinced by what Daoist Master Zai Xuan had said, and if it had been them, the old woman standing at the centre of the poisonous snakes and insects would have been dead.

“Daoist Master Zha Xuan is worthy of being the favoured disciple of the Xuantian Sect, he knows a lot!”

A female disciple of the Hundred Flowers Sect looked at Daoist Master Daiduan and said with a smile.

This flattery obviously flattered Daoist Master Zha Xuan as he looked down the stone cliff and said with a smile.

“It looks like they are fighting internally, I don’t know if it’s because of the unequal sharing of the spoils or because they are fighting over the treasure, but no matter why, let’s just wait quietly like this, after they are defeated, we will have our chance.”

Hearing him out, the crowd all nodded their heads.

However, they waited for a while, because although the old woman was already at the end of her rope, she had been playing with parasites all her life, and the so-called “thin camel is bigger than the horse”.

“Little girl, with your cultivation level, you probably won’t be able to maintain the Divine Wood Cauldron for much longer, I advise you to give up.”

Old Mrs. Compa*s looked at her disciple and said coldly.

“Don’t worry, for the sake that you have followed me for many years, I won’t make things difficult for you.”

To be honest, that female apprentice was indeed on the verge of running out of oil as well, but she smiled cruelly, then shook her head and said.

“Master once said that as ‘evil cultivators’ as long as we strike, we must make sure that our opponents will not be destroyed, but I have remembered this saying.”

After she finished speaking, she bit the tip of her tongue and “poof!” A mouthful of blood was sprayed on top of the divine Wood Cauldron, which immediately emitted an intense light, and the insects all stirred madly.

“Good, the blood spell has been used, we’ll have a chance soon.”

Seeing this scene had Daoist Master Xuan then smiled.

But immediately afterwards his eyes, and the eyes of the women around him, went wide as they saw a fierce man without any clothes on rise from the top of the cliff, and above his head countless hideous bats began to hover like dark clouds.