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Super School Student Chapter 103-104

Chapter 103

As he spoke, her S*xy female apprentice quickly took out a long black xiao, which emitted a black aura as it appeared, followed by the female apprentice blowing the long xiao.

At the sound of the xiao, the surrounding poisonous insects that had not yet been scared away flew towards Master Yun.

On the other hand, that old woman of compulsion quickly took out a weapon in the shape of a circle, which was emitting a cold blue light, obviously it should have a severe poison on it, after she took this out, she began to run her true qi, and the circle immediately emitted a ghostly light, followed by a rapid rotation and flew towards Grandmaster Yun.


Granny Yun waved her walking stick to block the blow, however, the knife of the circle was as if it had a spirit, it cut through the air in an arc again, this change of move like a remote control, if it was a normal person it would have been extremely difficult to dodge, but Granny Yun waved her walking stick as if she knew it already and blocked the knife of the circle again.

The old woman took advantage of this opportunity to pull out a machete and rushed forward.

The poisonous insects also started their attack at the same time.


The scimitar in the old woman’s hand waved violently, a light actually left the scimitar and flew out towards Granny Yun, but Granny Yun did not show any weakness, she quickly waved the walking stick in her hand, the light flashed in the void and then the scimitar’s blade mane was blocked and flew out.

The flying blade sliced through the tree like a vegetable, and half of the tree trunk fell to the ground with a “thud! Half of the tree trunk fell to the ground with a sound.

At the same time, Granny Yun’s other hand kept waving, the light flashed, and many poisonous insects were cut into two pieces by the flying true qi and fell to the ground.

Then, the two launched a dazzling attack.

The surrounding trees were in trouble, as large trees kept falling down.

However, what Granny Yun did not notice was that a thin mist began to rise up from around where they were.

The second time was actually much easier than the first, but there was one process that was more troublesome than the first, and that was refining the blue Manjushri.

Because the flower used before was the flower of Manjushri, that is, the essence of the whole flower, which could be used directly, but now it was the branches, leaves and roots of Manjushri that were to be used, so it had to be refined first to remove all the impurities, otherwise these impurities would also enter the pill, and it would definitely not be possible to make a perfect “Marrow Cleansing Pill”.

Ye Lu had not practised this quenching process before, so he handled it very carefully, fearing that something might go wrong.

At this moment, Qin Siyu was desperately rushing towards the back of Tianma Mountain after receiving a phone call from a strange woman.

The woman on the phone had just said that her grandmother was in danger and that she had to go to the designated place to save her as soon as possible, otherwise it would be too late.

She didn’t know if this was true or not, so she called Ye Lu’s number first, but Ye Lu had put his phone on silent mode since he entered the cave, because he was worried that if there was a slip-up his refinement would be lost, and in Ye Lu’s opinion, nothing should happen in such a short time.

She had not been able to contact Ye Lu, so Qin Siyu thought about it and rushed towards the designated place, she had always been dependent on her grandmother, there was no way she would not come, moreover, Granny Yun had not been able to contact her for the past few days, this really made Qin Siyu very worried.

The taxi could only reach the foot of the mountain and the rest was on foot. Luckily, she didn’t have to climb long before she saw a woman greeting her in the bushes.

It was a S*xy woman in Miaojiang dress, but Qin Siyu didn’t know the woman.

The woman told her that Granny Yun was trapped inside a cave and only Qin Shiyu’s blood could save her. Qin Shiyu didn’t know whether to believe or disbelieve the woman’s words, but out of concern for her grandmother, she followed her into the cave.

As a result, she saw that there was no Granny Yun in the cave, only a circle of lit red candles, and the Miaojiang woman gestured for her to stand in the middle of the candles.

Qin Shiyu was unsure, so she had to stand over, then looked at the woman and asked in disbelief.

“Where is my grandmother?”

The woman did not answer Qin Siyu’s question, but took out her mobile phone and started taking pictures, smiling as she did so.

“Don’t worry, you will soon be able to see your grandmother, but it will be under the nine springs.”

Hearing the woman’s words, Qin Siyu then realized that she had fallen for this woman’s trick because she was concerned. She quickly turned around and tried to walk towards the outside of the cave, but, immediately afterwards, she stopped.

These snakes were of different colours and sizes, but all had triangular shaped heads, spitting out long cores, and looked extremely hideous.

Qin Siyu, who had been afraid of snakes since she was a child, was so frightened that her legs trembled and she didn’t even have the strength to step back.

To be honest, even a normal man would tremble in fear at the sight of these dense and countless poisonous snakes, let alone a girl like Qin Shiyu.


When she saw a snake with a golden ring pattern on its body quickly crawling towards her from the group of snakes, Qin Shiyu screamed in fear and followed it to the ground paralyzed.

She felt the snake’s cold body had crawled up her thigh, but she did not have the courage to reach out and fight it because she was too scared.

However, to her some surprise, the snake didn’t bite her, it crawled from her thighs all the way to her chest and then took her phone in its mouth.

“Oh, don’t be so nervous? It’s not time for you to die yet, it’s just that I suddenly remembered that it should work better to use your phone to take pictures and send them over.”

The S*xy Miaojiang woman said with a smile as she shook the phone in her hand.

On the other side, a white mist had enveloped the woods and a cruel smile appeared on the face of the compulsive old woman.

“Granny Yun, I’ll see how long you can last under the ‘poisonous miasma’.”

Immediately after that, from the white mist, several weirdly shaped doll-like things appeared, which were only half as tall as a man, wearing red clothes and holding brightly shining knives in their hands, moving somewhat mechanically, but rushing into the white mist at an extremely fast speed.

“Huh! Even a ‘magic weapon’ like a witchcraft doll has been obtained by you, it looks like you really haven’t been idle all these years!”

Within the white mist, Granny Yun’s voice rang out, however, she followed it up by saying.

“However, you still underestimate me too much, do you think that a mere ‘poisonous miasma’ can help the once ‘holy maiden’?”

Then, for no apparent reason, a whirlwind blew up from the centre of the white fog, which came abruptly and quickly, and soon the white fog was blown away, revealing Granny Yun standing amidst the strewn tree trunks and the fallen voodoo doll on the ground.

In her hand was a small triangular flag with some strange writing on it that looked quite ancient.

“The ‘Chaotic Cloud Streamer’ is actually in your hand, looks like I did underestimate you.”

Seeing the small flag in Granny Yun’s hand, Old Lady Compa*s said coldly with an expressionless face, while fresh blood was flowing down from the corner of her mouth, the witchcraft doll being broken had caused her a lot of damage.

She wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and waved her hand at the S*xy female disciple beside her.

“Let’s show her.”

The female apprentice smiled and threw Granny Yun’s mobile phone to her, on which was the very picture that the other Miaojiang woman had just taken with Qin Siyu’s mobile phone.

Qin Siyu was lying in terror in the middle of countless red candles, while all around her were densely packed with poisonous snakes, with a golden-ringed one quietly guarding Qin Siyu’s side.

“Sister Yun, aren’t we ready to talk properly?”

Old Lady Compa*s said as she looked at Granny Yun with narrowed eyes.

In the cave below, Ye Lu’s last “Marrow Cleansing Pill” was finished, and the blue light shone brightly, followed by the fluctuation of spiritual energy in the furnace.

At the same time, the “Ghostly Inferno” also burned out its last bit and slowly disappeared.

However, at the place where the “Ghostly Inferno” had disappeared, Ye Lu saw that there was still a blue shimmer emanating from underneath the rock.

“There’s still something down there.”

He quickly grabbed the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” and then poured in his spiritual energy to cut through the rock below, and then saw a blue fire ball, which was smaller than a ping pong ball.

“Is this the ‘Spirit of Flame’?”

Ye Lu muttered somewhat confusedly, followed by the introduction of this item from the profile provided by the gla*ses.

“Name: the fire of the Ghostly Flame of the Underworld, Characteristics: extremely dangerous ……”

He had just read this when the bizarre fire had “brushed!” It jumped into Ye Lu’s mouth and then burrowed along his throat.


Chapter 104

“Holy sh*t! What the hell?”

Ye Lu was dumbfounded by this guy’s strange actions, followed by a sudden feeling of chills all over his body, as if he was in an ice cave.

“Is this a big game?”

He suddenly remembered the words “extremely dangerous” that he had just read, but unfortunately he did not see the words that followed.

Then, he felt that not only he, but also his surroundings had become cold, as he saw that the ground he was standing on and the surrounding rock walls were covered with ice crystals.

“It’s not going to freeze me to death just like that, is it?”

Ye Luo said with some uncertainty in his heart, but what made him feel strange was that he should be freezing to death at this current temperature, so how come he only felt very cold and shivering?

The temperature that could freeze the ground and the surrounding rocks, Ye Luo did not know how low it was, but at least it should not be a problem to freeze himself into a popsicle.

However, his hands could move now, which meant that he should not have a big problem, at least for now.

On the slope above the cave where Ye Lu was, Granny Yun and Old Lady Compa*s both froze at the same time, because they both just saw those “ghost bats” fly up again, and then they felt the air around them turn cold.

“Could it be that a foreign treasure is coming out?”

Both of them muttered in their hearts at the same time.

The reason was that usually when a foreign treasure came out of the world, there would be a strange phenomenon in heaven and earth.

“Sister Yun, your person is in my hands, make a choice, will she live or will you live?”

Old Lady Compa*s ignored the vision as she looked at Granny Yun and asked coldly.

Granny Yun looked at Old Lady Compa*s and said with a sigh.

“I do want that child to live, but I don’t believe you, if others don’t know what you are, will I not know? Even if I die, that girl you will still not let go.”

As a result, the compulsive old woman said coldly.

“I have no idea of bargaining with, pick up the video your granddaughter sent over.”

Granny Yun had no choice but to open the window of the video.

On the other side of the video, the S*xy Miaojiang woman smiled and said.

“Granny Yun, right, watch this, it’s up to you to choose whether you want to save your granddaughter or not, Golden Ring, do it.”

With her words, the golden-ringed snake burrowed into Qin Shiyu’s skirt, followed by a piteous scream from Qin Shiyu, who should have been bitten somewhere.

“Golden ring, let her see where the bite is.”

The Miaojiang woman said quickly, followed by an odd sound, and the snake obediently held its skirt open, and Granny Yun saw that it was a bright red on Qin Siyu’s panties.

“She has half an incense stick left, it’s up to you to save her or not.”

Old Lady Compa*s looked at Granny Yun and said coldly.

“I admit, my character is indeed bad and cruel, but I can guarantee this time that I will not touch a hair on this child’s head, because there is no need to, you and I both know very well that without a great chance, we no longer have a chance to break through again, nor do we have many years left to live, and by the time this girl grows up to seek revenge on me, I will be buried in the earth long ago. ”

“So, just give a painful answer, you die, or she dies?”

Hearing Old Mrs. Compulsion finish her sentence, Granny Yun fell into deep thought.

The old woman of compulsion was not in a hurry either, as she waited quietly carrying the circular ring-like circular knife.

In the cave, Ye Lu finally shivered with cold, his teeth clacked, and he felt that the cold stream had entered his limbs and bones, and he could no longer find the seed of the “Ghostly Inferno” in his body, as if it had disappeared.


At the same time, he felt flames emanating from his body, blue flames, almost identical to the “Ghostly Inferno” he had used to make pills, starting from his hands and gradually spreading to his arms, shoulders and chest ……

Soon, all of Ye Lu’s body was surrounded by blue flames.

The people on the mountain also felt a difference in the air around them at the same time as the flames appeared on Ye Luo’s body, the temperature plummeted, even the gra*s and trees began to react, and the ground was already tinged with a layer of white frost.

“What kind of foreign treasure is this, it’s too frightening.”

The old woman’s eyebrows twitched, she had already started to move, if it was an ordinary foreign treasure she might not have been moved, but a foreign treasure that could cause such a great fluctuation in heaven and earth she had to pay attention to it, because it could very well be a chance for her cultivation to go even further.

If she could further her cultivation, her longevity could be increased by a large amount, and this was simply too attractive to the old woman.

So she couldn’t help but look down the side of the cliff, from which the strange-looking “ghost bats” had just flown up.

The air had become even more volatile, a sign that the treasure might soon be revealed.

Not only her, but also her two disciples, especially the female disciple who is standing next to the old woman.

She was very clear about one thing, that is, Old Lady Compa*s had actually been very depleted, otherwise she would not have used the move of using Qin Shiyu to threaten her, because Old Lady Compa*s had been trying to defeat Granny Yun head-on in an open and honest manner to avenge her shame, while she herself had only been responsible for blowing a bl*wjob, with basically no loss of her true qi, and she felt that most of Old Lady Compa*s’s true qi was now so depleted that she could not even defeat herself.

So, she couldn’t help but glance down the cliff as well.

“Perhaps, my chance has come.”

For cultivators, chance, though illusory, was important, for example, some cultivators who coincidentally obtained powerful “magic weapons” could have their combat power soar by a level, and of course there were more examples of people who had broken through bottlenecks due to chance.

Seeing her apprentice’s momentary expression, Old Lady Compa*s certainly understood what she was thinking, and her current situation was basically the same as what her female apprentice was thinking, she didn’t even have the power to activate her magic weapon, so she looked at Granny Yun and said coldly.

“Sorry, sister Yun, the situation has changed, I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you, hurry up and decide, let my ‘Dragon Compulsion’ bite you, or that girl will die now.”

Seeing the expression on Old Lady Compulsion’s face, Granny Yun gritted her teeth and said.

“Good, you better not go back on your word, come on.”

Granny Yun had already seen that the old woman of compulsion was now thinking about the foreign treasure more than killing herself, after all, killing herself would only settle the grudge, while if she could break through, she would have another few decades, or even hundreds of years to live, compared to the two, it was obvious that the latter carried more weight.

Seeing that Granny Yun had agreed, a fiery red centipede quickly snaked up to her side and bit her on the thigh.

At the same time, the surrounding gra*s and trees suddenly let out a “cackle!” The white ice crystals were already crawling up the gra*s and tree trunks, turning the season into a cold winter.

Then, a blue light shone violently from below the cliff.

“A foreign treasure has come out!”

Seeing this scene, the old woman of the companions rushed towards the cliff regardless, but her female apprentice was even faster, the one who was guarding the cave not far away had also sensed the difference in temperature long ago, she had been watching from the entrance of the cave, and when she saw the glow light up, she too darted in the direction of the cliff.

At this moment in the cave, Ye Lu had already survived the most difficult life and death moment. Just at that instant, he thought he was dead because the blue flames all over his body erupted violently like a volcanic eruption, and he thought he would definitely be turned into ashes as a result, but he found that after the eruption, he was fine instead, even the bone-chilling pain had basically disappeared.

At that moment, his mobile phone screen suddenly lit up and it was an unfamiliar call.

The phone was placed together with the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow”, and a small area centred on the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” was the only part that was not affected by the blue flames.

Ye Lu was still covered in flames, so he didn’t dare to answer the phone with his hands, probably just pick up the phone, the phone will turn into ice, but this is not difficult for him, because he has the “auxiliary function” of the gla*ses, he quickly used the gla*ses to connect the phone.

“Ye …… Ye Lu, where are you? Quickly …… go and save Silk Rain, she is in the cave next to the …… Big Sophora Tree …… at the back of Tianma Mountain. ……”

A pale old voice came from the other side of the phone.

“Grandma Yun!”

Ye Lu instantly understood who the other party was, and by this time, the compulsive old woman and her female apprentice had also jumped off the cliff.