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Super School Student Chapter 97-98

Chapter 97

When he heard this guy say that he couldn’t beat Ye Lu, Sun was a bit surprised, because the leader of the “Three Harmonies Gang” was a dark jin powerhouse, and he wasn’t just a beginner, so it seemed that Ye Lu really had two skills.

So, he turned his head to another person and said.

“You go.”

It turned out that this man was none other than one of those who had intercepted Ye Lu on his motorbike earlier, and he certainly did not dare to go forward as he lowered his head and said.

“Boss, I can’t do him either.”

This made Brother Sun feel just a little bit embarra*sed, how come these guys were all so wimpy, he looked at another guy at the gang leader level and said.

“You go.”

As a result, this guy also shook his head because although he had never fought Ye Lu, he had seen Ye Lu when he was wielding a dagger and chasing after that terrifying ghost, and he didn’t feel that he was more powerful than that ghost.

So, he shook his head decisively and said.

“Boss, I can’t do him either, I can only rely on you.”

Seeing that this guy was also such a wimp, Sun’s lungs were about to explode, he glared at the crowd, then he took a few steps forward and walked in front of Ye Luo looking at Ye Luo and said.

“Toast the wine, seek death.”

Following that, he then fiercely rushed towards Ye Luo.

Looking at the current situation, he had to establish his authority to do so, otherwise everyone was going to be shocked by Ye Lu’s aura, however, he could not figure out what kind of energy this one called Ye Lu in front of him had that made so many of his men go soft.


This time, Sun did not use his dark energy and Ye did not use his aura.

However, this punch had already made the difference.

“This kid is so strong!”

Sun muttered darkly.

Every strong person who crossed the peak of Ming Jin’s strength was not small, as the body’s flesh and blood power had reached its peak, but Ye Lu’s strength was obviously too exaggerated, as Brother Sun himself was a peak Dark Jin expert, and he had actually come for a breakthrough, after all, for those who were stuck at the bottleneck, it was best not to let go whenever there was an opportunity.

As for the intake, it was only incidental, he didn’t think there could be any experts in this small place.

However, this blow also allowed him to figure out Ye Lu’s strength, because he really did not feel any true qi in Ye Lu’s body, which meant that Ye Lu should be stuck at the peak of Ming Jin, and the peak of Ming Jin had a certain immunity to Dark Jin because his blood and flesh were strengthened to the extreme, so in addition to the fact that Ye Lu’s strength was really too strong, so Sun did feel that Ye Lu did have a chance to defeat a Dark Jin powerhouse.

However, he was an expert at the peak of dark jin, and the gulf between the two was very huge, so he didn’t put Ye Lu in his eyes.

“Humph! It’s just a waste of empty strength, it’s not too late for you to kneel down.”

Brother Sun said with some disdain as he looked at Ye Lu.

Ye Luo then looked at him and said with a smile.

“You’re really thick-skinned, weren’t you the one who got knocked away, what the hell are you bullSh*tting there?”

When he saw that Ye Lu was actually so uncouth, Sun’s face sank.

“Good, since you want death so badly, I’ll make it up to you.”

With those words, he charged up again, still blasting straight at Ye Lu’s face, and Ye Lu didn’t change his stance, still disliking him straight back.


The two fists were facing each other, but this time Sun had used his dark strength, he wanted Ye Lu to taste the taste of broken bones, while Ye Lu also poured his aura into his fist, making it as hard as iron.

After this blow, without any surprise, Brother Sun was blown away again, but a cruel smile appeared on his face, as he felt that Ye Lu’s hand was definitely ruined.

However, Ye Lu only felt some numbness and slight pain in his fist, but nothing serious.

He was waiting for the moment when Ye Lu’s fist would shatter. He knew the difference between a peak Dark Power and a peak Ming Power, and even if Ye Lu was gifted, he could not fill the gap.

However, he had waited quietly for half a day, but Ye Luo did not do anything, which made him a bit confused.

“Are you going to bandage it up before you fight?”

Ye Luo pointed at Sun’s fist and said.

He quickly looked down and realised that his fist was covered in blood, the blow he had just dealt, Ye Luo’s punch had shattered all the bones in his fist.

“What the hell.”

Sun muttered somewhat depressed, he was very confused as to why Ye Lu was fine while he seemed to have hit a steel plate.

“I just don’t believe it, what can you do if you are a Ming Jin practitioner who is even more powerful?”

Sun charged up again in disbelief, for a Dark Energy practitioner, they could use their Dark Energy to strengthen a part of their body, for example, if they strengthened their thighs, they could jump higher, if they strengthened their fists, they could hit harder, this time Sun strengthened his thighs, which could make his speed extremely fast.

He understood the principle that “the only martial art in the world is speed”, so he wanted to take Ye Lu by surprise.

However, he soon found out that he was wrong again. He thought he had reached Ye Lu with a swift attack, but when he reached the front he found that Ye Lu’s foot was already waiting there.


With a single kick, Ye Luo sent him flying.

To be honest, what Ye Lu was more annoyed with now was fancy moves, because he didn’t know any moves and what he was least worried about was this kind of straightforward and hard fighting, whether it was speed or strength, he was no worse than his opponent.

Sun was lying on the ground, he felt his head short-circuiting a bit, he had obviously used all his strength, he was obviously already fast, but why was that foot there, it was not scientific.

“There must be something wrong, is that kid a demon?”

Sun couldn’t figure it out no matter how he thought about it.

“Hey! That big brother, have you rested yet?”

Seeing that Brother Sun didn’t get up for half a day, Ye Lu shouted at him.

Only then did Brother Sun slowly climb up, he looked at Ye Lu and then looked around, followed by a vicious yell.

“Everyone, copy your weapons and F**k him to death.”

Hearing his order, all the people present drew their weapons. However, to Ye Lu’s surprise, after Sun shouted, quite a few people leapt out from other parts of this broken factory, and there were hundreds of people at a rough glance.

In fact, Ye Lu did not know that these men were not originally prepared for him, but for Sun to deal with the last gang, the “Army Spikes”, which he did not expect to use against Ye Lu.

The ambushed men were obviously prepared for this, with long swords, axes, swords, spears and sticks all coming at Ye Lu.

“Kid, I’ll see if you die.”

Brother Sun looked at Ye Luo and said viciously.

The attacking group then swamped Ye Lu, while a cruel smile appeared on Sun’s face, although he had to reveal his strength, in his opinion, Ye Lu was definitely finished.

However, immediately after that he saw people flying up from the crowd, one, two, three, four ……

As he watched more and more people fly up from the crowd one by one, he instantly felt that things might not be good, and in no more than a moment, the knocked out members of the gang were lying all around Ye Lu.

“Now it’s your turn.”

After knocking all the guys who rushed up away, Ye Luo dashed to Sun’s front, then looked at him and said with a smile.

“Even if you have a hundred people, what can you do? It’s still all rubbish, you don’t measure up to yourself.”

Following that, Ye Luo kicked him up and while he was still in the air, Ye Luo stomped the ground fiercely, and the man flew up and punched Sun again, knocking him out of the air and down to the ground.


This punch then knocked Brother Sun out and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Kid, how dare you hit me, our capital’s ‘Heaven Sheltering Gang’ won’t spare you, if you go against me, you go against the ‘Heaven Sheltering Gang’, you know what will happen if you go against the ‘Heaven Sheltering Gang Do you know what will happen if you go against the ‘Heavenly Clan’?”

Hearing that this matter was also related to the “Heavenly Clan”, Ye Lu also frowned, to be honest, he did not want to cause so much trouble, he was fine with himself, but what about the people around him? He didn’t want everyone to get involved, so he stopped and looked at Sun and said.

“What’s the downfall?”

Sun then said coldly.

“For those who dare to mess with us, we will first kill their beloved relatives and play with their women, so that they can experience endless despair, and then slowly get them killed, you dare to mess with us, you can just wait and regret.”

Hearing Sun speak so cruelly, Ye Lu’s brow furrowed even tighter as he looked at Sun and said.

“Then how about this matter can be put to an end?”

Brother Sun thought that Ye Lu was afraid, so he said with a cold smile.

“First, you submit to us and work as a cow for us, second, that sister of yours is really nice, give her to me to play with for a few years, just do these two things, otherwise you all have to die.”

When Sun finished speaking, Ye Lu’s frown suddenly relaxed as he looked at Sun and said.

“Your last sentence has reminded me, I suddenly thought of a good way, it seems that as long as you die, nothing will happen, right?”

Ye Luo said very calmly, which on the contrary made Sun’s back a bit chilly, he felt a murderous intent from Ye Luo’s calm voice, so he quickly said.

“You …… can’t kill me, if you dare to kill me, you will regret it.”

However, what awaited him was Ye Lu’s cold smile.


Chapter 98

When he heard the style of work of the “Heavenly Clan”, Ye Lu already made a decision, since he had been targeted by such a gang, the best way is to kill this guy, perhaps the “Heavenly Clan” will come over to investigate, but, as long as it is done seamlessly, it will be fine.

So, Ye Lu suddenly laughed brightly and then patted Brother Sun and said.

“I was actually joking with you, how dare I kill you? Come on, let me help you up, from now on I am your little brother, everyone will be my witness.”

Ye Lu dragged Sun up, then said to the people around him while helping him pat the dirt on his body.

The guys around him who had been knocked down and knocked out all looked confused, everyone didn’t understand what was going on here?

“Wasn’t there a fight just now? Why is it suddenly so harmonious?”

“I guess they’re scared, that ‘Chakra Gang’ should be very scary.”

“Yeah, who’s not afraid.”


The crowd began to talk, and one of the people involved, Sun, was also confused, he couldn’t figure out what medicine Ye Lu was selling in the gourd, he looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Are you really submissive?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Of course, but I still have things to do, I’ll leave first, I’ll see you sometime.”

After saying that, he greeted Brother Sun in a friendly manner, then turned around and left.

Brother Sun felt that something seemed to be wrong, he reached out to call out to Ye Lu, but he suddenly found that his voice was actually unable to speak.

At the same time, Ye Lu had already left the room.

He reckoned that another wave of people should be arriving soon as well.

On his way here, Ye Lu had seen another wave of people, which was small in number, but each of them was a good fighter, and each of them carried a special “military spike” on their body.

Sure enough, at this moment, the army spikers had already arrived at the entrance of the abandoned factory.

“How dare you make an appointment with our ‘Army Spurs’ people, you really don’t want to live anymore, don’t talk nonsense with them later, just do it, just take the opportunity to collect this city’s gangs.”

The leader of the Army Spurs, a tall guy in camouflage, said coldly.

Following this, the group of a dozen men walked into the room.

“Holy Sh*t, what’s going on here?”

Just after walking into the room, everyone looked inside at the people who had fallen across the floor, as well as Sun Pengfei and a group of men in black in the middle of the house.

“Did someone beat us to it?”

Seeing the chaotic scene, everyone’s first impression was that it was the scene of a firefight, and Sun Pengfei, standing in the middle, was the group that had won the firefight.

However, the leader of the army spikes didn’t bother about that, as he led his men to fly towards Sun Pengfei in the middle.

Sun Pengfei wanted to say something, but all he could do was open his mouth but nothing came out, but, by this time, the Army Spikes’ men had already arrived.

“Get lost!”

Some of the men in black tried to step forward to stop them, but they were kicked out by the leader of the Army Spikes, seeing this, the others hesitated, many of them were now lying on the ground and the leader was inexplicably not giving any orders, which made everyone a bit at a loss.


After kicking another man away, no one else stepped forward, and the Army Spikes’ men flew up to Sun Pengfei, and the leader of the Army Spikes didn’t say anything, first kicking Sun Pengfei to the ground and then stomping on his chest.

“You are the grandson who called me here?”

The leader of the military spikes looked at him and said coldly.

However, his kick triggered the dark energy of aura left behind by Ye Luo, Sun Pengfei’s eyes went straight, followed by a mouthful of blood spitting out, and he actually died with his head lolling.

At this point, all of the Army Spikes were dumbfounded, everyone stood there frozen for a few seconds, then the leader of the Army Spikes said with some confusion.

“Is this guy so unforgiving of kicks?”

Of course no one answered him, but then he thought for a moment and said.

“Never mind, the city’s ours anyway, right?”

And a few of the men around him chuckled.


Following that, someone turned his head to look around and said.

“Listen up, all of you, are there any more of you who don’t like our military spikes? Come forward.”

Of course, no one dared to come forward, the name of “Army Spur” was still very well known in this city, no one dared to fight against the Army Spur.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu, who was hiding outside, was satisfied and turned around to leave.

In any case, the matter was over for the time being. It was not certain when the “Heavenly Clan” would find out about it, and according to Ye Lu’s deduction, most of the “Heavenly Clan” would not come here to investigate for this Sun Pengfei, because, from the information, Sun Pengfei was only a minor figure of no importance in the “Heavenly Clan”.

When he returned home, Ye Yan was already waiting at home for Ye Lu, because on the way Ye Lu told Ye Yan that the crisis was over and that it was all right.

“Ye Lu, you don’t know how marvelous old sister is today, so many strong men were beaten down by old sister, it’s just a pity that cleaning up the room tired your old sister enough.”

Ye Yan said with a frown.

Seeing Ye Yan’s appearance, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“What is tiring enough to clean the room, you just don’t want to clean it.”

As a result, Ye Yan said with a glare.

“You don’t have to come, ever since I came to the house, all the cleaning wasn’t done by mother, in order to let you study properly, when did I ever let you move your hands, you heartless one.”

Ye Lu thought about it, it was really like that, since Ye Yan had come, he had never cleaned the house again, and he did not have to wash clothes and cook, so it did save him a lot of effort, if Ye Yan had not mentioned it, to be honest, he had not really noticed this.

So, he hurriedly complimented Ye Yan and promised to save her one when he finished making the “Marrow Cleansing Pill”.

However, it was a pity that Ye Lu did not have any other cultivation method other than the one he used, and this cultivation method was self-contained and only useful for his own body after he had been “reborn”, otherwise he could have let Ye Yan try to become a cultivator.

“I don’t know when I will be able to open the two systems of gongfu and martial arts, then I will have more comprehensive abilities.”

Ye Lu muttered darkly, he felt that there should still be many functions of this spectacle that were not opened.

“Just what kind of person made these gla*ses? It’s a bit too heaven defying.”

Ye Lu couldn’t help but lament once again.

However, it was not that easy to figure this out, so Ye Lu went to his room to cultivate and sleep.

The next morning, Ye Lu went to school with his pa*s and all his things, because today was the first day of the college entrance exam, and he had to take the Yanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine exam, so of course he couldn’t miss it.

Outside the examination hall, Ye Lu saw Gu Shiqi and Long Feixue. On Long Feixue’s wrists were two emerald green jade bracelets, the colour of which was unusually bright, obviously made from the imperial green stone on the public market.

However, there were many Gu Shiqi’s bodyguards surrounding them, so Ye Luo greeted them from afar and did not go over.

He went around to another school building, found Qin Siyu and gave her the bottle of “Beauty Pill”.

“For me?”

Qin Siyu said with some surprise and disbelief.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Yes, it’s for beauty, it’s very useful, this is a grinder, you can eat it or apply it externally, right, how are you doing with your revision, are you sure?”

Qin Siyu looked at Ye Lu’s preparation so meticulous somehow touched, she took the things, then smiled and said.

“I heard that you are going to the university in the capital, right? I also want to do better in the exam and go to the university in the capital with you.”

Ye Lu nodded and then said with a smile.

“If you need any help, just look for me, I’ll help you and then go to the capital together.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Qin Siyu said with a smile.

“You can help with this too, this is a college entrance exam, how strict is it, although we are in the same exam room, but the papers are different and there is no way to copy it.”

For his part, Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Let’s wait and see what happens after we get into the examination hall, don’t worry, I can think of a way, just listen to my arrangements when the time comes, by the way, what are the rules and discipline for the college entrance examination?”

Ye Lu has been busy these days, what examination room discipline he does not know.

Seeing that Ye Lu didn’t even know the discipline of the examination hall and said that he wanted to help, Qin Siyu then smiled and said.

“Then I’ll talk to you about exam room discipline, there’s no chance of that.”