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Super School Student Chapter 89-90

Chapter 89

“There really is a treasure, ghosts are really more trustworthy than people!”

Ye Luo said with some emotion as he looked at the blue manjushala.

If that ghost knew that Ye Lu did not do anything, just relying on the arrow of the sunset arrow to scare all those “ghost bats” away, I wonder how he would feel, probably he would regret telling Ye Lu about it.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, was a bit ecstatic.

“I was worried that there would be no treasure at the ‘puja’, and then the treasure came.”

Ye Luo couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

The blue manjushala was the main material for a kind of elixir, and of course it was the most basic elixir, named “Marrow Cleansing Pill”, its function was somewhat similar to that of the “Deflowering”, it could help cultivators wash away the impurities in their bodies, strengthen their constitution and make cultivation easier.

Therefore, although it is a very low-grade pill, its effect is very fundamental. For those who have been unable to break through the bottleneck for years, this is simply a good medicine, because the reason why most people do not break through is that there is something in their body that prevents them from breaking through.

This was also the reason why the clan of the Dust of the Immortal had taken such a fancy to Zhang Tian, not because Zhang Tian was so strong, but because most of the obstacles in Zhang Tian’s body had already been cleared by the Immortal Pill, so there would basically be no more bottlenecks in his future cultivation.

Of course, what surprised Ye Lu even more was the fire.

Without the fire, Ye Lu would not have been able to refine the “Marrow Cleansing Pill”. The “Marrow Cleansing Pill” was not a “Breast Enhancement Pill” or a “Beauty Pill”, but a real pill for authentic immortal cultivation, so he would not have been able to refine it when Ye Lu was unable to release the fire.

However, with this fire, Ye Lu did not have to worry about it. The name of this fire was “Ghost Flame of the Underworld”, which was one of the flames that could be used for alchemy, and with this fire, Ye Lu could refine the “Marrow Cleansing Pill”.

As for the reward, Ye Lu had already thought about it, if he needed money, he could take it from the Gu family, and if he needed a cure, he could do it himself.

“Good stuff!”

Ye Lu said with some emotion as he looked at the blue manjushala.

After that, he opened the map of Tianma Mountain in the “auxiliary function” and marked the location of the cave, he had to prepare the herbs first and then practice it by himself, both the blue Manshu Shahua and the “Underworld Ghost Inferno” were one-time consumables, he didn’t want to have any accidents while refining.

As he walked outside the cave, Ye Lu found that those weird bats were indeed hiding from him. After he reached the outside of the cave, they circled back to the depths of the cave again, but this was good, with the protection of these weird bats, Ye Lu did not have to worry about Manjushri and the “Ghostly Inferno” being taken away by others.

Happy to have found such a treasure, Ye Lu walked out leisurely and then hummed a little song as he walked towards the outside of the mountain.

The female ghost who was lurking not far away was scared enough by Ye Lu’s behaviour.

“Those ‘ghost bats’ actually didn’t kill him? How odd!”

She was a bit confused, those ‘ghost bats’ were notoriously cruel, and this number of female ghosts did not dare to mess with them at the moment anyway.

“Hey! It looks like I can’t afford to mess with this kid anymore, so I’d better leave here and go to the capital, maybe it’s easier to mix with my cousin there.”

After saying that, this female ghost also turned around and left.

Ye Lu didn’t know this, he walked beautifully towards the bottom of the mountain, but before he reached the foot of the mountain, Gu Shiqi’s phone call came.

“Ye Lu, where are you, I’m coming to pick you up, sister Long is also here.”

It seemed that this girl Gushiqi was quite conscientious, she was worried that something might happen to Ye Lu, so she got Long Feixue to come over as well, hearing her somewhat anxious and worried tone, Ye Lu’s heart was still quite warm, he smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine, but it’s great that you guys are here, I was worried about how to get back in this wild mountain, wait for me to check the directions ah.”

With that, Ye Lu pulled out the map from his gla*ses once again, then found the direction closest to the road.

“You guys just go to the ‘Double Dragon Toll Station’ about two kilometres north, wait for me at the bottom of the mountain, I’ll be there soon.”

After saying that Ye Luo ran towards the bottom of the mountain, the harvest he had just made made him excited, however, there were still a lot of things he didn’t understand about the cultivator side of things, so he still had quite a few things he wanted to ask Long Fei Xue about.

It didn’t take long for Ye Lu to reach the bottom of the mountain, and there was indeed a Porsche parked there. Seeing Ye Lu jumping down from the mountain, Gushiki darted out of the car.

However, when she saw Ye Luo, her face turned red as she remembered the scene in the coffin again.

“Ye …… Ye Lu, are you alright?”

She looked at Ye Luo and asked.

Ye Luo shook his arms and kicked his legs again and smiled.

“It’s fine, I’m fine, how about you, the medicine power is all over, right?”

Hearing Ye Lu ask about the medicine strength, Gu Shiqi immediately became a little overwhelmed, she quickly lowered her head and then said in a very small voice.

“That, Ye …… Ye Lu, you didn’t do anything to me at that time, right?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“No, but you have quite a lot of water.”

At first, Gu Shiqi didn’t understand what Ye Luo was saying, however, she immediately understood what Ye Luo meant and followed her with a kick.

“You pervert~wolf, go to hell you, thanks to me worrying so much about you ……”

Of course she couldn’t kick Ye Lu, Ye Lu dodged while laughing and said.

“Looks like you’re completely well, alive and well! Then I’m relieved, follow Miss Long for the next few days, better not leave an inch, remember?”

Seeing Ye Luo’s serious expression, Gu Shiqi then stopped and also nodded solemnly, she couldn’t kick for half a day anyway, and she understood very well that if it wasn’t for Ye Luo, she would have been spoiled by Zhang Tian for sure, she didn’t lose her memory when it happened, so she knew what had happened.

“Alright, let’s go, let’s go back.”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

Back in the car, Ye Luo realised that the person driving was Long Feixue, it looked like Gu Shiqi really hated it when her family got involved in her own affairs.

“That, Ye Lu, I’m sorry ……”

Long Feixue looked at Ye Lu with an apologetic face and said, however, just as he was halfway through his sentence, Ye Lu smiled and interrupted her before saying.

“You don’t need to say sorry, and thank you for your help, by the way, I still have quite a few things to ask.”

Following that, Long Feixue started the car while Ye Luo inquired.

“Miss Long, I heard from an old gentleman surnamed Su that he was stuck at the peak of Dark Energy for decades and couldn’t break through, are there many such things? Does everyone encounter this kind of situation? How do they usually get past this hurdle?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s series of enquiries, Long Fei Xue nodded and said.

“Old Mr. Su’s situation isn’t a special case, there are many people who get stuck at the bottleneck of cultivation, especially when ‘Dark Energy’ turns into ‘Transformation Energy’, there is a secular saying called ‘ Emergence into Transformation’, which actually means the process of moving from Dark Energy into Transformation Energy, and people often call the realm of Transformation Energy the Realm of Transformation.”

“For various reasons, such as choosing the wrong gong method, the wrong cultivation process, the wrong direction of cultivation, the wrong way, and so on, can all cause the situation of being stuck at the bottleneck, which can be as short as a few days, a few months, or as long as several years, and of course there are many people who can’t cross over in their lifetime.”

Speaking of this, Long Fei Xue also could not help but feel emotional, because she was also one of the people who were stuck here unable to advance an inch, moreover, she did not know how long she would be stuck.

Hearing Long Fei Xue’s words, Ye Luo then had an idea in his mind, it looked like basically all cultivators had this kind of demand, and when his own pills were refined it would definitely be very sought after.

So, he followed and asked.

“That, Miss Long, if there is an elixir that can quench the body, which according to the idiom is ‘cutting down the hair and cleansing the marrow’, do you think it will be helpful in breaking through the bottleneck?”

Long Fei Xue said without even thinking about it.

“It’s too helpful, because whatever the specific reason for being stuck in the bottleneck, the essence actually lies in one’s own body, if one can completely remove the defilement of the body ……”

When she said this, she suddenly stopped, and then “squeaked” the car to a stop on the road and turned her head to look at Ye Lu with wide eyes.

“Ye Lu, what are you asking this for, do you have such a potion?”


Chapter 90

Seeing Long Feixue’s expression, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Not yet, but I will have it in a few days, would Miss Long be willing to try it out then?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Long Feixue said without the slightest hesitation.

“Sure, but this kind of elixir just doesn’t have a place to buy even if you have money, are you sure you want to send me to try it?”

Ye Luo smiled once again and said.

“It’s all just a small matter, it’s also fate for us to meet Miss Long, moreover, we still need Miss Long to protect Gu Shiqi these few days, I’m worried that the Zhang family’s side will still make some moves.”

However, in order to make the Zhang family know what to do, Ye Lu had already decided to go and warn them tomorrow night, so that they would know what fear was.

Following that, Long Fei Xue then continued driving while saying.

“Actually, the people who are stuck at the bottleneck the most are the strongest people at the peak of the Transformation Realm, because they will be facing a big realm crossing, from Houtian cultivators to Innate cultivators, that is the most difficult chasm to cross, however, according to the legend, there are even more powerful cultivators above the Innate Realm, but these people must be unknown to the mundane world.”

Indeed, as Long Fei Xue said, if Ye Lu hadn’t crossed paths with this circle, he wouldn’t have known that cultivators existed, I’m afraid that according to the normal trajectory, high school, university, work, retirement, and perhaps until death, he wouldn’t have come into contact with any cultivators, but since Ye Lu entered this circle, he realized that the world was far more complicated than he had imagined.

However, Ye Lu and Long Fei Xue’s words left Gu Shiqi in the clouds, she had no idea what the hell the two were talking about.

“What are you guys talking about? Although I can’t understand it, it seems to be very profound.”

When she heard Gu Shiqi ask, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“A new field, I’ll explain it to you later, right, Gu Shiqi, don’t run around these days, focus on your revision, Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine isn’t that easy to get into.”

However, Gu Shiqi said unconcerned.

“What’s so hard about it, as a schoolmaster, I’m not afraid of exams, but I have to choose a major that’s far away from corpses, preferably one that’s beautiful.”

Hearing Ye Lu and Gu Shiqi’s conversation, Long Fei Xue then thought about it and said.

“If you guys get into ‘Yanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine’ remember to come to me at the Long Family, if you encounter anything, I can help you, our Long Family still has some influence in the capital.”

At Long Feixue’s words, Gu Shiqi agreed not to care much, however, Ye Lu suddenly thought of some people, that old man of the Ye family, and Ye Qiu Die and the others.

“I hope there won’t be any entanglement with them when the time comes.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly.

Although the two tickets for the “puja” that Elder Ye had given Ye Lu were very much to Ye Lu’s liking, he still did not have any good feelings towards the messy Ye family.

The only person who made Ye Lu feel good was Uncle Lei.

With that, the three of them soon re-entered the city, which was already late at night, so they split up and went home separately.

When they arrived at home, Ye Lu saw that the light in Ye Yan’s house was actually on, and he didn’t know what he was doing in the middle of the night without sleeping.

However, when he pushed open the door, he did not hear Ye Yan’s voice. Ye Lu guessed that Ye Yan had already fallen asleep, so he quietly closed the door and then tiptoed to the bathroom and opened the bathroom door, but then he was petrified at the door.

Because, in the bathroom Ye Yan was lying naked in the bathtub, listening to a song on her mobile phone, asleep.

Of course, what surprised Ye Lu was not this, but the empty bottle containing the elixir “Beauty Pill” that was placed next to the bathtub. If he guessed correctly, Ye Yan must have put this bottle of elixir in the bathtub and used it to take a bath.

“What a loser b*tch!”

Ye Luo couldn’t help but lament.

However, the results so far were really good from the looks of it, Ye Yan’s skin all over her body was just like her face, blown out, smooth and delicate and white, it looked as if it would slide off if a fly fell on it.

Just as Ye Luo was watching very carefully, perhaps because the bathroom door was open, Ye Yan suddenly woke up, and when she did, she froze for three seconds, followed by a loud shout.

“Ye Luo ……”

The next thing she knew, she stood up from the bathtub, however, because the bottom of the bathtub and very smooth, plus her front chest weight is a little too much, as a result, she unstable centre of gravity actually fell forward, this can be scared her, if hit the opposite wall may be broken head bleeding.

However, at that moment, a large hand suddenly caught a ball of flesh on her chest, while another hand grabbed her buttocks, and she was able to stand firm.

“Whew! Scared the hell out of me!”

Ye Yan took a deep breath, then said as her chest rose and fell, however, following that she realized that something was wrong, Ye Lu’s hand was actually still on her chest without taking it away.

“Ye Lu ……”

Ye Yan once again shouted in high decibel, Ye Lu was scared and hurriedly shrunk his hand and ran, this is not because he intended to take advantage, mainly because the feel of the hand is really too good, smooth and elastic.

“This brat, taking advantage of me again.”

Ye Yan said in a huff, following which she realised that the water under her feet had long since cooled completely, she then realised that she should have just fallen asleep, guessing that Ye Lu had returned in the middle of the night, and that was why the scene just happened.

“Okay, so it was a misunderstanding, old sister forgives you.”

Ye Yan took off her headphones followed and was stunned by the condition of her skin.

“Sh*t! This is too hydrated, no wonder this kid doesn’t want to let go.”

She said with a very satisfied smile as she reached out and ruffled her hands twice on her plump hemispheres.

Following that, she quickly put on her bathrobe and ran out.

“Ye Lu, where are the pills you promised old sister to make, hurry up and make them, your old sister doesn’t have any stock here.”

She ran to Ye Lu’s room and said with her waist crossed.

Ye Lu was making a list of the herbs needed for the “Marrow Cleansing Pill” on the computer, this was a rare opportunity, he wanted to prepare all the best ingredients so that the blue manjushri could be most effective.

According to the prescription, Ye Lu estimated that the Manjusri and the “Ghostly Inferno” should be able to make two pills, and he had to ensure that the proportion of fine pills in these two pills was as high as possible.

The other thing that Ye Lu slightly regretted was that the “Ghostly Inferno” had not produced a “Flame Spirit” because it had been generated for too short a time, otherwise Ye Lu could have taken the Flame Spirit into his body and fused it to form his own flame, then he could use the flame inside his body to make pills, and at the same time, he could also increase his combat power.

Seeing Ye Yan’s appearance, Ye Lu waved his hand and said.

“Older sister, I have other pills to refine in the next few days, so ……”

As expected, just as she said this, Ye Yan looked like she was about to freak out, and Ye Lu quickly continued.

“Besides, old sister, you also know that the college entrance exams are coming up in a few days, and this is one thing that will determine the future for your oldest brother, so I have to work hard to make a surprise.”

This reason really succeeded in convincing Ye Yan, Ye Yan did not know about the demonic things Ye Lu did in school, she thought about it then nodded and said.

“Okay, then old sister will wait for you to finish your college entrance exams, when the time comes don’t look for excuses with old sister, by then all kinds of pills that become bigger and longer and thicker will be refined for old sister, when you start school old sister will go to open a shop, by the way, didn’t you go to give help to your cla*smates? How come you came back in the middle of the night.”

Ye Lu had to make up a reason to explain, and then went on to make the list of pills.

There were indeed a lot of things needed for the “Marrow Cleansing Pill”, mainly because many things were not available on Earth, so they could only be put together with various things that were available on Earth to achieve the effect.

However, after all, there were only two pills, so the amount of things needed would not be too much.

After making the list, Ye Lu began to cultivate, and the night was silent. The next morning, he didn’t go to school either, and went straight to see Elder Hua with the list.

Hua Lao did not expect Ye Luo to come to him for help, he looked at Ye Luo and said somewhat embarra*sed.

“Master Ye, to be honest, this little matter, I should have mentioned the conditions, but I do have some things that I need Master Ye’s help with, however, don’t worry Master Ye, whether you help me or not, I will provide you with these herbs for free.”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“You’re welcome, Elder Hua, I originally didn’t want to ask for your help for free, so tell me, what do you need me to do?”

Hua Lao then said.

“When I was young I cultivated in the wrong direction and ended up injuring my meridians, as I get older these old ailments have been bothering me, I am now having trouble sleeping and eating, I beg Master Ye to save me.”

Elder Hua spoke sincerely, it looked like the old illnesses were really bothering him.

Ye Luo had long since seen through his gla*ses that Hua Lao’s symptoms and that he could indeed cure them, so he smiled and agreed, and a few moments later he cured Hua Lao’s old ailments.

This made Hua Lao froze there for half a day without speaking, because Hua Lao had been shocked by Ye Lu’s performance, he had specially recommended Ye Lu to his teacher before, but now it seemed that even his teacher could not catch up with Ye Lu, if his teacher treated his illness, even if he could cure it, he would still hurt his vitality quite a lot, but Ye Lu had done it with a light touch.

“What kind of person is this Ye Lu?”

Hua Lao muttered, however, Ye Luo had already flown back to the school, because just now Liu Mei had sent him an unexpected message, she said that a professor from Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine wanted to see him.