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Super School Student Chapter 85-86

Chapter 85

The disbelief and disdain in his eyes, Ye Lu could of course see it, however, he just laughed and said.

“I wouldn’t dare to be a master, it was just a joke from Principal Liu, I’m just a student, don’t take it seriously, don’t take it seriously.”

However, Ye Lu was interested in the “treasure hunt” that Liu Qingshan had just mentioned, he also knew that Liu Qingshan had been looking for treasures for the “puja” for some time, in fact, he was the same, but unfortunately, he had not found anything so far.

When he heard Ye Lu’s words, the guy who was sizing him up smiled and said.

“You’re a real person, I like you, but, looking at you, you weren’t just trashing a good woman in the cave, were you?”

With his words, everyone looked at Gu Shiqi, who was being carried by Ye Lu.

At this moment, Gu Shiqi’s face was full of red, plus her clothes had just been somewhat torn by her own scratching, so it really looked like she had been molested.

Ye Luo did not know how to explain it, so he could only smile and say.

“Talk not spoil come, we are boyfriend and girlfriend, almost high school exams, so to the cave to exchange a little study experience, but unfortunately girlfriend study too hard, actually learning scholars pa*sed out ……”

Ye Luo quickly opened the ghost story mode.

Hearing Ye Lu’s rambling words, several people shook their heads, in their opinion, Ye Lu was simply too unreliable, and could not be related to the so-called master at all.

Only Liu Qingshan strongly invited Ye Lu to join the treasure hunting team, and Ye Lu of course gladly accepted Liu Qingshan’s invitation, he was very interested in treasure hunting.

Seeing how thick-skinned Ye Lu was, several other people shook their heads helplessly.

Liu Qingshan then pointed to a rather young looking Daoist priest among the other few people and said.

“This is my senior brother, a genuine Daoist priest, the favoured disciple of Daoist Master Yun Lan of the ‘Wuji Sect’, a true expert of the sect, Daoist Master Qing Songzi.”

Hearing Liu Qingshan’s introduction, Daoist Master Qing Songzi did not even raise his eyes, nor did he pay any attention to Ye Lu, presumably, in his opinion, Ye Lu was not even qualified to be despised by him.

This made Liu Qingshan look embarra*sed as he looked at Ye Lu suddenly felt a little unsure of what he should say.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, laughed and said.

“I’ve heard a lot about Daoist Master Qing Songzi, it’s really like a thunderclap, the reputation is far away, today I really feel that I’m not as famous as I’ve met him, Daoist Master Qing Songzi is really a dragon and a phoenix among men, a red rabbit among horses, a Tibetan mastiff among dogs, it makes people feel fearful at first glance ……”

The more you hear Ye Lu pull, the more bizarre it gets, before Qing Songzi said coldly.

“That’s enough.”

Only then did Ye Lu shut up with a smile, while Liu Qingshan continued with his introduction.

“These two are experts who came from the capital, this is Ren Yi and this is Ren Yao, both are genuine dark jin experts.”

Following Liu Qingshan’s hand, Ye Lu saw two men who looked somewhat similar in appearance and both looked to be not too old, one was a little taller and thinner, while the other was slightly shorter and fatter in stature.

Both men also looked arrogant and did not want to pay any attention to Ye Lu.

However, this time, before Ye Lu could speak, Qing Songzi said first.

“No more nonsense, the moon will soon be in the middle of the sky, in a moment, everyone be alert, those spirit beasts guarding the treasure are very powerful, when the time comes, I you can’t care about you, whether you die or live, whether you have a chance to get the treasure or not, everyone just leave it to fate.”

He said he deliberately glanced at Ye Lu, the meaning of letting Ye Lu back out is obvious, Ye Lu smiled indifferently and did not mean to withdraw.

He looked at the moon and then was the first to walk deeper into the Tianma Mountain.

The Heavenly Horse Mountain was one of the larger mountains around the city, and legend had it that in ancient times a heavenly horse had appeared here, hence the name, but of course no one had ever taken it seriously.

However, there were many ancient tombs of unknown dynasties on the back of this mountain, and some people would quietly bury people here, so basically, few people would go to the back of the Heavenly Horse Mountain at night, but at this moment, Ye Lu and the others were walking on the back of the Heavenly Horse Mountain.

The night breeze blew, and as they walked in the thick shade, Ye Luo also had a somewhat creepy feeling. Although he was not a timid person, he had never climbed a messy grave this late at night.

However, Ye Lu found that, apart from himself, everyone else seemed to be very calm, I don’t know if they were really or pretending to be, but they all looked like “I’m a bully”.

It didn’t take long for the group to reach a valley, and Qing Songzi pointed to a rocky cliff in the valley and said.

“The place we are going to is there, I don’t know exactly what treasures are there, but the treasure hunting compa*s does show that there are treasures there, and the fact that there are spirit beasts guarding it proves it, so the next thing we have to do is to kill those spirit beasts and then see what treasures are inside.”

As he spoke, he took out a compa*s with an ancient meaning, and sure enough the compa*s’s needle pointed straight in the direction of the cliff.

However, seeing the compa*s in Qing Songzi’s hand, Ye Lu felt even more like these people were raiding the tomb.

After saying that, Qing Songzi once again looked at the moon in the sky, then drew out his long sword and said.

“Let’s go, let’s all go together.”

Through the observations he had just made along the way, Ye Lu had already found out that Principal Liu Qingshan had a very low status among these people, if it wasn’t for this senior brother, he was afraid that he wouldn’t have had the chance to join this team, and Liu Qingshan himself didn’t seem to have much confidence, hearing that it was time to make a move, he drew his sword and stood next to Ye Lu, obviously wanting Ye Lu to protect him.

Seeing that the headmaster, who was so high and mighty in the school, actually gave a helpless smile to himself, Ye Lu did not say anything, but stood in front of him carrying Gushiki, and Liu Qingshan immediately showed a grateful expression.

It was because Ye Lu had given him a token that he had the opportunity to participate in the “puja”, so compared to the invitees of the real “puja”, Liu Qingshan knew very well the gap between himself.

Following this, the group silently walked towards the cliff.


Just a few steps away, Ye Lu heard a terrifying hissing sound from the bushes in front of him, as if there was something strange hiding there.

Hearing this sound, the crowd was also alerted, followed by several monsters suddenly rushing out from the bushes like lightning and lunging towards the crowd.

Ye Lu’s eyes were far beyond normal, he saw these guys at first, these guys were all of the breed of animals in the mountains, but extremely abnormal, giving the impression that they were rather like red-eyed zombie beasts, a few of them still had horrible wounds and bloodstains on their bodies, some of their bodies were somewhat rotten, they should have been dead for a long time.



In a flash, someone had already been bitten by these guys, as these bobcats, foxes and other such things not only had sharp teeth, but were also extremely fast.

Seeing this scene, several people were so scared that they started to back up with their guys.

Ye Luo was originally not looked upon favourably by everyone, while still carrying a man, so he kept following behind everyone, and because of this, Ye Luo was not attacked this time.

However, the two people in front of him were out of luck.

Those two people were none other than the so-called experts from the capital, Ren Yi and Ren Yao, they were surrounded by five monsters at the moment, two wolverines, a fruit civet, a bobcat, and the most terrifying of all, a cloud leopard, these five beasts looked equally as dead for a long time, and on two of them, ghastly white bones could be seen.

“Big …… brother help me ……”

That tall and thin Ren Yao did not know if it was because his target stood out, he was being surrounded by three monsters, including the very large cloud leopard, he had just slapped a bobcat away, but to his surprise, the bobcat did not fall apart nor was it damaged by the dark energy after being slapped, it just flew back again like a ball that had been knocked away.

In fact, the situation faced by several other people was similar, as these incredibly fast things were not afraid of dark energy attacks at all, which was the most troublesome.

However, Ren Yao’s brother, Ren Yi, apparently had no time to save his life either, as dealing with the two monsters made him struggle too, and he was already covered in colours.


At this moment, taking advantage of Ren Yao’s panic, a bobcat had already pa*sed through Ren Yao’s hands and hung around his neck, followed by it opening its mouth to bite Ren Yao’s throat.

Ren Yao knew he was dead this time, and he closed his eyes somewhat reluctantly.

However, the expected death did not come, but a bland voice reached his ears.

“It seems that the experts in the capital are no better than that!”


Chapter 86

Ren Yao opened his eyes violently, only to see that Ye Luo was throwing the bobcat’s corpse aside, and not just one, but another animal’s corpse as well.

It was Ye Luo who had just saved his life.

However, what puzzled him the most was that he did not know how Ye Luo had managed to do it. The monster that he could not kill even though he fought hard seemed to be completely unbeatable in Ye Luo’s hands, and he had settled the fight with a light touch.

In fact, not only him, Ye Lu was also a bit confused.

Through his observation just now, he had already discovered that these dead things were extremely difficult to deal with, even if they were stabbed a few times on their bodies or had a leg cut off, it would have no effect on them, and they seemed even more immune to dark energy.

However, when Ye Luo inputted spiritual energy into their bodies, it was as if they were purified and turned into a corpse and died at once.

“Many …… thanks, I have eyes to see, expert big brother, save my brother, save him ……”

Ren Yao looked at his brother who was being attacked by three monsters next to him and said, because the cloud leopard just saw that the situation was not right and turned around and already attacked towards Ren Yi.

The two monsters are still difficult for Ren Yi to deal with, not to mention adding another cloud leopard.

Ye Lu did not hesitate, he quickly rushed forward and punched a wolverine and sent it flying. The flying wolverine fell to the ground with a sound and didn’t move.

This scene also scared Ren Yi enough.

“Holy Sh*t, does this kid know demonic magic?”

He saw Ye Lu once again slap the fruit civet to death on the spot as well.

The commotion in this side had obviously caught the attention of the others as well, who took the time to look over, and after seeing the corpses on the ground, everyone was shocked.

“What’s with this kid?”

Like Long Fei Xue, he had also come here because he wanted to break through the bottleneck, firstly to look for treasures, and secondly to seek a breakthrough opportunity at the “puja”.

For example, it is very difficult for a martial artist to develop dark energy, or for a strong practitioner with dark energy to turn it into a solid attack.

Many people are stuck at these bottlenecks for a long time unable to inch up their strength, and some can only remain at this realm for the rest of their lives unable to improve one more step, such as Su Lao, who was like this.

Therefore, many people will stop their training when they reach the bottleneck for a long time and then seek some kind of opportunity to break through once they have an epiphany.

This was also the case with Qing Songzi. Of course, the reason why he had brought Liu Qingshan, a punk, here was because this bizarre place was actually discovered by Liu Qingshan.

However, Qing Songzi could not understand Ye Lu’s ruse at all, he could not figure out how Ye Lu had done it, he asked himself that he was completely unable to do this.

Just as he was puzzled, there was suddenly a shadowy laugh, a sound that was ethereal, but oozing with complete coldness.

“Heh heh heh heh!”

Hearing the strange laughing voice, Qing Songzi’s face changed.

“Ghosts …… ghosts …… there are ghosts here ……”

Someone shouted in terror, followed by a few timid ones who then ran towards the bushes, but it soon proved that this was definitely not a good choice.

For not long after running in, a man came back.

He came back with his head hanging low, like a walking corpse, one step at a time.

Everyone looked at him and began to back away in fear, and the monsters that had been attacking everyone were now running off to nowhere.

“Tap tap tap ……”

The guy took a few steps, followed by a “hehehehehe!” He laughed strangely, but, strangely enough, he was a man and yet he made the same sound as the woman he had just made.

“Holy Sh*t! There’s really a ghost.”

Someone shouted, but as soon as his words left his mouth, someone else came out from the other side of the woods, and this guy acted just like the previous one, walking mechanically and then laughing strangely.

Followed by a third and a fourth ……

Now everyone exploded as it all seemed so unusual.

“Hide …… all hide in the cave ……”

That Qing Songzi shouted, followed by the first to run towards the cave under the cliff.

In fact, originally everyone was going to enter this cave, there were those monsters guarding it before, so they couldn’t get in, but now that the monsters had all run away and the surroundings were surrounded by suspected ghostly things, it gave the impression as if these ghosts were deliberately trying to drive everyone into the cave.

“Most of this N*gga is a trap.”

Ye Luo muttered in his heart, but to be honest, he didn’t have the courage to PK those inhuman and ghostly things, this was the first time in his life that he had come into such close contact with ghosts, it would be absolutely self-deceiving to say that he wasn’t scared, and both of Ye Luo’s legs were shivering a little.

And yet those eerie laughter continued.

He carried Gushiki without hesitation and rushed after everyone towards the cave, with Liu Qingshan also following closely, shivering all over.

For Liu Qingshan, he was even more scared than Ye Lu, because Ye Lu didn’t quite know how powerful ghosts were, but Liu Qingshan understood.

For cultivators, catching ghosts was one of their skills, but if they didn’t rely on props, only “innate powerhouses” could fight against ghosts head-on, while later cultivators, even if they broke through the limit of dark jin and reached the level of Hua Jin powerhouses, could not harm ghosts.

This ghost was obviously not a lonely ghost, so even if there were props to catch it, such as a peach wood sword or black dog’s blood, they would be useless, not to mention that we didn’t have them at all.

In other words, if the ghost wanted to kill everyone, it was estimated that everyone would die here tonight.

Liu Qingshan suddenly regretted it, he felt that if he had stopped tossing and turned and honestly admitted that he was a weakling, there would not have been so much trouble, and he would not have presumed to give up his life.

However, it was now out of his hands.

Once he entered the cave, Ye Lu was stunned by the sight before him, for there were coffins everywhere in this cave, all kinds of them, like a display of coffins, and what was even more pitiful was that there was no exit from this cave except for the coffins.

“Heh heh heh heh!”

At a time when everyone didn’t know what to do, the eerie laughter outside sounded again, followed by the sound of footsteps coming closer and closer.

“Into the coffin!”

I don’t know who said that, followed by everyone flying into action, as there didn’t seem to be any other way but to hide in the coffin.

Ye Luo had no choice but to choose a larger coffin, and then together with Gu Shiqi, they went inside and re-covered the coffin.

After entering, Ye Lu realized that there was no dead person in the coffin, it was an empty coffin, but although this coffin was the largest, it was still a bit cramped for two people, and Ye Lu obviously felt the elasticity of Gushiqi’s chest, probably because when she tore her own clothes earlier, Gushiqi had lost her bra as well, so she was completely vacuumed at the moment.

Ye Luo felt a certain part of him stand up in spirit instantly.

After she woke up, she hugged Ye Lu’s neck and started kissing him everywhere, and at the same time, her two big white legs started rubbing back and forth, and her thin waist twisted.

And to top it off, at this moment, footsteps sounded outside and the ghost had already entered.

“Holy Sh*t! This is going to play coffin shock!”

Ye Lu looked at Gu Shiqi on top of him and muttered in a depressed manner, she was definitely going to be exposed if she moved like this, then he made a hasty move and fiercely rolled over and pinned Gu Shiqi underneath him, gagging her with his mouth and using his body to press Gu Shiqi’s body and limbs.

Ye Lu originally wanted to knock Gushiki out, but when he thought about the difficulty of knocking her out before, he decided to give up because he was afraid that it would make more noise.

However, the pinned down Gushiki was not honest, she still desperately tried to move her slender waist, which made Ye Lu a little worried.

“There’s no way out, we can only resort to a desperate move.”

After thinking about it, Ye Lu let go of Gushiki’s pressed legs, and Gushiki wrapped herself around Ye Lu’s waist like a snake.